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Sherlock “I Love You” Scene With Alternative Tragic Ending (4x03)

The “I Love You” Scene from 4x03 with an even more heartbreaking twist. (I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!)

I discussed the final problem with a colleague and she had a pretty damn convincing point: it doesn’t make any sense that there were no explosives in Molly’s flat. Euros has no regard whatsoever for human life. She kills the guard and his wife and the three brothers without even blinking an eyelash. She’s even prepared for Sherlock to kill Mycroft - her own brother. So… why spare Molly Hooper? And so this idea was born.

Am I a masochist for editing this? Maybe.
Are you all gonna hate me for this? Possibly.
Do I deserve to be punched with a shovel? Well, most definitely.

Anyway - I’m EXTREMELY nervous about this. Even though I spent a lot of time and work on the special fx I’m not a motion designer and I’m afraid they might look a bit… cheesy? I don’t know. The lovely  @remember–the–best encouraged me to upload it because I was too chicken to do it. So, it’s all her fault really. *laughs* It’s blocked worldwide on Youtube so it’s exclusively on tumblr. You’re welcome, folks! ;-)


Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017

Day 6: First I Love You.

The first time Sherlock said those words, he said it without thinking, in front of everyone, and not even noticing he actually said it.

But Molly understood that it was just the excitement of the moment from solving that important case.

Or at least… that was what both believed.

Sherlock : [In a crowd and can’t find Jim] This calls for drastic measures.

Sherlock : [uses hands like a megaphone] IS THAT SHERLOCK AND MOLLY KISSING?!

Jim : [appears out of nowhere] what whAT ATLEAST ONE OF THEM WAS SUPPOSED TO END UP WITH ME

Sherlock : [blinks] wait a moment

Molly : [In the background] did he just say atleast one?

“It will be, as I understand it, a tragedy.
So many days not lived.
So many words unsaid” - Eurus.

Whose tragedy?
As Sherlock said in TLD, your own death is something that happens to everybody else. The people around you. Your beloved ones.
But Molly is alone, distant from her relatives, as Sherlock pointed out while staring at the coffin. And as far as we know, she has only talked about one person in her life: her father. And he’s dead, so we can confirm she’s a bit of a loner.
Anyway, she’s a young, good-hearted and intelligent woman. And, of course, the death of a young person is always a sad event.

So, the meaning of Eurus’ quote (It will be, as I understand it, a tragedy”) is entirely focused on Sherlock, because from all the people who keep in touch with Molly, he would be the most devastated. And we noticed it when he looked at the coffin, heavily breathing for realising it was meant for her…

Whose words would be left unsaid?

Eurus wanted to make Molly say “I love you” to Sherlock. 

In fact, Eurus wanted to make Sherlock LISTEN to Molly’s confession. She wanted to make Sherlock UNDERSTAND that woman’s feelings and SEE her heart. The heart that’s always belonged to him.
But Eurus also wanted to touch Sherlock’s heart. Make it bleed and hurt. And the only way to do all of this to him, was making him listen to those three words. Three sincere words he never heard in his entire life. The words said by someone with actual feelings for him. Actual love. Molly’s words.

So, what about HIS words? 

The words that first came out of his mouth in an awkward way, but then burst out again in a softer and genuine tone?
His own words… Why did they agitate him so much? Why did they make him lose control? He said it was something “very easy” for Molly to say. But why wasn’t it easy for HIM?       

For sentiment has always been a chemical defect.
And when it’s related to Sherlock Holmes, it means weakness and fear about the inevitable fact that, when you open your heart, you’re at a disadvantage.

Because, in the end, we’re all found on the losing side.

Sherlolly AU - Expecting

Molly really thought he knew. After all, she was married to the Sherlock Holmes. How could he not know? Had he really thought domestic bliss was the only reason she had gained 10 pounds?


Destroying the Coffin

Hang on tight- this is a long and winded explanation…but I have a point, I swear. 

The scene with Molly in the Final Problem and the I love you that destroyed my heart completely…and launched so many feels that after vowing to not touch fan fiction and focus on my own original works, I felt compelled to start writing and create a satisfying ending to TFP, to resolve my own feelings and need to see how Molly and her Sherlock dealt with it.

When I first watched TFP I was sitting on my couch, alone at home, crying and screaming into my pillow because (1) molly was about to die and (2) Sherlock was losing his shit. The coffin destroying, his reaction to when Eurus tells him that the flat wasn’t rigged…it always alluded me. Like, I get that he’s being tortured, as JW says, but there’s definitely something else there. The way he’s sitting against the wall after destroying the coffin (my tv’s paused over that scene right now and i keep looking at it and it hurts my stomach because holy fuck). 

But I think I figured it out. 

The second I love you, most of us will agree, is basically Sherlock realizing that it’s true for him, that he’s telling Molly he loves her because he actually does. Mycroft’s reaction seems to confirm it- he knows his brother, knows how he thinks…he’s in pain for his little brother. 

The reason for Sherlock’s rage, the reason why he loses his shit and destroys the coffin, and says “no, no” while he does it…my theory is that he’s fighting against the very real fact that he’s finally realized he loves this incredible, amazing woman but perhaps a bit too late. There is a real possibility that he’s going to die on Sherrinford, he doesn’t know what Eurus has planned for them, he doesn’t think he’s walking off the island alive because his sister is friggin’ insane. 

With that knowledge, that he’s going to die, that he’s more than likely going to die on that island, without ever going back to London to tell his Molly, face-to-face, and tell her that he loves her…that’s why he shouts no and takes his anger out on the coffin. 

In my mind, he’s fighting for the future that he doesn’t think he’ll ever have with her. He’s rebelling and hurting because he finally, finally, FINALLY understands what he feels for her but too. Bloody. Late. 


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