i love men in suits

faceofashadow asked:

You really are backing up a false stereotype and that's sad. Why not preach acceptance instead of aggression in the face of aversion.Take note of previous replies and questions, you could do a lot of good but you choose not to. Pity *swats away hand*

I don’t “preach”. I give answers in raw detail, regardless of my disposition. Whether I say it with a smile, a smirk, or sarcasm isn’t the point, because last I check, I seen men in suits teaching these things with love and faith in their hearts and still are met with violent deaths. 

You must mistaken this blog for the African American Customer Service Desk. I am not your magical negro, here to teach you right from wrong and tolerance. I am your reality check that you’re afraid to cash, so you “tolerate” my existence. 

So, Mr. Misogynistic, I’m doing way better than you are because I’m willing to see myself as a flawed person willing to learn, while you’re willing to say things like “I teach tolerance to my 5-year-old son. Now, go inside your room while I manhandle your mother.”