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William Nylander #1 - Not What You Think

Anon asked: Yo image idea where ur austons bff but u and nylander can literally not get along at all and everyones always joking that its bc u guys are too similar or theres just so much built up tension u need to hook up or somethin so one day auston takes u to a team party maybe?? and drunk nylander sees u w some other mans and gets jealous so he pulls u aside and starts an argument and it either ends in aggressive smut or him blurting out that he is actually in love with you u decide :)

Here you go anon! This one kind of got away from me and ended up being way longer than I intended. I had a lot of fun writing this and had to restrain myself from making it even longer than it ended up being. I hope you enjoy it!

You shut your textbook in triumph and placed your head in your hands. The library was bustling around you with students finishing assignments in a last minute attempt to boost their grade before school let out for winter break. The last assignment you needed to hand in was a paper for your literature class that only needed to be edited and you had no motivation left to do it. You did have two days left until it was due which is why you picked up your phone and thumbed through the messages you had waiting.

Unsurprisingly you had several from your best friend Auston and all of them seemed to be about some team gathering at Morgan Rielly’s house.

“Leave me alone,” you typed out. “I’m doing work.”

“False,” came the immediate reply. “You never answer your phone when you’re working.”

You rolled your eyes but knew he was right. It was a policy you put into place much to Auston’s annoyance. You put your phone on Do Not Disturb so you could only be reached in the event of an emergency and as much as Auston begged, you didn’t put him on the list. If you answered him every time he texted, you would get almost nothing done.

Before you could respond your phone buzzed again.

“Please come to Mo’s. It’ll be fun.”

“Will William be there?”

“I don’t know what your problem is with him. Willy is a chill dude.”
“I’ll take that as a yes.”

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Business and Pleasure (Spencer Reid Fluff)

Summary ~ Faking a relationship, turned into something you hadn’t expected

Words ~ 1020

Request ~ No

I sat on my couch waiting for my roommate/best friend to get home from work.  I heard the door open and I looked over to see Spencer. He slammed the door dropping his coat and bag on the floor before walking straight into his room and shutting the door hard. I was shocked I looked between his door and the front door, trying to figure out what just happened. I got off the couch walking over to his coat I hung it up and walked over to his door.
“Spence” I said opening the door I saw his laying face first on his bed. I sat down on the bed rubbing his back asking him what was wrong.
“Work” He said rolling over.
“What happened?” I asked.
“The guys don’t take me seriously. They think I am just a brain, Morgan doesn’t talk to me about normal guy things, and when I try and join in with the conversation they just laugh and say ‘You wouldn’t understand kid’ The girls treat me like an innocent teen that knows nothing. I am just sick of it, I know just as much about girls as the other guys do” He rubbed his hands over his face annoyed.
“Aw sweetie, did you say anything to them?”
“That would make me look like a dork” He sighed, I pulled him into a hug rocking him side to side.  We pulled away and I gave him a sympathy smile. He looked at me shocked and then looked me up and down.
“Wait you are a girl” He said.
“Are you only realizing this now?” I laughed.
“Help me” He groaned.
“What do you want me to do?”
“Okay this is going to sound crazy but what if you came to work tomorrow and 'surprised’ me and pretended to be my girlfriend, then the guys would see that I know about girls” he said hopefully.
“I dunno Spence that sounds kind of risky, what if they realise I am just a friend?”
“But they won’t, you will show up with lunch for both of us, I will hug you kiss you on the cheek, we will talk like normal because we practically talk like a married couple already. Then you will say goodbye” I looked at the hope in his eyes.
“What do you want for lunch?” I smiled
The next day I got up and spent extra long making sure I looked good. I wanted to really impress Spencer’s friends. I was kind of excited about pretending to be Spencer’s girlfriend. I like the idea of him calling me his. I put on my outfit checking myself in the mirror. I went to the office asking at reception what floor Spencer Reid was on. I got a lot of looks as I walked down the halls looking for the right place. I saw him standing beside a tall guy and a skinny blonde girl.
“Babe” I said walking up to him. He turned around smiling and brought me in for a hug.
“I didn’t know you were coming today” He smiled.
“Surprise. I brought lunch” I said holding up a bag.
“Thanks hun” He said intertwining our fingers. “You look gorgeous as always”
“Well I have to compete with you”
“There is no competition, do you want to eat at my desk?” He asked.
“Sounds fun” I smiled.
“Hold on Reid, are you not going to introduce us?” The guy asked.
“Hey, I’m Y/N”
“Nice to meet you I’m Morgan this is JJ”
“Lovely to meet you”
“So how come Reid has never told us about you?”
“We don’t like to mix business and pleasure” I said winking at Spencer.
“Oh my God” He laughed.
“And there is a lot of pleasure?” Morgan said sarcastically.
“Well lets just say that the case isn’t the only thing that keeps him up at night” I laughed.
“Okay that is enough, lets go eat” Spence said pushing me away chuckling.
“Nice talking to you” I said over my shoulder. We sat down at his desk and laughed slightly.
“Wow you are really good at this” Spencer said.
“Yeah, well you weren’t so bad yourself. We ate our lunch and chatted like we normally do, then we said goodbye.
“I’ll see you tonight babe” I said wrapping my arm around him.
“Yes you will” He said before pulling out of the hug. He looked behind me briefly and then back at me. Suddenly his lips were on mine and his hand was on my cheek. I loved the kiss, I had imagined it before but it was nothing like this. I savoured the feeling and the taste until be pulled away.
“Bye babe” He said smiling. I smiled back turning around and walking out. I walked home in a daze of happiness, confusion and sadness. Why did he kiss me? Was it just the act? Does he like me?
I sat at home once again waiting for him to get home, I wanted to play it casual and act like nothing had happened but I knew that I would burst if I didn’t ask him. He walked in the door hanging up his coat and looking over at me.
“Hey” He smiled.
“Hi” He kicked off his shoes and sitting down beside me. He took the remote searching through the channels and I couldn’t keep my eyes off him.
“You are staring” He said his eyes never leaving the TV.
“Why did you kiss me?” I blurted out.
“I thought it would help with the act” He said looking at me.
“Oh so it was just for the act?” I questioned. There was a long silence as he stared at me, I could see the debating in his eyes before he broke the silence.
“No” He leaned closer and pressed his lips to mine. “I like you” He said between kisses.
“I like you too” I smiled into the kiss. He broke the kiss abruptly.
“Really?” He said shocked.
“Of coarse, even when you had weird long hair” I laughed.
“Shut up” He groaned leaning back down.


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First Day of the Rest of Your Life(A 7x16 TWD Review)

Let me start off by saying I loved this episode. Every…single…minute…of..it(By admission, I never have fault with The Walking Dead because I will never watch a show I don’t like just to tell others I don’t like it). I love every boring episode as equally as the intense ones. The Walking Dead has never been perfect and to point out all the things that make it so is a waste of time. I’m going to try and hit major points. Bare with me as I keep wiping the tears away from my eyes….

Sonequa Martin-Green was AMAZEBALLS. From the opening cold sequence I just knew I was going have major feels. The feels are still there. Firstly, I loved the flashbacks. It was something I mentioned in another post of wanting Sasha to have 6 pages of sweeping dialogue about her, Tyreese, Bob, and Abraham. She had that in a way. The callback to “Nobody’s got to die today,” even the whole feel of this episode bounces back and forth like 5x9’s “What’s Happening and What’s Going On,” was for her and Tyreese.

The callback with Maggie. Sasha sitting there with the person who has gone through similar circumstances of losing 3 people back to back was so calming. They were just sitting there to enjoy the sunset. To be at peace with what’s going on around her. Seeing Bob’s jacket was so touching. Those three were the ones who left the prison together, Sasha, Bob, and Maggie. Bob and Maggie both taught Sasha it was okay to search for love. To fight for it, and it’s not just for the person you’re in love with, it’s for the family.

And of course the Abe flashbacks. The romantic in me loved that I got to see Abe so soft. So tender with her. That she was scared, and she knew something bad was going to happen, but he eased her through it.Gah! I loved the flashback sequences. I’m a sucker for disturbances in linear storytelling. Give me all the flashbacks. Give me something to explain what happened before; what I think may have happenned. Paint me a picture, and this episode did that. It painted me this picture of happiness, acceptance, bravery, humility, trust, loyalty, and knowing what the right thing is, even if it means giving up your life to save the ones you love. (Somebody help me up, I can’t).

That song. That damn song, “Someday We’ll be Free,” by Donny Hathaway broke me into a million pieces.  I loved it being repeated throughout. It was soulful and fitting for Sasha. She got her swan song. Her ballad of inspiration to ride into the sunset, and go out as the weapon that she was; that she probably was before the world went to shit. I cheered for a zombie Sasha attacking Negan. I cried for a zombie Sasha that Maggie had to put down(so fucking sad, and Jesus’ face was no better in that scene). Sasha Williams, I really loved you and I understood you through everything. You got a hero’s death.

So, onto Maggie. Maggie Rhee who is just all pregnant and leading the troops into battle. I just loved that scene. I loved how she stepped into the leadership role permanently. Negan noticed that she was alive and well, and that’s a bit concerning. I loved her speech at the end for/about Glenn.

Sidebar: Glenn and Abraham’s death will never have any heroic significant meaning. It is not supposed to make sense. That was the whole point of them being killed, there is no point to them being killed. The point was to show that even heroes have no control over their death. That sometimes there is no point to the evil that is committed by some, and Sasha realized that. That is why she committed suicide. She had absolute control over how she went out. It wasn’t going to be up to Negan, and her plan gave everyone a chance.

Onto Trashy McBangs. I had a feeling a while ago she and her kind could not be trusted. Aside from that nasty and disrespectful dig at Michonne in front of Rick(Fuck the war. Bitch would have been ninja kicked so strong if it was me, but Michonne has a more level head than I do). I just had a feeling she was going to turn. I mean, can you really trust anybody in this world? Especially with bangs like that, tf.(I only care about Michonne killing Jadis now. It is the event I’m looking for in All Out War, or sooner).

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so i won the lottery and i got to see tbom again ?? im still so emotional so i wrote down all my thoughts, tho i probably missed some anyway (its under a read more because this is long)

(the cast for this was jay james moody, ryan bondy, rowan witt, zahra newman, a rly good swing/us covering mafala, morgan palmer covering todds track and justin lonesome covering gotswana)

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A/N: An anon request where the reader is in awe of Spencer and his big brain, and they just talk about random things and the reader listens to Spence spout all kinds of facts. Honestly, I would consider this some crack fic XD It’s about absolutely nothing and was a lot of fun to write. @coveofmemories


“Did you know that the U.S. isn’t actually the lead producer of tomatoes? It’s actually China. The U.S. and India are second and third respectively. In addition to that, there are over 7,500 varieties of tomatoes grown around the world,” Spencer said with a wide smile.

This was pretty much your daily routine with Spencer. Sit down during lunch and listen to him ramble off any random fact he could think of. Except it wasn’t actually random. At the moment, you happened to be eating a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, onions and some basil mayonnaise. You’d been oohing and ahhing over its deliciousness for the past 10 minutes. “How do you know all of this random information?” you asked for the first time today. You couldn’t count the amount of times you’d actually asked him that question. It’s just that he knew everything - like actually everything.

Spencer shrugged, his shoulder-length hair framing his face as he laughed. “I don’t know. I just learned things along the way. Helps when you have an eidetic memory.”

“But like…the biggest producers of tomatoes?” you laughed. “How do you just come across that?” You should ask him for a fact about each of the pieces of your sandwich - because he’d probably know one. 

As Garcia passed by the desk and commented on the delicious-looking nature of your sandwich, you listened as Spencer did in fact, ramble about the various ingredients you were ingesting. “You wanna bite, babe?” you asked her. “It’s amazing. The basil mayonnaise makes it.”

“Oh my god,” she groaned, practically having a foodgasm on your desk. “This is amazing.” She swallowed the enormous bite she took and turned toward Spencer. “What were you loves talking about? I don’t want to go back to my office just yet.”

“Actually,” Spencer started, “I was just telling Y/N about the role of onions in English folklore.”

“Onions in English f…” Garcia trailed off. “What?”

See, it was this kind of thing that had you fascinated by him. It was amazing to you that someone could hold so much random knowledge in their head and yet also have the intelligence to do the job that they did. He was an enigma; and one of your best friends. “So Spence, what is the role of onions in English folklore.”

“In old English folklore, the thickness of an onion skin can help predict the severity of the winter. Thin skin predicts a mild winter, while a thick skin indicates a rough winter is coming,” he said proudly, flashing an even brighter smile when Garcia’s mouth hung open in confusion. 

You started snorting as you finished the rest of your sandwich. “What’s so funny?” they both asked.

“You just made a Game of Thrones reference. Did you realize that?” you said, watching as it dawned on him. You watched the show together for 10 lovely weeks a year. “Okay, Boy Genius, knower of all things. Tell me, a Game of Thrones fangirl, something I don’t know about Game of Thrones.”

Spencer hesitated, rubbing his chin as he tried to think of something about the show that you might now know. “Did you know that there is a real life equivalent to Valyrian steel?”

“Yes, actually I did,” you laughed, leaning back in your chair and challenging him to come up with something better. “It’s called Damascus steel, which was developed in India and the Middle East.”

Garcia look your way in awe. “You’re a geek too?”

“We’re all geeks, love. You, me, Spence, Prentiss, even Morgan. Go ahead, Spence. Try again,” you challenged.

He sat back, staring between you and Garcia and trying his best to think of something that might stump you, which is why you couldn’t believe what he came up with. One of your Ph.D.’s was in medicine. “Greyscale is a lot like a real life disease.”

“Amateur move, Pretty Boy. I have a Ph.D. in medicine. It’s based off leprosy,” you said. “Three strikes and you’re out.”

Leaning back in his chair, Spencer took his time answering you for a third time. “Okay, one more. Did you know that the actor who played Viserys and actress who played Talisa Stark are both relatives of an extremely famous actor and an equally famous author?”

That had you intrigued. You knew a whole lot about the cast. “Really? Who? And goo job figuring out something I don’t know about the show.”

“The guy who played Viserys is the great-great grandson of Charles Dickens and Oona Chaplin, who played Talisa, is the descendant of Charlie Chaplin. I got you. Ha!” he exclaimed, pumping his fists up in the air. “Tomorrow at lunch, it is your job to stump me.”

John Winchester with a pager

John Winchester with a pager that goes off every. time. he’s in. a fight.

John Winchester panicking and rushing to finish the fight so he can get to a phone and call the boys.

John Winchester being relieved when he finds out Sam paged him because Dean wouldn’t let him change the channel or some other stupid thing little boys fight about.

John Winchester with a pager, setting up a time for Dean to beep him so when he’s scoping a place out dressed as a fed, he can subtly ask to use their phone to buy more time there and get deeper in the house/business.

John Winchester with a pager who writes the number down on ten different pieces of paper and leaves them in different spots in the motel room because of that time he called them after not hearing from them all day and Dean was crying because he couldn’t remember the number and wanted to tell his dad about the good grade he’d gotten on his test in school.

John Winchester with a pager that he keeps as close to him as his gun when he’s not with his boys.

1D day - Piers Morgan interview

Okay so I just watched the full Piers Morgan interview (yes I’m slow I’m sorry) and was literally loving the Larryness and wanted to write about it cuz I feel like it’s under appreciated.

Two disclaimers before I start

1. This is gonna be a lot of me reaching so if you are gonna complain then plz go. 

2. I’m not going to be putting any photos or stuff in so you might wanna follow along with the interview alongside this post.

Let’s start with Harry’s interview. 

Piers starts off with “Are you dating Kendall Jenner? Yes or no?”

The question is laid out in a way where Harry can literally answer using one word however he stutters an awful lot for such a simple question. These are the events to follow (follow along if you don’t trust me 😂)

Harry: *Stutters* “Erm I mean we went out for dinner but No”

Louis: Then looks off camera looking less than impressed

Zayn: Looks at Louis with one of those “What the fuck, really?” Kinda smiles

So Harry has already said “No” but Piers continues to push calling it a “hot date” and “budding romance”

Harry: Looks very uncomfortable and looks off 

Probably Management: Shouts “move on!”

My question is, why would management want to stop talking about Kedall (don’t say because Harry’s uncomfortable, as that was kinda the point of the interview) and anyway if Kendall was such a taboo topic and they knew Harry would feel uncomfortable then Piers Morgan wouldn’t have been allowed to asks the question. Unless it was to address rumours.

This clearly wasn’t a ploy to shut down rumours, otherwise Harry would’ve answered with a simple “No” and Piers wouldn’t have kept pushing.

Management clearly don’t have a problem talking about Harry and Kendall or the question wouldn’t have been allowed.

So the only reasoning is that they wanted to fuel the rumours and and when Harry wasn’t obliging they shut the question down before Harry managed to completely deny them.

Can I just add that after this question Louis then says to Piers “you stink” as a clear way of moving the topic along. (He is also very Sassy and cold towards Piers for the rest of the interview which is find quite entertaining. Jelouis much?)

Now onto Louis’s interview, which, My God there’s a lot to talk about.

Before we begin can I just say that for most of the questions asked during this interview there is a link to the fans. Either loosely by saying “the fans wanted to know” or by directly quoting their username. That is, except from these next three.

1. “What is the one rumour that you never wanna hear about yourself again?”

Piers starts asking this question before he’s even sat down which I think is slightly odd as with every other boy he had a little introduction first. This fact alone makes it painfully obvious that the question is set up and pre rehearsed. I mean it’s the perfect excuse to deny the Larry rumours that were blowing up at the time. But Louis is having none of it.

He replies with “That I’m not very good at football” (Avoiding the denial like the King he is)

Obviously not the answer they needed, so Piers keeps pressing

2. “What is the worst thing you’ve read about yourself?”

Louis then talks about the boys dying (yes King ily)

(Even if these weren’t setups, and Louis hated Larry rumours as much as he made out. These questions were perfect opportunities for him to say “That me and Harry are dating” )

3. “Do you enjoy fame or do you find its suffocating?” (or words to that effect)

Prepare for the reach

Okay, I apologise in advance, but this could possibly be another push at a denial. Its worded in a way where Louis could’ve said “yeah sometimes the fans are suffocating when they analyse things with me and Harry”

However (I’ll say it again, like the King he is) Louis flips the question round so that the fans are what takes the pressure off and what makes everything worth it. (I love him)

Part two of Louis’s interview, this feels less set up, but is still important.

Can I also just point out that Louis is asked five questions (rather than two like the other boys) It’s almost as if the first three weren’t actually part of the fan questions. Cuz they weren’t asked by fans.

So now we are onto Louis actual interview (not the set ups) the first question (asked by an actual fan with a username might I add) is…

“Who has had the most girlfriends in your entire lifetimes?”

Louis response is “Define girlfriends” which I LOVE because wtf do you think he means, beards and boyfriends are not included Louis. (Also not the first time Louis has asked “Define girlfriends”) This is probably the most noted moment of this interview.

This next thing Louis says is much more subtle (again, I’m probably reaching) but he turns around to the boys and says “any help boys, whose had the most-” Then he pauses. Then he puts emphasis on “girl”
Whose had the most,,, GIRLfriends” 
This seems insignificant but I think it’s interesting that he wants to emphasise the word ‘girl’ after saying 'define girlfriends’. Basically he’s telling Harry that boyfriends don’t count. 

After proving that neither Louis nor Harry can answer relationship questions properly Piers makes it easier and goes round asking how many girls they’ve all kissed.

Niall, Liam, and Zayn all answer simply enough.

However, somehow Harry manages to make even this question complicated and he only actually talks about girlfriends from when he was a child (interesting)

Louis then chips in with “Primary school’s a bit weird isn’t it” which, to me, sounds a lot like something a gay man, who dated lots of girls in primary school, would say (I’m not saying that’s the case, it’s just an interesting thing for Louis to say)

The question then makes it way back to Louis (who also manages to make it complicatedI love coincidences

Louis says he’s had “only one proper Relationship”  (which sounds a lot like Zayn’s answer, only Zayn says 'Girlfriend’ rather than 'Relationship' again this doesn’t mean anything, it’s just interesting)

And only one?? So did Hannah not exist, or are you literally confirming that Eleanor isn’t your girlfriend? (Interesting, very interesting, butthatsnoneofmybusiness 🐸☕️)

Then he adds “Probably two” which I’m confused about because idk of hes answering the kissing question and means two kisses or he’s adding to he’s previous answer and saying he’s probably had two relationships (one proper)

If he means kisses, then he’s literally lying because there’s photos of him kissing Hannah AND a girlfriend before Hannah (so has he not kissed Eleanor or…)

If he means relationships then again I’m confused because what makes Hannah any less proper than Eleanor (or vice versa).

Someone explain because neither make sense unless he’s talking about Harry and Hannah was that 'weird stage’ in school that we mentioned earlier 

Okay last, but definitely not least, my favourite question of the interview (again asked by an actual Twitter user)…

“What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve caught one of the other band members doing?”

Liam: Laughs
Niall: L A U G H S (okay so he definitely has something in mind)
Harry: We’re live remember (Louis comes in with a VERY forceful “yep”)

What Harry says tells me there are a lot of things that can be said that are either unsuitable for some viewers (therefore sexual) or something that they can’t say (has to be kept secret) or both (*Cough* Larry *Cough*)

Louis then says “Anything clean” and Niall replies “No”

Okay so

1. Niall has caught another band member doing something sexual
2. Both Louis and Harry are keen to remind the boys to keep it clean because they’re live


Anyway… I’m assuming Niall (or one of the other boys) says something because Harry then looses it and the attention is turned to him. (Can we please also appreciate Louis face while Harry is laughing)

When questioned Harry responds “Nothing” and puts his head in his hands embarrassed, and Louis laughs awkwardly (right okay)

THEN, when questioned further, Harry says “I haven’t caught any[one]” (This is all starting to come together nicely)


3. Harry didn’t catch anyone, meaning someone caught him. Meaning it was Harry that Niall caught (*wink wonk*)

Zayn then does something (off camera, annoyingly) because Louis laughs and Harry points at Zayn (interesting that it’s those two)

Harry then says “It was nothing”. If you pause just after Harry says this you can see that Zayn is looking at Louis and laughing. In fact, if you pause at the right time, you can see that ALL the boys (excluding Harry) are looking at Louis


4. Considering the fact that Harry was the one caught, an awful lot of attention seems to be on Louis

Finally, Harry says “It was erm no big deal” (not what his face is implying) and then management (probably) jumps in and says “Last question please” and moves Piers along.

Hmm management getting involved again (someone doesn’t want people finding out about Harry’s real love life even though you’re happy to let the media pair Harry off with another girl every other week) Fuck off modest.

So yeah, Conclusion? Larry fucked and someone caught them (we always knew that). Hendall was fake as fuck (we also always knew that). Louis doesn’t know what a girlfriend is (I could’ve guessed). And he also doesn’t hate Larry rumours (we knew that too).

Oh so I guess we learnt nothing from this interview. Oh well it was fun having things confirmed for us 😊

Adios, Larry is real 💙💚

Originally posted by larryislouisxharry

Hello! My name is Morgan and I am 15 years old. I’m hoping to make some friends and possibly something more :) I live for listening to and playing music. I love baking, cooking, animals, kids, reading, drawing and writing. One of my favorite bands is MCR! I also love Hayley Kiyoko. I’m really into Superwholock, TWD, Homestuck, video-gaming, fanfic writing and watching a lot of Youtube. I’m okay with LDR if we can talk a lot. I’m also a country girl who was raised in the south, so I’m really outdoor-sy and love horses, farms, cowboy boots and taking long hikes and just generally being outside. I love also love the beach and cars. Please come talk to me! My tumblr is @classy-with-a-splash-of-sassy 

The Wicca/Sweep series by Cate Tiernan and why you should read it


I’ve just reread the Wicca books by Cate Tiernan (the series is called Sweep in the US). Mostly as something soothing (rereading is always soothing, it’s like reading with your eyes closed. kind of.) and because I’d been eyeing it for a while. And I’ve gotten a big rush of how much I like it, and I wish it had a bigger fandom (what is it with me and tiny fandoms lately, srsly). So here is the breakdown of what it is and why you should check it out. 

The Plot

So I’ve recced this to a few people irl, and unfortunately as we live in a post-twilight literary world, there are a few things I need to make clear straight away. First, though you could legit describe this series as “like twilight but good”, it actually predates Twilight easily. Second, I’m gonna spoil a plot twist because if you don’t know this is going to happen there is no reason to keep reading - or, like, there was when I was a teenager and didn’t make Twilight-ish assumptions about what was going on, but I can very easily see people junking the books without getting past this first bit. So here we go:

Meet Morgan! Morgan is our protagonist. She’s a tad stereotypical - she’s not traditionally pretty, kind of awkward, sixteen years old, and a maths nerd. Her family is catholic, and so is she, though she doesn’t seem particularly intense about it. Her best friend is Bree, and Bree is one of those automatically stunning girls. Morgan is cool with this, everything is fine. Except this year at school, there is a Hot New Mysterious Boy called Cal. Morgan gets a super crush on him, but assumes there is No Hope.

Cal organises a party, and it turns out he’s a witch. They do a circle, and Morgan basically feels like the whole world just opened up inside her brain. To cut a long story short, it turns out she’s actually got a super-awesome magical inheritance. Also, Cal kisses her and they start dating.

At this point, if you’re reading her and Cal with an eye on the relationship dynamics, it doesn’t look great. Cal never reaches Cullenish levels of unsettling behaviour (at least, not while they’re actually still dating), but there are a few red flags, particularly as Morgan becomes more isolated from her family and friends. But Morgan thinks everything is very romantic. Cal is her rock. And what did she do to deserve this? She is very lucky. Uh huh. Some of you are probably shaking your heads now, and thinking H, why are you telling me I should read fifteen books of this relationship?

But NO, dear reader. Because in BOOK THREE, Cal tries to kill Morgan (that escalated quickly) and then becomes, basically, a villain for the rest of the series. Because it turns out all those red flags were written in as red flags and not as “romance”. And then we get Morgan dealing with this and steadily becoming a stronger person and it is AWESOME.


Okay, it’s not the most perfect book series in the world. It gets kind of purple-prosey in places, and there are definitely places where I noticed that virtually every chapter ends with either a ^gasp^ cliffhanger or with “omg magic love hearts hearts my soul”. So there’s that. To be honest, to me it mostly reads fairly realistically - ie, “I am sixteen and I genuinely feel this intensely about this” - but I would totally get that as a stylistic thing that’s gonna put some people off. Also, it has the “Friends” problem - I enjoy all the relationship stuff, that’s done really well, but the logistics of how the fuck half of these people are actually paying rent (and international airfare) are kind of out the window. 



1. MORGAN. Morgan’s a great protagonist. She starts out a bit snippy, a little too keen to compare herself to other girls, and kind of insecure. Across the series she slowly develops her confidence - and although one of the last scenes involves her getting kind of dressed up, it’s not ever really made out to be about her appearance. It’s all about how she feels about herself. And she’s a great balance between scared-as-shit by everything that’s going on and confident enough to put her foot down when she needs to.

2. Hunter Niall. So Hunter is (spoiler) Morgan’s second and more-permanent boyfriend. Hunter’s great. The series is set in America, and Hunter is British, somewhat ambiguously (which I find mildly hilarious lol). My favourite thing about Hunter is probably that Morgan, externally, takes a while to warm up to him - he’s a bit reserved, a bit intense, and she’s not quite sure what he thinks about her to start with, but you get a lot of gush from Morgan about how she feels about him. And then, suddenly, in book ten, you get Hunter’s Po. And you are hit in the face with a page and a half of “so that’s morgan. she’s my girlfriend. she’s so great. she’s so badass. oh god I made my hair stick up funny. oh god. she’s smilling look at that smile isn’t she incredible wow. okay okay I’ve got this. I’m cool. hey morgan. hi. I love you. omg she’s so amazing” because Hunter is a GINORMOUS DORK and he just loves her SO MUCH. And idk, I found that really refreshing to read as a teen? Which brings me on to:

3. Morgan and Hunter’s relationship. They screw up a lot, they upset each other, but they always talk it out and figure it out. And I’m so convinced by their relationship? Like, because it’s such a slow burn, it feels more realistic to me. There’s no “our eyes met and BAM” even though this universe does include the concept of soulmates. They’re both absolutely smitten with each other, and it’s not subtle, and they have to do quite a lot of negotiation to get their dynamic the way they’re both happy with it, and idk you folks it just makes me so happy. Because it feels real, purple-prose and all.

4. Alisa! Alisa is one of the only other characters who gets narration. She’s a younger girl who finds out something about her own family, and she gets a whole book to herself (and splits one other book half and half with Morgan). She has a very similar story to Morgan’s in some ways, but she’s still great to read, and I really enjoy her books when I get to them. She’s also half-Latina, I think. 

5. CONSENT IS A THING IN THIS UNIVERSE. LIKE, PEOPLE TALK ABOUT IT AND IT’S A THING THAT IS DISCUSSED AND THAT IT CAN GET MESSY WHEN PEOPLE ARE CONFUSED AND FEEL PRESSURED AND PRESSURE IS BAD and also if you’re morgan’s little sister and someone is pressuring you to have sex she will literally hit them with a baseball bat so there’s that too

6. LGBT rep - it’s not central, there aren’t main characters who are LGBT. But Morgan has an aunt who has a girlfriend, and they feature fairly regularly; and another two female members of Morgan and Hunter’s coven end up dating at one point. Unfortunate incident of “the b-word” being clearly avoided, as it’s likely that Sky and Raven are both bisexual, but it’s never absolutely written on the page. It’s not a whole lot, but I really liked that this was actually in here, and it’s just a normal part of the world? Like, this is a het romance story, but that didn’t mean that EVERYTHING ELSE had to be het. Which I appreciate.

And as a bonus to all of this stuff, you’ve got battles against the forces of evil, world-saving, and the logistical problems of trying to do those two things while keeping your grades up. A few bum notes, but all around a great little series that doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves, and is a lot funnier and takes itself less seriously than the tag for it on tumblr might suggest (sorry folks, but it’s literally two-thirds full of melodramatic quotes. bring out the humour!). 

So yeah. Magic, Actually Decent Relationships, Romance, Teen Angst, Fun. One of my favourite teen series. 


TLC Fancast!


 My choice for Cinder changes a lot, but currently it’s Shay Mitchell


Harry Shum Jr. He is my perfect Kai. Like, times 100. 


 I’m really loving the idea of Holland Roden! While she doesn’t cover ALL my Scarlet needs, I do like her!


Marlon Teixeira I think would be a good Wolf. Im not 100% on him, but I haven’t found anyone I like more yet!


Anna-Sophia Robb has been in my head since I first started reading about my little moon child.  I just think she’s so adorable and very VERY Cress-like. 


Sam Claflin ; I know a lot of people disagree but I keep coming back to this picture and thinking, yeah. That’s my Thorne. 


Alexandra Metz She actually played Rapunzel, which I find amusing, but she’s very good at the “I’m in distress but also very strong” role. I think she’d make a GREAT Winter! 


Alex Pettyfer! I really like his hair and jaw, and I think he would do well. 

Kohn Torin:

Daniel Dae Kim! Ever since Lost, I’ve loved him! I think he would very excellently play Torin, with the serious adviser, and kind friend to Kai. 


I actually love Keke Palmer! She’s spunky and young, and has a great smile! I think she would do great! 

And last but not least, the Queen herself. 


Angelina Jolie! I know this is sorta stereo typical,, but she has that very edgy I-could-kill-you-with-a-glance look, and I just totally see it. (And she’s flawless.) 


Perhaps I’m stirring up the shipping more than I mean to today, but I always find it funny when someone adamantly supports Magneo or Cleionas, but then vehemently hates the other. My reason is that, when you think about it, they are actually almost mirror relationships of each other, and by that I mean that the tropes in one are the same tropes in the other.

The biggest difference in the ships is that Magnus and Jonas are not the same guy, so of course these tropes are tweaked to fit their situation with Cleo. I found this website that lists common love tropes and I picked the ones that I thought applied to each of the ships - and most of them are the same. There are probably others that I’m missing, but I think this gives people a very good idea that the two ships are more similar than you think they are.

Kind of spoiler-y? But I don’t want to put this under a read more tab.


  • Abduction is love - In FK, Jonas had this concept in his mind that Cleo is this ditzy, spoiled princess, but after he kidnaps her he learns that she’s more cunning and sharp than he gave her credit. He did obsess about her before, but after their interactions from this, he can’t help but admire her spirit.
  • All girls want bad boys - I don’t mean that Jonas is the villain, but under normal circumstances we would certainly see a rebel who wants to overthrow the king as the “bad boy.” He’s unrefined, rough around the edges, and in terms of challenging the kingdom, he is openly antagonistic and occasionally anarchistic.
  • Aww, look! They really do love each other - This is basically a reference to characters who constantly fight/bicker/etc., but when it boils down to it they do things that show they care about each other. Jonas and Cleo always do this through the first two novels, but they are still inclined to help the other out when necessary. This love/hate relationship is less in GD since they are working together with a lot less animosity than before, but it’s still there.
  • Belligerent sexual tension - I think this is self explanatory for them and is present in all three books.
  • All love is unrequited - Jonas is more reflective on this in GD, but I think this applies because he really sees himself as being below Cleo. He’s a lowly peasant from Paelsia, has no money to his name, and yet somehow he finds himself falling for a princess. Even if she did have feelings for him, why would she ever want to be with him when others might not be supportive of a royal marrying someone from a more humble background?
  • Can’t live with them, can’t live without them - Similar to the “they really do love each other” one. When the two are together, they often jibe the other, but they also rely on each other as rebels and Jonas definitely can’t imagine where he would be without her.
  • Everyone can see it - When someone is blind to their feelings for someone, but everyone else sees it. Particularly in GD, Lysandra and Felix bring this up with Jonas.
  • Fate drives us together - Since the Falling Kingdoms series is really about destiny (they say that word way too much in GD), there’s always that feeling that the characters are brought together for a reason. So the fact that Cleo and Jonas have become unlikely allies means something more than their attempts to overthrow the king and restore the Kindred - they were always meant to be brought together.
  • Fire and ice love triangle - Basically when there’s a triangle where one guy is the warm, passionate one and the other is cold and/or unfeeling. Jonas is the fire side of it, since he’s extremely passionate about his cause, helping the citizens of Paelsia, wanting to rescue his friends, and of course Cleo.
  • Handsome devil - Kind of back to the “bad boy” part; when Cleo and Jonas are still antagonistic towards each other, Cleo admits that she’s drawn to him even though he’s a “savage” and intends to kill her.
  • Outlaw couple - Well, duh, partner rebels. That’s pretty cool.


  • Act of True Love - This refers to something that happens in GD, so I won’t say more about it. But it’s obvious what I’m referring to if you’ve gotten that far in the novel.
  • All girls want bad boys - Same as Jonas, except different in that Jonas is the traditional “bad boy,” meaning that he does certain things but is still a good guy. Whereas Magnus is an anti-hero at best and villain at worst. Of course, Cleo isn’t drawn to the “bad” side of Magnus…she’s more intrigued in the good that she sees in him. But it’s still the same effect.
  • Anguished declaration of love - More or less. Take what you want from their interactions.
  • Aww, look! They really do love each other - The same as Cleo and Jonas. The difference is that Cleo knows she should hate Magnus, but they keep doing things that speak otherwise.
  • Beauty and the beast - Literally and figuratively. The books say that Magnus is handsome despite the scar on his face, but he’s also the implied beast that is supposedly heartless, cowardly, and thirsts for power and destruction. I think most people have to admit that Magnus isn’t these things (or at least not completely), but on the outside this is the aura he exudes.
  • Belligerent sexual tension - In RS and GD
  • All love is unrequited - Once again, similar to Cleo and Jonas. Magnus was involved in destroying Cleo’s life in many ways, so the fact that he has some kind of feelings for her surely means to him that she could never return those desires.
  • Brooding boy, gentle girl - Cleo’s not gentle, but that’s the appearance she gives off. And there’s no denying Magnus’s broodiness.
  • Can’t live with them, can’t live without them - I don’t need to elaborate too much on this, but Magnus definitely values Cleo’s fighting spirit.
  • Don’t you dare pity me - more towards Magnus…after his mother’s murder, Cleo tries to show that she understands his pain, to which he rejects because a) he thinks she’s lying, b) he can’t stand to be shown pity/kindness, etc, and c) it almost feels like a punishment that she would be the one to comfort him.
  • Everyone can see it - Nic questions this with Cleo in RS, and Cronus even hints at this to Magnus in GD. And if I remember correctly, Gaius mentions this as well.
  • Fate drives us together - I know Magnus or Cleo - can’t remember which - has a moment where (s)he reflects on how it was destiny that they were brought together. Not necessarily in a romantic sense, but just that it had to mean something that they got married and are forced to be at each other’s side.
  • Fire and ice love triangle - Magnus is obviously the ice side of it. He’s aloof, uncaring, and also purposely does something to push Cleo’s buttons when she gets too close.
  • Handsome devil - Doesn’t need an explanation.
  • Love epiphany - Yeah…I’ll just leave that one alone for now.
  • Arranged marriage - This wasn’t on the website I referred to, but this is definitely a common trope in romance. How often do you read about arranged marriages where the two people either hate or are indifferent to the other, but then they fall madly in love?

So yeah, the next time you want to bash either ship (thankfully this isn’t done on Tumblr), keep in mind that these two pairings have a lot in common and it’s okay to support one or the other. But the reason why you like one is probably the same reason why someone likes the other.

All this tells me is that I need to get a new hobby that isn’t these books. I think way too much about them.


Okay so first, a question.

I think someone else may have brought this up before - @keyofjetwolf perhaps? - about how they thought it was odd that Minako actually called her Super Sailor Moon, and I have to say I agree (and Jet Wolf please correct me if this wasn’t you!).

Has anyone ever actually CALLED her Super Sailor Moon before? Like to her face (haven’t watched the S arc in a long time)? Why is it necessary? Super Sailor Moon is her power upgrade, but she’s still Sailor Moon, and they’ve always referred to her as such. And you certainly don’t see the senshi in later seasons actually calling each other Super Sailor Mars, etc.


Haruka’s “I won’t let her die!” is actually killing me. Because at this point in the series, Haruka had been lecturing Usagi about her idealism, how not everyone can be saved all the time and that one (or a few) people dying for the greater good of all was necessary. And here, Usagi is actually about to do just that. She knows the Silver Crystal could take her life, and she’s planning on using it to stop Kaguya (also I’m crying about how when it’s other people in danger or sacrificing themselves, Usagi is all “NO I WILL FIND ANOTHER WAY” but when it’s her turn to lay down her life she’s all “I DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO ME I JUST WANT TO SAVE EVERYONE”. BASICALLY AS LONG AS EVERYONE ELSE LIVES, USAGI IS OKAY AND THAT JUST DESTROYS ME OMG I LOVE USAGI SO MUCH).

But Haruka won’t allow it. This time, Haruka is being the idealist. They have to find another way BECAUSE HARUKA WON’T LET USAGI DIE.



listen to the audio version here

MATT: Hi, Colin Morgan!

COLIN: Hey, how’s it going?

MATT: Yeah, pretty good. I’m not on the radio today, Phil Taggart, a fellow Northern Irishman’s in. Have you got anything you’d like to say to Phil?

COLIN: Um… Hey Phil. Uh…

MATT: He can’t respond. This is pre-recorded, Colin.

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: Don’t make me explain the concept of time to you!

COLIN: Okay, okay. (laughs)

MATT: Cuz he’s here and he’s in the future, but we’re recording in the past.

COLIN: Oh, I see, I see. Lots of Northern Irish love to you, Phil.

MATT: Yeah, there you go. In fact, if you say ‘hello Phil’ and then ask him a question, we can leave a gap, and he can fill it in with a real bit live? So what would you like to ask Phil?

COLIN: Uh…(laughs)

MATT: The pressure’s on. What you’re - Phil, what you’re maybe sensing is that Colin doesn’t know who you are and also doesn’t care. He has no interest in asking you any sort of question. Colin, just ask a man any question.

COLIN: Hey Phil. (laughing) How’s it going?

PHIL: Well, Colin, I’m actually really annoyed that you don’t know who I am. We’re both from Northern Ireland, we used to sleep over in each other’s houses all the time, our mums are actually sisters, we’re actually related, but - ah, well, anyway, enough of that, on with the interview! (laughs)

MATT: Alright, really dug deep there. Phil! Please answer!

PHIL: I just did.

MATT: Good! Good! And that’s, uh -

COLIN: Oh, I thought it, uh -

MATT: It’s nice to know! Nice to know. I’m sure you’ll tune in when he plays this ep.

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: So Colin, let’s be aware that Humans on Channel 4 is on tonight at 9. Now I don’t think it’s weird when people come in to talk about TV shows, because the world we live in, some people will have started watching it recently, some people will be banking them, recording them, some people will be coming to it at a later date. So without giving any spoilers away, what can you tell us about the series?

COLIN: Uh, Humans is set in a parallel present. It deals with the fact that in this world that we’re in, there is a synthetic human being creation that lives in every home, and it primarily follows a family who’ve decided to take on one that has been refurbished, and that they are now discovering the effects it has on them. That’s one of the threads, and there’s many other threads within this series.

MATT: Okay, so it’s a bit like what we were promised in The Jetsons, isn’t it. That thing about having a robot help around, although obviously a bit darker than The Jetsons.


MATT: I’m quite keen on the idea of robots doing pretty much everything; what are your thoughts on that?

COLIN: I’m more of an independent person, to be honest.

MATT: I’d love that, yeah. Cuz I’ve always got a dishwasher - that’s like a little robot, isn’t it? Doesn’t have a face -

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: - but it does a job that I don’t wanna do. I’m really excited as well about self-driving cars.


MATT: Do you drive?

COLIN: I do drive, yes.

MATT: Do you enjoy it?

COLIN: I do. I love driving.

MATT: Are you just saying that cuz you want Chris Evans to hear this and get you a job on Top Gear?

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: (laughs) Ah, I find it so boring! I’d love to be able to do something else whilst I was in a car.

COLIN: What could you possibly do, like, I mean - (laughs)

MATT: (laughs) Use your imagination. I would do anything. Absolutely anything.

COLIN: (still laughing)

MATT: Get some tinted windows up, no one can see inside, I can have a great time!

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: No, you know, you can read a lovely book, or um, look on the Internet, whatever - basically the stuff you do when you’re not driving, you could do whilst you’re moving somewhere.

COLIN: …Okay.

MATT: I mean, basically, I’ve just described getting a bus, then, haven’t I?

COLIN: Exactly. (laughs)

MATT: (laughs) That does currently exist. That does exist. That’s great. Now, you won ‘Best Drama Performance’ in the NTAs for Merlin. Where do you keep your award?

COLIN: Mm, my award is back in Ireland, actually - um, with my folks.

MATT: I mean more like, specifically, like on a shelf or something like that, not just the region of the country that it’s in.

COLIN: I don’t know where they’ve put it! you know, I just assume it’s on a shelf somewhere -

MATT: What, you just dumped it on your parents? “LOOK AFTER THIS, GUYS!”

COLIN: (laughs) Yeah, you know, it’s for them, you know, as well as anyone else, and also for the people that voted to give it to me. It’s - it’s - I can’t think of a better place for it.

MATT: Hang on, Colin, are you saying that if people turn up to your mum and dad’s house, they will get a little tour where they get to see the trophy?

COLIN: Um - (laughs)

MATT: (laughs) Cuz when you say it’s -

COLIN: You say that as if it’s like a random museum that anyone could turn up to!

MATT: No, Colin, but when you say that, well, the award’s for everyone, it’s not for everyone if no one can see it. You know. It’s either your award or it’s my award as well. Can I turn up to your parents’ house and have a look at this award?

COLIN: You absolutely can.

MATT: Thank you very much. Thank you. We’ll exchange addresses and details later.

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: Now, Colin, you and I are gonna have a little round of a game which I think you’re going to find tricky. It’s called “Leave It Yeh”. Are you up for this?

COLIN: (long pause) Um…yeah…

MATT: That’s a hesitant 'yes’. I always like that. Um, we’ll find out just how ready Colin is, after this!


PHIL: Here’s part two of Matt Edmondson’s interview with Colin Morgan.

MATT: I’m still here with Colin Morgan. His show Humans is on tonight at 9 o’clock, and if you missed the series so far, check it out of 4oD right now. Colin, you ready for ‘Leave It Yeh’?

COLIN: …Yeah. (laughs)

MATT: I’m intrigued as to how you’re going to get along with this game.

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: First up: What have you been given for free, that you’ve then re-gifted to someone else?

COLIN: (without hesitation) A Red Hot Chilli Peppers CD.

MATT: Okay. So under what circumstances were you given that?

COLIN: Is this a different question?

MATT: No, it’s the same, it’s a line of questions, and then we’ll come back to the next one. It’s like a police interview! (laughs)

COLIN: (laughs) Does this count?

MATT: This doesn’t count. Under what circumstances were you given that CD?

COLIN: I think it was for a birthday present.

MATT: Oh, so not even something like, not a showbiz thing that something sent in to your agent or whatever? Someone has given you a gift thinking, “What would Colin like for his birthday? He’d love this Red Hot Chilli Peppers CD.” And you’ve gone, “Aw, thanks so much,” and then immediately given it to someone else.

COLIN: Yeah, he thought I’d like the CD.

MATT: And who did you give it to?

COLIN: A very good friend.

MATT: A very good friend. (laughs)

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: Very good. Very good. Very sneakish, isn’t it, Colin Morgan? I’ve heard that said of you.

COLIN: (still laughing)

MATT: Alright, next up. Who, in your opinion, Colin, is the better actor - Rupert Grint, or Ben Whishaw?

COLIN: (laughs) This is getting…

MATT: Feel free to use it if you want -

COLIN: Use it -

MATT: LEAVE IT YEEEEEH! You’ve got two left. I didn’t think you’d go for that one. Next up. Did you ever accidentally slip up and say ‘I don’t believe it!’ in front of Richard Wilson whilst you were filming Merlin?

COLIN: I think I did, yeah -

MATT: Did you?

COLIN: Yeah.

MATT: That’s awful. How did you react after that had happened? Did he react to it? Did he lash out?

COLIN: No, no - he was very gracious about it, actually, cuz it happens a lot, I think, for him. I mean, it’s actually, I’m afraid, is that, you do say it every now and again - ‘Oh I don’t believe it!’

MATT: People say it! Sometimes you don’t believe things! Yeah!

COLIN: Yeah! And, eh…(laughs)

MATT: It’s the sort of phrase that can lead on to you saying it again. Because you’re like, “I don’t believe it - oh, sorry, I don’t believe I said it - OH NO I’VE DONE IT AGAIN!”

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: Never-ending cycle! Over and over and over. Next up: what was the last role you turned down?

COLIN: (long pause)

MATT: I thought that was an a, uh, sort of African clicking play? Or you’re just thinking?

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: (laughs) I’ve not heard of it (clicks his tongue) before. It does sound very good.

COLIN: It’s a big role.

MATT: I mean, the script is difficult to learn -

COLIN: I’m not going to answer that one.

MATT: LEEEEAVE IT YEEEH! Did you see your ‘The Fall’ co-star, Jamie Dornan, in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey?’

COLIN: No, I haven’t. I haven’t seen anything in the cinema in a long time.

MATT: Really? I don’t think it’s out in the cinema now. And that begs the question: will you be renting it for yourself to watch at home?

COLIN: (laughs) I don’t know. I can’t say for the future.

MATT: Possibly. It depends on the circumstances, right?

COLIN: Yeah, yeah.

MATT: Jamie Dornan’s brilliant in ‘The Fall’ - as are you! Well, I’m going to step aside for a second from the ‘Leave It Yeh’ questions and ask you some questions about that, cuz I’m genuinely intrigued. He suggested that there may be another series on the way, almost definitely another series on the way, but I don’t think that’s all been quite tied up yet, I don’t think, with the BBC. Do you know anything you can tell us about the next series of ‘The Fall’?

COLIN: I don’t know anything about it story-wise. I do know about as much as you know about that - that there’s going to be a third season. I think they’re trying to work out dates and everything -

MATT: Oh, okay. So, I say, Colin, keep a bit of time free, you might be coming back for this.

COLIN: There’s been conversations, but again, we don’t know…there’s been no specifics.

MATT: Lovely! Uh, let’s move on then. What is your go-to karaoke song?

COLIN: I don’t do karaoke.

MATT: Have you ever done it?

COLIN: No. It’s not my thing.

MATT: It’s not my thing, either. (whispers) I don’t - I don’t - why do people do it? Colin, I don’t understand.

COLIN: I don’t know.

MATT: Why do you do it? What’s everyone getting out of it?

COLIN: I don’t know.

MATT: I don’t understand it either! (laughs)

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: Finally, if there is any role that another actor currently has that you would like to take from them, because you think you could do an equal or better job, what role would that be, Colin?

COLIN: I would love to do Bond, actually.

MATT: Would you do him in your own voice, or would you him in a - in an English accent?

COLIN: It would have to be an English accent.


COLIN: I think.

MATT: Cockney Bond!

COLIN: Cockney Bond. Yeah, yeah, yeah - (laughs)

MATT: (laughs) That’s what we’ve been waiting for, surely. (laughs)

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: Well, Colin, at the end of that, you only managed to use two of your ‘leave it yeh’ cards, which means you get to take one of those and use it in your own life if someone ever asks you something you don’t wanna answer, you can just say ‘leave it yeh’ and it means you get out of the situation, okay?

COLIN: Perfect.

MATT: Yeah, no worries. Oh, Colin, thank you so much for coming in to chat! Humans on the telly tonight on Channel 4. Cheers, Colin!

COLIN: Thank you.


 To start off with- I know this is a little photo heavy and I’m sorry for that, just these are the photos that I feel represent me the most in a side-by-side comparison atm.
I’ve been debating with myself all day whether or now I should make a post for #transdayofvisibility because some days it’s hard to just put it out there into the world about how I feel my body should be.
I have days where I don’t pass at all or I have days that become downtrodden by family members who unknowingly hurt me because they just don’t understand.
I have days where I’m told I don’t “qualify to feel like this” because of reasons.
I even have days when I don’t understand myself and don’t know who/what I am and think that “maybe something is wrong with me”.

However, at the same time, I have friends and like-minded people here on Tumblr (also some special people irl ) that understand and support me.
I have people who know what I’m going through and help me.
And I know for a fact, that there will be people reading this who feel the same way as I, and many others, do and I want you to know that it’s okay and there are people who are here for you.

And on that note- I would like to thank everybody who has been here for me and every single person who either reads this, or reads and supports another person in their times of need.
I’m slowly starting to love myself for who I am and you should be able to too.

(nb; he/she/they/them)