i love megan's mom so much


For Megan,

Happy Birthday you silly dork!!!<333

I feel so happy, to be able to see you alive and safe, after everything that you’ve been through. It’s kind of hard for me to find the right words for such a message, im not that good at explaining or talking;;;, but as nerdy as this message will come out i guess it wouldnt matter. ;^)

Everytime i check your blog, i see it full of love from people and from you aswell, which aways cover the sad moments the blog had. I still remember the first day i found your blogs, the first day i baked a cake as a gift, drawing you stuff although i suck at drawing;;; , or the emotional messages- ah man ,were those so long ago? It literally feels like yesterday. And months by months you seem to be growing so much,and weird coming from me considering that im younger than you..haha. You’re that kind of person who wouldnt be forgotten that easily, and i mean in a good way.Remembering the pickle family, all those pants eating thing, the stickers,drawings,comics,the gifs, the minecraft times too? hahaha. They were all such great memories that were created with your help, with your positivity and with -just you,existing.

Im happy that i met you, and although i couldnt help you that much in the past year, at least i know i tried and that im happy i got to know many sides of you, personalities and of course friends of yours.

Look at you know, strong, indipendent and ready to fight whatever comes in your way. Many people told you in the past that if you keep fighting you’ll get strong, lets face it, they didnt slutter ;D 

You are amazing and we are all trying to be there for each other.

This year might be different than the others that you had celebrated, but i just want you to know that you are loved by so many people, just by your smile, laugh or you being a smol dork.You care so much for people Megan, please continue being the amazing person you are, we all are so proud of having you here, spending all time together and having fun. 

                                   Happy Birthday, pickle mom(yup, didnt forget about that)

   @sai-shou                                                                                 with love  Cat.

Don’t waste your chances

Hi merthan fans! So sorry it took so long, but my computer hates me. I had two prompts, I mix it and write a story for you. Hope you will like it. Comments, reblogs and likes are VERY welcome. Prompts can be found here and here.

Big thank you for @itsgreystime she’s the best. Thanks to her, I can post anything :)

Meredith was standing in the hallway, she was waiting for her sisters, they were already late. She took a sip of her coffee when she saw Nathan sitting in the waiting room. Meredith was torn as never, she wanted to be with him during Megan’s operation, but she knew it wasn’t right to give him and herself false hopes. She took a deep breath, walked over and sat next to him.

“You need some company?” she smiled.

“I would like that, yes.” he said, giving her a small smile.

“I’m sure the second operation will…”

“I’m not sitting here because she will have surgery Meredith. I’m here because I don’t know what to do next.” he looked at her.

“Isn’t it obvious?” she was looking on her empty cup.

“Meredith,” he said, taking her hand into his, “I know what I feel, and I know you feel it too.”

“I need to go.” she almost jumped from the chair.

“Meredith!” he shouted, seeing her leave.

“And you just ran away?” Amelia asked, taking a sip of tea.

“And what I could do?” Meredith looked at her sister,“ say that I love him and that he need to dump his ex fiancèe after all she’s been through?”

“Mer, he can’t be with someone he doesn’t love.” Maggie pointed to her sister.

Meredith looked around, they were standing near the nurses station and she couldn’t focus, she looked at the front when one woman try to talk with a nurse. The nurse were so busy, they didn’t even notice the grey haired lady. Meredith left her sisters and went towards the lady.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“Oh, yes please. I tried to ask about my son, but everyone here is so busy.”

“Yes, today’s crazy. Is your son is patient?”

“No. He’s a doctor here.” the lady said, “I should have introduced myself first. I’m Regina Riggs. I’m Nathan Riggs mother.”

“Nice to meet you. Please come with me, we will try to find Nathan.” Meredith said, taking  the suitcase from the lady.

Meredith knocked gently on the on call room door, she knew Nathan will be here, resting after all he been true lately. She walked in first, dragging the suitcase, and she moved a little so Nathan’s mom could came after her.

“Mom! What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I couldn’t leave you dealing with this alone, son.” she hugged him tight, “that lovely lady helped me to find you.”

“Thank you Meredith.” he said, looking straight into her eyes.

At once room was filled with some kind of energy, the sparks flying between them were now even more visible. Nathan’s mom looked at him and later at Meredith. She got the impression that the two of them had their own invisible language and she shouldn’t interrupt. Regina looked at her son once again, he reminded her her first husband, Nathan was stubborn, handsome and always wanted to do the right thing, even if it wasn’t what he wanted the most.

“I’ll go now.” Meredith said, breaking the eye contact. “nice to meet you Mrs. Riggs.”

“Please call me Regina.” she smiled.

When Meredith left the room, closing the door behind her, Nathan’s mom sat on the edge of the bed, she pulled her son to sit next to her and, after a short break between asking him how was his life going and how about hers, Nathan’s mom finally spoke.

“So, what’s between you and Meredith?” she asked.

“Nothing.” he said softly, “Megan came back.”

“I didn’t asked about Megan, I asked about Meredith.” she put her hand on his shoulder.

“It’s so fucked up mom, you have no idea.”

“Language Nathan!” she reprimand him, “you can’t be unhappy, I know you loved Megan very much, but I saw you with Meredith today. It’s something I didn’t see a long time. You love her.”

“Yes, but she thinks I should be with Megan and to be honest, I think that too. She went through hell and I own her this.”

The loud noise of his beeper filled the room, Nathan jumped to the nightstand and started wearing his shoes. He looked at his mom, trying to say how happy he was to see her, but instead he just sat there for a moment, saying nothing.

“Go! They need you.”

“Please wait for me in cafeteria. It’s just a surgery I think, I’ll be there for two hours.” he said, kissing his mother forehead.

“Don’t worry about me, you have lives to save.”


Regina Riggs was sitting in the cafeteria, her suitcase was standing next to her while the lady was sipping hot tea with sugar and lemon. She looked around at all the doctors, nurses and medical stuff, they were always in move, running. Mrs Riggs glanced at the opening door, she knew that meddling in her son love life wasn’t very smart, but at once she rejected those thoughts and after a moment she shouted softly.

“Meredith!” she smiled, “would you join me?”

“Mrs Riggs, I thought you were with Nathan” she said, holding a cup of coffee in her hand.

“He’s having a surgery. We’ll meet here when he will finish.” she explained, “if you’re not busy, maybe we can drink coffee together?”

“With pleasure.” Meredith sat in front of the lady.

“I wanted to ask you some questions, but we don’t know each other.” she started, “you were dating my son?”

“Um yes. Sort of.” Meredith said.

“Did he left when Megan showed up?” Regina said, sipping her tea.

“I told him… I wanted him to be with Megan.” Meredith said, “I lost my husband, I loved him so much that sometimes I wanted him to be back.”

“But Nathan doesn’t love Megan. I saw you and him in the room. He looked at you like he never looked at any girl.”

“Mrs Riggs..”

“Let me finish please. I never messed up with Nathan’s love life, but when I see that he is miserable, I can’t stay aside. Do you have kids?”

“Yes. A boy and two girls.”

“I’m sure you’d do anything to make them happy. I want that for my boy. You know, when he was little, Nathan always wanted to protect people. He came home with bruises and scars, but always said “I protect them”. When he met Megan, he called me from Iraq and he was so excited. He really loved her then.”

“Nathan…” Meredith started, “he got a chance I’ll never get.”

“How do you know that if your husband came back… you’d want to be with him and not with Nathan? We change Meredith, we evolve. I don’t say you didn’t love your husband, but the point is that you can’t force Nathan to fall in love with Megan if he doesn’t want to.”

“Maybe you’re right, but I want him to try. Just try.”

“I don’t know if Nathan told you, but my husband died in an accident about 35 years ago. I loved him with all my heart. I cried at night, I visited his grave every day and I thought that I’d never love anyone else because if I did, I’d betray him. Six years later I met Sean. He was amazing for me and for Nathan, even though my son didn’t like him at first. Nathan is stubborn and always want to do everything his way.”

“I know what you want to tell me.” Meredith nodded, “but I can’t take him away from her, it’s too late.”

“There isn’t such thing as ‘too late’, Meredith, but there is something like ‘I wasted my chance’ and it is more heartbreaking” Regina smiled.

Meredith knocked at the door, waiting for him to open it. She slided into the on call room, which became a home for him since Megan showed up. Meredith leaned against the door, trying to figure out how to start. Nathan was sitting on the bed, hiding his face into his hands, he was torn and it  hurted him as never before. Meredith took a few steps towards him, she sat on the bed near him and took his hand into hers.

“I talked with your mom.” she said.

“Oh my God. I totally forgot about her.”

“She’s okay. Nathan…” she took a deep breath, “I love you.”

The meaning of her words filled the room, they looked at each other for some time before Meredith finally spoke.

“Your mom told me, about your dad and stepdad and everything. I realized, Nathan, I can’t lose you. I tried to avoid you, not to think about you. It’s impossible, but everytime I think I can be with you I think about Megan too.”

Nathan moved closer to her a little, he was so overwhelmed by everything she said, he just wanted to be with the woman he loved and all of this was just too painful. He pulled her closer and hugged her, kissing her head.

“I can’t pretend that I love her, I love you and there is nothing I can do about it.”

“What do we do with Megan then?” Meredith asked, hugging him tighter.

“We will tell her the truth.”


“Mom!” Nathan shouted, seeing his mom in the lobby.

“Nathan.” she caressed his cheek.

“I’m so sorry we haven’t had much time. I promise I’ll visit you soon with Mer and kids.”

“Meredith?” she tried not to smile.

“Yes mom.” he hugged her, “and thank you for what you said to her.” Nathan whispered into her ear.

“Me?” Regina smiled, “I just gave her a good advice.”

“Yes? What exactly?” he asked, looking at his mom.

“Don’t waste your chances.” Regina said, “don’t waste any of them.”

adreadfulidea  asked:

Hi, I just wanted to say that I recently read your meta on Betty and Megan Draper and I really loved it. Back when the show was on it was rare to find anyone who empathized with one of those characters, much less both of them. You drew the parallels between them very well - I had forgotten Megan was a non-smoker when she met Don! It also occurred to me that Betty is often dressed in blue while Megan is in pink or red; colors we would say contrast but that are also paired together culturally.

Oh wow thanks so much for this message! The character development on both characters was so, so beautifully done in that series. I love how gradual yet clear Megan’s mental and emotional decline is, it’s so sad and poignant. It really shows how Don’s narcissism, entitlement, and misogyny chews up everyone he loves and spits them out in a far worse state than they were when you met them. 

I can understand why people loathe Betty; she’s an abusive mom, she’s racist, she has ignorant attitudes in a lot of ways…but too often, the hate she gets isn’t for any of that, it’s for being a traditional woman in the 1950′s and reflecting the values she was indoctrinated into having. Betty isn’t to blame for giving up her dream career to marry a charming fur salesman. It’s not her fault that her mother’s abuse made Betty hate her own body and internalize all displeasure to the point that she can only express distress in psychosomatic symptoms. And some viewers even hate her for growing a spine, confronting Don, divorcing him, and trying to get what she wants out of life! That I really can’t understand. Betty is flawed in dozens of ways but she’s such a worthwhile portrait of what a lifetime of sexism, privilege, and shaming can do to warp someone’s ability to connect with other people. 

And Megan! Why do people hate Megan! She’s bubbly and competent, she’s sexually liberated, she is kind to children, confident, well-dressed, artistic, she has cool friends…at the beginning of her run on the show, at least. Don shrinks her world so dramatically. She loses her career. She loses most of her friends. She has to devote her time to managing Don’s drunkenness and unpredictability and coping with his cheating and mistreatment. And at the end of that, after years of trying to put a brave face on things, people think she’s greedy or a gold-digger for wanting some of Don’s money in the divorce. It’s so unforgiving. Like, yes, Megan is a brittler, darker, more miserable, more petty character by the end of the series but none of that was her fault. The only thing she did wrong was marry a guy two weeks after banging him. 

30 questions

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Nickname(s): at my old job they called me “meg” but i don’t really like it. my mom sometimes calls me “meggie” and i don’t mind it as much, but still just prefer to be called megan haha
Gender: cis female
Sign: cancer
Height: 5′2″
Time: 7:54am
Birthday: July 7th
Favourite bands: fall out boy is the only real band that i like. i used to love mad moon riot but….. :(
Favourite solo artists: marina and the diamonds, hayley kiyoko, darren criss, lady gaga, owl city
Song stuck in my head: none really at the moment because i’m listening to music so just focusing on what is playing haha
Last movie i watched: how to be single
Last show i watched: bob’s burgers
When did i create this blog: like, 7 or 8 years ago
What do i post: mostly glee with a bunch of hodgepodge of other shows like runaways, the bold type, the good place, brooklyn nine nine, the flash, steven universe… i used to post a lot of ghostbusters but that fandom is kind of dead now :(
What did i last google: “html tab space”
Do i get asks: not very many, but every now and then!
Why did i choose this url: because i love miss mia swier with all my heart and soul
Average hours of sleep: lmao who the fuck knows my sleep schedule is a goddamn mess
Lucky number: 7
Instruments: i am a useless member of society
What i am wearing: fluffy pajama pants and my christmas shirt
Dream job: owner of a publishing company that exclusively publishes books about queer women written by queer women. or, really just any job in publishing.
Favourite food: probably pizza
Last book i read: i don’t really wanna talk about it lmao
3 favorite fandoms: glee, ghostbusters, the bold type <3

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“Being true to yourself is a beautiful thing.” - Megan Rapinoe

I’m crying, and I’m shaking as I type this.

My mom was watching Megan Rapinoe’s mini-documentary downstairs and I was watching it upstairs. She yelled at me to come down, and once I got in the room she’s like “Did you know this girl was gay?”

And of course, I was like “No! That’s weird.” And she’s like, “Yeah, Amy Wambach” (to which I’m like “You mean Abby”) “and Ali Kieger are gay, too.”

And to which my dad says, “You like them as athletes, not personally, right? You don’t approve of their lesbian lifestyle, right?”

To which I said, “Of course not, dad,” as I rolled my eyes to show how un-lesbian lifestyle I am. But as soon as I’d turned away from them, I could feel tears coming down my face and I tried not to make any sounds as I walked upstairs quickly.

I’m now sitting in my room, and I think I just had my first panic attack in 4 months.

Fuck you, mom and dad. I love you, but that hurt like hell. Before you ruined the moment, I was so fucking happy that a gay woman was getting so much press coverage. I was so fucking happy that Megan Rapinoe is proud of who she is, and was thinking of how I wanted to be like her.

But you know what? I don’t have to listen to your homophobic bullshit any longer. I hate how you make me feel like I’m a mistake. Even if you don’t mean to, I still hate how you make me feel disgusted at who I am.

But you know what? I’m my own fucking person. I don’t care what you think. You homophobia might have hurt me in that moment, but as I’ve been writing, I’m getting more and more clear-headed. I was fucking proud in that moment for Megan. It’s her birthday, and she’s one of my heroes on that team. You want to know something? People like her, who aren’t afraid to stand up and be who they are, unashamed, are the reason I’m still alive. All those women you made fun of? They are my heroes. 

I’m tired of your homophobia. 

To quote Megan Rapinoe… 

“This is who I am and I’m totally fucking proud of it.”

The Roommate

Title: The Roommate

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2123

Summary: Instead of a girl called Megan your new roommate is Sam Winchester. It’s strange at first but you immediately feel some deep connection to the stranger. As if it was destiny for you to be together.

A/N: This is something I thought about the other day and I really hope you guys like it!


“Mom you can stop worrying about me,” you said for about the hundredths of times. Your phone was stuck between your ear and your shoulder while you tried to carry the heavy box of your belongings through the long corridor of the house. Your new apartment was supposed to be the one behind the door with the 229 on it, only three doors away from the spot you stopped at to somehow get rid of your Mom. It was cute how worried she was about you but you were not in the slightest way interested for your new roommate to see you talking to your almost hysteric mother. This didn’t sounded like the best first impression to you.

“Mom, I am serious. I’m fine. The flight was good and the weather is good too and - yes I’ll call you before I go to bed, I promise. Bye Mom! ” you let out a deep sigh and threw the phone into your box which was way too full for it to be able to get closed. Half of your stuff was already hanging outside of it.

Quickly you knocked against the wooden door of 229 and waited. The girl who lived here was called Megan and you’d replies to her roommate ad already months ago. You were excited to meet her in person but when the door finally opened your excitment vanished. It wasn’t Megan who opened the door. It was a guy.

“Oh sorry! Must have knocked on the wrong door,” you quickly murmured and already wanted to turn around, when the guy started talking - and god did he have an attractive voice!

“Are you Y/N,” he asked and you freezed in your movement and turned around again.

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An extra Christmas gift for one of my closest friends, @hydrangeaghosts, who just got a lovely Undertale tattoo! We’ve been friends for roughly 8 years and I care so much about him. So here’s me as Toriel and him as Frisk! Obviously not to scale… heehee.

I drew everything from scratch except the Toriel dialogue sprite!

Undertale © Toby Fox

Artwork © Megan Fabbri

EDIT: Shit, I wrote “2016” on the signature! Oh well. Also, I deleted the original post and reposted it with overlay texture, forgetting I could’ve just kept the original post and resubmitted the files through it…

  • 10. Quintis talking about baby names because we all know Happy is not letting the baby be named Tobias Meriwhether Curtis Junior.
  • 9. The entire cyclone buying little gifts for the newest addition to their family. Especially Paige.
  • 8. Happy sharing more of her fears about the baby with Toby because that scene in Bat Poop Crazy was AMAZING!!!
  • 7. Happy taking to her dad, Patrick, about her mom and her baby. It's bound to happen at some point, right?
  • 6. Sylvester getting used to germs and stuff so that he could hold and look after the Quintis baby because he knows how much Megan would have loved to have been there and hold the baby.
  • 5. Walter making more weird, new innovative stuff for the baby. Like the U-Dog. But don't make a jingle, O'Brien!!! I still can't get that song out of my head...
  • 4. Ralph getting upset that he won't be the youngest anymore and worrying that the baby will take everyone's attention away from him. But then the cyclone assures him that is never going out happen.
  • 3. Cabe giving Toby advice on how to be a father. Who better to get advice about being a father than one someone whose been one before?
  • 2. Walter and Paige talking about the Quintis baby. I think it'd be kind of cute! Anyone else? Just me? Okay...

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