i love michael white


GUYS! go check out the @supernaturalartbook –there’ve been some really awesome updates lately!

this will be my final preview before the actual book is released. again, this artbook is entirely for charity, and features over 200 artists! it will have multiple chapters, and my piece will be featured in “Angels & Heaven”!

my piece has 5 characters in total (and lotsa fluffy clouds), but these’ve been the only two i’ve been showing ・౪・ ♥

@ the bright sessions fans: wadsworth is a black woman. wadsworth’s twin sister, mrs. hayes, is also a black woman. mrs. hayes’ son adam is, at the very least, biracial with a black mother.

pls deliver me from the weird of Large Protective Canonical Anger Issues Ambiguously Brown Caleb and Tiny Vulnerable Depressed Milk Boy Adam