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When the sun found the moon
She was drinking tea in a garden
Under the green umbrella trees
In the middle of summer ~

In honor of the eclipse 


June 4th 2016 | May 21st 2017 (Candice).

SDCC 2016 | May 21st 2017 (Grant).

A true glo up.


“this is the only place we’re gonna be able to try it, is in my memory.”

“rick, you’re doing this bit while your brain is melting.”

hi sorry ive been real inactive lately enjoy this sloppy screenshot redraw

Sasusaku month 2015

Day 3 - Carnival 

“There’s a force that attempts to overthrow the World Government”

Did I ever say I absolutely love the Revolutionaries designs? well now you know~ 

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GBF Husbando Spotlight: Nezahualpilli

Whew man it’s been awhile since I made the last one of these due to irl and gbf grind making me incredibly busy, but nonetheless here we are! It’s time for the next GBF Husbando Spotlight and today we finish up the SSR wind Husbands with the one and only Nezahualpilli (aka bird man/bird husband).

He’s another one of my personal favorites who I feel is somewhat underrated with this new era of sparkly ikemen. (Thanks to anon for requesting him btw)

  • The very first 5* SSR in the entire game and one of it’s OG crew members.
  • His kit is getting a bit outdated with the rise of other wind attackers. But he’s still great at punching things hard and hitting that dmg cap easily with his own stacking atk buff, break assassin, and inherently high raw stats.
  • Personality wise he’s simultaneously a wise and good king, while also being a total birdbrained moron who’s fear of heights is to be memed of in the comics.
  • His fate episodes are either displays of his amazing leadership and courage, or makes him a walking joke due to his quirks and it’s amazing.
  • In all seriousness even with the jokes and his stupidity, his final lvl 100 fate episode has him give one of the most inspiring and motivational speeches about deciding to fight against predetermined fate that I’ve ever seen. As much as the game makes fun of him they establish that he’s truly a good king and leader.
  • Cygames’s rule of armor most likely applies to him. Seeing how jacked Lancelot ended up being in the comics, along with the glory that was Seofon in his “speedbros” outfit. Nezahualpilli’s large imposing stance and stature along with his bulkier armor suggest an even more impressive thiccness hidden underneath with wings
  • Even though his age isn’t given he’s established as one of the older members of the crew along with Lady Grey who’s in her 30′s. They have a crossfate where they bond over watching the younger crew members as their seniors. It end with them protecting Djeeta/Gran along with the others from a giant snake by fighting it on their own.
  • His voice is amazing. Like it just hits me in all the right places. Jurota Kosugi is perfect casting as he manages to give him the perfect mix of older and sensual along with the right amount of stupid. His laugh is incredibly charming.
  • He’s probably the smoothest guy in the crew. He’s actually established to be somewhat flirty and casually hits on Katalina when he meets her. In just a few casual lines he makes her more flustered than anyone in her entire harem has. 
  • He uses this charm on Your MC/Djeeta during his Valentines and White Day lines. His lines have a mature and reliable charm to it that I just appreciate alot. Not to mention that he gets a unique flirty expression that I can’t seem to find outside of his White Day lines. 
  • His personality is already plenty quirky enough that even in the memeage that is the Grand Blues comics, he doesn’t change that much. His notable changes acrophobia is brought up as a gag, his flirtation extending to that of flustering Kaguya, Becoming the best wingman to the Elsam x Yggy OTP, and being used as a kite.
  • Protect this adorable smile

So here’s something I’ve meaning to get off of my chest for a while now.

As you may have noticed, I have a love/hate relationship with this website.  There are some things I love about it, like amazing fan works, jokes, funny pictures, and puppies, and there is stuff I despise about it, like the broken-ass gender politics, the alarming amount of self-entitlement, the blatant spreading of misinformation, constant hypocrisy of users, and over-all pretentiousness of the entire website.

As such, it’s not uncommon for me to receive this simple question over and and over again.

“Why do you continue to stay on this site if most of it bothers you so much?”

At first I didn’t have a solid answer.

Sure the art is nice, and some of the people I have met were great, but there’s also all the other shit I mentioned earlier.

It’s also worth noting that there were times where I actually DID consider saying “fuck it” and deleting everything.

However, the more I thought, the more I realized that I had the answer this entire time.

It’s because I care.

You see, it’s no secret that tumblr is a host to many groups outside of what would be considered in today’s society as “normal”.  I happen to have many friends who fit that mould.  

This website, despite being very public and very open, is considered a safe-space by those who use it.  It’s used as a way for people to find others to relate to, and leave all of their emotional baggage.  To be open and free about whatever the fuck they like.  Social Media wise, tumblr is perfect for that kind of environment.  Politics and activist-wise, it’s one of the worst places for it.

You see, I have met many people who are outside of the cis heteronormative bubble.  They’ve told me their stories, their hobbies, their likes, but above all else they told me their struggles.  I have been told things that have moved me and broke my heart to the point of tears.  I welcomed these people into my life with open arms.

I’ll be the first one to admit it.  I’m an asshole.  But the thing of it is, if you come to me wanting to tell me something, I’ll be more than happy to listen when no one else would.  That’s the thing most people don’t seem to get.  They look at my posts and look at the videos I make and think to themselves “wow what a fucking asshole” but they’re not seeing the big picture.  I’m an asshole because I care.

I love my friends, and I would do anything I could to help them, even if it is as simple as a signal boost……..so when I see posts on tumblr, making the horrible shit they go through into a joke…I get mad.

scratch that.

I get furious.

My LGBT friends, particularly those under the trans umbrella, have enough trouble fitting in and being accepted as it is.  So when I see people saying mindbogglingly ignorant posts like

“gender is a social construct”
“trans is a choice”
“i wish everyone was trans”
“I’m a polysexual genderfab space bunny and all of my headmates are named bob”

I think back to my friends, and I think about how their struggles are already seen as a joke….now they gotta deal with THIS shit.

Here’s the thing about gender being a social construct.

If that was really the case, not only would Dr. John Money’s experiment be a legit success, David Reimer would still be a woman, and he would also still be alive.

Gender isn’t a construct….Gender ROLES are.  To tell a trans person that gender is a construct would be to tell them their dysphoria is imaginary.

Back on point, I reblog and piss and moan about tumblr because I care.  God damn it, I fucking care.  I give a shit when people I care about are made a mockery of by people trying to be “edgy” and “progressive” because their normal lives are just too mundane, so they spice it up by obtaining imaginary and quite frankly, bullshit labels so they can be “cool” and “hip” like all those trans and queer people they hear so much about…..because wanting to be part of a persecuted and abused group of people because “fuck cishet whitey” is the new goth phase I guess.

Tumblr is the only place I have seen where people actively go out of their way to out-marginalize each other, to see who can get the most oppression points to use as an excuse to be an overall terrible human being.  Before they tell anyone else to “check their privilege” they desperately need to check their fucking entitlement.

Another reason why I care is the grave-standing.  People using recent tragedies to attack problems that were completely unrelated to them to begin with, in order to further some twisted agenda.

The most recent example of this I can think of is the recent and tragic suicide of Leelah Alcorn.

When I read Leelah’s suicide note, my heart broke.  I couldn’t stop tearing up.  I didn’t want her death to be in vain.  I wanted people to know what happened to her, and that if they are ever in need of someone, they are not alone.  I was there to listen.

However, my sadness quickly turned to rage when I found out people were attempting to use her as a scapegoat to further their own twisted agendas.

To quote a specific example, Brianna Wu used her as an excuse to attack GamerGate, saying “look what GamerGate is doing to trans women” when Leelah never mentioned a single thing about the hash tag.

Others were using her to promote their twisted brand of feminism, claiming that her death was a result of misogyny, rather than asshole parents who drank too much of the Jesus Juice. 

It makes me so mad.  I can’t help but to talk about it, and there’s no way in hell you can convince me to keep quiet about it.

To tell me to get off the website if it bothers me is such a fucking copout.  It isn’t like watching TV and changing the channel if something you don’t like comes on, there are real fucking people at stake.  I can’t turn off something that could effect a friend of mine, hurt a genuinely good cause, or is deliberately spreading misinformation.

You know those stupid fucking pronouns I mentioned eons ago?  That they were making trans folks look more like freaks than people already make them out to be?

Well guess what?  Because of those morons, several trans friends of mine are no longer being taken seriously about their dysphoria by their parents.  And you want to know why?  They found one of those stupid fucking blogs, and assumed that their child was simply going through a phase that would pass in a year or so, and is now refusing to give them the help and therapy they need.

And you want me to just ignore that shit?

To turn it off?

To seep it under the rug?

Not a chance in hell.

I care about people I meet.  People I hang out with year after year.  Even if it’s only a few days a year at conventions, I still give a fuck about them.  I want to help them however I can.  And if helping involves being a blowhard asshole and putting idiots in their place then so be it.

FIRST  OF  ALL  ,  i’ve  decided  to  choose  one  from  my  camera  roll  ,  

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