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Winchetser Sister- Bloody Hell

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Request: Hey!!! You are an amazing writer! I read all of your fics in one night (no regrets) I was hoping that you could do one in which the boys´ younger sister gets her first period an they help her. Thanks!!!

Title: Bloody Hell

Parings: Dean x reader!sister, Sam x reader!sister

Words: 643

Summary: Reader gets her first period and her brothers help her out

(A/N; Hey y’all I had to delete the post I posted last night bc it looked really weird if you weren’t reading it from my page & I couldn’t figure out why it was looking so weird so I just deleted it I think it may be because I posted it over my phone?? idk but anyways THIS IS A REPOST!!!!)

love JC :)


“Oh shit!” You whisper as you look at your underwear that is covered in red blood. You are thirteen so you already know what periods are, you just didn’t expect it to happen right now. You start to panic, “What the hell do I do?”

You can’t tell your brothers right? They won’t understand they’re men, but you know that if you don’t tell someone then this will cause a lot of problems. You quickly wrap your panties in toilet paper and walk swiftly and awkwardly back to your room. You change clothes and you debate once again about telling your brothers. What if they laugh at you? You take a deep breath and make up your mind and finally walk out of your room to find Dean.

Your stomach turns as you walk down the hallway until you reach the library where you see both Sam and Dean sitting at a table. You grow more worried and your stomach is doing flips as you slowly walk up to them. “Hey, uh, Dean,” Both Dean and Sam look up to you, “can I talk to you…privately?”

Dean turns towards Sam and gives him a questioning, “Is something wrong?”

“No!” You say way too fast, giving away that there is something wrong, and both your brothers look very concerned. “Nothing’s wrong… I just need to talk to you.”

“(Y/N), if something’s going on you need to tell both of us,” Sam says, his eyebrows furrowed together.

“No, it’s personal…” You say quietly, and both Sam and Dean straighten up a little, fearing the worst.

“(Y/N), has someone touched you?” Dean asks cautiously, panic burning in his words.

“What? No, Dean! It’s just that I, um, I think I started my period…” You say and both of them visibly relax. You uncomfortably cross your arms and you look at them both, “What do I do?”

“Uh, Sam, you want to take this one?” Dean looks over at his brother, clearly uncomfortable with the topic of the situation.

“Dean,” Sam warns, and looks at you with a smile. “You do know what a period is…right?”

“I’m not ten, Sam.” You shoot back.

Sam raises his hands in defense, “Hey, I’m just making sure! But uh, I think we should go to the store and pick up some stuff for you”

“What do you mean?” You ask, innocently. It’s times like these when Sam and Dean wish you had a Mother figure around, it save you both awkward and embarrassing discussions.

“Uh, well, you need stuff to help, um, catch the stuff,” Sam cringes but tries to smile at you, “Dean, you wanna help?”

“No, I think you’re doing a pretty good job on your own.” Dean says back, but when you look at him with a worried expression, he sighs and looks at you, “Fine, so when you go through these every month you need stuff like pads and tampons to help you from leaking and getting blood everywhere.”

“Ew! You mean I have to do this every month?!” Your stomach turns more and you look as if you are about to cry.

“Uh, yeah, but it’s not that bad-”

“How do you know?” You cut Sam off. That seemed to shut him up because his eyes widen and he stampers on his words.

“Well, I-I was just going to say that you get the special treatment, like we’ll let you eat whatever you want, we’ll buy you things to make you feel better, you things we usually don’t do.” Sam smiles awkwardly.

“Oh…well thanks.” You say and you stand buy the table uneasily, “So can we go now or what?”

“Oh yeah, let’s go!” Sam says as he jumps up from his chair and puts on his jacket and you two walk up the stairs to get in the impala to go get your supplies.

I kind of love how people always draw them with their braces showing, given that that’s a mega-casual look for the period, like hanging out in their boxers. The reason braces fell out of fashion in the late 40s/50s was partly because cloth shortages and rationing during the war meant it was more expensive to wear a waistcoat to cover them, so men switched to holding up their trousers with belts.

Also Blackbird just hit a thousand kudos! That’s kind of a ridiculous number! Thank you all so much!

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I hate my current body I'm in. I hate my chest. I hate the word boobs and vagina. I hate she her hers. I love men's clothes and feeling masculine. Having a "period" makes me feel emasculated. Are all those signs Transgender? When I was younger I used to pray to wake up a boy.

Is say so yes. You know better than me but it sounds like you could be trans.

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how can I still feel like a boy when my period comes?? 😭😭😭 please help I'm having an existential crisis

i’m not really sure what advice to give on how to cope with it, because i still really struggle with this. all i can say is, you’re not alone! there are plenty of men who get periods, and this doesn’t make you any less of a man than the next guy. maybe try dressing in your favourite clothes? or hang out with people who accept and love you!

if you’d like a distraction or something, message me and we can chat about whatever you like! only if you’re comfortable, though. 💖

Loved Still Star-Crossed

Is gorgeous show. Love the on location shooting in spain. The clothes are amazing, even for the men. Likable cast. This show has everything. I have been waiting for period show like this with a cast that I’m actually interested in watching. I don’t watch much TV but I’m glad to finally have one to watch. 

Please support it. I don’t want abc to cancel it. 

The only thing that annoyed me was the fast odd transition between scenes. I hope they drop that for future episodes. 

Also, Giles and Uther Pendragon is in the show aka Anthony Head. 



I like most people, LOVED the new X-MEN movie, Days of Future Past. I am a fan of period piece movies, and I like it when its done well. DoFP was really great with that. I always thought 70’s cloths look so goofy in a 2014 world, that they basically looks as goofy as most superhero costumes. So all of that was blended into this. I cant remember the last time I laughed out loud while drawing something. I had a ton of fun with this.


April Book Photo Challenge

Day 14: Favorite Time Period

Clockwork Angel: Cassandra Clare

Not only do I love the Victorian era because of their gorgeous ball gown clothes, but the one thing that impresses me the most is how men treat women. A touch for them means what a kiss is for us. They actually treat women like precious jewels. Just like how Will treated Tessa. ♥♥♥

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Could you post a picture of your hair journey from when you first started growing it? And how long did it take?

A PICTURE? Do you think this a GAME, son?

You don’t know the shit I’ve been through trying to find a hairstyle that actually works for me. I’m 22 years old and this is the first time I’ve had one that I really like and has had an overwhelmingly positive response. Like Squidward once said…

Man. That’s horrifying.

From a very young age, I’ve had really thick hair that has been difficult to manage. My life has been a series of terrible hair-related decisions that finally culminated in something I really like. But here’s where we begin…

(pictured here on the right.)

Yeah. That on the right is me as a fresh-faced 5-year-old… with blonde hair.

At some point, my loving mother figured that getting beaten up in my childhood would help build character, so she begun to use a product called Sun-In on my hair that would “brighten the natural highlights” so instead of looking like the tan and happy Puerto Rican child I was, I’d instead look like a white boy who just came back from vacation in Florida ALL THE TIME.

This practice would stop after I was 7 or 8, but the hair struggle was only beginning.

At this point I was an 11-year-old who thought the best option was to just try and comb my thick, unruly hair. Let’s not even discuss the fact that my parents thought the appropriate thing for my sixth grade graduation photos would be a fucking HAWAIIAN BOWLING SHIRT. Jesus christ, Mom and Dad, was this just a plan to keep my virginity in tact as long as possible. That’s a long con, and I respect it.

Here’s Matt’s first selfie!

My family took me to the same barber for my entire young life, a kind old man named Gomez who would do his very best to try and fix my stupid head, in between his cigarette breaks and uncomfortably loud salsa music. 

This was around the ripe young age of 14, when Gomez, starting to go blind in his old years, shaved my too short on the sides and left too much on top. He also nearly cut through the top of my ear, at which point I said “NOPE” never went back thought “oh, obviously the best thing I could do was try and let my big brother cut my hair!” Big mistake.

This photo was taken on June 12th, 2009. Just for clarification, that’s me on the right. I’m not the hot young woman and all around fantastic youtube personality OlgaKay, who’s also pictured here. This was about 2 weeks after my weight loss journey was about to begin, when I was around 450 pounds. Also, this was the weekend I decided, for whatever reason, to grow my hair out.

Now, people, this is where shit gets bad. So, I think I owe you a little bit of explanation.

Around age 16, I’d begun to hang out with the people who are still my closest friends and family to this day. Also around this point, I got super into hardcore music. Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!, A Day To Remember and We Came as Romans were among my favorite bands, and what did all the guys in those bands do? Grow out their hair really long, flat-iron it and make it really scene and hard-to-see through.

Oh no… Oh NO.


We refer to this as The Dark Ages. Mostly because I couldn’t see anything through my long, swooping bangs, and it was really fucking dark all the time. Pictured above is me at my high school graduation, where my family somehow let me out the house despite the fact that I was clearly wearing some sort of dead, skinned animal fur where my scalp should be.

I let my hair grow and styled it this way for about a year, leading to many awkward evenings where my kind-hearted mother would have to flat-iron my hair for me before I went out to hang out with nobody.

But you think that’s bad? You think THAT’S bad? you don’t know SHIT, son. 

Remember in the beginning of this, when I mentioned how thick and unruly my hair can be naturally? Well, in addition to not cutting my hair, I also didn’t have anyone layer it. I didn’t go to any barber or stylist for almost a year, meaning that my hair wasn’t cut in a way where it could fall naturally.

So, what do you think happened when I couldn’t straighten my hair? What would it look like when it was too hot, too humid, or when I was in a place where I didn’t have access to the flat iron? WELL FEAST YOUR FUCKING EYES.




This was the summer of 2010, right before I’d decide it was time to cut my hair and finally become a member of functioning society. So in August, I’d chop 90 percent of it off and become a functioning member of society again.

…Wanna see one more? Okay one more.


Side note, this was taken on the way to Bamboozle, 2010. Rough times.

So in August, I chopped my hair off. I also got ill-fitting glasses, because I had no idea how the concept of “framing your face” worked. 

This was around the time I started to stretch my ears. I fucking hate these glasses. I look like I stole them from a pleasant secretary at a dentist’s office while she was distracted talking about her Kitten-of-the-month Calendars.

“Oh, wow. Yeah, October has a picture of a tabby cat poking his head out of a jacko'lantern hahah that’s so cute-” *YOINK*

Around this time, I started to discover hair products. This was also around the time I’d have to start wearing ties every day because of the private school I attended. So, after hearing that Mad Men a thing, I naturally thought that if I dressed nicely and gelled/combed my hair, of course I’d get as much sex and money as they did! Forget having a pleasant personality or attractive attitude, all I needed were ties!

My hair stayed like this for a while. 

And even though this period of my life bred a love of suits that I still have to this day, it was still a tough time. I was going through a lot of body image issues that I thought I could solve by wearing fancy clothes, and even though girls would occasionally compliment how perfect my hair looked, none of them wanted to “take a ride on my disco stick.”

This was also around the time that Lady Gaga was becoming a big thing.

Also, the fact that my hair had enough product in it to drown a small village didn’t help. Nothing says “hot stuff” like kissing a girl and having her touch your hair to feel the texture of uncooked ramen noodles.

After I got out of the suit phase, I rebelled hard in the other direction. Instead of coming my hair, I’d spike it! That’s what rebels do! We don’t use combs!

Matt’s first attempt at being punk (complete with hand-cut cloth gloves, because apparently I’m Judd Nelson in the fucking Breakfast Club.)

This hairstyle also got positive reviews, although I still had the Ramen problem. Except this time, the flavor of ramen was slightly different.

I genuinely really liked this hairstyle, but there’s only so many times that you can be confused for a porcupine that suddenly turned into a human through the use of magic. I went through some variations on this style for about a year.

There was the brief point where I tried to go full-on Grease Lightning, which was nice except that there was very little lightning and quite a lot of Grease. 

It was a good look to have, just in case I had to leave at any moment to audition for West Side Story.

After that I abandoned all hair products that would make my hair crunchy feel like a handful of stale Captain Crunch, and decided to mostly go with pomades that kept my hair feeling soft, but still held it up enough for me to make my head into soft serve.

And no, that’s not a Jimmy Neutron cosplay. That’s just how my hair was.

At this point, I was getting into a lot of new music, a lot of which I found through Tumblr. I started listening to a band called The 1975, and one day I stumbled upon a gif of the lead singer, Matt Healy.

Huh. His hair is kinda thick and wavy too.. And I also wanna dress in a lot of black and look cool in sunglasses.. Maybe I should look into his haircut.

Holy shit, I’m super into this. I really think I’d like to try it out. Obviously, to look anywhere like this guy I’d need to lose a shitload of weight and take on a much more “Axl Rose in 1988” vibe, but I think I might be able to pull off a haircut like this!

After much discussion with my then-girlfriend, I went in and told the kind haircut man to shave off the sides of my head!


This is about a month after I got the mohawk done, when it was starting to grow in thick and long. I had to use gel to keep it in place. At this point, I made a decision. If I was going to grow my hair out and do this weird long-mohawk possible man-bun thing, I was going to do it right. No terrible afro, no gel, no shitty flat iron, nothing. I was going to go natural with a little bit of pomade, and I was going to maintain the fuck out of it.

So, that’s what I’m doing.

Every two weeks, I go and get the sides of my head buzzed. I also have him clean up where the buzz stops and the long hair starts.

And every other week, I have him thin out the hair on top so it doesn’t get too thick and unmanageable. 

I’ve also begun to combine the punk stuff I really like with the well-dressed suit stuff in order to really define my style better.

This is more or less where my hair is now. I’m getting through that awkward phase where it’s too long to stand perfectly, but too short to push back the way I want to.

And here’s where we end up. It’s been a long and winding road, but I finally have a hairstyle I like.

Headcanon - Bidders vs The Tampons

Anonymous said: KBTBB Headcanon where the MC urgently asks the bidder to buy her tampons

“And what….exactly would you like me to do with that?” he questioned looking at the tampon box that was now sitting on the corner of his desk. “I’m out and you have….” you stopped and looked at your watch, “30 minutes before I need a new one.”

The tables were turned….he didn’t like this. Normally HE was the one setting the timeline for YOU, but now he was being stared down by an empty box of tampons and a teary eyed fiance. He slowly closed his laptop. “You could have a-,”

“No!” you said, waving your arms frantically, “I don’t want to ask anyone else here at the hotel to get them for me…it’s embarassing.” He sighed as he stood up and grabbed the box. “Don’t say I never show that I love you…”

He’s been stabbed, he’s been shot, he’s had grenades thrown at him…but one thing he was never prepared…for that time of month. The dreaded week of the month where you were absolutely miserable and mood swings didn’t make anything better.

Soryu wasn’t one of those men who kept track on the calendar when his girlfriend was getting ready to start her period. You would unknowingly begin to pull chocolates out of your stashes in your room and tuck them in your pockets of your maid’s uniform, you would start wearing baggier clothes, and you barely wanted any sort of intimacy. And for the most part, unless you were on the job, you became a complete hermit.


You: Sor?

Soryu: Yes?

You: I need you…

This was strange; all morning you where practically avoiding him and now you were…needing him?

You: Sor…I really, really need you.

He stared at his phone for a minute, this unlike-you-during-your-period text could only mean one thing…

“Inui, you need to go to the store!” he yelled.

“When I handed you this box this morning, it meant go get me some, not paint it!” you snapped. Earlier that day you had asked Ota to go to the store to get you some tampons, and so he knew which ones to get, you gave him the box. But instead of doing what you asked, he painted on the boxes an you were about 30 mins away from needing a new tampon.

“Silly Koro, you can walk yourself there, you don’t need master to walk you there,” he said, trying to play dumb, “*mumbles* Especially not for this reason.”

“No, Ota…Koro doesn’t need someone to walk her there, cause she asked YOU too, now go get me what I asked for before I bleed on the carpet and Eisuke takes it out of your hide!”

“There is a spare bath-,” he started, only to get cut off. “Ota, I swear to god if you ever want to have sex again you will go get those tampon for me NOW!”

“Roger, that!” he said, leaving the room quickly.

Baba had everything set up for your week in. Movies, chocolates, ibuprofen, heating pad…the works. Everything to make his special lady comfortable while she was miserable on her period.

“Baba, thank you so much…” you said as he pulled the blankets up over you. “Of course, pretty lady…anything for you,” he said before kissing your forehead. As he went to leave you called out to him. “Baba, there’s one more favor I would like to ask of you…”

He froze, this couldn’t be good. He had remember everything that he normally does when she sets everything up for you…so this could only mean one thing…

“Could you go to the store and pick me up some tampons?” you asked.

“……………………..sure, why not.”

“You’re always calling me a kid, so why don’t you act like an adult and go to the store for me instead of sitting on your ass all day!” You yelled, throwing your empty tampon box at him. You hadn’t meant any of what you said, you were on your period, and poor Mamoru was sadly in the line of fire as of the moment.

“Why do I have to go?” he asked, looking down at the box. “Maybe because I don’t want to move less then ten feet from the toilet cause I’m on my last tampon and my vagina has only been throwing up for the last week…so excuse me if I would like to stay here while YOU go to the store NOW,” you snapped.

He held up his hands in defeat. “Fine, I’ll go and get myself some smokes too…I’m going to need them.”

‘I’m screwed,’ he thought, crossing off the last day of sanity in in day book. It was that time of month for you and his schedule for the week was clear. How did this happen? Fate was a cruel mistress and she just happened to team up with mother nature this week for the handicap match of doom.

“Shuichi…” you called from somewhere in the back part of the house. He stayed silent, hoping  you would think that he went out. “Shuichi, I know you’re home! I need your help!” You called out. Hearing the pain in your voice he slowly made his way to the bedroom, and finding the bathroom door cracked opened he stopped outside. “Yes, _____?”

“I have a really…tiny….kinda huge favor to ask of you….” you said. Even though you couldn’t see him, he stood there shaking his head, knowing full well what was coming. “No, no way no how…in any case…I have a meeting,” he lied.

“No you don’t…I saw your day planner, you have the day off…now go to the store, AND GET ME SOME TAMPONS BEFORE I BLEED TO DEATH!”

“I think I can fit that into my scehdule…excuse me,” he said, before making his way out the door.

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**Preference/Headcanon requets OPEN!!

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Love what your doing today and I have a ton of questions. Maybe you can answer or let me know where to look to find out more. Some of these dresses look expensive so how did mourning look among lower classes? Did men have special mourning clothes? Did practices change depending on who you were mourning (like, a child verses a spouse)? When/why did wearing mourning clothes for extended periods of time stop? Sorry about the question dump. I'm just so hyped about all this.

No  problem!  I can answer ‘em!

1. Mourning was definitely a thing for the rich.  Replacing your entire wardrobe is not easy.  Sometimes women would dye all their existing clothes black and do it that way.  It actually wasn’t practiced as much in America.  Queen Victoria mourning Prince Albert’s death was the one who set the standard rules for mourning, an event which coincided with the American Civil War, a bloody, brutal war in which everyone lost someone.  When *everyone* goes into mourning at the same time, it becomes clear how impractical a practice it is, and it was actually banned in some places in the south.  So it was generally practiced more in Europe (not that American ladies didn’t do mourning, it just wasn’t the same).  When WW1 came around and Europe went through basically the same thing, it went out of fashion.

2. Men would wear a black armband or a black hat band, but generally they didn’t mourn the same way women mourned.  Men had better things to do than sit around wearing black!  It shows a lot about gender roles in the Victorian era: women are angels of the home who are devoted entirely to their children and especially their husbands (who had the longest and most strenuous periods of mourning.  Older women whose husbands died would do like Queen Victoria and remain in mourning for the rest of their lives).

3. Yes.  Husbands had the longest periods of mourning, followed by children, and then parents and siblings.  

4. Answered in question #1.