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; on Miranda

|| I feel as if Thomas’ romantic and sexual orientation is far simpler to summarize than James’, and in my mind, Thomas is gay. That is how I have always seen him, how I have always written him in fanfiction, and I think all I ever will. Of course, in terms of how I write him in a roleplay context, this leaves his relationship with Miranda ambiguous without exploration. 

Using @captain-flint ‘s post here as a timeline, I make the assumption that in 1705, Thomas is in his early thirties, and that Miranda is likely a few years younger than him. Assuming they married when Thomas was in his early twenties and Miranda at the end of her teenage years or early twenties, I put their marriage date in 1695 for convenience’s sake. Of course, this would mean that by the time James comes into their lives they would have already been married for ten years. 

The affection between Thomas and Miranda is clear as day in the show, both in the scenes they share and in the way that Miranda’s character talks of him in 1715 Nassau, and for my depiction of Thomas, Miranda is crucial. Whilst, in my mind, he holds no romantic or sexual attraction for her, his love for her is deep and unbreakable and he loves her as much as a person can love another. Whilst James is his moon, Miranda is his stars

He respects her absolutely and holds no resentment towards her for having lovers, for having James first, for perhaps even sharing James (I still cannot make up my mind as to whether I believe James and Miranda continued sharing a bed after James and Thomas began their affair. If James had sexual relationships with the both of them at the same time, I imagine, though, that the three of them often shared a bed). Thomas stands by her when rumours fly around London of her alleged promiscuity and the idea of her with others does not bother him at all. Partly I attribute this to his lack of romantic and sexual interest in her, but mostly instead to the absolute solidness of their bond and their deep and unbreakable love for the other. 

Because they were companions for so many years, and because they were so involved in each others’ lives (in marriages in the nobility, it was not especially unusual for husbands and wives to live apart, usually the husband in the capital or at court and the wives in the country estates rather than the other way around), I believe Miranda really was like Thomas’ other half, a puzzle piece that fitted almost perfectly to him and she understood him. She accepted the part of him that the rest of the world would look to (and eventually did) condemn. To someone in his position, that would mean the entire world. Until James came along, she had to have been the single most important thing in his life. Once James came into the picture, despite the absolute different natures of the loves, I cannot see Thomas being able to choose one over the other. 

In short: Miranda was as much the love of Thomas’ life as James was. They were two different loves, but neither one more or less crucial to Thomas than the other.

Fmlfmlfml no one dies the shoes represent the person they loved or still love from the past and the tree represents a new beginning and the shoes on the tree means they’re finally letting go. So how this connects to omelas is probably their response to the book and that the boys would not accept being treated badly (past relationship and ya know the deal, society, etc) for the other side to only gain from it.

I Love You. Let's Light Ourselves on Fire
The Mountain Goats
I Love You. Let's Light Ourselves on Fire

What’s going to be the death of me
Static electricity
What’s making me take it all too far
You are
You are

What’s keeping me up at night
The streetlight
What’s finally gonna let me sleep alright
You might
You might

from Hail and Farewell, Gothenburg (1995)


anyway, yeah, so. they hold hands a couple times