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Hi, i’m here to put down a compilation of interesting details of Villainous from what I could see.

It is too much to say that english isn’t my main lenguaje so please, be polite

Ok, to begin, there’s a blueprint of Dementia in the first episode:

I guess it can be a robot version, right?

“Don’t try to run - BH”:

I love the way those Black hat look at each other in shock when Dementia makes appear the bara Black Hat:

lil  dufus Black Hat eating the same sandwich that Flug create:

In other chapter there’s a poster of what I think is a cat with a paperbag, like Dr. Flug:

it’s obvious that his eye got blanc:

there’s a cerberus-look-like ghost

You can think there’s not much to see, but then they change the scene toward Dementia and 505, when they put Black Hat again:

the blackboard changes…

In this short you can see that Black Hat is obviously obsessed with hats (or, that they reprecent him), then again, besides of the knight armor with Undine’s hair, suit design and tophat, there’s a medieval shield with a dragon with tophat AND A BUTT HERO in the wall

Black Hat’s house have a crashed plane

the same crashed plane that you can see in Dr. Flug shirt all the time:

Ok, it can be not the same but it looks like it

In this scene, if you are careful enough, can ear the “crack” sound of something

I guess it’s Black Hat’s neck, because he turns around his head AND THEN, his whole body

I noticed this in the HD version

charming Black Hat is drooling and have have tiny skull in his monocle

In this room background (is this a laboratory?) you can see an Edison Poster and two pictures. One of Dr. Flug

Dementia’s cute doll

and this:

What? there’s nothing wrong with this picture, it’s only an evil family statue to finish the post.

Man, this show is fantastic and It’s full of amazing little details, isn’t it?


Playing with a lazer and a cat – Voltron level

WELL, @klanced made me do this sketch ; and then @loveanimationfan came up with this idea and…

Here is the Lance & Blue comic I promised !
Omg I spent way too much time on this …
I really LOVE to draw Lance & Blue <3 My fav paladin & Lion.
(And yes, Paladins playing with their lions would be the cutest thing.)
(I will definitely draw more lion stuff.)

[ 00 - 01 - … - Halloween special - christmas special ]


She’s an angry little bean

(I put way too much effort into them and not enough into the backgrounds oh well who needs backgrounds anyways pfft)

based off this vine:


(I love that vine way too much for what it is)

Adrien (A Song For My Cat)
an annoyed pianist who loves his cat but wishes he would move

I sat down to play piano today, and my cat, Adrien, decided to sit next to me and demand attention and take up way too much room on the bench.

Lacking a better response, I started singing and playing piano at him in hopes that he would understand. Clearly he did not, but at least I wrote a song I guess.

the foxes as things i've tweeted
  • andrew: i like hot chocolate and chain smoking instead of doing things i'm supposed to be doing
  • + bonus andrew: 20 likes and i'll kill my crush
  • aaron: exam self care is eating a pound of chocolate covered coffee beans and astral projecting into a wendy's parking lot to knife fight with god
  • neil: this is just a gentle reminder that i am pretty much permanently Emotionally Unavailable thank u goodbye
  • + bonus neil: kiss me or kill me. or both. lets just get this over with
  • kevin: i'm listening to tchaikovsky and shostakovich and getting drunk. this is the fucking #life don't bother me
  • + bonus kevin: my kink is when my teammates do their fucking jobs
  • allison: do i want to kiss her or steal her look?
  • + bonus allison: i want to look good AND fuck people up
  • seth: i'm a literal wet heap of garbage and i want to die
  • nicky: i'm not here to be reasonable i'm here to be gay and have fun
  • matt: listen to me. every time this girl breathes i want to give her everything i own she deserves the world i love her
  • dan: men are weak and disgusting. except for that one he can stay
  • renee: having good friends is a religious experience and i will protect them with my life
  • additional
  • wymack: [letting my cats outside] you are idiots. i hate you. i know youre going to get hurt. [opening door] i love u go get 'em
  • jean: je don't know, je don't care, je want u to go away

【声優 梶裕貴 さんと ばなにゃ のコラブCM大公間にゃー!】

A collab between Kaji and bananya on a CM (commercial message)! These two are way too cute OMG send help I’m having diabetes right now hhnnggg―

Source is from Twitter @/bananya_anime !

Costume Sentence Starters

Happy Halloween! Send my muse a reaction to seeing them in a costume, whether positive or not so positive. 

Wait. We were supposed to dress up?”
“You look…adorable!”
“Ah! J-jeez, I didn’t even recognize you!”
“Ugh, you know I hate that mask!”
“Are you really going to go out like that?”
“I don’t know. I think we’re a bit too old to dress up.”
“You don’t think it’s a little too revealing?”
“I don’t have to match, do I?”
“I’m not so sure about our theme this year.”
“Oh shit, I didn’t get a costume for myself!”
“How do you still look beautiful in zombie makeup?”
“Okay, I admit, I like it.”
“You know what would look good with that costume? Fire. Burn it.”
“I think you might offend someone with this.”
“What are you even supposed to be?”
“Wow. Maybe we should stay home and have our own party.”
“You know, it’s not really a costume if you just dress like yourself.”
“Ooh, I love your costume!”
“Wow, how creative, you look like a normal person for once!”
“Well, it’s certainly original.”
“How much fake blood did you use?!”
“Whoa. You really went all out this year.”
“This isn’t a costume. You’re just wearing a pair of cat ears.”
“I feel like there’s an inside joke here but I don’t get it.”
“Honestly, you’re terrifying.”
“You look way too incredible to wear this for only one day.”
“You look like something that crawled out of hell and I love it.”
“I’m going to be seeing you in my nightmares. Thanks for that.”
“Are you serious? I was going to be the same thing!”
“Please don’t make me dress up.”
“I’ll go with you, but I don’t do couple costumes.”
“I think you spent more on the dog/cat’s costume than your own.”
“Wow, did you make this yourself?”
“I think this costume really reflects who you are as a person.”
“Your costume is ten times better looking than mine.”
“This is the most elaborate costume I have ever seen.”
“Why are you wearing a trash bag as a costume?”
“Did you just steal my clothes to dress up as me for Halloween?”

Master Fanfiction/One Shots Post:


Just Cute:

Today Your Barista Is…- Nico’s a barista and his coworker Percy decided to have a little fun with the menu sign outside. 

The Overdue Book- After waiting for a book for weeks, Nico decided to track down the idiot who won’t turn it in.

Don’t Throw Books at the Cute Guy- After getting in trouble for throwing a book at an annoying guy in class, Nico finds himself stuttering a somewhat sincere apology.

My Neighbor is a Stripper- After several months of trading smiles with the mysterious neighbor at his apartments, Nico runs into him in a very awkward situation.

Lab Accident- After missing out on a lab in class, Will has to make it up after school with the school’s It Boy and he can’t help how clumsy he is.

Please Save Me from the Train Creep- Will asks a stranger’s help to get a creepy guy on the train to stop staring at him. 

Those Are NOT Mine- After fooling around with his secret boyfriend, an accidental memoir is left behind. 

Cafe Discount, Maybe- The cafe has a Valentine’s Day Discount for couples, so… why not pretend? 

Don’t Flirt With My Boy-FUCK- After a mutual decision to go to a party separately, Nico is trying not to make it obvious he’s jealous when someone flirts with his secret boyfriend.

Drunk Confessions- “We were drunk and confessed love to each other and on the next day everyone congratulate us about getting together and this is awkward because we don’t remember anything”

Who Are Those People- The very hot very mysterious boy living across the hall in his college dorm seems to always have someone new over, and Will is burning with curiosity to know what they do all night.

Oh No, the Landlord’s Hot- Nico makes a petition to lower the rent and is surprised when one resident challenges the sense behind it. (Spoiler alert, it’s the landlord.)

(Mortal) Camp Half-Blood- Camping is never fun, but it could be with a cute camp leader….

The Least You Could Do- After a messy break up, Nico wants to show he can move on and date someone else… even though they might not know it. 

Soccer Injuries- After getting hurt in a soccer game, Nico can’t help but get flustered by the volunteer medic helping him. 

Tacos- New to college, Nico can’t keep a proper diet. Good thing he has a friendly neighbor. 

Just A Little Lost- An art major in the science department… oops. But hey, there’s a very hot neuroscience major willing to help. 

Hello, Are You My Date?- A very attractive boy goes up to Will thinking he’s his blind date. Now Will finds himself in the best date he’s ever had… but his name is Alex now.

Who the Hell Are You?- After taking a break from work, Will returns to see someone else in his spot. Not only is his new worker arrogant and annoying, he’s also flirtatious and… confusing. 



Not Said to Me- Ways You Said “I Love You” Prompt

Just Stay Awake- It was supposed to be their anniversary, not a tragedy. 

A Promise to Myself- *Trigger warning: Cheating* Nico finds some very unnerving messages on Will’s laptop… but Will wouldn’t do that. 

White Horse- *Trigger warning: Cheating* Inspired by several Taylor Swift songs, follow the rise and fall of Nico and Will’s relationship.

The Story of Us- Closure to the story above.

Forever Yours & Forever Mine-  *Trigger warning: violence, abuse (not sexual)* Falling in love with a psychopath could be deadly. This story contains descriptive violence. Reader’s discretion is advised. THIS IS SIMPLY TO GO WITH THE HALLOWEEN THEME. 


Nightmares and Solace- Nico struggles with his trauma and can’t sleep without the help of his new friends in the Apollo cabin, and of course his very sweet boyfriend. 

Flowers and Tattoos- A tattoo artist used to prejudice catches the eye of a kind florist assistant across the street. Now every day he gets to work, there’s a new flower with a new meaning waiting for him. 

A Whisper in the Ear- The Way you said I Love You Prompt 

The “Straight” Roommate- Nico knows he’s straight. And he’s not homophobic…. So why does his roommate’s gay relationship bother him so much?

A Prank Gone Too Far- Will and Nico just wanted to prank their friends into thinking they were dating… they weren’t supposed to believe it. 

About Kit-Kat- Will’s cat keeps disappearing. To Will’s shock and excitement, his cat managed to befriend his favorite author. 

My First Kiss Went a Little Like This- Worried that Nico might not actually like him, Will asks Nico how long it’ll be before he shows a little more affection than just holding hands. 

You’re a Song- After looking on at a few or more dance rehearsals at his performing arts school, Nico finds himself entranced by one specific dancer. 

Everything’s Bigger Better in Texas- New to the state, and new to college, Nico manages to befriend a local that might turn into something more. Who could resist that Texas twang?

The New Kid- There’s a new boy in school and no one seems eager to say hi. Except for Will. 

Sick Days- Nico came down with the flu, and of course his doctor boyfriend is there to nurse him to health. 

Gravity- Based on Twilight’s “imprinting,” Nico, who takes the alpha position on accident, finds himself imprinting on a boy. 

Mix of Angst and Fluff:

I Never Meant to Fall in Love- From the first date to the possible last, Nico and Will never meant to fall in love, and now that they have, they don’t want to let it go either. 

Fireworks- After three little words make Nico panic, he immediately regrets what he did, but has no idea how to fix it. 

Just A One Night Stand- No one ever wants much to do with him. So why would Will be any different? He just didn’t expect to see him the next day….

Roommates and More- After witnessing a traumatizing death at the hospital, Will gains the courage to finally make a move on the roommate he’d been crushing on for months. 

Burn- With inspiration from Hamilton’s soundtrack, this one shot is about Nico and Will building the dream relationship only for a mistake and secret exposed to ruin it. Forgiveness is hard to reach…. Can you imagine?

Soulmate AUs:

Our Handwriting- They weren’t supposed to be the leads in the school play. They weren’t supposed to become friends. Their handwriting however says otherwise. 

The Song In My Head- Will can’t get old Disney songs out of his head, and Nico can’t stop recalling songs he’d never heard before. 


The Big Day- The day Lily is born, the day Will and Nico finally get to hold their little girl. 

A Day at Home- Nico being a stay-at-home dad. 

Just a Joke- Lily comes home crying and neither Will or Nico know why or how to fix it. 

I Saw Mommy Daddy Kissing Santa Claus- Christmas morning, Santa is the enemy for Nico and Will’s daughter. 

Flightless Bird- After losing newborns to an unknown disease, Will can’t help but wonder what he’d do if that was his baby girl with her life on the line. 


(these are literally between 1-4 paragraphs long based on requests.)

Dear Diary                 Temptation / Temptation pt.2

Hot Pepper Improv    Card Games

It’s a Texas Thing       Lazer Tag

IKEA shit                    Domesticity

Gender Norms            Mistletoe

Not Again                    Novels

Hair Braiding               War and Tears



(all of these except OatS have links to the next chapter at the end of the previous chapter)

Nemesis AU (5 parts)- Will made up a boyfriend to get his mom to stop worrying over his single state. But now she wants to meet him.

Carnival AU (4 parts)- After meeting at a carnival, Nico can’t stop thinking of the blond who’d managed to stay in touch after a chance meet. 

What Is This Feeling (5 parts)- Two classroom rivals get paired for an assignment. What else could go wrong?

Secrets of the Sea (11 parts and counting?)- A pirate AU, not sure if I will continue it.

One and the Same (24 parts and counting?)- A fantasy AU in which Nico is a vampire, Will is a werewolf, and neither know about the other. Use the list of links, I wasn’t able to connect them all, there’s too many lol. 

Your Wish Is My Command (7 chapters)- Nico discovers a genie in an old Arab artifact. The last thing he wants to do is make his third wish. 

Inverse!AU (6 parts and counting!)- Nico wakes up to see Bianca looming over him… and to a cabin full of siblings…. and to Will Solace being known as “the creepy Hades kid.” 

The Exception (4 parts)- As someone who doesn’t believe in love, Nico is challenged when he begins experiencing new emotions for a heartbroken boy. 

I Now Pronounce You Will and Nico (7 parts)- Based off I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. 

Fire Meet Gasoline (9 parts)- *Trigger Warning: cheating* After seven years, Nico and Will meet again… through their boyfriends. A little catching up never hurt anybody…. Right?

Warm Me Up (39 parts)- Depression keeps a person from trusting and opening up. It leads to self destructive tendencies. Nico has suffered this for a long time, and no on has been able to understand or make it easier. Until the right person hears his song. Link is to the full index of the story :)

No Vacancy (Ongoing)- After the death of his mother, Will doesn’t think he’ll ever be the same. But the siblings next door show him that maybe, that’s okay. And the boy? Well, Will may not have to be his picture perfect self to catch his eye.


Just Cute:

Despacito- Dancing is not Keith’s thing, but he can’t say no to the very music driven Lance. 


Drunk Mistakes- Lance being drunk leads to a few mishaps and confessions.


Barrio Slums and More (ongoing)- Lance was the special one, the one who made it to college, and Keith was the distant crush. But the summer after freshman year, the year Lance dropped out, shows that there’s more to both than their high school image.



The Lost Poet- Having a boyfriend is hard. Having a boyfriend and a kid is harder. Especially when your kid doesn’t know you like guys. 

“I’m a coward. Such a freaking coward!”

Dean heaves a deep sigh and rubs his temples in a weak attempt to order his thoughts. It feels like a goddamned roller coaster in there and he really doesn’t know what to do.

“It’s just … it should be easy, right?” he continues, shaking his head. “They’re just words. Granted, huge words. Words I never said before to another person outside of my family. But …”

He pauses, looking at the big golden eyes in front of him that study him expectantly.

“What do you think, man?” Dean asks. “Am I a coward?”

No reply, just an intense stare.

“Or am I crazy?” Dean suggests. “For talking to a frigging cat of all things!”

Mojo finally decides to blink … and stays quiet.

Stupid cat!

“I am crazy!” Dean groans, throwing his hands into the air. “Instead of facing my boyfriend and telling him that I love him, I’m talking to his cat who likes to chase flies and lick his butt all day. That doesn’t make any sense!”

Mojo tilts his head – and damn, he does look a bit like Castiel that way – and eyes Dean in that typical humans-are-quite-weird way. He did it the very first time Dean came over – the night after his first date with Castiel, him being all jittery and jumpy, wondering whether the ‘tea’ Castiel offered him at the front porch with a warm smile before inviting him in actually meant a hot beverage or something completely different, his nerves all over the place – and Mojo obviously thought him the weirdest person on the planet.

(By the way, the 'tea’ actually turned out to be tea. That … and the best first kiss ever!)

Since then Dean’s relationship with the cat is kinda reserved. Mojo mostly stays out of sight or at least far away, just staring at Dean as though he hopes that this odd human would finally disappear and never return. There is wariness and suspicion and Mojo only condescends to ignore all this when he’s in the mood for some proper petting.

“You don’t care about my problems, right?” Dean sighs. “I mean, you’re a cat, why should you? You probably think I’m dense for not having the nerve to tell my boyfriend – my beautiful, gorgeous amazing boyfriend – that I’m hopelessly in love with him. That the last few months had been the best of my life. That I’m, without any doubt, the luckiest guy alive.”

He shuts his eyes for a second. “He’s so awesome, you know? Everything I ever hoped for and at the same time so much more! I’m so crazy about him, you’ve got no idea.” He fidgets awkwardly. “But how do I tell him all that? I’m so awful at the feelings-crap and as soon as I look into his pretty eyes I’ll forget anything I wanted to say.”

Mojo dignifies Dean’s little meltdown with a big yawn and an I-couldn’t-care-less expression.

Dean, however, just lets it pass. “How do normal people do it? Just say it right into the person’s face?” He bites his bottom lip in frustration. “How?”

“There are some who talk about it with their boyfriend’s pet,” suddenly a very deep and very familiar voice interjects.

Dean leaps to his feet immediately and stares at Castiel with wide eyes. “Cas!”

Of course he shouldn’t be surprised by his boyfriend’s presence since this is Castiel’s place after all and he only left to run a small errand, even reassuring Dean that it “won’t take long”, but for some reason Dean totally missed how much time already passed.

Castiel, however, seems highly amused. “So that’s what you’re doing when I leave the house? Having deep and meaningful conversations with Mojo?”

The cat merely spares them a brief glance before starting to lick his paws and ignore them in a way only cats manage to do.

Dean smiles crookedly. “He’s actually not the best to talk to.”

Castiel takes a step closer and chuckles. “Don’t worry, I’m doing the same thing all the time.”

Dean lifts an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Yes.” Castiel cups Dean’s cheek, his fingers so warm that Dean instantly leans into the touch. “Just yesterday I told him how much I love my boyfriend.”

Dean’s heartbeat picks up its pace rather spectacularly and he can’t contain a beaming grin. “You do?”

Castiel hums in affirmation, his nose brushing Dean’s. “Very, very much.”

The kiss that follows is sweet and soft and it makes Dean’s skin tingle in the most pleasant way possible.

“I love you too,” Dean whispers before surging right back in.

And on the couch Mojo continues to groom his fur and probably wonders why humans are so annoyingly complicated.

Kang Daniel | Attraction

Originally posted by heartsjoker

prompt: you move into a new apartment complex. daniel’s your neighbor who owns the cats that always seem to find their way into your home…and your heart.

note: THE START OF MY DANIEL WEEK. so it’s my birthday week (my bday’s on the 26th of october hehe) and as a treat to myself, i’m posting a daniel story each day this week! annie @fromwannaone also requested this because she knew i was desperate for daniel requests :’) a true friend, y’all (also tagging @mongniel because who else should i share my daniel trashiness with than my dearest wife?)

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anonymous asked:

Im feeling very sad and anxious and alone in my dorm. I moved half country for my classes and I miss my family and my cats so much...

i’m sorry friend. I’m sending lots of love your way! It’s hard to be away from your family and kitties, but they all believe in you (me too!) and know you’re going to do amazing things! 

kidsxuisine  asked:

Some of my family laughs at me when I mention being upset due to the death of my dog, Socks. He died last month and I still cry every night, because he actually helped me through depression and anxiety, and he was like my best friend. I'm kind of questioning whether or not my sadness is justified. They say 'it's just a dumb dog'. Have you ever lost a pet, and if so, do you feel the same way?

OK, so I don’t want to say your family members are being total shits, buuuuut … well, let me tell you a story.

I am 32 years old. I still think about my first cat, Pansy, who I got in third grade after earning S’s for Satisfactory six weeks in a row on my handwriting. She was the most wonderful cat — a big, beautiful Maine Coon with a quiet “Plrrrrp!” sound that she would always greet you with. She liked to follow me around the house, let me carry her like a baby and was, everyone in the family agreed, the best cat that ever existed. My mom called her “The Little Furry Goddess” because she was always so serene and happy. 

She died when I was in 8th grade; we suspected, though could never prove, that the kid next door killed her. At the time, I was undergoing constant bullying in school, with no friends. I sobbed relentlessly. When we gave her a funeral in the backyard, I saw my dad wipe away tears, something I’ve only witnessed one time in the two decades since. 

Yes, she was just a cat. She cost maybe $10 at the pound. She weighed 15 pounds and had a brain the size of a walnut*. Those things are true, but so are these: She was my best friend. She was one of the only good things in that shitty, shitty time in my life. She has been dead 20 years and I can still feel so sad and miss her. Because she was fucking great. Because she brought me so much joy and comfort when I really needed it. Because I spent more time with her than with any human.

And now, I’m a grown-ass woman and I still love that cat who was only part of my life for four years. But in the intervening years, I’ve had other cats, and now Eleanor. Marigny and Eleanor in particular have brought me so much joy and happiness. I refuse to believe that either of them are mortal.

Which is a very, very longwinded way of saying that you never, ever need to feel dumb for being sad over a pet. I think they’re little lumps of God that live with us. They make things better. I hope you feel better soon, too.

Things The Team Has Heard Over the Psychic Link
  • “Oh shit I have homework” 
  • Zatanna spending five minutes trying to figure out how to say a word backwards
  • Way too much information about each other’s kinks
  • Five hours of the Thong Song
  • “This is not my bed. I want my bed.” 
  • Wally helping Dick with chemistry homework on a stakeout
  • “Holy shit look at Robin’s ass”
  • Kaldur butchering various slang that Wally convinced him was current
  • “DOG!” 
  • The world’s first psychic rickroll
[SFW] Reader has an over protective cat

Genji Shimada

A lifetime of spiritual training under Mondatta himself could not have prepared Genji for this war he’d been waging. The terms were amicable, no physical violence, no underhanded tactics. Each side fought for their greatest love, neither party relenting. The cyborg was determined to conquer and reign supreme. His sworn enemy responded with cool indifference, imagined wrath hidden under a fluffy exterior. Of course it was no surprise Genji was crouched behind your loveseat, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

“Oh God… What are you up to now?” Genji was vigilant. Not a muscle moved without purpose. “Can’t we just watch the movie without you getting all weird about Mr. Whiskers?” He looked at you, considering the proposal briefly before slithering to the left side of the couch.

“Dearest, nothing about this is weird. Great men have fought greater battles in the name of love.” He peeked over the arm rest. The target was a black cat with emerald green eyes. It looked lazily at the cyborg mask spying from behind a throw pillow. Genji scowled. “Go ahead and start the movie. The end is nigh.” You rolled your eyes and plopped down on the right side cushion. Mr. Whiskers meowed approvingly and stretched his paws, claws extending in the most benign way conceivable. “The fiend reveals his weapons!”

“Yeah. Sure. So am I eating all this popcorn by myself?” Genji made a horrified gasp, “My love please! You know I love popcorn…” God he was adorable when he wanted to be. You watched him affectionately. He sat on the armrest and tried to slide onto the cushion beside you. The cat naturally oblidged and took up his space on your lap. Genji puffed up with pride, charging rapidly towards the fall. “Wonderful. Glad you could make it. Now take the cat while I grab something to drink.”

You put the cat directly in Genji’s lap and the reason for these antics was clear. The ninja cyborg had a fear of cats! He stiffened up, arms tight to his sides, craning his neck as far from your beloved pet as possible. He tried to ask you to hurry but all that came out was a strangled groan. Mr. Whiskers licked at the metallic chestplate absentmindedly. You laughed wickedly from the kitchen. Why not enjoy having control while it lasted? Genji would have his time later on tonight.

Jesse McCree

“Darlin’ you know I love you, but if that cat doesn’t stop hissin’ we’re gonna have a big problemo.” As if she heard the vulgar cowboy, Cruella snarled in defiance. An aptly named black and white American long hair was primed to attack. Jesse blew a cloud of smoke in her direction. “I ain’t done nothin’ to it! Why’s it hate me so darn much? And why won’t you lock it in the bedroom when I come over?” You frantically tried to soothe both beasts in the room. Words of comfort were cooed to the cat. She looked up at you as if to warn you of what was coming.

“I’m not locking my cat in the bedroom. She was here before you.” McCree chewed angrily on his cigar, obviously hurt by that remark. You placed yourself between the two and wrapped your arms around him. He did not return the favor. “C'mon baby! I’ll make it worth your while. I promise.” You kissed his cheek, neck, collarbone, and back up to those taut lips. He seemed to soften under your touch.

“I’m not tryin’ to make you choose. For all I know you’d pick the damn cat. I just want to spend time with you without worrying about my eyes getting clawed out. Is that too much for a man to ask?” Cruella certainly thought so. She was having none of this canoodling and began to pace back and forth around your feet. You tried to shoo her away to no avail. McCree cursed and pulled away from your embrace. “Listen, why don’t you get this figured out and call me later? I’m heading home.”

The cat sat smugly at your feet and watched him walk through the kitchen door. “Jesse please don’t go! I love you! We haven’t seen each other in a week. Stay with me?” He heaved a great sigh before pulling a chair out from the table and sitting. “Fine. But I will not be caught dead in the same room as that mangy animal.” You frowned, growing tired of all this drama. “If you’re going to pout like that then fine. I’ll put the cat in the bedroom. But you’d better fuck me in every other room of this house I swear to God. I won’t hear another word about it!” The cowboy looked over his shoulder with a smirk. “I’m not one to let a lady down. I just hope you know what you’re gettin’ yourself into.”

Hanzo Shimada

Hanzo was never one to complain. Not even when his time with you was being hampered by an emotionally distraught kitten. The little thing had just been adopted from the shelter and couldn’t stand being away from you. Tonight was date night and you’d cooked a delicious meal for your man. Conversation was difficult, however, with incessant mewling from under the table. The nameless kitten pawed at your leg. Hanzo watched with feigned disinterest as you picked up the furball and held it to your chest.

“I’m sorry hun. Maybe he’s hungry too. Let me just fill his bowl.” Hanzo tightened his grip on the fork and took a long swig of wine. Once the kitten was distracted by fresh food, you returned to your seat at the dinner table. “Is there something wrong?” The archer shook his head curtly. “No. Nothing at all. Thank you for this romantic evening.” You could always tell he was lying when he strung more than three words together. “Hanzo,” you inquired, “Are you being honest with me?” Rhetorical, of course. He stared hard into his place, considering how to respond.

“It is difficult for me to leave Overwatch and visit you. I do not appreciate being second best to a cat. If that is how you feel, I will–”

“You are the most important thing in the world to me. I love you more than words can express. I’m sorry the kitten is so needy but… Is it really bothering you so much?” He seemed to recoil in shame. “You will always be my first priority, Hanzo. I need you to know that.” It amazed you that a man so cool and confident in the heat of battle could be shaken by a cute little kitten. A small chuckle broke the tension that had formed. “Why don’t you help me pick a name for him? That way he’s your cat too!”

Hanzo seemed confused but eager. “Tora is a fitting title. He will grow to be your guardian. A mighty tiger for my princess.” And then the impossible happened. Tora, now full of food, pattered over to the stoic man and rubbed up against his leg. Hanzo reached down and cradled the baby in his arms. “Tora indeed.”

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45. “Tell me a secret.”

Kara’s not entirely certain how she’s gotten used to this. Sitting on a balcony with Cat Grant, just relaxing. Not winding down after an intense fight, not searching for someone who can give her exactly the right advice at exactly the right time, just being as much herself as she’s ever allowed to be in the cape.

These nights had started a few months ago, one evening when she’d flown by on patrol to find Cat sitting alone in the gathering dusk, sipping a glass of scotch and looking like she needed someone to sit with her. Kara still isn’t entirely certain she wasn’t just impressing her own need onto Cat, but she can’t exactly complain about the results.

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