i love meditation

“We are all holographic, fractal expressions of Source Consciousness - the quantum superposition of infinite possibilities.  Each of us (as god sparks) has full access to our self-organizing power, unlimited potential, creativity, wisdom and abundance.”   ~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

Introduction to Aphrodite

This is my own experience with introducing myself to a deity. It might be different for others. But, I hope you enjoy and maybe learn a little bit.

• First, I cleansed self and the area, physically and spiritually.
• Altar:
- sun water.
- blue, yellow, pink candles
- seashells
- incense for offerings.
- Pink devotional candle/Rose Quartz to remind me of Aphrodite.
• Cast Circle for protection with white candle.
- Light candles and offerings.
- Meditate and begin ritual.
• I used a quick little prayer from Hellenic Polytheism Household Worship by Labrys. And then called upon the deity. “Oh Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, I call upon you to receive this offering and communicate with me, Styx, if it pleases you.”
- I sat and listened to the stillness and used my tarot cards– some candles flickered ((no source of wind, no windows open)) and others had strong flames. I felt goosebumps and cold. When I felt she was near, I explained who I was, why I was here, and told her that I was very drawn to her for a bunch of reasons.
She seemed to add on (through tarot).
- 9 of Wands, 2 of Wands (reversed), 7 of cups.
Darling, find resilience and strength. You have the opportunity to turn current circumstances into long term successes. I celebrate the fact that I have a dreamer here who wishes to worship, just know that you’ll have choices that may be presented to you, and not all will lead to happiness.
She mentioned (through visions) that she loved the candles and that the altar was beautiful. I saw a glimpse of a family and I saw a quick vision of her– blonde haired woman. She likes to talk. I suppose it was to show me it really was her.
I asked her in the most respectful way possible if I could worship her.
Tarot card revealed a 4 of Cups which tends to be negative but the card looked as though the girl on it was meditating near an altar. The card says to look inward or within. I saw an image of a forehead kiss and then took that as a reassuring yes. There was positive and happy energy, I couldn’t help but smile. She showed me a necklace and rainbow ((not sure exactly what it means)) but it could represent happiness, positivity, and beauty.
When I could feel that she was finished, I asked her if there was anything to add (like advice or anything) my hand went nuts writing sentences seemingly coming from nowhere.
– “Create your own path, your own light. Climb the mountains of life. You’re already beautiful.”
Soon there was a cloudy sunset with a red sun, this signifies endings. This little introduction was coming to a close.
I thanked her for everything and then felt a hand on my shoulder, saw it– such a good energy. I felt more goosebumps rise and then it was over.

I closed the circle and blew out the candles.
****again, this is my own experience and I know others have different experiences. I just wanted to share.****


I practiced yoga this morning for the first time in a while, so I made it a special occasion.

i love meditating. i love being soft with myself and feeling the universe speak in synchronicities. i love slowing down to the present moment and when i feel wide awake. i love using my hands. i love dancing by myself and turning tasks into rituals. i love feeling how alive the earth is. i love cooking. i love creating with intention. i love moving my body and feeling the air say yes.

“Everyone wants to get rid of suffering but no one wants to stop identifying as the ‘personal sufferer’.”  ~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

*artist Miles Toland


for eulogy—i wear your light brick shawl, seal my lips with stardust, and withdraw early; you were timeless monument, spread sands, bones in the ganges, they chant during evening, i dip my toes in the river, fierce, calm, ribbon wind; my shoulders are weak, ma, i am no atlas, but i carry you, no matter, i am a piece of you, your lifeblood, death sweeps in autumn leaves; rains brought silt in this valley, i retreat, come press me against your paradise bosom—they don’t do it anymore.