i love michigan music

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Ship please. I am 13 years old, long/medium length brown hair, blue mixed with hazel eyes, 5'4 (or something like that), libra, likes guys only. I love music, archery, and reading. I am from Detroit Michigan and I am a huge Michigan Wolverines fan (mostly softball but football to).

you’re younger than me and taller…I envy you.

I ship you with


You two have the same music taste and he loves doing archery with you! You’ve also dragged him to a few games…much to his dislike till halfway through, then he’s so into it!

Hello my name is Samuel and I’m 20 years old. I’m going to Michigan State University and studying physiology. I love music, hiking, and spending time with my friends and family :) I’m looking forward to this upcoming bike adventure to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. My grandmother recently passed away from this specific cancer and I genuinely hope to help others suffering from this deadly disease.