i love meelo here he's so badass

So while rewatching S4E07, I was reminded of super small theme within Pema and Tenzin’s relationship and parenting style that I really like.

Far too often in television, mothers are depicted as the “serious” and “mean” parents, while fathers are the “fun” and “nice” ones. You’d think that by 2015 we’d have evolved past that boring and unimaginative trope, but alas, we largely haven’t. That’s one of the reasons I like Pemzin so much. While Tenzin is a bit too solemn and humourless (don’t get me wrong here, I love Tenzin, but even Katara admitted he’s very serious), Pema just giggles at Meelo’s ridiculousness. I know a lot of people perceive their relationship as rather gendered, but I find it really sweet (I mean, not EVERY woman in the series needs to be a hardcore fighter–Pema’s strong and inspirational in her own way).