i love my anthropology class

last week i was in such a weird headspace, i don’t know that sounds weird but i just felt really like sad/weird for a couple of days. it wasn’t like a pure,single feeling it was just a strange combination of things. i don’t know how to describe it… i think it mostly had to do with starting school again. i am always reminded that i have no friends.. which sucks!!!! but i really really love my class topics! my anthropology gender course professor is seems like a really good teacher. she’s funny and likes hearing what students think about things. we have to do a group project/presentation though ._. but we get to pick from a list of things, i always appreciate getting at least some choice

i got some more stuff from goodwill last weekend. i got some old books for something i am making & some other cute little things! 

i’m also getting back into crafts which i find so enjoyable!! i haven’t actually intentionally created much of anything for awhile. i think since about 5 years ago. but i bought supplies and things which i love doing :~) i love just listening to music while making things. it’s just a really therapeutic thing to me

i started out being all pessimistic last week but i will have some things to do that are fun/make me excited (my craft project!!) and i have schoolwork (that’s very interesting !) to keep me occupied for awhile 


First few days of school have been great. I’m in some fun classes like ceramics and ballet. I am working on my honors thesis, teaching yoga, and am excited about my medical anthropology class. I love seeing my school friends and yogis again. I missed them over the summer. I went on a few hikes last weekend. I am going to the state fair this weekend and I’m going to meet with my endo soon and check my A1c. It most likely went up from all the highs I had in the summa. Recently I’ve been having lots of lows. I’ve consumed probably 25 juice boxes in the past 4 days 😵 I think I need to change my basal and my ratio. I reduced my basal slightly today.

ragelesbian  asked:

hi emma how was ur day! im stuck at school again watching boring documentaries for anthropology

it was good i LOVE my classes and in a few hours i’m going to my friend’s soccer game!! i hope u get to go home soon :(( sending good vibes