i love melo

“You’re safe now. I’ve gotcha. I won’t let anything happen to you. Promise.”

My precious lil Melo Pearl~ <3 

She’s holding her beloved Blue Onyx in a bubble right now. She had helped to free him from his abusive previous owner, Black Obsidian. He’d dealt a near-shattering blow to her, but he’d sustained some damage himself. On the other side of his gem, there’s a few hairline cracks. As soon as he poofed, Melo bubbled him until Rosie could use her healing powers. 

She’s still in her homeworld attire here, as she hasn’t been poofed since she defected to the Crystal Gems. Onyx is gonna end up reforming with the star and whatnot, so it’ll be a little odd with her still bearing the pink diamond on her belly. 

HOLY SHIT, how did I somehow manage that background. It looks almost spot-on, and I’m not only horrible at backgrounds, but I’ve never done SU style before, either. This is great. I love this. <3 

De Melo, 

Thank you for loving me and for showing me what being in love would mean. I miss you and I hope you know I’m okay now. I kept your promise. I’m sorry I couldn’t give these words to you, and that they weren’t understood or written sooner. I know now, and I hope you know I still think about you. That you have been and always will be someone important to me. Sometimes I still wonder what you would think if you saw me now.





Dad only needs you guys.


One hand holding mine, the other one on my hips, make me forget i have a skirt on.Hips like possesed by the music, staring at each other, no need to talk, to kiss. Just dance.



I’m Hyo Eun’s mom.