i love megan follows as anne


“Your love I once surrendered, 
          has never left my mind.
My heart is just as tender, 
          as the day I called you mine.
I did not take you with me,
          but you were never left behind.

— Lang Leav, Always With Me


why don’t you crush what’s left of my soul - 6/25

Anne & Gilbert - Anne of Green Gables

Review: Anne with an ‘E’ (Spoilers)

So I had just finished the Netflix series Anne with an ‘E’ with my Mum (who watched all of it a week prior to me) and I feel as if I need to give a consensus as a child who read all the books and felt that the 1985 adaptation was as close to perfect as anyone could get. I also see my younger self as a little Anne Shirley which is why I am so fiercely protective of this series and any adaptation of said series. So lets get to it:

My Praises

-The Cast: Although I do have an enternal love for Megan Follows, Jonathan Crombie, Colleen Dewhurst, and Richard Farnsworth as their respective characters; I could not imagine another better cast as the one in Anne with an 'E’. Newcomer Amybeth McNulty undeniably shines as the fierce and imaginative Anne Shirley. She captures Anne completely with even the slightest of expressions. Lucas Jade Zumann becomes Gilbert “Heart-Eyes” Blythe with his loving smirk and utter adoration of Anne. I also commend Geraldine James for making such an exquisite Marilla. James nailed Marilla’s sterness and sensitivity. Lastly, Corrine Koslo made Rachel Lynde my absolute fave and I have no problems with that.
-The Soundtrack: That upbeat and vibrant Celtic music.
-The Cinematography: It felt like I was truly experiencing the world through Anne’s eyes. So stunning to watch.
-The Episode Titles: I just loved this little detail they added in making all the episode titles Jane Eyre quotes. Since it is my favourite novel of all time, it did make me squeal a little everytime they mentioned it in the show.
-The Directing: Speechless, honestly. Props to the 5/7 female directors. We honestly do not see enough of them in this day and age.
-The Feminism!: That theme of feminism that underlyed throughout the show was something that made it stick. In a young girl’s coming-of-age story, there always should be a bit of feminism and girl empowerment to make it relatable. It was also Marilla’s coming-of-age in a way as well, becoming a “Mother in a Modern World”.
-Anne & Diana’s Adorable Friendship: Bossom Friends till the end.

My Criticism

-The Anne and Gilbert Love Story: Now before you all throw your hands 'round my throat, hear me out. These two are my precious babies. They are the teenage Lizzie and Darcy. Now Lizzie didn’t talk to Darcy because “a friend liked him”. No. Lizzie didn’t talk to Darcy because of her own stupid pride. Just like Anne. I have no idea why the writers thought of that “friend obligation” thingo. Anne was stupidly proud and ignored Gilbert because of that. Gilbert also was a bit of a twat when he pulled her hair and called her “carrots” (fucking iconic) not all soft and gentle. But the rest they got right. Except for the last episode (which a will get to..) where they called “truce”. Anne and Gilbert did not call “truce” until like 3 years later. Apart from that, the kids had amazing chemistry and were extremely adorable. Could have had extra time with spelling bees and stuff though.
-The Theives: I seriously have no clue. I was literally like this at that strange cliffhanger ending “!?!?!?!?!?”. It was really out of place.
-Gilbert working on the Docks: This honestly just made me really fucking mad. How is this going to change Anne and Gil’s relationship!? Is he coming back to school!? Is he going to become a doctor!!??
-The Lack of Anne’s Pride and Vanity: I wanted the Anne who accidentally dyed her hair green and climbed the roof of the school! The one who was so incredibly proud and vain. It made her relatable.

Overall, I think the pluses outweight the minuses. Y'all should give it a watch ASAP. Nothing will ever top the 1985 adaptation (or ya know the books) but this one certainly gives it a run for its money.

"Anne with an E" is the Gritty Reboot I Didn't Know I Needed

Also, Netflix can suck a bag of dicks because that trailer really did a disservice to this show making it seem like…well, not this.

Anyway, Anne of Green Gables is one of the dearest book series to me, and I’ve always loved the 1985 movie with Megan Follows, because obviously, come on [/Archer reference]

But this actress playing Anne? Wow. She brings a range of emotion that, by the nature of the the 1985 film Follows didn’t get a chance to show off (and I’m trying not to give anything away because I want people to watch this).

And the other characters? Matthew is the one I’m still on the fence about four episodes in. He comes off a tad too gruff and not nearly as the socially awkward man who has a hard time speaking in the first episode. Marilla OTOH gets the funniest lines still. I this this actress was perfectly cast.

The storyline? That is going to be polarizing, but four episodes in, I find that exploring the often undiscussed backstory and the horrid stuff Anne has lived through and how it affected her is something that needs to be addressed.

Because think about it–is a girl who has been a designated caregiver by two families who didn’t care much for her beyond being their nanny going to be as well adjusted as the Anne in the books is? Would she, by virtue of the families she was around be a bit more worldly (albeit in a very Anne Shirley way, to the writers’ credit)? Absolutely. The show addresses both of these.

I do have to say that me using “gritty reboot” for this isn’t much of an exaggeration. Because the pain this girl goes through even after getting adopted….just! A quick glance online shows I’m probably in the minority of people who enjoy this show because there’s not a lot of the dreamer Anne Shirley we all know. But I will say that after the shit she goes through, it makes me more appreciate that she manages to find beauty in the world (of which I hope we’ll see more of in season two…because again, this is Anne Shirley we’re talking about. Save the over the top, unending painfests for the redheads of Riverdale, plz!)

But without spoiling anything for anyone who may be on the fence, this is definitely a very interesting take on the Anne lore that I recommend anyone who enjoyed the books at least give it a look. It’s only seven episodes, so you won’t be up binging all night like we know we all will next month for Orange is the New Black, hahaha 🤣

“Gilbert did say that being smart was better than being pretty.”

For years, this line has bothered me. In what universe is Megan Follows not pretty?

Originally posted by ofallingstar

As for Amybeth, I would love to see her out of the braids as Anne as she gets older.

Thank goodness for Gilbert appreciating Anne’s intelligence, regardless of Anne 2017 or 1985. But I also love that he finds her cute, because she doesn’t see herself that way.

My take on @bibliophilicwitch‘s Sunday Tomes and Tea today includes Anne of Green Gables. I love these books (and look at how pretty these editions are!). The films with Megan Follows are some of my all-time favourites. I’m not currently reading these, but I want to finish the series soon.

The pink tea I had this morning is called Forever Nuts and I got it at Davids Tea. It’s delicious! I’m really trying to drink more tea and Davids Tea has a good selection. The beetroot in the tea is what makes it pink!


Literature meme: 7 Characters [7/7]

Anne (with an E!) Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)

I’m not a bit changed—not really. I’m only just pruned down and branched out. The real me—back here—is just the same. It won’t make a bit of difference where I go or how much I change outwardly; at heart I shall always be your little Anne, who will love you and Matthew and dear Green Gables more and better every day of her life.”


Stone-heart, machine gun
Firing at the ones who run
Stone heart loves bulletproof glass


If you are a female who loves period drama, it’s pretty much inevitable that you’ve had a crush on Gilbert Blythe (right after Colin Firth, of course). I recently fell in love with Gil all over again as I introduced the films to my little sister. 

The Anne stories were unusual enough to feature a strong heroine who didn’t really need a romance to make her life interesting. When romance was there, it was secondary to the story of Anne. Gil - and Jonathan Crombie, by extension - was gracious enough to never chew the scenery, never try to show anyone up, never try and be the leading man. He was more than happy to play second fiddle to Megan Follows. But in this graciousness, his gentle influence on theatrical, fiery Anne resulted in one of my all-time favorite romances.

RIP Jonathan Crombie (1966-2015).

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