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'Pitch': Will Ginny and Mike ever get together?
Even though Mike has struck up a quasi-secret dalliance with Ginny’s agent, is there a future in which pitcher and catcher take their relationship...

Even though Mike has struck up a quasi-secret dalliance with Ginny’s agent, is there a future in which pitcher and catcher take their relationship to the next level on Pitch? “We can’t resist it,” executive producer Paris Barclay tells EW. “When we actually put it out there, we did some testing on it, [and] people were very intrigued by the two of them together.”

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My Sweet Cinnamon Bun Jessica Headcanons
  • After the name Mike popped in her head at the interview she was completely useless. All she did was ask for Mike. “Did he make it?” “Is he here?” “Wheres Mike?” The cops let her go when they realized she was not going to be able to answer any more questions.
  • They took her to the waiting room, only Matt was in there. He didn’t know if Mike was alive. When the medics came and took her to the hospital, Jess was crying. 
  • She fought the medics, flailing and screaming for Mike. Matt tried to calm her down, but in the end the Medics had to use a tranq so they could transport her safely.
  • Her injuries- two broken ribs, multiple open gashes, some internal bleeding, and a bit of head trauma- kept her under for two days.
  • She didnt know it till she woke up, but the second Mike found out she was alive he didnt leave her side. He got his hand looked at and walked out f his room, Matt had been waiting there fr him. Matt told him that Jess was alive and had been asking for him since they got to the police station. Matt had barely finished saying her room number before Mike had bolted down the hall towards her. He spent those two nights she was under in an uncomfortable chair, talking to her, begging her to wake up, begging for her forgiveness, apologizing for not being quick enough.
  • Jessica woke up to Mike saying her name. For a moment she was confused, groggy from the meds. But when she realized who was calling her name her eyes flew open wide and she tried to sit up. Mike stopped her with a soft push on the shoulders. She barely croaked out his name, tears falling freely from her eyes, and he smiled at her.
  • They kept Jess in the hospital longer than anyone else in the group, Mike insisted on staying with her the extra three days. Sam brought him some pillows.
  • It’s Mike who tells Jess about everything that happened. She starts crying again when he talks about how scared he was thinking he lost her and they have to stop talking for an hour. But eventually, with Mike being there for support and Mike being strong for Jess, Jess learns everything that happened on the mountain.
  • The whole gang visits on her last day to help take her home. Matt and Emily bring her a big bouqet of flowers. She and Jess make up, but are still awkward. Sam brings Jess her favorite sweater and a cup of coffee. Chris tries to make jokes and Ash fusses over Jessica, asking seventy times if she’s ok, if she needs a pillow, if her blankets are just right. Mike never lets go of her hand.
  • When Jess gets home its the first time she see’s herself in a mirror. She went into her room to change into some pj’s and realizes the gashes are deep and are going to scar. She breaks down sobbing. Mike and Sam come in, rushing, asking whats wrong. Jess wails that she’s no longer beautiful and Mike practically talks himself horse explaining why she is still the most beautiful woman on earth.
  • Mike and Jess stay together. 
  • Jess now gets panic attacks and can’t be alone in the dark.
  • She and Mike move in together, partly because she can’t be alone and partly because he hates to be away from her, he’s terrified he will lose her again. 
  • They get a cat together and name it Wolfie. They were going to get a dog at the shelter, so even when one of them goes out they wouldnt be alone, but instead they found a small grey kitten trying to climb out of its crate and fell in love.
  • Jess does become a model, for a while. She wears he scars a little self consciously but helps promote self love for anyone who is scarred. She becomes popular and inspires many women who have scars, burns, and birthmarks.
  • Jess and Mike live together, they stay together, they slowly, with the help of each other, recover from the trauma of the night on Blackwood mountain. With the love and support they have for each other, they live a happy life. LIKE THEY DESERVE

The SNK Season 2 Trailer almost made me cry.

-THE ANIMATION. I was hoping this would improve after the three years we waited, AND IT WAS WAY BETTER THAN I EXPECTED. The movement, the expressions, ITS ALL SO BOOTIFUL

-THE SASHA SCENE. I loved this part form the manga. FINALLY people can see that Sasha is not just a weird side character that always jokes around in serious situations. SHE IS BADASS OK.

-NANABA AND MIKE. YES. YES. I love that we are going to see more of the other charcaters now.



That time on Jimmy Kimmel when Matt & Channing united in a pre-game fist-bump and a post-game high-5! <3


It’s the 26th of June, 2015, and gay marriage has become legal in all of the United States : )) !!

So, after 26 years, certain peeps can finally get married UuU <3

(I wanted to do a lil something to celebrate) 


  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has ever spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Mike Zacharius, i know, you love Mike Zacharius so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Mike. i KNOW, you love Mike you fucking love Mike ok i know, i get it, YOU LOVE MIKE ZACHARIUS. I GET IT.