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which idols do you think could possibly be Not Straight?

Hey! It’s almost impossible to read this in a chart, anon… Personally, I was only able to read this in three charts before the people involved told me - and I only talked about it after they mentioned it. ‘Cause it’s a personal af subject and just… Shouldn’t matter at all? So yeah, sorry but I won’t answer this kind of question. :( 

08.12.2017 MUCC @ Shibuya WWW (Satochi birthday edition!!)

Mucc added a few extra shows to the end their Aishuu to antique to itami mo homuru tour and I managed to get a ticket to the one on Satochi’s birthday!

As you probably already guessed, this tour was dedicated to their earliest albums - Aishuu, Antique, Tsuuzetsu, and Homura Uta. 

Setlist and various Satochi celebrations below!!

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