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‘We may have both been raised by the empire. But that does not make them loyal to us Tala… Or. Should I call you Sabine Wren?’

Imperial Au.

Where the names ‘Sabine Wren’ And ‘Ezra Bridger’ Haven’t been used in years.


Criminal Minds Appreciation Week

Day 6: Favourite wardrobe 


Title: Distant

Author: Aoife
Rating: T+
Imagine: Based on this drabble request.
Notes: Reader notices Spencer becoming detached, and he has a confession to make. 

TW: Discussion of sex, but not too in depth. Mention of schizophrenia. A little bit of fluff, a part two can be written if desired. xx

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“I’m disappointed at (though I can understand why considering the programming hell it requires) the lack of special supports between in-laws after two characters S support. I love me some Olivia!f!Morgan/Gerome, but I was so sad at there never being any special supports between Gerome and his new brother-in-law, Inigo. The same goes for the lack of in-law supports between f!Morgan and Cherche; I think they would’ve gotten along well.”