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Possessive! Kai

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Before You Realize

  • Okay so I’m imagining that you and him are already dating at this point
  • He’s super sweet and shy to start off with your relationship (buying you flowers with little cards attached to express his love for you, sending you memes of puppies, “babe where’s the coupons for KFC?” or “babe can we get Popeye’s today? there’s a 2 wing special!!”, etc.)
  • He would be the cutest thing omg
  • Until
  • One day you’re out getting some food from the local food truck and you realize that you accidentally took Kai’s phone instead of yours (just imagine you two had the same models of the phone you currently have ok ok)
  • So you know that feeling of when someone’s staring at you?
  • Yeah, so it turns out that your ex happened to be walking remotely close to the food truck you were at (you didn’t notice it tho) and it kinda reminded him of the times you two spent together
  • When you finally finish paying, you turn around and your ex DARTS.
  • You kinda figured it was them because they always ran weird..like it looked like someone was running with 2 left feet
  • ANYWAY your ex texts your phone (reminder: you still have Jongin’s phone so you have no idea that this happened!) and they’re like
  • “hey..it was nice seeing you today. I kinda miss ‘that’. You’re probably like “what’s ‘that’?” Well (y/n), that is us. That is the feeling of butterflies I felt and still feel when I see your silhoutte forming from the cascading sun. That is the feeling of love. I can’t wait until I get to see you again, tomorrow, when I go for my daily bbq rib sandwich lol! On a serious note.. I love you, (y/n). Please never forget that, and after reading this..I hope you feel the same.”
  • Safe to say, Jongin’s inner beast was released

At Home

  • “Nini~~ I’m homee!~~”
  • Nothing.
  • “Nini?..Niniiii? KAI!”
  • You walked around the house looking for him when suddenly you saw a familiar body frame sitting in the chair of his office.
  • “Kai? I was calling you.”
  • No response.
  • “Ok what is your problem? Can you at least turn around and face me like a mature person would do?” ..And that he did.
  • The look on his face was too engulfed by the darkness of his already dark brown eyes.
  • “Fix your face, Jongin. I don’t have time to be–”
  • “Sit.” The sterness of his voice made you a bit uneasy to say the least. You were the one always disciplining him, and now here he was. 
  • With the swiftness, he dropped your phone into your lap. It was then that you realized that you, indeed, had your boyfriend’s phone the whole time and he had yours.
  • “Why are you giving me this?”
  • “So you wanna talk about maturity when you’re the one with secrets?”
  • “Kai what–”
  • “Stop calling me that. Unlock the phone. Read the message. I’ll give you time to explain yourself, and then I’ll decide if I want this “relationship” to work out. If ‘that’s’ even what this is.”
  • Having enough of his blabbering, you unlocked your phone, read the message, and began to explain yourself.
  • “That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. If you don’t believe me, well then, shame on you.”
  • Silence.
  • “Tomorrow, I want you to take me to the exact food truck you went to at the same exact time you went. I want you to point me out to the idiot you once had feelings for or still have feelings for, and I want to show them that you’re mine. Until then? Delete that number, block it, and hand your phone over to me. You know how you tell me that “you don’t have time to play games?” Well this time, baby, the game is already over. Do you understand me or do I need to translate this for you?”
  • “..I understand.”
  • “Who do you understand?”
  • “I only understand you, Kim Jongin.”

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Exo: They become jealous and possessive of you

((Tbh I feel like the title says the most I could write in a paragraph without repeating it soooo let’s just have what they say, ‘kay? Thankssss~~~~!))

Baekhyun: “Honestly, you could’ve not complemented his eyeliner. Maybe then I wouldn’t be like this.”

Chanyeol: “Hanging out with a guy who I don’t know and also being very cuddly with him? Wow. Nice. Makes me feel loved. Prepare to be watched for a bit.”

D.O.: “Did you just compliment Baekhyun? You’re just asking for me to be like this.”

Kai: *becomes jealous for some God-forsaken reason and watches your every move*

Sehun: *has a huge talk with you and continues to be jealous and possessive even if you had a good reason/excuse*

Suho: “I’m not sure when he became your reading buddy. I thought I was. And don’t read with him like that….”

Chen: “You wanna explain why you just winked at that guy? He’s not even remotely good-looking.”

Kris: *gif* “Yeah don’t talk about how fabulous he can be, and how sometimes he’s better than I am. I’m greatest good you’re ever gonna get.”

Lay: *once he sees you doing something that makes him jealous, he immediately wonders what to do to make sure you don’t do it again*

Luhan: “Calling Tao more manly than I am? Think again.”

Tao: *let’s just say you keep getting Gucci from some guy you’ve never introduced to Tao. Yep.*

Xiumin: “What are you doing, giving more cuddles to this random guy than to me? Who even is he?”

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Hi guys! I know this has probably already come up but ... I love a jealous Kai hehhehheh. Any good fics out there? Thanks admins LOVE your blog.. ❤️


A Little Faith

Read Me Like A Book (HOST CLUB AU OMG)

Green, Green Eyes


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Split In Half

Rum-tainted Kisses

Jealousy (Different one ^=^)

Mark Me With Your Bruises


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Symphony No. 5

Some of these are more on the possessive than the jealous side but the feel to them is still the same 

EXO Reaction to a fanboy confessing to Sehun

Alright, I’m going to try to do this reaction really nice because we love the fanboys too. But if you don’t like the boys being paired with a boy don’t continue reading okay? We respect every opinion and we don’t want to cause any discomfort. Also if you find something offending, I apologize. It’s definitely NOT our intention. We love you, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: *Is surprised but supports the fan* “Good job! You shouldn’t hide your feelings!”

Kris: *Does something weird to hide his jealousy* “Great! He always get the girls and the boys!”

Sehun: *Doesn’t really know how to react* “Really? This letter is for me? You didn’t have to bother.. thank you!” >Well he is really cute tbh<

Tao: “And what about me? I want my them to confess to me too! Haizz it’s not fair Sehun!” *Sassy*

Kai: *Watches really interested* “What is going on here?” *Feels like in a K-drama”

Xiumin: “I approve of this! Definitely! You would make a good couple together!” *Honest Xiumin*

Baekhyun: “Are you cheating on me Sehun-na? I thought you said I was the only one..” *Wants some love too*

Luhan: “I’m sorry but no! He is mine! No one touches my Sehun! Not even Baekhyun!” *Possessive Lu*

Chen: “Ah no no no boy! You are not confessing to Sehun without confessing to us all! It’s either everyone or no one!” *Enlightening the mood*

Kyungsoo: *A little awkward* “I think I should leave you two alone… I don’t like being the third person here” *Cute Ksoo*

Lay: *Becomes friends with the fanboy and helps him get closer to Sehun* “No worries, I’ll help you to be friends with him and then you do the rest!”

Suho: *Squeezes him* “You’ll be the 13th wolf of the family!!”

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Omg, omg, omg, this is the first time I've seen the ask box open, ahh! First of all I want to thank all the admins. You guys are super sweet and I just really want to tell you guys how much I appreciate all the work you put towards this blog. Kaisoo is import to me so THANK YOU GUYS! Anyway, I was actually wondering if ya'll knew of any new possessive Jongin Fics? I've gone through the ones in the tags already. I'm not too into heavy angst but some is okay. Fluff and smutt is life, thanks!!

hi sweetie! i love possessive jongin too :) have you checked out our masterlist? we have tons of possessive/jealous jongin fics we’ve answered there ^^ and here are some new ones for you

happy reading anonie \o/

- Admin N

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HELLO OMG this is the first time in a year I've seen the ask box open and I feel like I won the lottery lol!!! Anyways, I was just wondering if you've got any shy!jongin and overprotective!kyungsoo or just a jealous kyungsoo in general?? Those fics always make me feel weird things in a gud way!! Haha thank you all so much for your hard work!

Haha congratz bb hopefully you’ll catch the ask open next time as well! Shy!jongin is so loved among us and honestly there’s never enough of jealous/protective soo! Those make me feel weird things in a v good way too :’)

~ Admin J

- Admin S

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