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late night GTA raywood family headcanon pt.2

This is a continuation of this post. I suggest reading it first. Also, this is a thing now. Like kind of a series. I just post headcanons and aus late at night. It’s under the tag, latenight! Alright, let’s-a-go!

So Ray’s family isn’t as large as Ryan’s. His family is pretty small but Ray’s really comfortable with them. The first mention of Ryan even going near Ray’s tiny family is in the car back from Thanksgiving with Ryan.

“When am I going to meet your family?” Ryan inquired, keeping his eyes on the road.

“Do you know how to speak Spanish?” Ray replied, his eyes on his DS.

“Sort of,” Ryan shrugged.

“Well, once you master speaking español, then we can talk about my family,” Ray responded.

Literally a week later, Ryan’s at Ray’s door asking when they are going.

“How the fuck did you learn an entire language in one week?”

“I already knew some of it. And everyone knows I have a wonderful memory.”

Ray grumbles and states, “You’re so fucking lucky my mom wanted me over for Christmas.”

Ryan is super excited to meet Ray’s family. He hears about Ray’s mother all the time, yet he’s never seen a picture or anything close to that. All he knows is how she slips into random Spanish and how strict but also nice she was to Ray.

They end up having to go up to Ray’s family in New York four or five days from Christmas.

“Though we don’t have a lot of family, my mother is huge on using all of us to create an amazing Christmas Dinner with a massive amount of leftovers. So, don’t expect to not be doing something.”

Ray lead Ryan to a small and old apartment building, up some stairs, and into a nicely sized apartment.

Mi hijo!” Ray’s mother exclaimed when she opened the door to Ray and Ryan. She was instantly hugging Ray and talking at one thousand miles per hour. “How have you been? Oh, come inside!! I have missed you so much! Are you eating? Leave your bags at the door. Also, tu abuela está aquí, en el cocina. Vamanos!

“Mamá, this is Ryan,” Ray stated, motioning towards Ryan. “Please, be nice to him while I go say hi to Gran.” Ray set his bags by the door and left Ryan and Ray’s mother alone together.

“Oh, come in, come in!” Ray’s mom absolutely beams at Ryan, and Ryan can’t help but smile back as he stepped in. “It’s nice to meet you, finally! Set down your luggage, sweetheart. I can have Ray show you to your guys’ room.” She holds out a nice hand and Ryan takes it.

“Nice to meet you, as well, Mrs. Narvaez,” Ryan bows his head.

“Oh please, call me Mama Narvaez,” she jokes with a big grin.

Ryan meets Ray’s grandma, who Ray calls “abuelita”. Ray and Ryan quickly take back their luggage, and are soon cooking in the kitchen with the two women. Apparently, that day was cookie day, consisting of the oven being constantly on and batter being everywhere. Ryan really bonded with Mrs. Narvaez and Ray’s grandma. He fit in nicely with the family. Ray was also happy because not many people had managed to make his grandmother like them, yet Ryan did it with ease.

Ryan had to admit that Ray looked adorable beside his mother and in his apron. Also, he had put in the flour mixture for some cookies a little too fast and got white powder all over his face and a little in his hair. “Hey, Ryan, look! I’m a drug addict!” A cute drug addict, Ryan had mused to himself as he helped Ray clean off his glasses.

Ryan was able to keep up in the conversations, Spanish and English. Ryan didn’t really speak Spanish throughout the trip, mostly because he was afraid he’d butcher the language.

That night, Ray and Ryan collapsed in bed together, tired beyond belief. The next few days were filled with cooking and polishing the silver, as well as decoration the apartment.

When Ray’s other family came in, the apartment was slightly filled. Ray had about two or three aunts, four uncles, six or seven nephews and nieces, another set of grandparents and that was really it. Those numbers included his father’s side. (Ray’s dad had been a huge drug dealer back in the day, working with the family. One day, he up and left, leaving Ray with the family business. Ray handed it off to his mother when he joined the Fake AH Crew. No one knew where Ray’s father was at this moment.)

Ryan was surprised at how easily he fit in with everyone. No one really disliked him and he never felt the excluded. Ray was very happy and comfortable with his family, and that fact made Ryan smile. Ryan was glad that he was able to come along with Ray to see his family.

For Ray’s Christmas, they apparently celebrated Christmas itself and then some other things like Three Kings Day after, but Ryan and Ray didn’t stay for that. Ray could see that Ryan was ready to get back home the day after Christmas Day. They left with hugs and kisses from Ray’s mother and main grandmother.

“Your family is adorable,” Ryan had smirked on their way back.

“Thanks, I guess?” Ray replied, interested in his DS.

“Thank you for letting me come along,” Ryan stated.

“Dude, my mom was literally going to skin me if I didn’t bring you,” Ray retorted. Ryan chuckled. “But, I’m really glad that you did come along. I don’t think I would’ve made it past cookie day if you weren’t there.”

“My parent’s want to meet yours’,” Ryan had brought up a few days before New Years.

“Well, wait until the New Year,” Ray ordered. “I want to spend time with the guys. And since those guys will most likely be drunk and passed out on the carpet, that mostly means I want to spend some quality with my guy.”