i love megan's mom so much

For Megan,

Happy Birthday you silly dork!!!<333

I feel so happy, to be able to see you alive and safe, after everything that you’ve been through. It’s kind of hard for me to find the right words for such a message, im not that good at explaining or talking;;;, but as nerdy as this message will come out i guess it wouldnt matter. ;^)

Everytime i check your blog, i see it full of love from people and from you aswell, which aways cover the sad moments the blog had. I still remember the first day i found your blogs, the first day i baked a cake as a gift, drawing you stuff although i suck at drawing;;; , or the emotional messages- ah man ,were those so long ago? It literally feels like yesterday. And months by months you seem to be growing so much,and weird coming from me considering that im younger than you..haha. You’re that kind of person who wouldnt be forgotten that easily, and i mean in a good way.Remembering the pickle family, all those pants eating thing, the stickers,drawings,comics,the gifs, the minecraft times too? hahaha. They were all such great memories that were created with your help, with your positivity and with -just you,existing.

Im happy that i met you, and although i couldnt help you that much in the past year, at least i know i tried and that im happy i got to know many sides of you, personalities and of course friends of yours.

Look at you know, strong, indipendent and ready to fight whatever comes in your way. Many people told you in the past that if you keep fighting you’ll get strong, lets face it, they didnt slutter ;D 

You are amazing and we are all trying to be there for each other.

This year might be different than the others that you had celebrated, but i just want you to know that you are loved by so many people, just by your smile, laugh or you being a smol dork.You care so much for people Megan, please continue being the amazing person you are, we all are so proud of having you here, spending all time together and having fun. 

                                   Happy Birthday, pickle mom(yup, didnt forget about that)

   @sai-shou                                                                                 with love  Cat.

“Being true to yourself is a beautiful thing.” - Megan Rapinoe

I’m crying, and I’m shaking as I type this.

My mom was watching Megan Rapinoe’s mini-documentary downstairs and I was watching it upstairs. She yelled at me to come down, and once I got in the room she’s like “Did you know this girl was gay?”

And of course, I was like “No! That’s weird.” And she’s like, “Yeah, Amy Wambach” (to which I’m like “You mean Abby”) “and Ali Kieger are gay, too.”

And to which my dad says, “You like them as athletes, not personally, right? You don’t approve of their lesbian lifestyle, right?”

To which I said, “Of course not, dad,” as I rolled my eyes to show how un-lesbian lifestyle I am. But as soon as I’d turned away from them, I could feel tears coming down my face and I tried not to make any sounds as I walked upstairs quickly.

I’m now sitting in my room, and I think I just had my first panic attack in 4 months.

Fuck you, mom and dad. I love you, but that hurt like hell. Before you ruined the moment, I was so fucking happy that a gay woman was getting so much press coverage. I was so fucking happy that Megan Rapinoe is proud of who she is, and was thinking of how I wanted to be like her.

But you know what? I don’t have to listen to your homophobic bullshit any longer. I hate how you make me feel like I’m a mistake. Even if you don’t mean to, I still hate how you make me feel disgusted at who I am.

But you know what? I’m my own fucking person. I don’t care what you think. You homophobia might have hurt me in that moment, but as I’ve been writing, I’m getting more and more clear-headed. I was fucking proud in that moment for Megan. It’s her birthday, and she’s one of my heroes on that team. You want to know something? People like her, who aren’t afraid to stand up and be who they are, unashamed, are the reason I’m still alive. All those women you made fun of? They are my heroes. 

I’m tired of your homophobia. 

To quote Megan Rapinoe… 

“This is who I am and I’m totally fucking proud of it.”

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❤️ and also 💕 bc I love my indie megane dorter

Tachi !! I love u too my beautiful punk mother  💕 Where do I start, honestly? First of all, I love how much of a great mom you are. You try so hard to give Katy, (and v soon, Harper too!!) a gender neutral childhood so that they can make their own choices re: their identities, and I think that’s so incredible? You’re also incredibly brave, and strong, and so fiercely full of love–you’re just one of those people who are full of life, you know? You’re a writer, and an artist, and a great friend, most of all, and I love you.

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The Roommate

Title: The Roommate

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2123

Summary: Instead of a girl called Megan your new roommate is Sam Winchester. It’s strange at first but you immediately feel some deep connection to the stranger. As if it was destiny for you to be together.

A/N: This is something I thought about the other day and I really hope you guys like it!


“Mom you can stop worrying about me,” you said for about the hundredths of times. Your phone was stuck between your ear and your shoulder while you tried to carry the heavy box of your belongings through the long corridor of the house. Your new apartment was supposed to be the one behind the door with the 229 on it, only three doors away from the spot you stopped at to somehow get rid of your Mom. It was cute how worried she was about you but you were not in the slightest way interested for your new roommate to see you talking to your almost hysteric mother. This didn’t sounded like the best first impression to you.

“Mom, I am serious. I’m fine. The flight was good and the weather is good too and - yes I’ll call you before I go to bed, I promise. Bye Mom! ” you let out a deep sigh and threw the phone into your box which was way too full for it to be able to get closed. Half of your stuff was already hanging outside of it.

Quickly you knocked against the wooden door of 229 and waited. The girl who lived here was called Megan and you’d replies to her roommate ad already months ago. You were excited to meet her in person but when the door finally opened your excitment vanished. It wasn’t Megan who opened the door. It was a guy.

“Oh sorry! Must have knocked on the wrong door,” you quickly murmured and already wanted to turn around, when the guy started talking - and god did he have an attractive voice!

“Are you Y/N,” he asked and you freezed in your movement and turned around again.

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An extra Christmas gift for one of my closest friends, @hydrangeaghosts, who just got a lovely Undertale tattoo! We’ve been friends for roughly 8 years and I care so much about him. So here’s me as Toriel and him as Frisk! Obviously not to scale… heehee.

I drew everything from scratch except the Toriel dialogue sprite!

Undertale © Toby Fox

Artwork © Megan Fabbri

EDIT: Shit, I wrote “2016” on the signature! Oh well. Also, I deleted the original post and reposted it with overlay texture, forgetting I could’ve just kept the original post and resubmitted the files through it…

  • 10. Quintis talking about baby names because we all know Happy is not letting the baby be named Tobias Meriwhether Curtis Junior.
  • 9. The entire cyclone buying little gifts for the newest addition to their family. Especially Paige.
  • 8. Happy sharing more of her fears about the baby with Toby because that scene in Bat Poop Crazy was AMAZING!!!
  • 7. Happy taking to her dad, Patrick, about her mom and her baby. It's bound to happen at some point, right?
  • 6. Sylvester getting used to germs and stuff so that he could hold and look after the Quintis baby because he knows how much Megan would have loved to have been there and hold the baby.
  • 5. Walter making more weird, new innovative stuff for the baby. Like the U-Dog. But don't make a jingle, O'Brien!!! I still can't get that song out of my head...
  • 4. Ralph getting upset that he won't be the youngest anymore and worrying that the baby will take everyone's attention away from him. But then the cyclone assures him that is never going out happen.
  • 3. Cabe giving Toby advice on how to be a father. Who better to get advice about being a father than one someone whose been one before?
  • 2. Walter and Paige talking about the Quintis baby. I think it'd be kind of cute! Anyone else? Just me? Okay...

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Well Felicity is from Las Vegas. I want them undercover there with Oliver, but her mother saw them & thinks that they are couple and they need to pretend because of the mission.

“The Strip is just around the corner,” Felicity said, leading Oliver through the crowded streets of Las Vegas. 

Thanks to a joint investigation with A.R.G.U.S. that Lyla and Diggle couldn’t complete because of their child, Oliver and Felicity took it upon themselves to fill in their friends’ spots. Little did Felicity know that the mission was sending her back to Sin City, and as Oliver’s undercover girlfriend, no doubt. 

“Hey, relax,” He said, grabbing her arm. He looped his arm around her waist and pressed her closer to him. “I know being back here freaks you out, but we have to at least attempt to be undercover, okay?”

“Sorry,” She muttered. “I just wanna finish this mission and go back home.”

“I know, I know,” He said. “But we have to act natural, okay? Try to fit in.”

“I’ve fit in here my entire life,” She reminded him. “I don’t wanna go back.”

Oliver nodded in understanding. “So, hun, you said the Strip was this way?”

“Huh?” She blinked at him in surprise. “Oh, right. Yeah, it’s this way." 

She faked a laugh as she pulled him around the corner towards the famous street.

"I forgot how bright it is here,” Oliver commented, eliciting a laugh from his partner.

“You’ve been here?” He raised his eyebrows at her. “Right, stupid question. Of course you have. Why am I not sur-”

“Oh my God, Felicity? Felicity Smoak?” A high-pitched squeal came from behind them. A rather voluptuous woman, about forty years of age, with large Dolly Parton-like hair, a tight red dress, and heels that literally seemed killer on her feet, reached for her.

“Oh no,” She whispered, casting an apologetic look at Oliver.

“Sweetie! Sweetie! It’s me, it’s Rochelle!” The woman squeaked, stumbling her way through the crowd towards her. She pulled her in for a hug, alcohol and tobacco laced her breath, the woman’s long, black acrylic nails pressed into her skin. “Look a’ you! So grown up!”

“Uh, hey, Rochelle,” She smiled, pulling away. “I’m sorry, I have to-”

“Does your mama know you’re here?”

“No, no!” She said quickly. “No, she doesn’t. And I would really appreciate it if-”

“Hang on, I’ll get her,” The woman winked. “Megs, Megs! Megan!" 

"Your middle name is your mother’s name?” Oliver whispered in her ear. 

“So my mother’s a bit vain,” She shrugged. “But that’s not important. We have to leave, Oliver. Right now. Before she-”

“Felicity Megan Smoak! You did not step foot into Las Vegas without saying hello to your mama,” A voice said behind them.

“Crap,” Felicity muttered, turning to the voice.

Oliver’s eyebrows shot up. It was Felicity. Well, Felicity after about thirty years. Her hair, which probably matched Felicity’s original color before she dyed it, was teased up in the same Dolly Patron- hairstyle as Rochelle’s. She had the same blue eyes, the ones that could always tell when he was lying, and the same knowing smile that Felicity always had. But somehow, Felicity’s smile seemed a bit more sincere and understanding. The woman had on a slightly revealing dress and heels as high as Rochelle’s. A waitress tray was held in one hand, a cigarette held between the fingers of the other hand.

“Hello mother,” Felicity said through gritted teeth, a smile forced itself onto her lips.

“Darlin’,” She nodded, handing off her waitress tray to her friend. “Roch, hold this while I give my baby a hug.”

Oliver watched as the two women hugged, especially how Felicity’s body tensed at her mother’s touch. The woman finally noticed Oliver, giving him a once-over, and pulled away from her daughter.

“And who is this handsome young man?”

“Ma, this is- Um, he’s my-”

“Oliver Queen, I’m Felicity’s boyfriend,” He smiled, extending his arm.

“You are?” Felicity shot him a look. He smiled at her and nodded. “Right. Yeah. Mom, this is Oliver. My, uh, boyfriend.”

“Well aren’t you a yummy little thing,” Megan’s eyes scanned Oliver again as she shook his hand, taking in his expensive suit. “Let me guess, she’s sleeping with you for a job, right?”

“Mother!” Felicity hissed.

Oliver blinked at her in surprise. “Um, no, ma’am. Actually, Felicity and I are partners. In a, uh, in a security firm.”

“Security?” She looked at her daughter. “Why the hell you working in security? I thought you went to that fancy-schmancy college of yours to work on those computers you love so much. What ‘appened? You weren’t good enough?”

“Mom, I-” Felicity looked down.

“Actually, Mrs. Smoak-”

“Megan. You can call me Megan,” She corrected.

“Well, then. Megan. You couldn’t be more wrong about your daughter. She’s the best computers expert we have. Without her, I probably would have ran our security firm into the crowd,” Oliver pulled Felicity to his side and pressed a light kiss to her temple. 

“Is that so?” She looked from him to her.

“Yes, Megan, it is,” Oliver tried to reel her attention again, so that she wouldn’t cast another disapproving look at Felicity.

“For now, maybe. But just you wait, Oliver,” Megan shook her head and made a tsking sound. “In a few years time she’ll be back here begging for my forgiveness. And, I assume, a new job because you’ll have fired her for some other busty blonde that can type her name on a computer. We know your type, Mr. Queen. They come ‘round here all the damn day, eyes wandering as if-”

“Mom, that’s enough!” Felicity said suddenly. She broke away from Oliver’s hold to take a step closer to her  "You may not realize it, but I am damn good at what I do. I’ve worked my ass off to be where I am- and more importantly- where I’m not anymore. You can go ahead and rant about how much of a disappointment I am to you- I don’t care! I’m used to it! But don’t you dare say one word against Oliver because he is one of the best damn things that’s ever happened to me. He puts others before himself and he knows how to care for and keep the ones he loves safe- something you could take a lesson from. Now don’t you worry about my coming back here in a few years because I assure you, I won’t be. And trust me, this is the last time I will ever step foot in Vegas again.“

"How dare you talk to your mother that way, you ungrateful little-” Oliver stepped between them, catching Megan’s wrist as it swung near Felicity. She narrowed her eyes and pulled her arm away from his grasp.

“That’s not a good idea, Megan. May I remind you that we work for a security firm. And as such, Felicity and I are some of the most protected people on this planet. Felicity more so because I am the one protecting her. Usually I protect her from physical dangers, but never once did I imagine my having to protect her from her own mother. But I care very much for your daughter, and I will not stand to hear you talk about her like that. So while it was nice to finally meet you, Megan, I think this will be the last time we see each other.”

Megan blinked at him, her jaw dropped in disbelief. Oliver wrapped an arm around Felicity and led them away from her mother, towards the center of the Strip. 

“Are you okay?” He asked a moment later when he was sure they weren’t being followed.

“That was-” She shook her head. “I just told off my mother.”

“I know. And I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“No, Oliver. You don’t understand. I just told off my mother!” She giggled and threw her arms around his neck. Surprised, Oliver wrapped his arms around her. “Oh my God, I never thought I would ever be able to do that! Did you hear me? I didn’t stammer one bit!”

"No, you didn’t,” He laughed, watching her face light up with joy. “Felt good?”

“Good? Are you kidding me? That felt great! I’ve wanted to do that for so long! I mean, yeah, it hurt that she said all those mean things to me. But once she started talking about you, I couldn’t hold it in anymore! She doesn’t know you, she doesn’t know how much of a hero you are. And then when you stopped her from hitting me? That was so cool! And by the way, security firm?”

“It was the first thing that popped into my head,” He shrugged. 

“That, Oliver Queen, was genius,” She laughed as she tugged on his arm. “C’mon, we’ve got a bad guy to catch.”

“Hang on, slow down,” He said, weaving through the crowd to keep up with her.

“Nope, can’t do that. I just faced the closeted skeleton that is my mother. I can take on any baddie now,” She smiled proudly.