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You’re Stuck With Me, Darling

Prompt: Digger gives the reader some much needed reassurance about where they are in the relationship

Prompt Request # 49: Anon - “I love you so much.”

Pairing: Digger Harkness X Reader

Warnings: Some cursing and a few sexual innuendos (Fluff galore)

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“Well aren’t you one satisfied pussy cat~?”

Digger chimed with a slight chuckle. He wrapped his big arms around you and pulled you close to him, allowing for your tired head to fall onto his chest. The big lug of a man was always in the mood to cuddle after a good romp in the bedroom. You could feel his body relax as you snuggled close to him. Smiling ever so lightly you completely melted too his touch.

“Pussy cat?”  You giggled lightly, amused by his choice of words.

“Yea, you’re my lil’ pussy cat,” Kissing the top of your head you could feel him grinning ear to ear. “You’re purring like one anyways, did I fuck ya that good then, sweetheart?”

Placing your hand in the middle of his bare chest you began to fiddle with his chest hair.  “You could say that.”  It was true, the man was very good at what he did under the covers, he never left you unsatisfied. So, ‘purring like a pussycat’ was an appropriate comparison. 

For a small moment there was a comfortable silence, the two of you laid together beneath the cozy covers, entwined in each others arms.  The only sound you could hear was the steady rhythm of the Captain’s heart and the gentle breath that escaped his lips as he began drifting to sleep. But alas, the blissful feeling of this romantic embrace dispersed when you remembered that when you would wake up in the morning, Digger would already be gone.

“Today went by so fast..”  You whispered, resting your hand flat on Digger’s chest, right over his heart.  

“That it has.”  He agreed, by the relaxed tone of his voice it was easy to tell he was fighting sleep. “I have to get up early for me flight tomorrow..”  You could tell that he was ready to go to sleep but there was a feeling of discomfort stirring inside of you. He was taking a flight first thing in the morning to begin, what he described to be, ‘a heist to top all heist’ and he didn’t know exactly when he would return. 

“I’m gonna miss you, ya know..”  You whispered, feeling a little silly for wanting to talk about feelings but you were craving reassurance that all of this was not for nothing.  “A lot, actually.”

You could hear as Digger took in a deep breath.  

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to pry, but…”  You buried your face into his neck, feeling a little more emotional than you normally liked to show.  “It’s just been really special, having you around lately. I hate not knowing when I’ll see you again, Digg.. You d-”

“Darlin’, comon now-” Slowly Digger unwrapped his arm from around your side and sat up. Following his lead you did the same so you could look him in the face.

“I know I’m not exactly a stable man, but you must know me intentions by now.”

A little confused by exactly what he meant you shook your head, wanting him to elaborate more. Digger burrowed his brows and was silent for a moment, taking time to process what he should say next. You crossed your legs and looked at him, waiting for him to continue.  

“I’ll be back, ya know I always come back.”

“But you’ve never really given me a reason to think you will, you just show up every few months and stay for a few weeks and then you’re on your jolly way..” 

“How have I not given you anything to have faith in, then? I always come back here, right back into your bed!”

Rolling your eyes a bit you laid down and turned your back to him, showing exactly how thrilled you were with that comment. Coming back to your bed, wow, how romantic.

Once he had realized how his wording came off as insensitive the tone in Digger’s voice melted into a more sweet and loving one. “Hey, sweetheart, listen-” He took a hold of your arm and gently pulled, trying to get you to turn back around to face him. “-You know why I’ll always be back?”

You were expecting a sexual comment, something along the lines of, “You’re ass is unbelievable” or “Who else will make me breakfast then fuck me on the kitchen table” so you refused to face his way.  Instead you stared daggers off into the other direction.

“I’ll always be back because I fucking love you.”

Taken incredibly off guard by these words you looked at him, half expecting the man to laugh his confession of love off as a cruel joke. 

“I really do love you, sweetheart..”  Putting his arms around you he pulled you into his lap and snuggled his face into the crook of your neck.  “You’re stuck with me, that I swear..”

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please i have so many feelings about 7s au herc could you give me some random trivia about my son

of course!!!

herc loves to joke around,, a big prankster!!
he accidentally throws the other sins across the room because they scare him,, big scaredy cat
he loves to cuddle,, esp w laf!!
he’s a big gay

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what's everyone's favourite pet?

I have one cat, named Sparrow. She’s been my pet for about 14 years! She is my favorite. But I had a dog when I was a kid and hope to have another when I have a house w/ a yard. I’d love a Tibetan Mastiff, as long as it was a rescue. I always wanted a monkey, but I know that wouldn’t be very nice of me. And some day (this is a bucket list item), I plan to work temporarily at a panda bear reserve in China where I can just play and cuddle with a bunch of baby panda bears. -Julia

Cuddling With Yoongi Would Include:

Request: Aww can you do cuddling with Yoongi? I think he’d absolutely LOVE cuddling tbh

  • Yoonglez isn’t the one to ask for cuddles, he just doES IT
  • Yoongi reminds me of a cat ok fight me so like
  • you’ll both be chilling on the couch or whatever and he flops his head onto ur shoulder and looks up at you like pls (ಥ﹏ಥ)
  • (and sometimes his whole body onto ur lap tbh)
  • He acts like he doesn’t need them but like pls love this boi ok he needs to be comforted 
  • Yoongi doesn’t come off as much of a backhugger guy to me but boy oh boy does he love it when you back hug him
  • He literally thinks it’s the cutest thing ♥‿♥
  • And when you backhug him he like touches your hands with one of his to acknowledge your love kiLL ME
  • Yoongi is all about making sure you don’t feel unloved
  • When you guys are laying in bed he really likes it when you play with his hair
  • Expect a lot of making out when cuddling with Yoongi tbh
  • He’s not even necessarily trying to start anything sexual (although he’s not usually opposed if it goes that far) but Yoongi just really likes kissing you 
  • He’s a really passionate kisser like you can feel how much he loves you when you kiss him
  • He likes when you are reaaall close when cuddling like your noses are practically touching and your eyes are closed but he’s just looking at you like you’re the most beautiful thing in the universe 
  • And to him, you are
  • Cuddling in bed with Yoongi is the time when he lets out a lot of emotions
  • “Yoongi, I love you”
  • Que gummy smile Yoongi and he just presses his forehead against yours
  • “I love you too, Y/N”
  • I’m dying (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • When he’s having a particularly rough day he likes to be the little spoon (fight me)
  • He’s not as tough and mean as some people make him out to be ok he’s sensitive and needs to be held too
  • And he’s so thankful for it like omg you don’t even understand how thankful he is that he has you
  • Cuddling with Yoongi is a chance for him to show you just how strongly he feels about you and how important you are to him. But plsssss love this boy back ok he needs it so bad.


Thanks to the anon who requested this, I had a lot of fun writing it! Our ask box is open so feel free to request other things too! 

~Admin D

Some cuddle headcanons

- it’s kinda obvious Rhett’s the big spoon, though he prefers to be a little spoon on long days.

-link likes when he spoons. He’ll always nuzzle Rhett’s hair and falls asleep

- Rhett likes kissing link’s neck unexpectedly and making him giggle.

- Rhett’s kinda shy when he ask if they can cuddle.

- link however is like a cat. He’ll come up and bury his face into Rhett’s back and be like “LOVE ME”

- Rhett finds cuddling to be a good opportunity to grab Link butt

Yo I just came up with these on the spot I hope you like

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H-hi! I'm a 15 y/o trans dude who's 5'1. Dark brown hair and brown/hazel-ish? eyes. Um, I like cats, anime, and space. Hella awkward because a n x i e t y. Um, I love history, drawing, and learning new languages (I'm currently learning japanese). I like making waffles and cuddling and stuff like that. All in all, I'm a huge nerd. I'm starting to ramble now so bye~ 😊

waffles are good as shit will you make me some


Made myself some leg warmers. My cats love them. I wanted to use up a bunch of wool that was sitting around. I think it was a success. I like that they have a retro feel. I have always enjoyed making crazy leg warmers. I had a pair once with lady bug buttons and rainbow colored yarn. Stuff like this remind me of my dad, he always thought I was nuts if I left the house wearing something like this. Which makes these perfect. It won’t ever be cold enough to wear these here. So for now I will just let my cats cuddle them :)


- He was turned into a kitten by some wandering magician monster thing whatever and then he wanders around trying to find his way to kuseno

- But he has two mindsets now: a kitty one and his human one, and the kitty one wins at times

- Saitama is awkward as hell around Genos but Genos still acts as he would as a kitten: glomping saitama for cuddles and belly rubs and Saitama’s like NOPE WTF U A DUDE BRUH

- But Genos’ like nooooo I is kitty love me and one day Saitama gives in….

- And Nooooooooo sleep over there I bought you a futon. BUT MASTER NOOOOOOOOO I SLEEP WITH YOOOOOOU


- You can sleep on me then master ^^


- But Master, it was my first gift from you.

- And Saitama gets a Lazer pointer and when Genos starts rambling he’s just like *click* and Genos just…!!!


- And Genos is like, I miss my cat ears and tail and goes for upgrades and he surprises Saitama with them

- And like one day Saitama shows up to fight something with Genos sitting on his shoulders like a little kid and Saitama is just like, dude, this isn’t gonna work

—> Conversations with @ryouseiteki over the Cat Genos sequel. Ideas? Hit me with them!

Living with Michael
  • him not calling u a cute pet name but instead calls u fuckface, etc, in an affectionate way.
  • ur home being surprisingly clean and organised bc Michael only stays in one place and he’s super anal about things being in their place.
  • you asking him if he wants something to eat and he says “Nah”. But when u finishing making food he’s hovering over you like “can I have some.”
  • him sliding over dishes when ur in the middle of washing them.
  • eating all ur sweets.
  • huddled in blankets constantly bc he’s cold yet ur not so he doesn’t want to turn off the a.c.
  • him using ur shower stuff bc “they smell pretty even though I don’t know what the fuck they do.”
  • shit ton of pillows.
  • getting items that look like cats for the house.
  • adopting a kitten and cuddling it instead of you
  • “Love me you prick.” 
  • “New phone who dis.”
  • Making him sleep on the couch when he ignores you yet he always comes crawling to the bedroom door and starts to scratch it and whines a “Let me innnnnnn. I’m sorry, I love youuu.” 
  • And you let him in bc he’s annoying and you do love him.
  • waking up next to him every morning and smiling to yourself bc ur happy and content with your life in that moment. 
  • Even if he’s drooling and snores hella loud

It’s been a week since Mr. Rochester passed, so I thought I would share some more about my gentleman cat. He loved to sleep in the linen closet and he loved to steal q-tips and he had two boxes that he turned into caves and when he wanted to hide he would go in one of them so I couldn’t see him. He loved to scratch trees and investigate foliage. He hated jazz music and Taylor Swift and foreign films, but he loved to watch comedy movies with me. He liked to sit on my shoulder like a parrot and cuddled with me every night with his nose right on my nose. He let me sleep after my snooze would go off, but not *too* long after my snooze went off. He could recognize the sound of my car and would meow before I even got into my apartment. Sometimes he couldn’t decide if he’d rather see me or eat his food so I would have to sit by his bowl so he could sit on my feet while eating. He liked to sit on laps and would make room even if you had a laptop on your lap. He always found a way to be closer to my face than the book I was reading. He liked to sleep in my pajama drawer and sit in window sills. He was a little gentleman.

I really hate to do this, but I have no other choice. This is Dean. He is seven years old, neutered and up to date on his shots. He loves hugs, and was previously neglected by his previous owner. Then I took him in. He loves attention and cuddles, can’t meow to save his life, and is an absolute sweetheart. Unfortunately, my other cats are bullying him, and I have tried everything to make them stop. We are also downsizing, so Dean (and some of the others) need a good home. Please contact me if you or someone you know would be able to provide the love and care he needs.


My name is Taylor, I’m super duper shy, I’m also pan and bi… And currently single… So yeah 😅😊😁

I love stuffed animals, cats, drawing, singing (a little), gummybears, cuddling, Netflix, writing, chocolate, reading, and much more! 😋

I’m hoping to make, and or meet, some awesome/beautiful people on here… And maybe I might find that special someone ☺️💐 …

Wattpad: shywhisper
Kik (I kinda get on it now and then): _shytaylor_
Tumblr: @theshywhisper

Feel free to pm me or something…

Have a wonderful day!!! 🙈😌