i love movie trivia


That scene where she smiles in the battle is great, where did that come from?

“I did that. I remember after we did that take, Zack came to me and he said, “Did you just have a smirk?” I said “Yeah.” And he asked, “Why? I think I like it, but why?” “Well if he’s gonna mess with her, then she’s gonna mess with him. And she knows she’s gonna win.” At the end of the day Wonder Woman is a peace seeker. But when fight arrives, she can fight. She’s a warrior and she enjoys the adrenaline of the fight.“

Teach your followers five random things about yourself then pass it along to ten (or as many as you like) of your favourite followers.

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1. I currently hold a BA in History with minors in the Classics and Criminal Justice. I will be going back to school to work on another BA, this time in Exercise Science and after that a Ph.D in Physical Therapy.

2. I just recently went to my first major comic con and got to meet Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. That was a religious experience.

3. I am a movie fiend. I fuckin’ love movies. I can quote them and spout off random bits of trivia. It’s bad.

4. So, in case you didn’t realize, I’m a History nerd. Ancient stuff is preferred, more specifically Ancient Rome. But also WWII. Can’t stand American history though.

5. I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier 7 times.

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