i love moth

  • Keith: I love Mothman. Mothman is my husband and the love of my life. I long for the day he comes back from the war
  • Also Keith: *sees a moth* high pitch screaming

Oh boy, it’s been so long since I’ve drawn anything, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. So here’s a very, very belated present to my buddy @ohmyjinkies​ ❤ Better months late than never, right? 😉

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i dunno how relatable a feel this is bc i know a lot of ppl dont like bugs In General but goddd do u ever,,,, think abt moths and just go. HOW. how was there ever a time where i thought they were gross and creepy. how did i ever have this image of them where they were scaly and furless and creepy looking. how did i ever not take the time to see that they’re actually harmless and one of the most adorable insects to ever fly my way,,, i love moths