i love mike ok


i have many witty captions for this:

“noses are important”

“family portrait”

“not fit to scale”

and of course “how many people combined do you think they’ve seen die?”


Casual Friday Tuesday

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mike hanlon + F R I E N D S H I P

(aged up to like 16+)


- passionate karaoke friends

- every night is lit with these two

- you bet ur ass they have a choreo for hollaback girl

- beverly always rides shotgun in mike’s car and they jam to MJ together

- (they’re the biggest MJ fangirls. they know all the dance moves)

- “loudly singing in the car together” friends

- when they get drunk together it’s a shit fest

- they just dance like idiots and sing way off key to shitty pop songs

- “we ordered pizza and waffles at 3am” friends

- just all around GOOD TIME friends


- god so much LOVE between these two

- “i’ll pick u up when ur wasted and wont get mad when u puke in my car” friends

- they have like 7 different annoying handshakes, one for every day of the week

- “vent to me at 4am” friends

- mike laughs at all of richie’s jokes. yes even the bad ones

- not even a pity laugh, he just genuinely loves richie and anything richie does

- they reassure and love eachother

- they’re both eachother’s hype man 

- they act like memelords but this is a deep loving friendship ok


- homoerotic bromance 

- bill is on mike’s lap like all the time

- they’d make out if you dared them

- (or even if you didn’t)

- call eachother “babe” or “cutie” like it’s no big deal

- always highkey flirting

- “we’re friends but im down to fuck if you are” friends

- go grocery shopping and thrifting together

- they wash mike’s dog together and make a fucking mess

- actual gross married couple 


- history bros !!!


- they spend hours in the library reading together and then they go over to ben’s and listen to NKOTB while doing homework 

- they actually get homework done together

- mike loves ben’s mom and brings her eggs and flowers


- “let’s marathon all of star wars on a school night” friends

- mike is ben’s wingman

- and by wingman i mean JUST ASK BEV OUT ALREADY

- he tries real hard ok


- god okay. they’re such soft nature friends

- they go out into the woods or the park and bird watch

- mike points excitedly at every animal they see 

- stan likes to sit in silence sometimes and mike’s good for that 

- “nursing little birds back to health” friends

- “i have to tidy your room whenever i come over bc it’s a mess and i hate it” friends

- stan comes over to mike’s just to see all the animals in the farm

- one sided flirting 

- mike’s constantly flirting with stan and stan is not having it!!! nope!!!

- (he secretly likes it tho) 

- mike is extra careful in stan’s bedroom so he wont make a mess and upset him and it’s really hard for him he’s a messy bich ok

- “we’re in literally in the same room doing different things and not talking but we still enjoy eachother’s company” friends


- 2 actual mom friends

- mike’s always telling eddie to chill but he’s just as much as a mother hen as eddie is 

- they’re always nagging everyone

- dress warm, be careful, watch out you’ll FALL, oh my g

- mike appreciates eddie’s sass even when it’’s directed at him

- “damn you burned me but it’s ok im impressed” friends

- they don’t share a sense of humor but they share a taste in music

- they’re always recommending new music to eachother 

- eddie gets mike into classic rock 

- (much to his surprise)

- mike (along with bev) introduce eddie to all the hot MJ jams

- eddie’s fave is scream 

- mike gets rly into ac/dc 

- they’re music friends !!! they love exchanging jams

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stan the man and mike fall in love and become an iconic power couple, sorry i don’t make the rules:

-they initially bond over their mutual fear of disappointing their fathers (or grandfather) and once the bond is made, it’s unbreakable

-stan will often come over and the two boys will just lie on the grass behind the barn and make up stories to take their minds off of whatever’s going on thats upsetting one or the other  

-their first kiss is when they’re on the grass and stan is rambling off a story about an animal ghost town living among them, mocking their human ways, when mike put his hand in stan’s hair and leaned in

-stan was frozen for about five seconds and mike was just about to pull away when he felt a hand on his face and insistent lips on his own

-they become inseparable after that, and it doesn’t take too long for the rest of the losers to find out

-richie is the first to find out. he will go to his grave insisting that “his gaydar is the high quality shit” but really he saw them holding hands at one of the losers club movie nights

-eddie is next because “guys you have to let me tell eddie! he’s gonna be so psyched that we’re not the only couple in the group! please please plea-” 

-they tell the rest of the club and no one is particularly surprised. everyones happy they’re happy

-they are definitely the Old Married Couple, everyone comes to them for advice

-stan brings out the snark in an otherwise quiet mike and mike brings out the soft in an otherwise rigid stan. the losers club is shook when they see how soft stan is around mike 

-they’re just totally in love and fully respect and understand each other?? 

welcome to the losers club: a playlist dedicated to a bunch of misfits who found home within each other. which nobody asked for

times like these ; eden // we come running ; youngblood hawke // take me home ; cash cash // bad blood ; bastille // home ; morgxn // anklebiters ; paramore // grow up and be kids ; the cab // everybody wants to rule the world ; lorde (cover) // anathema ; former vandal // ilysb ; lany // alone together ; fall out boy // never be ; 5 seconds of summer // youth ; daughter // losers ; chosen jacobs

anonymous asked:

prompt: the party is slowly drifting away, not from each other, but from Will. And Will can tell bc he's not dumb. He can tell that the tension in the air becomes thick when he walks in on them talking bc the Party is always nervous they'll say something bc Will is 'fragile' He noticed that El has kind of taken his spot as his player in D&D. He's just so lonely. But one day when they do ask him to hang out he's says no bc Richie has already asked him to do something and they all low key fight.

this is gonna be a heartbreaker but lets make this kickass, shall we~?

send in some prompts, bbs! 

It started out as small things.

Sorry, Will. Tonight’s no good. U-uh, mom wants me to clean up my room and such.”

“I’m grounded.”

“I don’t feel well.”

Will had never questioned any of it, instead deciding to give a kind smile and wish the best for his friends. Because that’s all he wanted in the end for them; nothing but the very best.

And so he remained happy and optimistic, knowing that there was always another time; knowing that his friends were still there and that it would be okay.

Except… it wouldn’t be.

Not really.

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i will never EVER be able to get over Mike Wheeler. he’s willing to take in a girl he barely knows and keep her safe even though she’s obviously dangerous to be around. he pushed down his biggest bully in defense of a friend who wasn’t even present. he’s willing to fucking jump off of a cliff so his friend wouldn’t get hurt. he cares so deeply for other people and is extremely emotionally mature for his age. he’s genuinely kind hearted and does the things he does just to help others, not for any self gain. he deserves everything good in this world and i just wanna hug him

ben, mike, and stan have a fucking bookclub.

they share books and read, and sometimes they have sleepovers at mike’s farm under the stars and fall asleep on one another with books in their hands, and mikes points out all the constellations quietly to ben as stan is reading them his bird book and showing them what kind of birds do what and ben is listening to the both of them and they all feel safe and loved.


#personal space? #i don’t know her. #married