i love my bro but he is weird


drake: hey rih, guess what? i did it! i asked sufjan to the dance! and he said yes!

rihanna: omg aubs! i’m so proud of you! holy shit! tell me everything!

drake: well i was like, “hey, i was thinking maybe me and you could go to the dance together?” i was so nervous, oh man, i could hardly get the words out.

rihanna: yeah? and then what?

drake: well, he wasn’t answering, and he looked kind of, like… shell-shocked? and i thought he was gonna say no! so i was like, “but only as bros though!” you know, so he wouldn’t, like…

rihanna: oh… my god…

drake: what?

rihanna: aubrey drake graham, did you literally pull a no homo while asking a boy to junior prom? is that seriously what you’re telling me right now?

drake: i was freaking out! i didn’t think he’d say yes unless i-

rihanna: of course he would have said yes! dumbass, he’s been in love with you since the fourth grade! since you sat on the swingset with him and his weird-ass imaginary friends!

drake: i… you’re reading too much into things, i don’t know if he-

rihanna: i can personally guarantee you that right now, as we speak, sufjan stevens is lying on his bedroom floor. he’s listening to pet sounds. on vinyl. and he’s dropping the needle right on the first chord of “i just wasn’t made for these times.” he’s letting the song play out, and then he’s dropping the needle again. in the same place. over. and over. again. he’s not even crying. he’s just allowing brian wilson to drag him headlong into the vortex of human suffering. and that’s your fault, aubs. that’s on you.

drake: oh… oh NO! :( how can i fix this?


annie: Sufjan My Dear Friend If You Do Not Turn Off That Dirge And Arise From The Floor In The Next Thirty Seconds I Am Afraid I Will Have No Choice But To Shatter Your Copy Of Pet Sounds With My Tiny But Powerful Fists

sufjan: What Ever Annie I Know All Of The Lyrics By Heart And Am More Than Capable Of Singing Them By Myself

annie: Sufjan Please I Grow Weary Of Your Wallowing

sufjan: 🎶 They Say I Got Brains But They Ain’t Doing Me No Good! I Wish They Would! Each Time Things Start To Happen Again I Think I Got Something Good Going For Myself! But What Goes Wrong? 🎶

annie: Your Singing Voice Is Lovely Sufjan But I Refuse To Enact This Emotional Labor Any Longer Get The Fuck Up

sufjan: But How Can I Get Up When My Life Is Irrefutably And Irremediably Over

annie: Your Life Is Not Over You Big Baby You Are Attending The Junior Prom On Friday And With The Boy You Love No Less

sufjan: We Are Attending As Bros! He Thinks Of Me Merely As A Bro!

annie: Have You Considered That Perhaps Aubrey Is Dealing With Severe Anxiety Surrounding His Feelings For You And Retroactively Rendered His Invitation Platonic In An Effort To Guard His Heart Should You Not Reciprocate

sufjan: No That Sounds Fake Annie

annie: Well Sufjan Do You Want My Insightful Advice Or Do You Want To Allow Brian Wilson To Drag You Headlong Into The Vortex Of Human Suffering

sufjan: The Latter

annie: Oh My God

sufjan: 🎶 Sometimes I Feel Very Sad! Sometimes I Feel Very Sad! Sometimes I Feel Very Sad! Sometimes I Feel Very Sad! Sometimes I Feel Very Sad! 🎶

anonymous asked:

Ahh hi i hope this is okay. Hc that evan rambles during sex like obsesively and connor is really quiet but is definately a cryer like he just is so in love idk anyways

NSFW below the cut…and above it bc the ask but,,,,,,

Also this is rly hecking ok im the Smut Baron wth, send more? Ig?

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queenofyoursoda  asked:

Ok so question about the twins au! What are the dynamaics between Adrienne/Mari and Adrien/Marin? Not like anything with crushes but? Can Marinette talk to Adrienne easier? Does she make a bit more of an effort to be fitness with her just because? Does Adrienne even talk to Mari? Is Ladybug and Noire a good team? Some nice girl talk from time to time? Does Adrien and Marin feel the need to gush about how cool Ladybug and Noire are? Is it too weird? Do the guys still fistbump when they defeat (1)

An akuma? I am sort of just curious about how the girls and boys act around each other, Adrienne doesn’t really encourage the crush Mari has on her brother because he like Ladybug, but does she try to hang out with Marinette? Ask about Marin? Do ladybeetle and Chat Noir have just have bro moments on patrol? Talking about sisters and crushes and double lives? Would Adrien and Marin like swoon if they were saved by their loves?? Do the sisters just think ‘my brother is a dork’ ? Ok I am done (2)

Eventually I see Marinette becoming good friends with Adrienne (esp once she sees how much Adrienne is uncomfortable hanging out with Chloe and Sabrina) and invites her to come over to her house often. She definitely would have no problem talking with her either. It wouldn’t be long before Marinette would figure out that Adrienne likes her brother either, since the girl becomes a bit of a mess whenever Marin is around. Of course she encourages the relationship full force, since she isn’t fully aware how much Marin likes Chat Noire. Adrienne in regards to Marinette’s crush is a different matter.. she’ll listen but not encourage and try to find ways to avoid the conversation. Marinette always chalks it up to her being uncomfortable talking about her brother’s love life haha.

Now as a team, these two kick butt. They get things done pretty effectively and there is less banter. They’ll either chat about their interests (without revealing too much) or they’ll laugh about things their twins (as Chat or Ladybeetle) have done. They’ll also talk about things they would never do with the other twin, like mention how they don’t feel so great because of their periods.

Ladybeetle and Chat Noir are also a good team but not really the best match up. Chat tries to joke around more to compensate for Ladybeetle being quieter than Ladybug. He doesn’t flirt and boast though since there is no need to haha. I don’t know if Ladybeetle would ever bring up his interest in Noire but it would be pretty clear to him that Chat likes Ladybug. If Chat ever discussed his crush with him, he’d listen patiently. They’ve shared their occasional bro moments too, in and out of super-suit.

To celebrate victories, each set kind of has their own thing? Ladybug and Chat fist bump like always, Ladybug and Noire high-five, Chat and Ladybeetle kind of knock their fists on top of the other (I can’t think of what it’s called, if it even has a name), and Ladybeetle and Noire do a sort of handclasp.

matt and aaron thoughts pt3

pt1 ; pt2

  • aaron doesn’t know why he spent so long distancing himself from matt or any of the upperclassmen
  • andrew has renee. why couldn’t aaron could have had matt or dan?
  • he’s always been one to never regret the things he says because he doesn’t say things without meaning them, just like andrew. it’s one of the few things him and his brother can relate to each other with
  • but aaron is hung up on the fact that when he came to matt’s dorm after him and neil switched, he told him that they would never be friends
  • that him being his roommate would be it
  • he told matt never to speak to him
  • aaron’s not about to apologise out of nowhere but he still feels guilty

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Late Night Comfort

do they even have a concept of day and night in space i don’t think so

A smol, homesick Lance, Klance comfort fic. (tw: lowkey panic, swearing)

Keith was really confused as to what woke him up in the middle of the night. He was disoriented as he sat up. It was still late wasn’t it? Why had he woken up?

Then he heard something move in the dark and whatever it was take a sharp breath, and he jumped. He rubbed his eyes, trying to see what or who was out their in the dark. He was reaching for his bayard when the figure spoke, voice shaking, “Keith?”

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Lance & Hunk Broship

•Lance will just rant to Hunk for hours about how much he hates Keith
-“…and his dumb face and his stupid mullet- I mean it’s not the 80s any more, why doesn’t he just cut it off-”
-and Hunk just sits there like ‘Mmhmm, yeah, that’s right, you hate him so much. you aren’t hopelessly in love with that boy at all
you totally don’t want to kiss him till you’re both gasping for breath
you don’t want to make sweet love to him on a bed draped in silk sheets and rose petals. not one bit.’

•Sometimes they’ll look at each other and nod like they just had a mental conversation
-Keith is completely mystified by this

•Lance once tried to help Hunk in the kitchen to disastrous effect

•They’re always completely honest with each other; they’ll talk about pretty much anything. (This obviously means that Lance brings up some freaking weird stuff.)
-Hunk talks about how much he misses Earth, misses the heat and scents and laughter of his family kitchen, packed with far more people then it could comfortably hold.
-Lance tells him about how useless he feels among the paladins, how confused he is about his purpose, his life.

•Whenever Lance feels shitty he goes to Hunk for chamomile tea and pillow forts. Hunk lets him scream and rant and sob into his shoulder and is basically the Best Bro Ever.

These two are just amazing. I love my lil idiots. If you have any ideas/request, please ask me! I’m fresh out.

piratephansley  asked:

For the character ask, Tendou ???

Tender salami! Of course!

First impression

HAHA OKAY I’M PROBABLY THE ONLY PERSON WHO LOVED HIM AT FIRST SIGHT? He’s this weird, lanky spikey dude who talks in silly voices and sings songs about nothing while dancing, he’s annoying and creepy and WE ARE SOULMATES. ALSO CUTE MOUUUTTTHHH. I’m such a sucker for any character that looks like this :3

Impression now

Same as above although, he’s a lot deeper of a character than I anticipated. FUCKING GUESS MONSTER, THAT’S SO COOL. LIKE HOW DOES ONE GUESS WHERE TO BLOCK AND THEN GET IT RIGHT SO MUCH OF THE TIME? Blows my mind. I empathize with his past, people think he’s weird but really he’s just himself. And yeah he can be kinda mean lmao but meh, everyone has their moments.

Favorite moment

I just…really love this tiny dork LOOK AT THAT HAIRCUT

Idea for a story

You know how he’s like “i’ll agree to be interviewed when they make a documentary about you” to Ushijima? I NEED THAT STORY. Then they reunite years later or something I LOVE IT.

Unpopular opinion

Dude I love him, I think there are a lot out there who don’t.

Favorite relationship

Him being bros with Ushijima! I know a lot of people like TenSemi too, though I haven’t really dabbled much in that ship I LIKE IT.

Favorite headcanon

Snapchats like nobody’s business. Will be like “Hey Wakatoshi!” Waka will turn and Tendou snaps a pic of them both with the dog filter and posts it lightning fast before Ushijima even knows whats going on!!!




Thanks for asking!

joeyisanolive  asked:

Which bros are bad at texting? Who uses too many ellipses? Who communicates almost entirely with emojis? Who dramatically declares their love for their S/O at 3am? (Noctis is king of sending weird pictures with no context, in my mind)

Thank you for indulging me with asks I always appreciate it. On with the show!

Noctis: This is a guy who’s text messages… are all lower case and he never uses punctuation so all of his texts are just one huge run on sentence but he doesn’t care cause hes half asleep through most of his texts anyway in reality you hope youre never on the receiving end of something long cause holy hell this boy needs to learn how to use a period

Prompto: You know those people who can only use emojis and get their point across? That’s Prompto. He can send and have almost an entire conversation in emojis. It’s things like this that tick off Ignis the most.  I am 📉 for 🍨 later! I want 🍓.

Gladio: Gladio is one of those people that WILL FORGET THAT HIS CAPS LOCK KEY IS TURNED ON. One message will be fine. THEN THE NEXT WILL BE SCREAMING IN ALL UPPERCASE TEXT. It drives Noctis nuts. 

Ignis: Ignis’ typing style is very…Mary Poppins if she would text? Practically perfect in every way? He uses perfect grammar, perfect punctuation, perfect everything. He’s the one pointing out grammar mistakes for the rest of the three and never uses emojis. Ever. If you receive an emoji from Ignis, assume someone’s taken his phone.

Bro Code Part 2 - Jack Maynard

Request: Part 2 for bro code please!

Request: Please do a part 2 of bro code . Where Conor finds out cause he was somehow listening to the conversation, and first he is upset but then he’s happy for Jack and Y/N dating.

Jack’s POV

I stood in the spare bedroom without a single idea of what I was going to do. (y/n) had just left and I had just let her. I walked out of the room and was faced with confused looks from the boys. I knew I had to explain what had just happened but at the same time I thought “why?” The situation was over-with now that (y/n) broke up with me so why did I have to put Conor through that?

“What just happened?” Mikey asked. He was always the first one to talk in any situation; you could always hear him before you saw him.

“I have to tell you all something.” I walked over to the couch and sat down. 

I kept my phone in my hand just in case (y/n) called or texted. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to make things right. I tried to gather my thoughts before I actually spoke because I wanted to say the right thing and avoid making the situation worse.

“(y/n) just broke up with me.” I said, quietly.

“Yeah right.” Joe said, laughing. “In order for that to happen, you two would of  had to have been in a relationship.”

I looked towards the ground, hoping the boys would put two and two together without me having to actually say it but from the looks on their faces, they thought it was a prank. I mean, I see where they’re coming from but this was serious and I really didn’t feel like explaining it further.

“He’s telling the truth.” I whipped my head in the direction of Conor’s voice but he was looking away from me.

“Wait, what?” 

“You really thought you were being sneaky? Late night conversations, those stupid looks between you two, coffee breaks that lasted hours…I’m not stupid, Jack.” He said, finally looking at me.


“Why didn’t you just tell me? It hurt more to know you were hiding it from me.”

“We wanted to make sure we were really serious about one another before involving you…well all of you.”

“Well that brings Bro Code to a whole new level…” Josh said, awkwardly.

“Does she make you happy?” Conor asked and I nodded my head. “Then fuck Bro Code. Look, I’m not saying it’s not weird cause when you think about it, I once told the girl you’re dating that I was in love with her but if she makes you feel the way she made me feel, keep her. Don’t ever let that feeling go and don’t ever let her go. I’ve always loved the friendship between you two so I guess it was just a matter of time before it grew into something more. Go fix things.”

I kept my eyes on Conor, waiting for him to take back what he just said. I couldn’t believe he was really okay with me and (y/n). I know I kept telling her it was going to be fine but deep down, I was just as scared as she was…maybe even more. I decided I would take Conor’s advice and head to (y/n)’s apartment and fix things.

“Jack, you’re making this harder.” She said when she opened her door and saw me.

“That should say something to you.” I explained, brushing past her and walking into her living room. I heard her sigh as she closed the door before joining me on the couch.

“Conor knew; he knew this whole time and he’s fine with it. (y/n), I love you and yeah, at the end of the day, Conor’s my brother which makes things weird but he only wants us to be happy and you make me happy and I know I make you happy so let’s forget about who dated who in the past and think about who’s dating who right now.” I rambled.

I wasn’t even sure I was making much sense but everything in me was telling me to fight for her. Everything about her is worth it and I can’t go through life knowing I didn’t put everything I have into it.

“I love you too.” She said, finally connecting her lips with mine.

A/N: I hope you liked it! Requests are open!


cmay62  asked:

Kent Parson headcannon: he was raised by his grandma. •She's a weird combination of Peggy Carter kick ass and the grandma who gives her grandkid a dildo because they seem stressed. •She's an absolute stickler for grammar of all things but doesn't give a fig if he comes home trailing mud and dirt. •She's all but adopted most of the Aces roster and befriended most of their grandmas. •She swears like a sailor at Kents games and loathes the Bl*ckhawks. She made one of their LAX dude bro fans cry.

Oh my god I love this. Granny Parse is a badass.

things my brother has said: until dawn edition

“those are some hot cold buns”
“why is emily so salty”
“i went in for the defuse”
“i want my relationship with em to go down so i can kill that bitch”
“maybe that love den is where josh was made”
“bros before hoes”
“aw i wanted that bitch to die”
“i don’t think that he’s okay he was cut by a saw”
“you have some ripped abs my man”
“‘this water makes my boobs feel weird’”
“dr. hill has a soothing voice i could fall asleep to it”
“she must have a good 401k”
“that water must be cold on the crotch”
“this is bullshit I DIDNT MOVE”

I was wondering if maybe i could get another jb imagine? My idea is a one night stand that turned into something more. You can finish the details.

AN I’m sorry I’m so terrible at updating, I feel like I’m failing you guys. I try to update every day, but sometimes I can’t then I end up doing it in the morning like a loser. Which is now. Which I can’t do when school starts. I’m gonna have to start going to bed earlier if I wanna get these done during the school year. Which the school year here starts on Wednesday, as in this wednesday. I’m going to die. Meanwhile, we are enjoying a nice Jack imagine. This is requested by our very own Baracanunot from wattpad. Wonderful, now once I figure out how to dedicate chapters to people, this will go over a lot more smoothly.

Warning: smut

External image

Your POV

Sipping on my drink, looking out into the sea of people, I really just needed to let loose tonight. Some stranger in here was going to be a lucky son of a bitch, because let me tell you, I’m great in bed. Or so I’m told. When your boyfriend is in the military, you learn to cope with loneliness, but fortunately for me, my boyfriend broke up with me today because apparently he couldn’t “be the boyfriend I deserved” or some bullshit like that.

The shitty thing was was that he broke up with me while I was at work. Through text. Like could you get even more cowardly? But my friend helped calm me down, and my makeup wasn’t too bad. So now here I was trying to get over what’s-his-dick at this stupid club. One night stands were a perfect stress reliever. They’re gone before you even wake up so there’s nothing awkward about it, so there’s a plus. It’s like you never even did it, unless they were good at it and you were sore the next day.

So I was scanning the room looking for someone, anyone to come and take my pain away even if it was only for like five minutes. I could deal with that. There were sweaty twenty-something year olds everywhere, rubbing themselves over the opposite gender as if they were dogs scratching their back. They might as well just have a “fuck me” sign. Maybe I’m just being cynical, but they all looked like potential warning labels.

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My Pitch for how to rewrite Arrow.

So, a while back, after me and my brother had a chin-wagging session on why Arrow was a legitimately terrible show after Season 2, I decided to do a little think piece: say I was tasked with rebooting Arrow a couple of years down the line. How would I do it? What would I change (a lot)? What would I keep the same (not a lot)? I decided to sit down and write out a basic outline for a rewritten Arrow Season 1.

…two weeks, 2000+ words and another basic outline for Season 2 later, I am pleased to present my pitch for Arrow Season 1 under the cut to anyone who might give a shit.

WARNINGS for: discussion of violence, mental health and swearing.

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"Baby Food Challenge." (Ethan)

Requested by anonymous: “can U make a storie about ethan something sweet romantic And kind at the same time please"


A/N: I think this is pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.


You were headed back home to the apartment you shared with Ethan and Grayson. You and Ethan met shortly after him and Grayson moved to LA, and you immediately hit it off, and started dating shortly after. Ethan offered for you to move in with him and Grayson a few months after you started dating, and now you two were coming up on two years of being together.

When you got home, you found Grayson in the fridge, looking for something to eat.

“Oh, hey (Y/N).” He said.

“Hey. Is Ethan here?” You asked.

Grayson shook his head. “Nah, he just left to go to the store. We found some weird flavors of pudding at the store, so we’re gonna try some of them, and film it.” He explained.

“That’s actually what I wanna talk to you about.” You said.

“What’s up?” He asked, sitting next in the empty barstool next to you.

“First, you have to swear not to tell Ethan about this.” You said.

“You know I don’t like keeping secrets from him.” Grayson sighed.

“I know, I know. All I’m asking is for this one.” You said. Grayson hesitated before answering.

“Ok. What is it?” He asked.

“I’m pregnant.” You said. Grayson’s eyes widened and a smile spread across his face.

“Are you serious?” He asked. You nodded. “I’m gonna be an uncle!” He cheered, hugging you. “Oh man, Ethan is gonna be so excited.” He said. “But, what does this have to do with our video?” He asked.

“Thats the next part,” you began, “I was wondering if, instead of y'all eating pudding, I’d feed him baby food. I’m sure he’ll realize after a while that he’s not eating pudding, and then I’ll tell him. That’s all I got from the store earlier. Plus, baby food and pudding sort of have the same consistency, so it should be kind of interesting.” You explained.

“I love that idea, oh my gosh.” Grayson smiled. Just then, you heard the front door unlock and Ethan came into the kitchen.

“Hey baby.” He said, kissing you on the temple. “What’s up, bro.” He said patting Grayson on the shoulder. “These pudding flavors are so weird.” He said as he placed his bags on the counter.

“Yeah, the ones I found were crazy too.” Grayson said.

“Alright, well I’m ready when you are.” Ethan said to Grayson.

“Alright, lemme go get the camera.” Grayson said, getting up from the counter. Ethan walked behind you and wrapped his arms around you and kissed your cheek.

“How was your day? I missed you.” He asked.

“I didn’t do much. Just kinda walked around. It was such a nice day today, I couldn’t stand to be inside all day.” You said.

“Yeah, it was nice out today. If it stays like this over the weekend, we should go to the beach.” Ethan said.

“That’d be nice.” You said. Just then, Grayson came back into the kitchen with the camera and tripod. He set up everything and they got to filming.

“Hey guys, we’re back. And today, we have another challenge for you guys.” Grayson began.

“So, the other day, we were at the store, and we were looking at the puddings, and we noticed that there are some pretty interesting flavors, other than just chocolate and vanilla, so we decided to get some, and try them out.” Ethan explained.

“We have like 10 different flavors, and we’re gonna be blindfolded, and the other is gonna feed us the different puddings. Whoever gets the least amount correct, will have to drink a blend of all of the flavors.” Grayson said. They listed off all of the flavors, which did sound pretty weird. “Alright, I’m gonna go first, so I can get this over with.” Ethan said. Grayson tied the blindfold around Ethan’s head.

“Can you see?” Grayson asked. Ethan shook his head no.

“Not a thing.” Ethan said. You stepped into frame and Grayson stood behind you. You gathered your baby foods and started feeding Ethan the various flavors. “Ew, this tastes like prune.” He said, which was the flavor you fed him.

“Yeah, you got it.” Grayson said with a laugh. You fed him flavor after flavor, which he was having a hard time guessing once you got to the vegetable flavored ones.

“Okay, that one tasted like peas and carrots. I know that’s not pudding.” Ethan said as he slipped the blindfold off. “What pudding flavor was that?” He asked. He turned to you and looked back and forth between you and Grayson. “What’s going on?” He asked. He looked at the counter at all the baby foods, and looked back at you. “Why are you feeding me baby food?” He asked.

“Because, you’re gonna meet someone who is gonna wanna eat these, in about nine-ish months.” You said. Ethan looked at you with a confused look as ge tried to process your words.

“Wait, what?” He asked. He placed his hand on your belly and smiled at you. “Are you serious?” He asked.

“Yes. We’re having a baby.” You said with a smile.

“(Y/N)! We’re gonna have a baby. I’m gonna be a dad!” Ethan cheered as tears began to form in his eyes. He hugged you tight and kissed you sweetly. He pulled away and you wiped the tears that had already fallen. “This is the best news I’ve gotten in a long time. Oh my god, I’m so happy.” He said, hugging you again.

“I’m glad you’re happy. I’m pretty happy too.” You said with a smile. Ethan kissed you again, just to be interrupted by Grayson.

“Okay, well there you have it. Congratulations you two. I’m pretty excited about having a little niece or nephew soon, but until then, hope you all have a good week, and Ethan and I will see you next Tuesday.” Grayson said.

“PEACE.” You all said. Grayson turned off the camera as Ethan still had his arms tightly wrapped around your waist.

“(Y/N), this is crazy. I can’t believe we’re gonna have a baby.” Ethan said, still trying to wrap his mind around everything.

“Well, believe it because it’s happening.” You smiled.

“I’m so happy, oh my gosh. I am, at a lost for words to be honest. I can’t wait for us to start our own little family.” Ethan said.

“Me too baby, me too.” You said with a smile.

After dinner, you and the boys hung out in the living room for a while, watching TV, until around one in the morning, when you all started to get ready for bed.

Once in bed, Ethan held you close and kissed you all over.

“I know I’ve already said this a million times today, but I am so so soooo excited that we’re gonna be starting a family.” Ethan said.

“So am I baby. I wouldn’t want this with anybody else. I love you so much.” You said.

“I love you too baby.” He said kissing you on the cheek.

You talkrd about various baby things, like names, nursery colors, and other things, until you both fell asleep.


  • made this because good fics with these two assholes are hard to find 
  • all of these are from ao3 so if you know of any good ones on wattpad/tumblr/anywhere else hmu please 
  • includes: ot4 or ot3 w emphasis on cashton, smut, au’s, soulmate au’s, and ‘band-verse’ (real life)
  • smut is bottom!calum and top!ashton mostly
  • i tried to organize them into categories but it’s messy because some of them overlap and could easily fit into more than one 
  • probably will be updated periodically if i have enough effort to do so
  • enjoy n go ham :-) 
  • (PS if you know of any good fics that aren’t on here/want me to add your own work, i’d love it if you’d send them over so i can add them here!!)

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cabalbrothers  asked:

Might I inquire to know what tfc is, exactly? What does it stand for? I presume it's a book series, is it not? It seems decent, so I figured I'd ask.


tfc is short for the foxhole court, which is both, an alternative name for the all for the game series by nora sakavic and the title of the first book.
it centers around neil, the son, the puppy (i love neil very much) and his freshmen year with the palmetto state university’s foxes. the foxes are a team that is unusual in two aspects:

A) they play a sport called exy, something that the author herself came up with and that my lazy ass likes to explain as “lacrosse. just…better.” all you need to know (for now) is that it can be pretty violent, is co-ed and neil loves it very much.

B) their coach, david wymack (please adopt me), chooses only players for his line-up who come from “questionable” backgrounds. (i.e. abuse, drugs, complicated family drama etc.). therefore they are a fractured mess with no real image of team spirit. (hence great chance for C H A R A C T E R D E V E L O P M E N T )

you would think this is enough to make up a pretty decent bookseries with angsty athletes and their everyday drama but BEHOLD. because besides characters that take this sport seriously in levels ranging from me and any sport to oliver wood and quidditch the foxhole court is served with a side of mafia, death, and pain. i don’t want to take away too much hence my lack of explanation but let’s just say when i started the series i expected none of this darkness, i died about 29292 deaths and i loved every second of it.

what really makes this for me (besides its intriguing plot ofc) are all of the characters. and when i say all of them i mean literally all of them. usually you’ll find series with secondary characters that are just there to fill plotholes, never once important again. you don’t waste a second thought on them usually. then there’s this gem, where all of them have a layer to their personality that gets you interested in them, not a single one seems to be unnecessary and i love. every. part. of it. since talking about all of those lovely minors would take weeks probably i’ll settle on the mains right now, my children, my family, the foxes.
(i’ll try to keep this as spoilerfree as possible, but still, there could be some i didn’t recognize as such. there definitely are.)

they can be devided into two groups:


Andrew Minyard

  •  u kno those moments while reading where the character is being a dick throughout all of ut but you still think “yup, i’ll get attached to you” 
  •  that’s it 
  •  ‘sociopath’ , on drugs that cheat on all of his emotions
  •  can be pretty scary 
  •  has knives -> ready to cut a bitch at any time of day and will do so 
  •  also very protective and the mom friend

Aaron Minyard 

  • Andrew’s twin 
  •  angry about all the things. constantly.
  •  he may seem like he doesn’t care. it’s because he doesn’t. (this is what canon says but my heart says that SOMEWHERE,,,,DEEP DOWN,,,,,) 
  •  how did i grow so fond of this grumpy midget (the twins are tiny. like. tiny.)

Nicky Hemmick

  •  the gay cousin 
  •  no srsly, he’s the twins cousin and he’s gay
  •  half mexican 
  •  if this was a supernatural thing nicky would be the friend of the main character without special powers but a hell lotta sarcasm 
  •  has a boyfriend in germany 
  •  can talk for hours where is the off-button

Kevin Day

  • you know how i talked about oliver wood and quidditch? 
  •  kevin is the oliver wood of exy 
  •  “coach you can’t cancEL EXY” “kevin there are people dying” 
  •  insensitivity, arrogance and determination all list kevin in their definitions but he can pull it off and still remain your child 
  •  just watch him take over your heart bc he will


Dan Wilds

  • used to be a stripper 
  • is now captain of the foxes 
  •  also my mom 
  •  idk man when i read it dan was just so #relatable to me??? 
  •  will fight.

Matt Boyd

  •  (i keep forgetting but he is a) rich kid from nyc 
  •  a good bro 
  •  literally so unproblematic??? 
  •  absolutely in love with dan 
  •  the parents those two

Allison Reynolds

  •  please step on my face 
  •  has money and you won’t forget it 
  •  raging feminist 
  •  couldve enherited her parents business but chose exy 
  •  did i mention STEP ON MY FACE

Seth Gordon

  •  hates everyone 
  •  except allison sometimes 
  •  matts and neils roomie 
  •  weird sleeping habits 
  •  grumpy cat

Renee Walker

  •  the christian sweetheart 
  •  can and will fight. politely tho. 
  •  “who doesn’t like renee???!!!!!” (-nicky) 
  •  she literally baked cookies for the team 

i love all of those children so so so much. so. much.
as well as this series. i just finished it today so have some general (bait) information
(this is just all my thoughts in no particular order)

- tackles certain subjects that are usually romanticised/ written in an unsatisfactory matter really well (such as rape, selfharm, abuse etc) ((putting a trigger-warning here though, it can be really dark, like i mentioned!!))

- some pretty decent queer representation

- neil was confirmed demisexual so my ace heart sings

- you can literally not. stop. reading.

- everyone speaks like 5 languages??? they keep switching??????(fairly often they soeak german and it was pretty fun for me to translate it in my head and see what it would sound like)

- i feel like a not small amount of twenty one pilots songs would fit this series pretty well but im not into top enough to confirm 100%

- the author has a tumblr with loads of usefull background info (since she’s focusing on a new series this year there probably won’t be many additions but tbh there is so much already there isn’t even anything to complain about???)

- you know how ever series has that one/handful of character(s) that make you want to scream out because theY  HAD ENOUGH AND THEY DONT DESERVE THIS SHIT JUST GIVE THEM A BREAK? its all of them in this book. i can tell you who wont get a break and its YOU

- and last but not least the first book is FREE on amazon and smashwords! the other two (the raven king, the king’s men) are a dollar each!! join hell now for 2 $ !!!!

im publishing this because all of my followers should need to get following message out of this incoherent pile of thoughts:


In sun and moon, after you save Lillies mom and Guzma and everything, I like to imagine that team skull just sort of adopts you and Guzma is like this weird grumpy uncle who smashes anyone who talks smack bout his champ neice/nephew. And you do all sorts of weird things like dance offs and rap battles and possibly illegal things? But he never seems clear when you ask if it’s illegal or not…? And all the rest of team skull is like your silly dumb family that you have to get out of trouble and who are adorably dumb but they mean well and are always encouraging you, and I don’t know, I just love team skull to death and the idea of uncle Guzma and my new skull bros makes me happy.