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Eurovision 2017: Celebrate Diversity

Most European Countries: Let’s sing in English

♦︎ Top 10 minor (and/or extinct) houses as voted by our followers ♦︎


Aegon the Fourth legitimized all his bastards on his deathbed. And how much pain, grief, war, and murder grew from that? (…) The Blackfyre pretenders troubled the Targaryens for five generations, until Barristan the Bold slew the last of them on the Stepstones. ― Catelyn V, A Storm of Swords.


evak x social media lockscreens pt 2

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erai-crabantaure  asked:

Hey, for the ever changing motto of the university, I just wanted to submit "Cum Gladio Et Sale" or "With Sword and Salt

Ah man I should make a list! So far we’ve got:

  • Cauti, Cordati, Auspicati - Wary, Wise, Lucky
  • Cum Gladio Et Sale - With Sword and Salt (I love it thank you!)

And from this post (I used google translate for the English, so I can’t be sure it’s correct)

  • ‘“non est prudentia in occulta” or something occulta anyway’ - There Is No Wisdom In The Secret??? I know GTranslate is Not Aces at Latin so I don’t have much faith in this translation
  • רעספּעקט די קראָוז - Respect The Crows
  • yn dilyn y seren - Following The Star
  • Beware the Lights
  • Swallow the Hidden Names
  • Blood and Bones Blood and Bones Blood and Bones

If there’s been others mentioned I can’t recall/find them, but by all means hit me up with more vaguely ominous mottos to add to this list

 The Wrong Strain by @colubrina

Everyone knew what veela were. Veela were magical creatures, breathtakingly beautiful, who captivated men with a single look. It would have been nice to have been that strain. Instead, Hermione Granger was infected by another. Instead of captivating all men, she was captivated by one. She’d die without him. She was already in almost constant pain.

I’ve Got You (part 7)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Canon AU, Smut

Description: You work for SM as it’s public relations specialist, and Jongdae is one client that you have to deal with far too often. Sometimes though, he isn’t all that bad.

Warnings: Smut ahead.

A/N: Who’s ready for shitty smut and cheese because I’m the worst at smut and I can’t help but put in gross flirting?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15,Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21.

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