i love my crayolas





|| 22/07/2017- Pen Collection ||

So I was organising my draws today and it’s pretty evident that I have a serious problem… a problem that I’ll probably never fix because- Pen is Life!

On a serious note tho I have successfully organised my collection and made it so I actually use my pens instead of hoarding them.

Ft. My actual tags from Instagram because it’s the tea: #toomanypenstotag #soimgonnastop #itsactuallydepressing

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so i replayed miracle mask and spectres call this week, youdve never guessed though


Okuyasu loves Josuke’s lips 💋


Kick-Ass Chicks: Illustrator, @biancaxunise

“It is better to keep your head down and keep mastering your craft than to compare yourself to other’s success.”

Impactful words spoken by the strong and talented Chicago-based illustrator, Bianca Xunise. In a world fueled by “likes” and “followers,” it’s hard not to compare yourself to others. But when you’ve got a humble head on your shoulders, and a heart hungry for growth like Bianca, there’s no reason to dig yourself into a hole of self-doubt. Our admiration for the young aritst first sprung after becoming entirely consumed with her comics on Hello Giggles. Over the years, that admiration has greatly surpassed into obsession as we watched her grow, and her illustrations mature with relatable female-centered themes. Recently, we caught up with Bianca to chat more about her struggles of growing in an “instant gratification” industry, and honing her craft in the form of secret comics. 

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I blame Tumblr for this

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[[can i just say. it’s so draining playing a male muse these days. like when you first create a male muse it’s not even about their gender it’s about their story. and most of the time when all your female muses are getting rejected,neglected and straight up disregarded you start to take offense to that shit, simply because of their gender? it’s extremely frustrating and really fucking annoying. i hate compromising my characters or the way i portray them just to force a muse out or to keep someone happy. naw son. maybe that’s why i only rp within a certain group of people. because those people take the time to read about my muses, male or female. they take time to show appreciation to both genders, not for ship related reasons but for plot, story and character building reasons. i’m tired of just having ships. can my guys get a friend here or there? hell can my girls get a friend here or there. an enemy, long lost friend, shit something out of the ordinary. beyond the fc thirst. i need realism within interacting with my muses. i want people to love my characters, not their fc. ]]