i love me some possessive kai

Exo: They become jealous and possessive of you

((Tbh I feel like the title says the most I could write in a paragraph without repeating it soooo let’s just have what they say, ‘kay? Thankssss~~~~!))

Baekhyun: “Honestly, you could’ve not complemented his eyeliner. Maybe then I wouldn’t be like this.”

Chanyeol: “Hanging out with a guy who I don’t know and also being very cuddly with him? Wow. Nice. Makes me feel loved. Prepare to be watched for a bit.”

D.O.: “Did you just compliment Baekhyun? You’re just asking for me to be like this.”

Kai: *becomes jealous for some God-forsaken reason and watches your every move*

Sehun: *has a huge talk with you and continues to be jealous and possessive even if you had a good reason/excuse*

Suho: “I’m not sure when he became your reading buddy. I thought I was. And don’t read with him like that….”

Chen: “You wanna explain why you just winked at that guy? He’s not even remotely good-looking.”

Kris: *gif* “Yeah don’t talk about how fabulous he can be, and how sometimes he’s better than I am. I’m greatest good you’re ever gonna get.”

Lay: *once he sees you doing something that makes him jealous, he immediately wonders what to do to make sure you don’t do it again*

Luhan: “Calling Tao more manly than I am? Think again.”

Tao: *let’s just say you keep getting Gucci from some guy you’ve never introduced to Tao. Yep.*

Xiumin: “What are you doing, giving more cuddles to this random guy than to me? Who even is he?”

Can someone recommend me some dark Kai fics. With abuse, darkness, possessiveness, caring about someone the way he’d care about a piece of property.

The 3 best I’ve read are Bloodsport by TJ Binx, It’s the fear by Sofia313, and Witches of Gemini Coven by imaginary-shadow.

Witches of Gemini Coven is disturbing because it’s incest. But I love dark Kai romance so much, and there is so few of it, that I got desperate. Once I ignored the incest, I loved that story.

I don’t care if it’s Kai x Bonnie or Kai x OC. Definitely not Kai x Elena please.

I’ve always been into the dark tragic love stories in a fictional setting, not in real life of course.

I don’t really like fluffy Kai fan fiction.

I want to give y’all some bits to read from my fave stories, by providing links, so you fully understand what I’m looking for:

I haven’t read Bloodsport in a while so I can’t give you a quote from that.

It’s the fear  this story is written by Sofia313 on fanfiction.net

So the context here in chapter 2 is that Kai is 13, and his adopted foster sister, who isn’t blood related to him in anyway is 9 years old.

Kai starts crushing on her when she’s 16, and he’s 20.

Check out chapter 2 of the story here https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11602246/2/It-s-The-Fear for the abusive moment.

Now check out chapter 4. The last 2 paragraphs.

Scan through the top half of chapter 5.

The bottom half of chapter 6

The last 2 paragraphs of chapter 7

At first he does kind things for Dawnie, to keep her under control. But then he starts doing kind things for her out of a dark twisted kind of care for her.

That’s what I want in a Kai Parker fan fiction.

You can hate me for it all you want, for loving the dark abusive romance kind of fan fiction. But that’s how it is.

So any more suggestions?

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