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nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

The worst thing about having FPs is that they could hurt you, absolutely destroy you, and yet just say the simplest apologies and kind words and you’re scrambling over yourself to apologise for doubting them, to say you’ll do better, and you feel like it’s your fault, that everything went wrong.

They could break you but the smallest apology and you fall back into loving them all over again.


i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

Me? Care about a mortal? As if.  


You wanna hold her?

I’m not saying you don’t have a right to feel pissed off and sling some good old-fashioned profanity – God knows I love me some profanity – but you have to remember that these are people. They voted the way they did because they either belong to a conservative group or a middle group that swings between Republican and Democrat. If they’re stepping up and have the integrity to admit regret, that’s a good thing. It’s a step out of the circle they were in and toward the general direction of yours. If the only response they get is dickheads spewing bile at them, they are going to back out of the room and find safety where they came from, among the group that elected Trump in the first place.

You don’t have to have sympathy for them. You don’t have to love them or like them or make babies with them. But you do have to recognize that if you don’t at least acknowledge their regret as a step toward positive change, you are perpetuating the problem. By hurling insults and anger, you are actively preventing them from coming around to your side’s way of thinking.

5 Absolute Wrong Ways To Respond To Remorseful Trump Voters


♢ Otabek had friend crush on Yuri for years before he found the courage to talk to him. 

♢ Yuri have also noticed Otabek before and secretly thought he looked cool.

♢ After Otabek finally spoke to Yuri, they basically became besties the very same day.

♢ Otabek meeting Yuri’s cat was a big deal for Yuri. The cat instantly took a liking to him.

♢  They have been friends for over 2 years before they started dating.

♢ They both kind of knew after only a few months of friendship that they would eventually become something more, but they didn’t rush. Yuri didn’t really feel ready for it and Otabek was not comfortable with dating someone so young, so they waited. They’ve never talked about it, but either of them minded.

♢ It all started after their first kiss. Which was very much unplanned and just kind of happened. They’ve been hanging out at Yuri’s apartment late in the evening, watching some action movie, both dead tired after all day of training. Yuri was kind of lying on Otabek’s shoulder, which wasn’t unusual for them at all, but for some reason, it was different that day. Yuri was about to fall asleep when Otabek hugged him tighter and nuzzled his hair. They both looked at each other and somehow knew.

♢ The kiss was unhurried and chaste and ended with Yuri yawning. They both laughed at it and decided it’s time to go sleep. They fell asleep in each other’s arms that night.

♢ They haven’t talked about it the next morning. There was no need to.

♢ First time they called each other boyfriends was when they were hanging out with other skaters before a competition. They weren’t really doing anything special like kissing or even holding hands, but everyone knew. Of course, JJ just had to tease them “Oh look at our lovebirds. What are you now, boyfriends?” Yuri just grabbed Otabek’s hand and yelled “We are, jackass!”

♢ Them meeting Viktor and Yuuri as a pair was basically like meeting Yuri’s parents.

♢ Speaking about Yuri’s family, his grandfather knows. Yuri haven’t told him yet, but he knows his grandson too well. He came to Otabek before a competition once and told him “You look like a good kid and I can see you make my Yurochka happy. Please, be good to him. He may look tough, but he has a gentle soul.” He also asked him to not tell Yuri he knows, because he wants to him tell himself when he is ready. Otabek was really touched (he may cry inside… in a manly way) and promised he won’t hurt him or tell him anything.

♢ They are not fans of PDA. Otabek is very private person and Yuri spends too much time around Viktor and Yuuri to know how annoying it is to other people. Because of this, people usually assume they are just best friends. They don’t mind.

♢ They are the fashion boyfriends™.

♢ Their relationship is long-distanced because of their professions, but except them constantly missing each other, it’s not such a problem for them. For example, neither of them is a jealous, so they never fought for of hanging out with other male skaters. They completely trust each other.

♢ Otabek was insistent about waiting for Yuri’s 18th birthday with sex. No matter how much Yuri yelled at him because of it.

♢ When Otabek retired, he moved to Russia for Yuri and became coach there.

♢ They got engaged the next year after that. It was Otabek who proposed and unlike their first kiss, it was planned. Otabek was so nervous about it he couldn’t sleep for weeks.

♢ Yuri said yes. Also, he cried a little, which he’d never admit.

i don’t think you guys understand how satisfying it is to flip/fix the (many) ugly reflections of dt in the minor character like first we have this:

okay well, it’s not as bad as all the other ones, pretty subtle right, but hOLD ON JUST A JIFFEH, bc with two clicks you got this:

i mean praise jesus

Like I Did
Jamie Brown
Like I Did

A song from Costia to Lexa!

Don’t be so hard onyourself,
You weren’t always likethis.
I know you have to pretend,
That you’re heart is cold
And your skin is thick.
And where you are,
Is where you’ve trained to be.
It’s just so hard to watch over,
Such a cruel leader when you where
Such a kind lover to me.
But then she came along,
And brought out something,
I haven’t seen in so long.
She lights you up like I did.
She makes you fight like I did,
She makes you love like I did.
She’s took your heart like I did,
She’s took a part like I did,
She’s fallen in love like I did.
Only I can’t have you anymore.
And oh, how much you have changed,
No longer the little grounder girl I knew.
Oh, how far you’ve came,
With thousands of our people counting on you.
I remember our winter nights,
We would watch the December sun.
Yet here I am, a ghost by your eyes,
Whilst you’re fighting guns with guns,
Fighting the person you’ve become.
But then she came along,
And brought out something in you,
Something I hadn’t seen in so long.
She lights you up like I did,
She makes you fight like I did,
She makes you love like I did.
She’s took your heart like I did,
She’s took a part like I did,
She’s fallen in love like I did.
Only I can’t have you anymore.
I hear your prayers at night,
You ask what I would do if I was there,
What would I do?
You can’t feel my hand on your shoulder,
You can’t hear me whisper, I’m proud of you.
But she lights you up like I did,
She makes you fight like I did,
She makes you love like I did.
She’s took your heart like I did,
She’s took a part like I did,
She’s fallen in love like I did.
Only I can’t have you anymore.