i love my boys but sometimes i hate them too

Vanilla Sex// Ethan Dolan Imagine +


A/N: Hey what up I’m not dead! Sorry for being MIA on this account, school has been so stressful and I completely abandoned my tumblr account. I’m back now though! 


Smut creds to: @smokedluh


Your day was exhausting as you had such a hard day at work.All you wanted to do was go to your boyfriend of a year and cuddle up next to him as the two of you talked about your day. The twins and Jack were all currently at the warehouse recording a video for the week. Ethan was always at the warehouse and it has technically become your second home. 

You decided that instead of going home and waiting for him to get there, you would go over to the warehouse and surprise him. Parking the car by the door entrance you turned your car off and stepped out. Using the copy that Ethan gave you many months ago you opened the door and quietly stepped in. As you approached the kitchen you could hear all four of the boys booming voices echoing through the thin walls. 

As you got closer to them you could clearly hear everything they were saying. 

“How are things with Y/N?” You heard Jack ask your boyfriend. 

Curiosity filed your body so instead of going in and interrupting them you pressed yourself against the wall and eavesdropped on them. 

“Things are going great man, It’s just that….you know what never mind.” Ethan trailed off as he shook his head dismissing whatever he was about to say. Mentally you urged the boys to ask him what was on his mind because you wanted to know what he was going to say. 

“What? Just say it bro we aren’t going to judge you.” Grayson urged his twin as he was curious himself on knowing what he could possibly say. All he received was utter silence from Ethan. 

At this point a lot of thoughts were crossing through your mind. Did he not love you anymore? Did you do something to annoy him? Does he not like my curves? Was I too much for him? All of this was silenced with the comment he made next. 

“It’s the sex man. I mean don’t get me wrong we have amazing sex but it’s all vanilla you know?” He shrugged while the boys hummed in agreement. 

This hurt you because you always thought that the sex was fine. You never thought that he hated the most intimate part of your relationship so much. 

“Talk to her about it. Sometimes girl have this freaky side to them that you don’t know about until you ask for more,” Jack suggested to your boyfriend and you nodded your head agreeing with him. Ethan should just grow a pair and tell you about how he felt instead of telling his twin and friend about it first. 

“I don’t want to hurt her feelings though. Like i said before it’s not bad. I just think its boring to do the same thing over and over again all the time. I just wish we added something new to our sex lives.” He replied back. 

This was when you had enough of listening in on their conversation. Stepping away from the wall you walked right out of the warehouse and drove right to the mall to buy a few things. 

You were ready to show Ethan a side to you that you were always afraid to show him. 

You stared at your reflection in the mirror as you fluffed up your hair one last time. You knew Ethan would be home any minute. The red two piece lingerie hugged your curves perfectly. The bra was a mesh red bra with only a thin material covering the nipple. The red thong rested perfectly on the curve of your hips while hiding your heat away from Ethan’s view. You loved how sexy it made you feel and you were positive that Ethan would love it as well. 

The lights were dimmed and candles were scattered around the room filling it with a vanilla scent. You purposely chose that smell to remind Ethan that you weren’t all vanilla. 

Hearing the front door open you quickly ran over to the king sized bed and kneeled on the sheets. 

“Baby what’s-damn,” he gasped out as his eyes widened at the site of you having your legs spread open as you sat on the bed. 

“Why don’t you come over here and I’ll show you what’s going on?” You flirted while spreading your legs fully open allowing him to slide his body through them. Lying down on the bed as Ethan’s muscular bod hovered above you. You felt your heart rate pick up nervous on how he would react to your actions. 

“I can’t wait to rip this off of you,” Ethan whispered into your ear as his hands ran down your body resting on the curve of your hips. You felt his hands slide under the thing material of the thong and lightly pinch your skin. 

Smirking up at your boyfriend you decided that now would be a great time to tease him. Ghosting your lips over his you lower your hand down and lightly press your palm on his hardening cock. 

Attaching your lips to his neck, you lick and suck his sweet spot. 

You hear a light moan escape his lips making you heat grow, now soaking your panties. 

“Fuck if you don’t let me do something soon I’m going to ruin you,” Ethan moaned out as he lightly bit your shoulder. 

“That doesn’t sound too bad,” you smirked as you took your hand away from where he needed you most and quickly flipped him around. Now you were straddling him with your hands resting on his chest. You were dominating him and he loved it.  

He peers over your arm, and his hands quickly rest on your ass, giving it a hard smack. His favorite thing on you was and you quote “your fat ass.” 

Jumping forward a little at the contact, you grind slowly on his crotch watching him squirm under you.

 “Stop teasing.” he groans, but it was no use because you loved seeing him all vulnerable under your touch. 

 You continued to slowly grind onto his crotch, sometimes pressing down a little creating a pleasuring pressure for him.

His hands roam your entire body as he tries to touch you and as much as you love it you decided that tonight he wouldn’t be allowed to touch you for a while. 

“Tonight’s gonna be a little different.” you say as you push his hands above his head and the other reaching for bag of things you bought today. 

“You can pick what you wanna use first.” you say biting your lip seductively at your bewildered boyfriend. 

 Leaning up, he started rummaging through the bag, his eyes occasionally widening at the sight of the stuff in there. 

Pulling out a blue vibrator, he quickly flips you over sucking on your neck, making sure to leave a trail of hickeys. 

 Sighing, you wrap your hands around the back of his neck, tugging at the napes of his hair. He grabs both hands and holds them above your head, not stopping his actions. “Mmm, that’s what the handcuffs are for.” you say while looking up at him with lust filled eyes.

 “I’ll use those later.” He says smirking up at you as his hands trail down your body creating goosebumps all around your skin. Getting down to your panties, he lifts them down agonizingly slow.

 “You’re always so wet for me Y/N.” he moans as he stares at your throbbing clit all wet and ready for him. 

 “All for you baby.” you smirk with your eyes staring at him begging for him to touch you already.

 Gasping as his lips close around your clit you begin to feel his tongue licking stripes up and down. Your toes curl at the vast pleasure coursing through your body as he eats you out. Your breathing grows heavy as you let out a loud moan while tugging at the top of his hair begging for more. 

 He busts out with his tricks; drawing patterns, figure 8’s, you name it he was doing it. 

“Fuck E, just like that.” you moan licking your bottom lip that’s was now becoming dry. Ethan knew your body like no other, and he knew what to do to get you squirming and coming under his touch in seconds, but tonight. Tonight I could tell he wanted to take his time, enjoy it and tease you. 

Soon you felt cold as his lips pulled out from you. You groan missing his pleasuring tongue but you knew it would soon be replaced by his huge cock that would make you orgasm in the best way possible. 

Getting the vibrator, he slowly enters the vibrator in you, pushing it in out and slowly. After a few moments of that, he turns up the setting to medium, making you jolt from the pleasure. 

“Shit!” you moan while fisting the sheets into your hand not used to the feeling of the vibration inside your body. 

He soon starts thrusting the vibrator faster and faster inside of you hitting your g-spot perfectly as he does so. 

Your stomach begins to tighten letting you know that you were about to cum. 

“You like that Y/N?” He whispers in my ear while his empty hand reaches up to your boob and gives it a tight squeeze. 

He soon decided to turn it up to the highest speed, causing you to scream out looking down at his hands and seeing the vibrator soaked in your juices. 

“I’m gonna cum baby.” you warn while wrapping your legs around his back. 

“Nothings stopping you Y/N,” he moans out as he peppers kissing on the top of your boob that has yet to be taken out of the tight bra. 

Curses and pants leave your mouth as you orgasm washes over your body. Ethan stills his movements but leaves the vibrator in you until he sees that you have gone down from your high. 

“Not done with you yet.” He smirks while pulling off his sweatpants revealing the outline of his hard dick.  Sitting up, you get on your knees and grab the hem of his underwear, You pull his underwear down, his erection slapped on his stomach, leaking with pre-cum. The sight made your mouth water. 

Putting it to your mouth, he taps the tip on your lips wanting to have your lips around him immediately. 

“Suck.” He demands. Obeying, you take him in your mouth sucking at the tip until you get halfway down not being able to take the rest in. 

Wrapping your hand around whatever you couldn’t fit in your mouth you begin to pump him. 

Spit falls from your mouth and onto your chest as you bob your head on his cock back and forth. 

“Just like that Y/N.” he groans while tangling his hands in your hair tugging when his body would be filled with extreme pleasure. 

 Looking up at him innocently, you take him all the way in your mouth until he hits the back of my throat. You knew he loved seeing you do that. 

“Fuck.” He says under his breath. “Can i mouth fuck you?” He asks with a pant.  Even during things like this, he was so polite always asking you before doing something to make sure you were okay with it. 

 Humming yes on his dick, he jerks a little, the vibrations doing something to him. Grabbing your hair, he thrusts his dick inside your mouth at a fast pace, his dick hitting the back of my throat every time. 

He twitches inside your mouth before pulling out. “Why’d you stop?” you ask with a hoarse voice.

 “Don’t wanna cum just yet.” He says flipping you over onto my stomach. Grabbing the handcuffs, he cuffs one on your wrist and the other to the top of the bedpost. Gasping as you feel his tip lightly brush your throbbing clit you tilt your head back to look at him. 

You soon feel him fully thrust into you, not giving you enough time to adjust to his size. 

“Fuck.” you moan lowly while pressing your face into the pillow loving him being inside of you. 

He starts to thrusts at a regular pace, like he usually does before things really get heated. After a few moments of his normal paced thrusts, he grips my hips and starts to thrust faster. 

“You’re so fucking tight baby.” He says loud enough for both of us to hear. “Fuck baby maybe stretch me out with those big fingers of yours next time.” You moan out as he starts to hit your g-spot. 

Moans erupt from your throat and occasional screams when he plays with your breast. 

 Groans and swear words leave Ethan’s lips, before one hand leaves your hips and goes into your hair, wrapping it around his hand and pulling it a little.

 “You like it when I pull your hair? Hm, you like it when I fuck you hard and rough?” He asks in your ear. 

Ethan was fucking me so good, I couldn’t even give a response until he tugged my hair harder. “Answer me.” He says in a demanding tone. 

“Y-yes! Yes, Ethan keep fucking me like that.” you moan out as you feel his thrust getting painfully slow. 

Ethan stops his actions, before thrusting deep inside of you, so deep that he was hitting your g-spot at a perfect angle.

 “Holy-oh my gosh please don’t stop, E.” You whimper.

 Only sounds that could be heard were our moans and our skin slapping together and gosh you hoped Grayson wouldn’t be home anytime soon. 

 You never wanted this to end, but you knew that it would soon end because you felt that familiar tight bundle at the bottom of your stomach. 

“Wait, stop.“ you say and you soon feel him stop all his movements and pulling out of you. 

“Why, what’s wrong?” He asks concerned at the thought that he was doing something you didn’t want. 

 Grabbing the key off the nightstand, you unlock the cuffs before turning around to face your sweaty and worried boyfriend.   

Laying on your back, he repositions himself to your opening. “You okay now?” He asks. 

“Yeah, but one more thing.” you say going for the kill. “What is it?” He ask while furrowing his eyebrows.

 “I want you to choke me while you fuck me.” you say while biting your lip nervously. Smirking, he thrusts back inside while his hands snake around your neck. 

Smiling into it, your mouth forms into an ‘O’, as he continues his deep, hard thrusts. 

“Fuck.Yes.” I moan with each thrusts. “Fuck I’m gonna cum.” He says before moving down to my neck, kissing it tenderly. 

Intertwining our fingers, he whimper and groans into your neck as you both cum together. 

“Holy- fuck Ethan!” you moan out as you cum out for the second time that night. 

 Pants and moans leave your mouth as your second orgasm comes down. Rolling over, his chest heaves up and down before he starts to cuddle you from behind.

 “Best sex ever.” He mumbles into your hair as he presses a tender kiss on top of it. 

 “You still think our sex’s vanilla?” you ask feeling slightly insecure about your sex life. 

You feel him tense up behind you and he quickly sits up looking down at you with a guilty expression. 

 “You heard?” He asks you as he runs his hand through his hair. 

 “Yeah.” you say in a sad tone while sitting up and staring at your hands. 

 “Y/N, I’m sorry.” He says quickly apologizing feeling extremely guilty for talking about it with the boys. 

“It’s okay…..but why didn’t you tell me about it? Why go to the boys first?” You ask turning around to face him wanting to know why he did that.

 “I just didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Next time I’ll say something, I promise. I know it was really shitty of me to go to the boys first and not tell you about it.” He says kissing your forehead. 

 “I mean I’ve always had a inner freak in me. If you would have asked I would have shown you sooner.” you tease while giggling at your boyfriends expression. 

“I know.” He smirks while capturing your lips in a sweet kiss.

 “I love you.” you say once you pull away from his kiss.  “ I love you too.” He says planting a quick kiss to your lips before pulling up into him and lying down on the bed. You rested on top of him your lips both on either side of his lips and your head resting perfectly on his naked chest. 

“I just realized we never took this off the entire night,” Ethan mumbles while pulling at the strap of your bra. 

“Oh yeah,” you mumble while sitting up and reaching behind you. Quickly snapping the bra off you slide it down your shoulders and threw the bra behind you. Before you could lay back down to cuddle Ethan you felt his hands cup both your boobs lightly grazing your nipple. 

“Round two?” He smirks up at you with a raised eyebrow. 

“Thought you would never ask,” you smirk back before pushing him back down and bringing him into a passionate kiss. 

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She's A Bitch C.H

Summary: Basically, Calum’s girlfriend is a bitch and can’t stand you and vise versa, so you and the boys set out to try and make him realize how cruel she is.



Words: 2,000+

“Calum!” His annoying girlfriend called out to him as soon as she barged into his house on our friend group’s annual movie night. Calum his my best friend, and in our group is Michael, Ashton, and Luke. They are literally my only friends, and I love them dearly, but I hate, hate Calum’s girlfriend. She hates me too.

Whenever Calum turns his back, or isn’t around, she a straight up bitch to me, and sometimes to the other boys too. Yet, Calum doesn’t know, and one time I tried to tell him, he yelled at me and we didn’t talk for days. It sucks honestly, but what can you do? Calum is oblivious.

When she came and sat down on his lap, I groaned and rolled my eyes. Michael chuckled and Luke tried to hid his smirk. Ashton just smiled and shook his head. “Oh, you’re here.” I said with a distaste in my mouth. The boys -all except for Calum- chuckled. Calum sighed, “Y/n just leave Molly alone, we’ve been over this, we’re a couple.” I sighed and let out a half-hearted laugh.

 "Ok Cal, whatever. You can go back to sucking your girlfriend’s dick now.“ I said as I walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. In the background, I heard the boys howling with laughter.

I turned around to look at the person who was standing in the doorway, and what do you know? It’s the bitch herself. "Listen to me Y/n, I don’t understand what you’re doing, but you really need to back the fuck off of Calum, he’s my boyfriend, and you’re nothing but a loser piece of shit who can’t get her pathetic life together.” She spit out and turned away and left before I could attack her.

I growled and stormed back into the living room, “Cal, can I talk to you?” I asked as he nodded and walked into the kitchen with me. “What’s up Y/n?” He asked as I sighed, “Listen Cal, I’m going to say this straight out, and I’ve tried to tell you before, but Molly is a total bitch ok? She literally just said how pathetic I was and how I’m such a piece of shit and can never do anything right!” I shouted as I started to grow angrier and angrier.

Calum sighed, “Listen Y/n, I don’t mean to offend you or anything,” oh no, he isn’t, “But, maybe she’s right. You are kind of reluctant on leaning towards my fame and wealth to leach off of me.” He said as my jaw dropped.

“How the fuck can you say that, when all I do is buy everything when we go out, spend the most money on you guys, take care of you guys, buy everything we ever need to have parties and movie marathons, and do everything I fucking can to help and support you!” I fumed at him. “All she does is make you buy her things, and call me names, and make fun of the boys, and all of that shit that you must think is so amazing. Right Calum?”

He rolled his eyes and stalked back into the living room with everyone else. I was fuming, and I was so fucking fed up with her putting things into Calum’s head like that. I waked back into the living room as calmly as I could and spoke loudly. “Hey Luke? Can you come into the kitchen with me, I have a problem and I need a real friend to help me.” I said glaring at Calum the whole time.

Luke looked around at me and then to Calum and widened his eyes while getting up quickly and rushing into the kitchen with me. “Listen Luke, Calum was just all like how I leach off of him and do all of this shit, and how Molly never says anything to me, or you guys for that matter, so I have a plan. I’m telling you first, because you’d be my seconds best friend, after that dickhead I call a best friend, and I really need your help to get Molly on tape, to talk about what she always says to us.” I spoke in a quiet hushed tone.

Luke grew a huge smile on his face and nodded his head enthusiastically, “I’m totally in, I hate that bitch just as much as you do.” He said with a chuckle. I laughed along as we walked back into the living room. “Hey guys, I was thinking we should go back to my place. We could play video games and I have beer.” I suggested facing Ashton and Michael.

They both looked at each other in confusion and I faced my back towards Calum and Molly. I directed my eyes to the side Calum was on and slowly shook my head so they could -hopefully- see that we needed to get away from Calum and Molly.

Ashton seemed to catch on and nodded his head for him and Michael. “Yeah, me and Mike will come with you guys, it sounds like a lot of fun.” He said with a smile as they both got up. They said goodbye to Calum, as did Luke -yet no one said goodbye to Molly. I didn’t say goodbye to either of them, and right before we left I heard Calum call out to us, “Wait, guys, can we come with you?” He asked with a look of doubt on his face.

I laughed sarcastically, “Of course not Calum, you’ve been a dick to me, and I really just want to hang out with my best friends without someone who finds it ok -and apparently loves- when my self esteem gets lowered.” I said with a glare as I turned and motioned the boys to leave so I could go to. The last thing I heard when we left was Calum sigh and Molly laugh.

We arrived back to my house and I gathered everyone in the living room. “Ok, listen up, I say, Luke, you get Calum out of the house while us three set up some cameras and everything all around his house. When everything is finished, we’ll call Calum and have a get together to ‘apologize’ and all that.” I said as we started to make the plan.

Ashton chimed in next, “We need to also somehow get Y/n and Molly in the same room alone so Molly says all of those things to her again. This time, it will all be on tape so Calum will be forced to see how awful she is.” I smiled and nodded along to what he was saying.

“Great!” Luke said, “But why do I have to distract him?” He questioned as I sighed, “Listen Luke, you always know how to force Calum to do things he doesn’t want to do. Have him out of the house and do something until we tell you we’re done ok? That’s the most important part of the mission so don’t fuck it up. Ok?” I asked as he nodded with a small smile.

“Ok, let’s get this started,” Michael said with a smile, “I have a friend who works at a tech store and can get us some really good cameras. I’ll bring them here tomorrow so Luke, call Calum up and tell him you want to do something tomorrow.” He instructed as he went to call his friend about the cameras.

This is going to be so good.

Everything was going according to plan, Luke was out with Calum, and Michael had brought the cameras. Me, Ash, and Mike were at Calum’s house setting everything up. We had three cameras out in the kitchen, four in the living room, and two in the hallway. We didn’t want to do the bedrooms or the bathrooms just incase something we weren’t supposed to see happened.

When everything was finally finished, we left Cal’s and called him to have an 'apology’ get together for Molly and Cal. He bought the whole thing.

When the 'party’ actually started, the boys had somehow figured out a way to get them into the kitchen while me and Molly were both sitting in the living room across from each other.

“Wow, Y/n did you gain weight?” Was the first thin Molly started off with in her spiral of insults. I smirked as she kept going. “I mean, you certainly look fatter, but that must just because you never get off your ass and do anything productive with yourself. You know? I really think you should get a job or something.” You laughed, “Molly, I’m off of college for the summer, I cant get a decent job without a college degree.”

She sighed, “Well I was going to say you could go into modeling, but you’re too fucking ugly for that. Plus, they wouldn’t want a worthless lowlife like you there anyways.” As she finished saying that, the boys all came back.

Calum sat next to Molly on one couch, and the rest of us sat piled on top of each other in the tiny couch. “Ow Luke you punched me in the face.” Michael complained as I laughed at him, my laughter was then cut short as Luke was pushed onto me and crushed me. “Ow Luke.” I whined out.

“Maybe we should head out and do something.” Ashton suggested, “Is everyone game?” He asked everyone, including Calum and Molly. Calum looked over to Molly and she nodded with an eye roll. Calum smiled, “Yeah, we’re in, let’s go,” Everyone stood up. “Actually, I think I’m going to go home, I’ve some things to do today, so I can’t really hang out.” I lied as I looked at Michael knowingly.

Michael gasped, “Oh shit, I just forgot I had something to do as well. Looks like it’s just you guys going.” He said as everyone left Calum’s house. While they all went in a car somewhere, me and Michael drove around the block so Calum wouldn’t get suspicious, and walked back inside his home.

“Alright, lets get these cameras down and into a dvd to show Cal her bratty attitude once and for all.” I said with a small smile on my face as we started getting to work. When it was all finished, I took the tape to my uncle’s to get it changed into a dvd to show Calum. “By this time tomorrow Mikey, this should all be over.” I sighed with a smile as Michael pulled me into a side hug and rubbed my shoulders.

When the next day hit, the boys and I walked up to Calum’s door and knocked so we could get in. The dvd in my hands was starting to get sweaty because of my palms. The door opened and Calum showed up and looked confused, “Hey guys, what’re you doing here?” I ignored him and walked inside with the boys following behind me. “Is Molly here?” I asked as I looked around the room.

Calum shook his head, “No she’s not here.” I smiled, “Good, the boys and I have something to show you.” I had Calum sit down on the couch as I put the dvd in.

“Wow, Y/n did you gain weight?" The Molly that was on the screen said. I smirked as she kept going. "I mean, you certainly look fatter, but that must just because you never get off your ass and do anything productive with yourself. You know? I really think you should get a job or something.” You laughed, “Molly, I’m off of college for the summer, I cant get a decent job without a college degree.”

She sighed, “Well I was going to say you could go into modeling, but you’re too fucking ugly for that. Plus, they wouldn’t want a worthless lowlife like you there anyways.” As she finished saying that, the boys all came back, and she put a large smile on her face.

The video cut out and we all looked at Calum. Ashton was the first to speak, “Listen man, she’s been saying things like this for the whole amount of time you’ve been dating her. It’s also not just Y/n she says these things to, she says things to all of us, we just got this part on tape to show you.” Ashton sighed as we all looked to Cal to see his reaction.

He sighed and walked out with his phone in hand. We all looked defeated as he walked out to the kitchen. We were all silent for a while until he came back with a bright smile on his face. “I broke up with her, thanks for showing me that guys, and I’m really sorry for not believing you guys. Can you forgive me?” He asked while not looking at any of us.

I shrugged and walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him. “Of course Cal. We forgive you. At least you broke up with her right?” I asked with a laugh as he hugged me back. “Group hug!” Luke yelled and everyone was suddenly engulfed in a hug.

At the end of the day, we are all the five best of friends, and nothing, not even a demon from hell can stop us from being together in the end.

Guys Night Out (one-shot)

Chris Evans/Reader

fluffy fluff fluff. I don’t really know what this is, but dancing with Chris is a dream. Also the songs that are mentioned are my guilty pleasures so please don’t judge 

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“Bye sweetheart, I’ll probably be home late” Chris says with a peck on my cheek.

“Okay, have fun” I turn around and kiss him properly before he breaks to kiss my forehead and leave.

Chris was having guys night with some friends that were in town for the weekend. Which meant I finally had time to get all my work done. As soon he left I turned on a calming playlist for background music while I finished the work that should have been done a week ago. Thankfully I’m almost never behind on my work, so on the few occasions where I am, my boss understands. I will say, though, that all of those occasions have been because of Chris. I love the man, I do. But he has a hard time understanding that my work isn’t always done when I leave the office and that sometimes I just need him to leave me alone for like an hour so I can finish everything.

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Just A Moment

Fandom: James Bond movies

Requested by an anonymous person: “Would you ever write another q x reader fic?? maybe one where they both work together and make out in a spare room at work? i love your writing!!!” Please tell me what you think! Writing this has been a real pleasure since I love Q.

Word count: 1,470


Gif by amazing @directorpercivalgraves.

You looked down at the mountain of papers mercilessly, but it didn’t shrink even a bit. The more you stared at it, the bigger it looked, actually. The young man standing on the other side of your desk seemed to do the opposite. He couldn’t even bring himself to look up at you. You were sure he was 25, 26 max. Trainees were getting younger and younger, but rarely was it a good thing.

“I thought I was clear about it yesterday,” you said in a low, steady voice. After your second trainee, you learned it was the best tone to use on them.

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I thought that the most requests I would get for genderswapped SPN would have been Crowley, Destiel, Wincest, etc. But nope! I have 30+ messages in my inbox requesting fem!Garth. You guys really love Garth; and that makes me happy because I do too. (Let’s be real, anyone who would name their kid Garth would name them that be they a girl or boy.)

In other news I hate art sometimes.

Imagine #41: Pregnant again (Calum Hood)

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1245

Story line: You find out you’re pregnant again and when you’re about to tell Calum you hear him say that he isn’t sure about having more kids.

When I made sure that Anna was with Calum and his friends, that were downstairs watching some football games and drinking beers, I closed myself into the bathroom. I was so nervous I hadn’t realized that I was grabbing the box of the pregnancy test so hard that I smashed it. It wasn’t my first rodeo, I had done this before. Two years ago, to be more precise, I got pregnant of my beautiful little girl Anna, and Calum and I couldn’t be happier. We weren’t planning on having more kids. Actually, we didn’t talk at all about the subject but my period was late. Like really late and I needed to take the test. I didn’t tell Calum anything because I wasn’t sure about this and I didn’t want to give him false hopes.

When I finally managed to piss, I dipped the stick into the urine and waited five minutes. I walked from one side of the bathroom to another, biting my nails and thinking what would happen if I was pregnant again. The experience of having Anna was the best that could ever happen to me. I was so in love with my baby that the only thought of having another kid, made me even happier. Also, Anna could use a little sister or a little brother. I always wanted a big family, with two or three kids. I didn’t know what Calum wanted because he wasn’t the type of guy who talked about that stuff. When Anna came into our life, he was the happiest guy in the world. He was always showing of his “little work of art”, as he liked to call her, and he was always taking her everywhere. She was too little but she had visited half the world already.

Five minutes had passed. I took a deep breath and I grabbed the pregnancy test. When I looked at it and I saw the two lines that confirmed I was pregnant, I held a yell of happiness. I couldn’t wait to tell Calum. I wrapped the stick in a piece of paper and threw it away, I didn’t want that Calum found it before I could tell him. I left the bathroom and I went downstair, finding Anna over Calum’s legs and she was grabbing his face with his little hands. Calum was looking at her mesmerized, with a big smile in his face. “Who is the most beautiful girl in the world?” he said, kissing her nose. Anna laughed. “Yes, you are! Don’t tell your mother, though”. I covered my mouth with my hand because I was laughing and I didn’t want him or the boys to find out I was there. It may sound creepy but I like to watch Calum when he was with Anna without noticing me. I really loved those moments.

“I gotta go” Michael said, sighing. The boys looked at him. “I really love my kids but since Alex came into the world, my house seems a nursery”. The boys laughed. “Don’t have any more kids!” Michael said, pointing at Calum.

“I’m not sure I want more kids anyway” he confessed and that surprised me. What? Calum didn’t want more kids? Since when? I mean, we didn’t talk about it but he seemed so happy with Anna that…

“I’m very happy with mine” Ashton said, smiling.

“I’m very happy with mine too!” Michael yelled. “You always make me sound like I hate my kids”, they laughed again. “Just sometimes” he added, making them laugh even more.

“You’re scaring Luke” Calum pointed out. Luke was about to have his first kid and he couldn’t deny it, he was very nervous.

“I’m not scared, I’m terrified” he confessed.

Finally, they all decided to go home and that’s when I decided to enter to the living room. Calum smiled at me and I tried to smile him back but a weird smile formed in my lips. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Calum just said and about the fact I was expecting a child of his. What happened if he didn’t want this kid? What should we do? What should I do? Should I tell him? He was going to find out anyway, I couldn’t hide a pregnancy. I was starting to feel so nervous that I thought I was going to puke.

Calum offered to put Anna to sleep and when I kissed her goodnight, he took her into her room. I prepared some food and when Calum came downstairs, the food was over the table. He kissed my cheek before sitting up and starting to eat. I wasn’t hungry so while I thought about what could I do, I touched the food with the fork. I didn’t notice that Calum had stopped eating to look at me. “Is something worrying you?” he finally asked, waking me up from my thoughts. A lump formed in my throat.

“No” I mumbled.

“Y/N” he said with tediousness and rolling his eyes.

It was my opportunity to say to him that I was pregnant but I couldn’t forget the fact that he said he didn’t want any more kids. “You don’t want more kids?” I finally asked. Calum frowned.

“Why are you…? Oh. Did you hear what I said before?” he asked, surprised. I nodded. “Yeah… I don’t know. I didn’t think about it that much but I’m happy with Anna. Having another kid might be a little bit stressful right now”. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. He didn’t want another kid. He said it loud and clear. “Baby?”. I didn’t hear him approaching me. He squatted down in front of me, took my hands and made me look at him. “Baby, what’s wrong? I didn’t mean I didn’t want another kid!” he tried to explain himself. “I just said that I didn’t think much about the subject and that I think with Anna being so little it might be a little bit stressful. I mean, I would love that Anna had a brother or a sister. You know I love my sister Mali”.

“Are you sure?” I mumbled.

“Of course, baby” he said, smiling softly. “I didn’t know you wanted more kids, though. I mean, I always thought about the idea to have another but I wasn’t sure if it was the right time or if you wanted more kids?” he confessed, a bit confused. “Why did you take it that seriously?”.

That was it. That was the time. I bit my bottom lip and I mumbled: “Because I’m pregnant”.

Calum’s eyes opened gradually for the surprise, then he looked at my belly and then at my face. And he did that a few times before saying, with tears in his eyes: “Are we having another baby?”.

Seeing him like that made my heart melt. He was really happy with the idea of having another kid, he was just afraid. “Yes, baby. We’re having another baby”. He stood up and gently forced me to get up. Then he hugged me, kissed my forehead, cheeks, nose and finally my lips.

“I never thought you could make me happier than the day you decided to marry me. But you did it when you announced you were going to have a baby. So I never thought I could be happier than that day, But you did it again” he confessed, making me cry. “I love you so much, Y/N” he told me before kissing me again.

[trans] Nochang’s STARAZ interview (2014.10.29)

‘Genius Nochang’ wasn’t introduced well to me. I just know that he is in Just Music and he produces, raps, and sings as well. His real name is No Changjoong and his date of birth is 9.24.1991. That’s all the information that is available. So I wanted to know more about him.
When I was first asked to be interviewed, I thought to myself, 'Me? Someone who’s less popular than the other members?’ My name as an artist is Nochang and my real name is No Changjoong. And my favorite word is “genius,” so I made myself Genius Nochang. I’m not actually a genius, it just has the meaning that I want to be one. My blood type is A. My hobby is drawing and watching movies. My favorite color is black (I’m wearing a black underwear right now as well) That’s about it. Since kindergarten, my dream was to become an artist or a comic artist. But my parents didn’t like it, so I went to school and prepared to go to a foreign high school (I was even the top 9 in class in middle school). During high school, I really hated studying for entrance exams so I started looking for other things to do. I learned how to act back then. Not because I wanted to be an actor, because I just wanted to be famous. And right before entrance exams, I wanted to start doing music. It just looked cool and there were no other particular reasons. That’s how I started music, and after a while, I just wanted to be good at music.

Your music is not popular music, it’s rather 'manic.’ Where does your inspiration come from?
I just listen to other artists or watch a movie, about that much? A year ago, I had a time when I was really depressed and I had to travel to Canada to produce tracks for Hong Kiyoung designer’s fashion show (Hong Kiyoung is a designer who’s part of JM). I think that was the most peaceful time of my life. After the trip, my personality changed and there was less 'depression’ in my music. The power of traveling is great. But I can’t travel every time to get inspired, so I just write about my emotions that I feel at the time. When I started music around the end of my senior year, there were lots of times when I was alone at home because my family was out working or at school. When a person’s alone, you start thinking about all kinds of things. So to be honest, when I look at the lyrics that I wrote back then, I can’t understand them. Of course, I can feel the emotions I had back then. So I hope you don’t take my words too much to the heart.

I think your fans will wonder about what you like. So what does Genius Nochang like?
1. I like apples. Since elementary school, I had the habit of eating an apple in the morning (the apple has to be good, of course). 2. I’m busy so I can’t watch a lot of movies, but I recommend <Meet Joe Black>. When I first met Swings hyung, he asked me to go to his house and watch a movie with him. I couldn’t say no because it was my first time seeing him (I’m a person that doesn’t know how to say no in the first place), so I went and watched it. I fell asleep while watching the movie back then, but I rewatched it later and it made me very happy. Also, there’s an American TV series called <Breaking Bad> and it’s a masterpiece. You have to watch it. 3. All songs of mine after the time Swings hyung released his mixtape vol.2 are my favorite, but if I had to pick, it would be 'Outro,’ '더 (More),’ and 'hongkiyoung#2.’ (they’re all in Ripple Effect) 4. I also like comedy movies too, they don’t have to be dark movies. It might be because I couldn’t have a lot of fun when I was young because I was too busy studying. For example, I get jealous when I see something like <Hangover>.

I didn’t start being vegan because of a belief. It was for my body. Before I moved to Seoul (when I was in Incheon), when other members ate meat, I would just drink water. These days, it’s kind of hard to eat healthy when you’re living by yourself, so I eat it sometimes. I just started doing it because I wanted to eat more fruits and vegetables.

The voices in the middle of my songs are either from me or from a movie. I don’t like the same loop that repeats itself over and over. So I put in a screaming sound or something like that in the middle so it’s not boring. To be frank, I just like the sounds that I put in.

Just Music
I went to elementary school with Giriboy. He was very popular back then and we were not close friends, but he’s very impressive. He always listens to the top 100 songs on music charts, and that shows that he’s an artist that is ready to be successful. C Jamm is the cutest guy friend that I’ve ever had. Swings hyung sometimes reads books to us. I usually don’t read books, but Swings hyung reads to us, flipping pages and all in front of us. We’re all innocent and naive. We all play like we’re in middle or high school.

Show Me The Money
I was on it for a performance. I didn’t know it would have such an effect. I felt the power of TV once again. I was very stressed because there was little time to make the members’ songs. But now that it has passed, it feels good and those were fun times (of course, because it passed). After that, I’ve achieved things that I wanted to and it became reality. Now I want to make things that I dream about reality as well.

I didn’t learn from anyone or anything like that, I just started it because I thought it was cool (it’s different from acting). I wasn’t the type to go outside a lot, either. I just stayed in my room. The person that inspired me most was Swings hyung. Other than that, there are Verbal Jint, Dynamic Duo, Kanye West, and Drake. I think making music has become a part of my daily life now.

I first started smoking right before I became 22. I had to write lyrics for Black Nut’s 'Smoke and Drink’ and I wanted to write lyrics that sounded like I was actually someone who “smoked and drinked.” But I didn’t know how that felt back then, because I didn’t smoke. So I started smoking to write the lyrics. I haven’t been able to quit until now though…

세계일주 (A trip around the world)
It’s a song of mine that I hate now (it’s different from who I am, now). And I don’t listen to old songs of mine. When I listen to old songs, I don’t even remember why I made songs like that or wrote lyrics like that and it’s kind of embarrassing to me. So when Just Music members want to make fun of me, they turn on old songs of mine. 'A Trip Around The World’ is a song like that, too. But I actually want to take a trip around the world. I want to have that feeling that I had when I traveled outside of Korea.

(Compared to the past) It’s easier for me to go on stage now. They actually like it and sing along with me. One time, all these fans who were in middle school, boys and girls, followed along with all the members’ songs. When I see things like that, I become happy because I feel loved. There are a lot of fans that leave messages on SNS, but it’s hard for me to check all of them because there are too much. I sometimes go on fan cafes and smile. I’m really thankful for people like that.

Sometimes (if time allows), I exercise. I really hate it when my body gets ruined. Other than that, music. When I was in Incheon, I used to watch movies at home, but I don’t have time to watch TV in Seoul. But I actually like the busy life that keeps me from being lazy. Most of the time, I’m at Hongdae.I’ve been in Bukcheon once and it was really beautiful (to the point that it made me want to live there).

It doesn’t matter what they look like. They just to have something of their own, something they have to do, and a dream. Someone who has her own charms - that could be her face, attitude, or capabilities. To talk about celebs, maybe Beyonce? (I still like CL). I think a relationship between a male and a female is developing together and walking together. I’ve dated two times until now, once last year and once this year. Both didn’t last for more than a month. I don’t have a girlfriend right now. I’m starting to think there’s a problem with  me. I liked my first girlfriend for 10 years. My music even changed directions back then. Even if I date someone again, I’m going to have to mediate it. It my music changes like that again, I don’t think I would want to date anyone ever again.

I’m curious about your future plans. Not just music, but in general.
I think I’m going to stick to supporting other members of Just Music until the end of this year (I’m a slave until then). I think I’m going to make an album of mine maybe next year? To be an artist that makes popular music, I think I have a long way to go and a lot to think about. I want to grow old and become an actor like Mr. Choi Minsik. I’m also interested in music in movie films. First of all, I’m thinking about making tons of money. I want to have a house in different places of the world and fly in a personal jet. Money isn’t happiness, but I think money can give you happiness. I want to do things that I want to and live without worrying. Right now, I’ve achieved things that I wanted to and it became reality. I want to make other things I dream about like that, and I want to keep developing like that.

pornosophical  asked:

Salty Ask List 1 and 9 for Narts

What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?*

i honestly cannot understand why anywould would ship sasuke and sakura without any changes, like just to ship them as they are in canon,,,, why its such a terrible ship and you can do so much better with sakura!!!

Most disliked character(s)? Why?

i have this love/hate thing with kakashi. sometimes i really like him and write a lot of shit w/ him in it and then suddenly i’ll really really hate him and boy howdy that makes writing for him real hard so it usually hardstalls a lot of my fics 

i do not like him very much, ,,,, or that other guy whats his name,,, old man hokage the third,,, fuck that guy too… what a terrible guy

[pta mom voice] i’d just like to thank all the other wonderful, lovely ladies here for supporting me through this hard time. my sons are on tour, they’ve come so far, and sometimes it’s all too much, you know? i just [wipes tear] my boys are sweethearts and i love them, and i want to be there for them, but it’s hard. darlings, you’ve helped me through this. also, dianne, honey, these cookies are delicious! that reminds me, i must invite you all round for my famous casserole!