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a random assortment of swan queen fic recs because i don’t do this enough

when you love somebody but bite your tongue (all you get is a mouth full of blood) by @insanetwin

Summary: henry knows something has changed between his moms.

Me: There is so much quiet love and pining in this fic. I could have recced anything by Megan and said exactly the same thing, but I love Henry’s point of view so much. I am in awe of her talent and she gets both these characters so much.


Let Stars Be My Asterisks by @absedarian

Summary: Regina and Emma have stopped talking to each other after Emma came back from the past with Marian in tow … but all that means is that they’re thinking about each other while avoiding to talk. Regina refuses to talk to Emma since she can’t bear to see the woman she loves with her pirate boyfriend. Emma on the other hand ignores Hook because all she can think about is Regina. Hook thinks he should be the center of Emma’s attention and decides to woo Emma by writing her a love letter – and he goes to Regina for help, offering her an opportunity she can’t ignore.

Based on Cyrano de Bergerac.

Me: Post-season 3 at its best. Funny and warm but with real emotion and I love reading Regina’s point of view of this period of time.


A Dark Ocean by @chilly-flame

Summary: When Regina is injured in an accident, Emma steps in to assist.

Me: I know this is a fic that everyone has read, that everyone has loved, and so they should. When amnesia is done well, it is one of my favourite tropes and this is just wonderful. I love seeing Regina as the young queen, finding herself in a world that allows her so much freedom, and I love the way the relationship plays out. I return to this constantly.


a hushed sound by @coalitiongirl

Summary: Destiny. That’s what the Dark One tells them, an odd strain on his face whenever he speaks to Regina. That’s what they’re facing here. An inevitable ending. Regina has orchestrated her death once, and she’ll do it again, because that’s the only way this story can end. No one can interfere, not even Marian herself, and only Regina can control whether or not that moment is the one that decides her fate.

Me: Like, I could recommend any fic Mari has ever written 100% wholeheartedly and I know y’all have already read all of them because she is deservedly beloved, but this is one fic of hers that I think everyone should read because Marian! God. Marian. She is so wonderful and she is given so much agency and love and time here. And I love that in the background is the love story I could read a million times over and never get bored of it.


Just another brick in the wall by darkersky

Summary: The problem with the new gym teacher is that no one knows why Gold hired her. Vice Principal Mills, in particular, is neither amused nor impressed.

(Emma + Regina + yolo = Teacher AU.)

Me: A perpetual work in progress, but this is one of the first AUs I read in fandom and it speaks to me a great deal and maybe if people go and read it, it will be finished and I will get to find out how these two teachers finally, finally get it together.


catching on (a little bit of summer) by @deemnfic

Summary: Nobody knows anything. Until they do, of course.

Me: I love seeing relationships from an outsider point of view and this does that so exquisitely. Deemn is careful with every word she writes and this is one story I go back to every time I need to feel that quiet, warm serenity that comes with figuring out that Emma and Regina are totally in love. The whole series of oneshots is really great, and this is the first.


Head Is Not My Home by reagancrewe

Summary: “Besides,” Regina says, looking from her son, 400 miles away, to his other mother sitting beside her on the couch in the study, “I’ve already gotten us a room.”

“You have?”

“Oh, good!” Henry looks relieved. “I mean, the email about graduation stuff said finding rooms can be tricky. So, that’s good, Mom.” He beams at them both.

“Wait. A room? As in, singular?” Emma questions.

“Well,” Regina frowns, “yes. It was really all they had left, and I wanted to stay at the Charles since it’s right there in Cambridge and close to campus.”

“That’s great, mom!” Henry repeats, but Emma is still staring at the woman sitting next to her.

“So, like,” she licks her lips. “We’re going to be … roommates?”

Regina glares at her, but then sighs when Henry laughs from the screen. “Yes, Miss Swan,” she agrees finally. “Roommates. For two nights only. Do you think you can handle that?”

Me: There is grown up Henry going away for college and bed sharing tropes and, God, this fic is another one I turn to when I am sad or tired or need some resolution to pining.


Storybrooke does Star Wars (in four parts! we pretend the other three don’t exist) by @queenssaviour

Summary:  In which Regina is a closeted Star Wars nerd. Written for Swan Queen Week, Day 1: Confessions.

Me: This fic is so sweet and light and I enjoyed it so much. I’m so impressed with how much queenssaviour keeps improving as a writer. Every time she posts something new, I am just, like, WOW!


where you lead, i will follow (unless it’s in 4/4 time, then we’re screwed) by swansaloft

Summary: In which there is a twenty-four hour danceathon, sleepover games make an appearance, and someone gives Zelena a megaphone. (Or, What Happens When Mary Margaret Watches Gilmore Girls)

Me: If only Storybrooke were more like Star’s Hollow. This is so precious and charming.


Deliver Me by @wistfulwatcher

Summary: Bike messenger AU, in which Regina is a CEO that enjoys messing with Emma, and Emma does not back down. For the sake of her job, of course, and not because of the way Regina eyes light up when she’s angry.

Me: This is one of my favourite ever AUs. Wistfulwatcher deals with both characters so carefully, and I am particularly enamoured with the way she grapples with Regina’s complex relationship with Henry.


Changing Seasons by sparowes

Summary: Once, when she couldn’t sleep, when the empty spaces of her apartment suffocated her, she sat on her sofa and watched a documentary. That’s how she learned what a hypnic jerk was, and that’s the closest descriptor to what she felt when the door to 108 Mifflin Street swung open. When Regina scooped Henry into her arms, when the hurt shot across her eyes at Henry’s dismissal, when she turned her eyes towards Emma, dark like pitch.

You’re Henry’s birthmother?

Me: This fic hurt my heart in all the best possible ways. The writing is exquisite and careful and the season one characterisation of Emma, Regina and Henry is beautiful.


An extra Christmas gift for one of my closest friends, @hydrangeaghosts, who just got a lovely Undertale tattoo! We’ve been friends for roughly 8 years and I care so much about him. So here’s me as Toriel and him as Frisk! Obviously not to scale… heehee.

I drew everything from scratch except the Toriel dialogue sprite!

Undertale © Toby Fox

Artwork © Megan Fabbri

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