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can you write more fanboy!tae and idol yoongi again? I love that au so much!!

Taehyung accidentally forgets that Yoongi follows him on twitter so when the Spring Day mv comes out and he post a bunch of screenshots of Yoongi followed by “KJSDHGKASJHGASDGLFAGD” he nearly screams when he sees “bts_twt has liked your tweet” 

 Yoongi texts him not too long after and it’s a simple “You’re cute.” but it’s enough to have Taehyung a blushing mess for the next week. 

They decide to spend their first anniversary together early due to the fact that the actual date will land on the first day of the Wings tour and obviously they won’t be able to spend it together.  It’s all very cute and adorable with lots of kisses and cuddles and flowers and when it’s time for gifts Taehyung is so fucking nervous. They sit side by side on the couch and hand each other their gift boxes/cards. 

Suddenly Yoongi breaks out laughing. 

“Oh my god baby please open your gift.” 

Taehyung does and even he can’t help laughing because they both got each other tickets to the Wings tour. Yoongi’s not really sure why Taehyung would get him tickets to his own concert but then of course Taehyung explains. 

“The ticket was for me, i wanted to surprise you. Your gift was going to be me surprising you at the show!”

Taehyung one time shows Yoongi his “FY Yoongi” tumblr page and Yoongi literally has the time of his life laughing at all the tags. 

“#WhyIsHeSoDaddy” “ #SwagSwagSuga” “#CanHeKnockMeOutPleae” 

Taehyung blushes everytime Yoongi wiggle his eyebrows at a new tag because yeah Taehyung definitely fanboyed hard on Tumblr. 

They don’t mean to come out to the public, at least not for a long while, but like most things in the celebrity life, nothing stays hidden.  The morning Yoongi wakes up to Jimin and Namjoon banging on his bedroom door looking panicked he knows he’s fucked. 

He’s brought to BigHit’s office where he’s shown multiple websites all showing pictures of him and Taehyung out on a date and kissing. He’s so fucking scared they are going to punish him or even worse punish Taehyung but that’s not the case at all. 

“You can either deny or confirm it.” 

Yoongi confirms his relationship with Taehyung that day over a very emotional Vapp broadcast. 

“I just love him so very much he makes my life so much better i hope you all understand that he has my heart and my everything and i love him” (Taehyung later hugs yoongi so tight as he cries because he  is soft and in love too wow) 

Of course they have anti’s but most fans support them and think they are so cute. The first fan meet Taehyung goes too after they confirm their relationship is so cute. Taehyung shows up and gets in line with his camera and is waiting for his turn to get in. All the other fans there giggle at him and wave and when the boys come out girls in the front quickly wave their hands to get Yoongi’s attention. 

“Oppa oppa! Taehyung is here!” 

Yoongi quickly gets excited and looks around and when he spots Taehyung he shoots him a heart while the fans scream and coos at them. 


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Hi!! For the weekly sleepover I wanted to say that I got a 100 on my English end of course exam! Also the deung gol breaker mv came out the same day which was SO funny and I took so many screenshots. Have a great weekend!

That’s awESOME NEWS!!! *celebrates* be sure to treat yourself like a champ because it’s not everyday that things like these happen

I’m sure EVERYONE will agree with me if I say that the ‘Spine Breaker’ MV IS THE BEST BTS MV EVER!! The whole MV was a meme itself and I love the choreography very much Dance Director Jin really outdid himself


160818 [From. SUHO] 엑소를 수호하는 리더 수호입니다. Leader Suho who protects EXO.

엑소를 수호하는 리더 수호입니다.

먼저 정말 감사하단 말씀 드리고 싶어서 이렇게 공홈에 글을 써요~
음원사이트에서 로또 1위, 이번 리팩키지 앨범 로또 100만장 돌파까지..
트리플 밀리언셀러 등극 이라니..

솔직히 이번에도 좀 색다른 음악이라 걱정이 되긴 했었는데
많은 사랑을 주셔서 우리 엑소엘 엘긔들 너무 고맙구요. 사랑해요.
역시 엑소가 아니라 역시 우리 엘긔들이 짱이야!!!!!

이번 활동도 재미있고 즐겁게 신나게 함께 달려봐요.
엘긔들 넘나 이쁜것!
위아원 엑소 엑소엘 사랑하장! 

Hello. I am Leader Suho who protects EXO.

Firstly, the reason i came to the homepage like this is because i want to express my thanks to you~ Not only is Lotto #1 on music sites, our repackage album Lotto reached 1 million sales… They said we are crowned triple million seller……

Honestly, i was quite worried because we are trying something very different musically this time. I’m thankful to our EXO-L, L-gi (Suho’s nickname for EXO-Ls - a combination of L and Aegi (baby)) for giving us so much love. I love you. It’s not “as expected, it’s EXO”, it’s “as expected, our L-gi are the best!!!!!!”

Let’s enjoy this promotion interestingly, excitingly together. L-gi are too beautiful! 

We are one, EXO EXO-L saranghajang! (t/n: he made a typo with saranghaja)

(제가 제일 좋아하는 뮤비 컷) 

(my favorite cut from the MV)

(포카 B컷)

(photocard B cut / version)

(착한 엘긔눈에만 보이는 컷)

(cuts where only kindhearted L-gi will be able to see)