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Tianshan Week Day 5 One Day. I named it after the song I listened to. “All is violent, all is bright”.

Sorry for missing out yesterday but I put all my feelings and effort into this one. This instrumental inspired me for the scenery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ9fFfKeWkk

I feel like He Tian would dress like a total pimp later while Guanshan stays with his bomber jackets or warm winter jackets (bought by He Tian and the devil personified refuses to take anything for it in return *cough* Maybe Momo’s soul, but that’s a different story *laughs*)

First of all, look how cute Kara/Melissa is on that gif 😍

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“I found one. It’s perfect. Brookline. Center Hall. Two stories. I just figured, after everything that we’ve been through in the last couple of days… hell, the last couple of years… I thought we deserved a little bit of normal.”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day thirteen - happiest moment

“As I reached out my hand to you, hoping that we could both share for show how our tender hearts yearn and mourn and the sweet pink kisses we trade”

“But you looked at me with a tearstained heart and my own understood that your hand would never be reach out towards mine, Not of artificial love but of the fear that nestled a home in your heart” 

“With all that I could summon from the deep corners of my heart, I continued onto the path I set for myself, to put for show what I had been hiding from everyone but you” 

“I continued because this was only a secret love that we could reach, together”

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i am beyond proud of troye - to know that someone who started off by making covers of other peoples songs now has not only an extremely successful EP but an album ready to release, alongside music video(s), merch and even a potential tour is absolutely amazing; all the hard word, all the late night studio sessions, all the cryptic tweets and months spent perfecting this LP are going to be worth absolutely every single second - i can’t wait for you to let the rest of the world in on the secret of just how incredible you are!


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The Phoenix Afterthoughts

So, I have no idea why I am writing this, except perhaps I am emotional and I need to vent. 

The Phoenix. I just finished writing the last chapter and I realized that I did not know what to do with my Tuesday and Fridays anymore. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t writing this story and it is so, so special to me because it took so many emotions and so many things from my heart and changed it into something that you, my readers, found beautiful.

I had no idea when I began this story the kind of phenomenal response it would get and the kind of amazing friends I would make and the people I would meet over its course. You are the ones who took me along with Felicity and Oliver on their journey, you felt their pain with me and you hated and fell in love with Oliver as I did, along with Felicity.

So, I just want to thank you. All of you. Who read my story, told me they liked it, told me your apprehensions, told me you looked forward to it, told me you had made Tuesdays and Saturdays and me a part of your life, and tolerated my numerous cliffhangers with patience. Every little word and every little love counted and inspired me so much. 

So, thank you. Because without you, I wouldn’t be writing the way I do, this world of The Phoenix would not exist the way it does,  and The Phoenix wouldn’t have been The Phoenix. 

This incredible journey was so, so amazing and I am so grateful that you were a part of it. 

Thank you.

Confession Under the Stars

Request- Hi can u do my request where everyday there’s a bunch of roses of romantic things coming to you but until you find out a certain angel(castielxreader!) was trying to be romantic and ask you on a date.(and maybe could u add where u always talk about spending a night when it’s really dark seeing all the stars with the person you love , so Cas ends u doing that) sorry if it’s too long

A/N- I really like this one! I just love me some cheesy, every once in a while at least. I really like how this came out though. Tell me what you think! x)

Cas x Reader

Word Count-1068

“What’s the point? It’s not like that stuff would happen even if we talk about it now.” Dean said.

You had just asked him if he could have one relaxing day to spend with someone he loves, what would he do.

You sigh, “Oh come on Dean. Humor me.”

He took a swig from his beer and sighed, “Well how am I supposed to answer that?” he paused, “If I had a relaxing day, I’d just spend it here with you guys. Me making burgers, Sammy buying the beers, just all of us there.” he said. He tried not to smile at the thought of such a peaceful day were nothing went wrong and there was no worries.

“Daaw. Dean.” you smile.

He rolled his eyes, “What about you?” he asked.

“What? Me? Isn’t it Sam’s turn.” you question.

“I actually agree with Dean.” he responded. He smiled. “You’re turn.”

“C-Cas what about you?” you asked.

“I don’t really mind what I do as long as I’m with the one I love, I suppose.” he answered. He was able to stop himself from blushing. After all the one he loved was right in front of him. You.

“That sounds really nice tell me more about that.” you say.

“Y/N.” Sam called. “Stop avoiding your own question.”

“Yeah. We answered so you have to.” Dean added.

“Ugh but all your answers were reasonable. You’ll just laugh.” you say.

“We won’t laugh. Right Dean?” Sam inquired.

“Yeah. Yeah. I promise.” he responded, crossing an x over his heart.

You sighed, “I just wanna spend a night surrounded by nothing but stars,” you pause, “with someone. Someone I really love.”

Sam stood up and walked behind you, putting his hands on your shoulders. He looked at Cas with a wide smile. “I think its awesome.” he said.

“It ain’t so bad.” Dean added with a smirk of his own, giving Cas a knowing look.

Cas cleared his throat, “I- I also think it’s wonderful.”

You smile, “Thanks guys.”

One week later~

You woke up this morning to a bouquet of roses at your bed side. They were bright and fully bloomed.

“They’re beautiful.” you beamed. You took a moment longer to admire the flowers and then came to your senses. “Wait? Who brought these?” you asked. You hopped out of bed to go ask who it was that brought them.

You walked down the hall and towards the library. You stopped when you heard Dean laugh, “You what?” he said.

You walked in, “What’s going on?”

“Y/N. Want some coffee? I need coffee,” Dean said and walked out.

“Yeah I’ll uh- I’ll give you a hand with that.” Sam said, following behind Dean.

Leaving you with Cas, who seemed to want to stop them from leaving. He then gave you a nervous smile, “Good morning, Y/N.”

“Morning Cas.” you say.

There was a silence.

You saw how nervous he looked, “Wait. Where you- Where you the one who put the roses in my room?”

“Ah- The roses? Yes. I- I did put some flowers.” he answered, “If you did not like them I will remove them.” he quickly added.

You stopped him, “Cas,” you hugged him, “They’re beautiful. Thank you.” you kissed him on the cheek before turning to grab that coffee Dean told you about.

Cas was left smiling. If the bouquet worked then the next thing will be more than successful…

That night~

Cas asked Dean and Sam if they could leave the two of you alone so he could set everything up. He needed everything to be perfect, and all he wants to do is ask you out on a date. He needs to impress you first. To woo you. Of course, Dean and Sam, who have been waiting for this gladly accepted.

You were in your room and weren’t coming out until your stomach growls. Which is great because Cas needed some time to set things up.

He had an idea when he saw one of Gabriel’s old tricks. The one with the bucket over the door. The only exception here would be instead of water, it would be full of rose pedals. That way they’d rain down on you. From there he’d have a rose pedal path that led to the staircase to go outside.

You weren’t hungry yet but wanted to stretch your legs. You opened your door and down came the roses. You ducked your head at the unexpected rain but were smiling nonetheless. You noticed the path and followed it, finding Castiel at the end of it. He stood up and gave you the rose and a smile.

“Cas? What’s with all this?” you ask, smile still on your face.

“I have been wanting to do this for some time now. I have never done something like this before.” he stared, scratching the back of his neck. “Y/N… Will you go out… on a date with me?” he asked.

Your smile grew, “You’re real sweet Cas. Of course I’ll go on a date with you.” you beamed.

“I actually found a place I’d like to take you. It took some time to find the best spot but- May I?” he asked, holding his hand out for you to grab.

“You may.” you responded, taking his hand and inching close to him.

“If you don’t mind. Can you close your eyes first?” he asked.

“Sure thing.” you did as he asked.

“Ok you can open them now.” you heard him say.

You opened your eyes and what a sight to behold. The dark sky littered with stars, some brighter than others, some were white, others blue, and some so small that you could imagine them being light years away. There was a clouded white streak that blended into the rest of the sky at the ends. It was breathtaking. Something unlike anything you have ever seen before.

You grabbed ahold of Cas’ hand and leaned your head on his arm. “This… This is amazing Cas. Magical even. Thank you.”

He leaned his head on top of yours, “I know you said you wanted to come here with someone you love but… I hope you could settle with me.”

You gave him a little push, “Oh Cas… I am with someone I love.” you confessed.

He turned to face you and when he saw your genuine smiling face, he smiled as well. “I love you too.”

Hope you liked it! x)