i love michelle fairley


Which cast member have you enjoyed working with the most and who do you feel has brought the best out of you as an actress? I’m extremely fortunate in that all the actors that I work with or have worked with, I’ve loved working with every single one of them. I love them as people and as their characters. I think it would be unfair of me to specify one in particular but possibly Richard, who plays Robb, because we have so much to do together and I love those scenes. - Michelle Fairley


“Where’s Lizzie Borden? Where is she? I want her and those men found! Nobody sleeps tonight!

nikolaj: would this be… the king in the north’s first time ever?

michelle: um… i think it might be.

nik: so… will it be a very short one then?

*cue michelle giggling*

*robb and talisa lie down and stop kissing*

nik: oh i guess it was a short one.

*both lose it*

michelle: no, i think he’s taking a pause to look-

nik: no that was it!

michelle: it’s not nikolaj.

nik: it was!

michelle: it was NOT! my son is better than that!

*both crying*

It is harder for women to work - whatever the job. There are some wonderful roles for women but unfortunately there aren’t enough, particularly for ageing women. The competition is greater. People need to write more for women because they bring such wonderful qualities of strength and they also need not be afraid to show people growing in years. Don’t be afraid of the way you look because you are progressing through life, be proud of it.
—  Michelle Fairley, Northern Ireland Homes & Lifestyle, November/December 2014