i love me some zerrie though

Oh….you though that I disliked zerrie because I want zayn? Hehe nah! I know zayn just looks at me like a fan and loves me that way, I don’t want to be more then that because I just enjoy being a fan and just because I don’t ship zerrie doesn’t mean I’m not a fan, you will learn in life that people share different opinions and see things differently and I’m not claiming zerrie is fake, I don’t give a fuck if there relationship is real or not, not my business. Perrie is a nice girl who has said some things that make me wanna bang my head against a wall repeatly but she is a beautiful girl and if that’s what zayn likes, okay then! I can’t do anything about it….I just don’t ship zerrie (for those zerrie shippers out there, just want to clear shit up and say that people that don’t ship zerrie, do it for very different reasons! We are not all the same! Thank god!)

-the end-


Group hug?