i love me some cat cuddles

When your two kittens fall asleep on you

I don’t know why I keep drawing them like thisXD I guess athough I love them being punk and grumpy buddies I also enjoy the idea of the two of them being trusting and relaxed around each other. I’m honestly starting to feel bad for Otabek, how this guy manages to get anything done when there’s always at least one cat sleeping on him? Also guys do you have ideas how their mugs should look like? I made them simple because I like simple but give me some crazy ideas:D

And thank you so much for all the likes and rebloggs under my previous works. You guys keep me going and you are the best. Love you all!<3

PS. Also I should be called style fluid artist. You could be staring at two of my artworks and never guess they’re both mine;)

BTS reaction to their child getting jealous

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Jin’s heart would almost explode when your little girl squeezes her head between you in an attempt to separate you. He would then shower both you and his baby in kisses until she starts giggling.

“Back in the day I was the king of throwing kisses! So don’t worry, I still have enough for both my favorite people!”

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Yoongi would find it hilarious when your daughter keeps separating the two of you. He would play it down when you are all together but he would secretly enjoy being so close to his daughter.

“Who’s your favorite parent, Yoonji? Is it me?”


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Namjoon would be so amazed when his little girl starts fighting for his attention. He would smile his biggest dimple smile and hug her close to his chest.

“Don’t worry baby, dad has all the time in the world for you.”

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Hobi would find it hilarious when his baby girl would keep trying to get between the two of you. He would use the situation for some quality family group cuddling.

“Awwww, I love you too tiny one.”


“Aw don’t worry honey! We both love you so much, don’t we, princess?”

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Jimin would literally malfunction because of cuteness when your daughter keeps puffing her cheeks and stomping because she wants kisses. He would spin her around and assure her that she’s his favorite little girl.

“My sweet baby.”

“Are you both trying to kill me with cuteness?”

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(Imagine…. your daughter is the… cat)


Tae would be so pleased when your girl starts following around and showering him in attention. When she butts her head into your leg to break your kiss he would playfully grab her and blow raspberries into her belly.


“That wasn’t nice at all sweetheart!”

“AAAAAAAAH, I’m sowwy!”

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Kookie would love the attentin of his little girl so much that he would sometimes tease her. He would keep trying to kiss you until your daughter puffs her cheeks and glares at him.

“NOOOOO, stop it daaaaad!”

“Aw, baby! I’m sorry, give appa a kiss.”

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Andreil Rec List


A Wondrous State by hetrez - 1.7k / G
Beautiful little piece about Andrew spooning Neil and fighting to be okay with it. <3

Baltimore Blues by SpangleBangle - 17k / E
A rewrite of what happened during Baltimore from Andrew’s POV. The beeeeeeessst one of these types out there. Just read everything Spangle writes, do yourself that favour.

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Hey guys, it’s been a while… The thing is that I’ve been REALLY busy with college and stuffs. This means that I won’t be able to post as frequently as I wished I could, I’m really sorry. But to make up for it I’m posting this little doodle(ish) piece! I had a really good time doing it!

There’s Firepaw, my daughter Cinderpelt in all her beauty! Some sibling cuddle cus Feather and Storm are my fav sibling couple! And baby Littlecloud napping… cus I love him.

Also there’s me trying to deal with all the college bullshit at the top and a pretty accurate pic of me drawing this piece while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack… is like this to all many of the songs!

Authors note*(Y/c/n) = your cats name. Also, this is the first fic that I have ever completed! Usually I give up halfway through. ~Goldie

Dark’s POV

I wandered around the house aimlessly. Occasionally I will pick up an object of (Y/N)’s, a picture or her favorite pen and place it somewhere it had no place being. (Y/n) had left early in the morning muttering to herself about needing a break from the literal pressure in the air that I cause. My lips curl into a smirk at the thought that I had actually ran her out of the house. My smirk vanishes the moment I see her damned feline however.

For some reason that I can’t explain, (Y/n) loved that thing. No matter how many times it would knock items off the counter or hide under the bed and attack her feet, she would still swoop down and cuddle the furry little creature as it tried to squirm and run away. I, personally, was sure that if it weren’t for the steady flow of food, the cat would have fled a long time ago.

When (Y/c/n) locked eyes with me I could feel the mutual hatred crackle in the room. It was always like this with animals, they seem to be able to sense the darkness within me. But they usually just run away. This cat however, it seems to search for me, almost like it is looking for a fight. It intrigues me.

Straightening my jacket, I stare down the small animal, trying to understand why I am mutually drawn to it as well. Without even realizing what I’m doing, I speak.

“What are you staring at?” I snap. “I won’t lie, I much prefer you over that dog that Mark owns. That Chica…. much too hyper for my taste.” I scowl at the thought of that ball of energy and fur. “You know,” I say taking a cautious step towards (Y/c/n). When he doesn’t run I take another step. Now standing directly in front of (Y/n)’s cat I crouch down to look him in the eye. “We are very similar, you and I. Both of us are just manipulating (Y/n) towards an end goal.” (Y/c/n) starts to slowly walk towards Dark and pushes his head against his hand. Dark starts to pet him. “Your goal happens to be food, mine… may be more personal.”

I was about to say that the two of us should get along when I heard the click of a camera. Looking up, I see (Y/n) with a huge grin on her face.

“That’s one for Instagram.” (Y/n) says waving the phone in my face.

“You best give me that phone.” I growl as she runs to her bedroom laughing hysterically all the way.

By Goldie

Seventeen When You Get Sick

I hope this pleases you love 💕it took me like an hour and now my heart hurts bc of how much I love these 13 boys :’)

S. Coups:

I feel like coups would want to be by your side 24/7. You make him soft, and when he sees you being pouty because of your cold his instinct is to take care of you. Lots of cuddles too. You could be sitting on the couch, sniffling, and he’d grab a blanket and wrap the both of you up. And as you fall asleep he’d kiss your head askdhaja


This cat trapped inside a human would say some shit like “sleep on it” And you pout bc gdi jeonghan I have a sore throat it won’t go away with sleep. But really he cares so he hits up Mingyu and cooks you a soup to help your throat. You get all smiley and while you’re sipping that soup you tease him. He just rolls his eyes playfully and after you’re done he pulls you into him and y'all just cuddle like the cuties you are.


He’d smile cutely when you told him you weren’t feeling well. Didn’t really know what to do so he lead you back to your room and had you lay down. Minutes later he comes back bear hugging all the junk food he could find around the house. “Josh are you sure this is healthy-” “just let it happen Y/N.” You two feed each other the snacks while cuddling. You accidentally dropped a bag of sour patch kids and all the sugar got in the bed and instead of fretting he just grabbed your face and gave you a soft kiss. Man Joshua loves you I hope you love him just as much.


This puppy would do whatever it took to help you ok don’t even try to deny it. As soon as you said your stomach was cramping he had you go back to bed with even more blankets wrapped around you. “Don’t worry babe I’ll make you feel better.” He sends you a cute smile and goes off to get you a heat pack. If there wasn’t one lying around then he’d just buy one and break all the driving rules bc he doesn’t want you hurting for too long. He’d give you the heat pack and try to cook you your favorite dish. You’d eat breakfast in bed like a queen bc to him you’re his queen. You’d be wrapped in his arms and as you drift to sleep he whispers “my good looks were the real reason you feel better.” You would slap him jokingly while he whines bc he thinks he was right.


This lil cutie would cling onto you the whole day. He would call Mingyu just so that he didn’t have to leave your side to cook you something. Lots of stolen kisses. “Soonyoung I need to go to the-” *kisses you* You lowkey love it tho. Once Mingyu is done cooking for you Soonyoung fights with you bc he wants to feed you. “I CAN DO IT” “BUT YOU’RE SICK YOU ALREADY HAVE TO GO THROUGH SO MUCH.” Yeah he ends up feeding it to you. When you’re tired he’ll grab a bunch of blankets and pillows and builds you a fort to sleep in. Overall, Hoshi is boyfriend goals whoever snatches this boy is lucky.


Coincidentally, you’re both sick. It’s really cute tho. The two of you would cough at the same time and you’d give each other these funny looks. He’s honestly the type to read to you with music playing softly in the background. Gets mad when you start hyping up and forgetting that he’s reading to you. You want to go out and eat and he debates with you but eventually you win bc you’re too cute to him. Makes sure to bundle you both up though. When y'all get home you bet your ass it’s cuddle time. You two lay in bed, sharing a blanket with books out. You’re too comfortable to grab your phone to listen to your playlist so you share earbuds. It’s cute. You end up falling asleep on his shoulder and he gets all soft and decides to sleep too. Accidentally coughs on your face. You don’t wake up though so he keeps it a secret with himself. I love wonu snjsjsshaa


Despite not knowing what to do he tries to help as much as he can. I bet you if he was in his studio he would stop what he’s doing and go to make you feel better. When it comes to you he can get really soft. Holds you so carefully while spooning as if he’s afraid he’ll hurt you. You say that you’re craving a bag of chips and he gets up and goes searching for some. If he can’t find anything he’ll just give you the next best thing. You pout about it and Jihoon can’t help but think about how kissable your lips look. So to stop your whining he just holds your chin and presses his lips to yours. If the other members ever saw him like this- he’d go from soft to angry in 0.002 seconds. And bc you’re sick he’s even more affectionate towards you. He’d grab your hand and just kiss it bc “your hands are pretty.” Sometimes you question if the Jihoon before you is the actual Jihoon. But he’s just caring for his baby. He will occasionally complain about how picky you are when sick tho lmao.


MOVE OKAY THIS SWEETHEART IS GOING TO BE CARING AF. You text him saying “I can’t speak bc i have strep throat” Seokmin sends you a pout and hands you a water bottle. “Drink more water.” You’re not thirsty but you drink it since he’ll most likely force you to anyways. Always asking you if you need anything and if you shake your head he asks you if you’re sure. Makes you eat soft foods so that your throat doesn’t irritate anymore. You’re reaching for some popcorn? He’ll snatch it and put it all the way up the shelf so you can’t reach it. At least you still have ice cream. You two binge watch your favorite shows and you beg him for a bag of chips and he feels bad so he lets you eat it. His head would be resting on your shoulder and his arms would be hugging your waist. As the night ends you grow tired and your eyes begin to shut. “Thank you Seok-” “You can’t speak, Y/N, or you won’t get better.” You smile at how caring he was and drift off.


He was up and cooking breakfast for you two when you hug him from behind and pout about your stuffy nose. He was currently busy so he just pecked you softly. While something was baking he’d take out some medicine and make you take it. “I know it’s not good but it helps.” Goes back to cooking bc he doesn’t want anything to burn lol. Okay but why do I see him blowing your nose for you. Gyu is quick to grab you anything you need. Extra pillow? You got it. Craving ice cream? Already on it. Need a new tissue box? He’s back in 2 seconds. If it’s raining you two would usually go out and fool around but this time he doesn’t for your well being. There were times where your pouting almost convinced him but he fought his soft spot for you. You’d watch a drama with him on the couch, you on his lap with a hoodie of his on. You were fine but he just threw his hoodie at you like “wear it.” He hands you the box of tissues when you ask. “Tissue.” *grabs box so fast his arm pops* Didn’t want you getting up every minute so he set the trash can near you. What a cutie omg I love this tall boy so much :((


I see Minghao as the one to be like “doNT SNEEZE ON ME YOU BACTERIA INFESTED RAT” When you pout at the name though he’d say he’s sorry and that he loves you. But legit it’s like you’re some monster bc he won’t even let you cuddle him. Only slight hugs. Let’s you kiss him tho. But not too much. But lowkey wants to kiss you forever, but then again he doesn’t want to get sick. Besides that he doesn’t know what to do so he just stays by your side. “Hao could you get the tea right there?” “the what” “how do you not know what tea is.” “IM PANICKING OKAY” Isn’t a cook so he just warms up those soup cans. You’re disgusted but accept it anyways because that’s your boo and he’s trying. Kisses the top of your head and asks if you’re feeling well. When you fall asleep on him he smile and cuddles you back. He wakes up the next morning and he’s sick and he blames you but doesn’t really care bc at least someone he loves infected him. Love this boy pls


I feel like Kwannie here would be a bit bipolar. He’d say to stay away from him but when you do he’s like “wait no come over here and love me.” The type to feed everything to you. Even if it’s just something as simple as a cracker. It’s cute until you sneeze and he says something about your germs. This boy doesn’t want to get sick because it’ll upset fans so he restricts kisses. Unless it’s on the cheek. You two eat a bunch of sugary goods while watching movies. Y'all fall asleep with Netflix still playing and wrappers everywhere. You’re far apart but his hand is intertwine with yours and it’s cute :’).


Baby Hansol would worry for you. “Does it hurt a lot? Do you want some water or something?” Would totally rub your stomach with his warm hands if the cramps really hurt. Has you close by him at all times. If you take a nap he takes pictures of you the whole time because you look cute all cuddled up in the blankets. Posts 2 pictures out of the whole gallery. Hansol would try to cook you something you like and it wouldn’t come out perfect but you appreciate the effort and still eat it. Blushes at the praise you give him for it. He’d be extra and carry you around everywhere. “Sol just put me down-” “You’re my princess y/n your feet can’t touch the floor.” Kisses you a lot more than usual because of your pouts. If you make a whiny voice he squeals on the inside but squishes your cheeks. When y'all go to bed he hugs you from inside your shirt to soothe you. He falls asleep with this big dorky smile on his face shejwkjssh he makes me soft


Poor baby wouldn’t know what to do. Asks if there’s anything you need multiple times. Hugs you to make you feel better. You find it cute and giggle at how caring he was being. Chan would cling onto you like a koala. Kisses you and asks if you’re fine. I can see him calling the other members and asking what to do when someone was sick. He’d forget though because of how much thoughts about you were in his head. When he’d apologize about not being the best at taking care of you you’d just hug him tightly and kiss his face all over, reassuring him that he’s doing his best. Cuddled up in his hold, you’d ask him to sing for you and he would. Smiling, you go into a deep slumber against him. He’d smile and kiss your head goodnight.


How would a poly relationship with Kang Daniel and Ong Seongwoo be like:

  • it all started as a joke with Seongwoo inviting you on a date, but bringing Daniel as well 
  • it went on like that for a couple of months and you started developing feelings for both of them 
  • and somehow you three just complete each other and it always feels perfect when you are together 
  • you usually keep the relationship to yourselves, so there is not much skinship in public 
  • other than maybe holding hands or hugging 
  • they would have moments when both of them fight for your attention
  • and there are also moments when you and Daniel fight for Seongwoo’s atttention and the other way around
  • you would have the most fun and chill dates ever 
  • and you would mainly drag them everywhere with you and they do the same 
  • movie night dates, dinner dates, shopping dates, beach dates, picnic dates 
  • on their days off you would all be standing in the living room and building a fort 
  • spending rest of the time pillow fighting with Seongwoo pinning you down and Daniel tickling you 
  • then all of you would fall asleep cuddling 
  • they would always insist you to be in the middle when cuddling because they both want to feel you close and hug you 
  • they would spoil you quite a lot 
  • and always bring you little gifts or cook for you and help you with anything you need
  • I somehow feel that Seongwoo is the one prone to get jealous the most in this relationship 
  • he would be happy that you and Daniel love each other because he loves you both deeply 
  • but then again… there are some moments when he would want to be only with you and Daniel would be in the way 
  • or moments when he just wants to cuddle you close and kiss you
  • but Daniel just had to bring his cats home to cuddle with you
  • arguments won’t happen often and if they do, they are usually short-lived 
  • it would all end up with one of you saying a terrible joke and the others face-palming themselves 
  • “why am I even in a relationship with you?”
  • “you love me. both of you.” 
  • your sexual life would be interesting, to put it that way
  • somehow I feel that you would get teased a lot 
  • and i mean A LOT in the bedroom 
  • soft kisses as they caress your skin and undress you slowly 
  • both of them would love to take in your sweet scent and every curve of your body 
  • as much as all of you love being together, somehow both of them would like having you only for themselves sometimes
  • they would both be dominant 
  • Seongwoo would be the more demanding one
  • he would love seeing you all sweaty and a moaning mess; he also loves the sight of you riding him while kissing Daniel 
  • but his favorite part would be you on all fours as he has a hand gripping your hair harshly and your pretty lips wrapped around his lenght 
  • as for Daniel, he enjoys making you scream so loud that your neighbours would come to check if you are alright 
  • he enjoys kissing you all over your body and spending more time with his head in between your thighs 
  • his tongue moving in circles against your clit, tugging and kissing it sweetly 
  • lots of dirty talk which is usually iniated by Seongwoo
  • both of them love hearing you moan their names and you telling them how good they make you feel 
  • but mostly, they love the way you beg for them standing on your knees and purring out that you can’t take it anymore and need them inside you 
  • “that’s a good girl, I think it’s time to give her what she wants Daniel”
  • “moan, kitten. I wanna hear you say who you belong to. I want everyone to know who is making you feel like this” 
  • “you look so good all choked up on my cock, baby” 
  • “I love it when you grip the sheets like that princess, it shows that no one can fuck you as good as us”
  • I feel both of them would be into marking; Seongwoo loves leaving hickeys on your chest and collarbones while Daniel is more of a inner thighs guy 
  • they both love it when you wear lingerie 
  • and also blindfolding or handcuffing you and just do whatever they want to you
  • after care always comes in the form of cuddles and taking naps all tangles in the sheets 
“My Cats Betrayed Me...” ( Kang Daniel )

Author’s Note:  aaahhh my second writing !! i hope you enjoyed this as well and thank you to those who enjoyed my Park Woojin one :-)

Character: Kang Daniel // Wanna One

Genre: good ol’ fluff

Word Count: 1,312

Summary: You move in with your boyfriend Daniel and his cats eventually come to love you more than him and he gets jealous.

Requested Writing! :-)

You decide to move in with Daniel after been dating for many months and you basically lived in his house since you always went over. It was really easy to move the rest of your stuff to his apartment, the majority of your clothes and belongings already sitting somewhere in a pile inside of his room. Daniel was helping you carry the rest of your belongings up to his apartment, making sure you didn’t slip on the stairs, walking behind you and keeping an eye on where your feet would land. You finally get to the door and unlock it, smiling up at Daniel before walking inside. You both prop your belongings on the floor and slip off your shoes before collapsing on the couch nearby.

“Aughh.. There was barely anything to move, but I’m still really tired.” you sighed and scooched closer to Daniel, snuggling up against his chest. He smiled and put his arm around your shoulder, poking at your cheek. “What are you complaining about? I carried most of your stuff up the stairs.” He teased, laughing softly. “That’s because you didn’t let me carry a lot you dork.” you fight back, grabbing his face with one hand and squeezing his cheeks softly, laughing at the fish face he had when you squeezed him. Daniel quickly pecked at your lips and pulled you in closer to him his hand on your waist instead. “I know I know.” he smirked, looking down to see how you reacted to his sneaky kiss. You were a little shocked at the kiss and turned a little red, but you didn’t complain about it. Whether if it was a long or a short kiss, you always loved getting kisses from Daniel and it worked that way with him too. 

Daniel reached forward to grab the remote control for the tv and turned it on, leaning back again to keep you close to him. You both cuddled watching whatever was on, making stupid commentaries over them, overall just having a good time. A couple loud meows was heard and you see one of Daniel’s cats slowly walk over to the both of you and decided to jump on you to join in on the cuddling. “Aww hi Rooney. Did you miss me?” you say as you give the cat some soft petting and light kisses on her head. “Rooney come over here!” Daniel calls for his cat, patting on his lap for Rooney to come to him. Rooney was still nuzzling your hand and purring loudly, ignoring Daniel’s calls. “What the… Why isn’t Rooney coming to me?” he said looking slightly disappointed, attempting to call her again multiple times, but his loving cat still ignoring him and staying on your lap.

 “Ppppfft. I guess she just likes me more.” you tease and continue to coddle the cat in front of Daniel. “What? No way. I’m the one who raised her since she was a kitten how could she do this to me.” he whined and got up from the couch to walk into his room just to walk out with his other cat in his arms. “I’ll have Peter to love if you have Rooney. Peter loves me more than Rooney loves you.” 

You tried to hold back your laughter, seeing how Daniel was getting jealous of his own cat liking you more than him. He starts to pamper Peter, but she jumps out of his arms, walking towards you, rubbing her head against your arm. You look over to see the other cat nuzzling against you and then look up to see Daniel with a face that screamed betrayal. You burst out laughing and how disheartened he looked by his cats going to you. “How could they do this to me… I’m basically their dad… “ he sighed and leaned back dramatically, putting his hands on his face and laughing a little.  That comment made you laugh even harder which made your ears tear up and you hunched over, slapping the table lightly. The cats were startled by the banging of the table and they both jumped off the couch to run back into Daniel’s room. You regained your breath after laughing so much and wiped your eyes. “I’m sorry Daniel I have no idea why they like me so much.” 

He turned to you with a smirk on his face and an eyebrow raised. “Maybe it’s because they know you’re a super beautiful person with a great personality and sense of humor” he said and slowly dragged himself closer to you. You blushed at his comment and started backing away as he was getting closer, causing you to fall back on your back onto the couch. Daniel hovered over you, killing you with his gaze, slowly getting closer and closer to your face. Your heartbeat sped up, beating through your chest and your eyes were widened, anticipating for him to do something. 

The mood was quickly changed as his gaze turned into a mischievous smile and he started to tickle you, causing your body to squirm around and have you laugh a lot. He stopped after a couple seconds and quickly got up to run into his room, closing the door behind him. You had to recover after being attacked for a little bit and finally got up, walking towards the door of his room. You try turning the handle, but it wouldn’t budge and you smirked at his childish behavior.“Yah! Kang Daniel! Open this door!” you yelled through the door waiting for his response. “No! I’m spending quality time with Peter and Rooney so that they love me again!” He yells back and grabs both of his cats, snuggling them on his bed. “They still love you dumb butt. Now hurry and unlock the door.” you sighed and smiled to yourself thinking how cute it was how Daniel was reacting. You couldn’t figure out if he was really just jealous of how his cats started to like you more than him or that you were giving more attention to the cats more than him. “I won’t give you any kisses if you don’t open this door right now!” 

As soon as you said that, you hear loud thumping getting closer and the door being swung open, the wind of it blowing against your hair. “Okay I give up already.” He said giving you a big smile, his eyes creasing like it always did, making his smile even brighter. You snort at how fast he was to react and tippy-toe to give him a small kiss on the cheek. “Good.” you say and decided to tease him one more time. 

You slip by him walking faster towards where Peter and Rooney were calling their names and holding your arms open. Daniel quickly turned around and ran up towards you, wrapping an arm around your back and squatting down to lift your legs, carrying you bridal style. You were shocked at the sudden lift and turned your head to see Daniel’s sunshine like smile. “You gonna betray me with my own cats again?” he teased and placed his lips onto yours. You smile, laughing a little and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Maybe… But that won’t happen if you keep me distracted.” you said, smiling again which made him smile as well. He spins you around a couple times before dropping you onto the bed and laying next to you, pulling you in to cuddle, the cats joining in at the foot of the bed. “I really love you a lot Y/N.” he whispered into your ear and placed a soft kiss on your forehead, smiling to himself. “I love you a lot too.” you responded and brought yourself closer to him and he tightened his grip around you. You both eventually fall asleep, marking the first day of moving in together. 

thisisnotmynamefml  asked:

29 + feysand, please and thank you

Prompt: “I can’t stand seeing you this miserable. There has to be something I can do.”
Look at me, I’m capable of writing fluff, who would have believed it?

Rhys walked into the small apartment and shrugged off his jacket. He haphazardly hung it on the coat rack and kicked off his shoes before announcing: “I’m home!”

He got no reply so he padded into the living room in search for his fiancée. He found her where he was expecting: curled up on their plush sofa, her head and upper body propped on a small mountain of pillows, an old quilted blanket half tangled around her fluffy sock clad feet and half on the floor. She was dressed in her favourite pair of soft pyjama pants and one of his old shirts, her hands clutching at the worn material around her stomach and her face was tear stained and red.

“Oh, Feyre, darling,” he said as he bent down to brush the hair from her eyes and press his lips to her forehead. Rhysand’s tone could have been mistaken for pity but he knew Feyre would see it for what it was - helplessness. He moved around the couch and grabbed the blanket from the floor and covered her, tucking it softly under her chin. She closed her eyes at the small comfort. “The tears are really starting to worry me, should I take you to a hospital?”

Feyre shook her head, and opened her eyes to look at him. “My heart is in a lot more pain than my uterus right now, “ Feyre sniffed and pointed with her chin to the TV. Rhysand turned and saw Simba nuzzling his father’s lifeless body on the small screen. “The uterus is pretty bad too, though,” she continued. “I’m pretty sure it’s trying to kill itself and kill me in the process too.” She winced and clutched her stomach as another wave of pain made its way through her body.

Rhysand grabbed a tissue from the box on the coffee table and dabbed gently at Feyre’s wet cheeks. “I can’t stand seeing you this miserable. There has to be something I can do.”

“Well some cuddling may or may not make me feel a bit better,” Feyre said looking up at him. “Suri lasted all of five minutes before he ran away, the heartless furball! I think the tears might have scared him away,” she admitted.

“How rude of that tuna-loving rascal!” Rhys teased. As if summoned, the cat walked into the room, its tail high in the air and meowed loudly at his owners. “I’ll go feed him first and be right back,” he promised, and turned to march into the kitchen.

“Bring ice-cream too,” Feyre called after him. “And a big spoon!”

I discovered my type of OTP

I have a theory, hear me out: if a person resembles a cat in their personality…they are a dog person or a puppy person. While a cat person is more likely to have a bubbly personality.

And now…think of some bnha OTPs:

Bakugou (angry and egotistical catlike personality) with Kirishima (basically a lot of golden retrievers on top of each other).

Shouto (chill defensive kitty) with Izuku (bag full of puppies).

Jirou (snarky cat who secretly loves cuddles) with Momo (a true elegant dog –or even puppy!– of the upper society always excited to see you).

I still don’t know how to make this theory work with OT3s and I do ship others that are more like…“dog-person/puppy-person” or “cat-person/kitty-person”…but the majority of my OTPs in bnha follow this rule somehow, and in other fandoms as well.

anonymous asked:

RFA+V MC that's allergic to cats but still has a pet cat and loves cats? (I'm allergic to cats and they cause me to get dark circles under my eyes and sneeze sometimes but I love cats so I ignore the allergy)

I seriously feel you on this one anonny, I like cats too but their fur always make my allergies act up. But I really like this idea and it was a lot of fun writing this one up! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy! ^^


  • Yoosung was excited for you to finally move into his apartment with him and little Lisa
  • You mentioned that you have your own cat, making Yoosung happy that Lisa would have a friend whenever the two of you would go out
  • The first thing he notices when you enter his apartment is how red your nose is and how glassy your eyes look
  • When asked if you were okay, you shrugged and held your kitten close to your chest as you responded
  • “I’m alright. My allergies are just really acting up since I’ve been cuddling my little kitten all day. I know I shouldn’t because I’m allergic but how can I say no to this face!”
  • You show Yoosung your kitten’s tiny face as Yoosung scolds you
  • “MC are you seriously allergic to cats but yet you own one?! What am I going to do about Lisa? And everyday I come home from the clinic I’m covered in cat fur? Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • “Because I don’t care about my allergy, I love cats even if they make my nose runny and eyes itchy Yoosung!”
  • He sighed and admitted defeat as he watched you cuddle your kitten and Lisa on your lap
  • Yoosung would try to be more aware of cleaning up his veterinarian coat and bag but gave up after he realized his attempts were futile because you wouldn’t stop cuddling the cats


  • When Zen found out that you were allergic to cats like him, he felt like your connection together deepen
  • But then it immediately shattered when you told him that even though you were allergic to cats, you still loved them and owned a cat yourself
  • Zen was apprehensive to let you bring your cat into his apartment but he was willing to try if it made you happy
  • The second you stepped through the door with you cat, both you and Zen sneezed at the same time
  • “What the heck MC, I can tell how severely allergic you are to cats but you still own one?”
  • “Screw allergies, just look at how cute his little face is! How can you not be in love with cats, Zenny?” - It took every ounce of strength that Zen had not to throw your cat out the window but he somehow managed
  • After going through three boxes of tissues between the two of you, Zen had to admit you cat was a bit cute, although he was pretty sure it was just his allergies clouding his judgement
  • Seeing Zen try so hard to be kind to your cat made you love him even more, you promised to bring your cat over less and spend more time doting on Zen
  • Zen saw this as a far compromise and slowly, very very slowly, but surely he started to warm up to the idea of having a pet cat, until he used up four more boxes of tissues when he said that cats weren’t his thing


  • Jaehee always tried to think logically when it came to just about anything but after a while she thought that you were a lost cause
  • She was excited to visit your home for the first time but the entire time all you did was cough and sneeze
  • When Jaehee asked if you were okay, you smiled and assured her that you were fine
  • Although, every time your cat would pass by you would cough or blow your nose more
  • “MC, it’s pretty obvious that you’re allergic to your cat. Perhaps you should consider giving you cat to a friend for a little bit while you get some medication.”
  • “But I’m fine, Jaehee! I don’t care how sick I get, how can I say no to a cute little face like a cat’s?”
  • “… Sometimes I’m genuinely curious as to what goes on inside that head of yours MC.”
  • Jaehee gave up after you started to rub your cheek against your cats, making you violently cough afterwards
  • While she didn’t like cats, Jaehee never wanted to see you in pain so she told you that she could watch your cat while you went to the doctors and get allergy medicine
  • After profusely thanking her, Jaehee was reminded once again why she dislikes cats when she woke up the next day with c-fur all over her clothing and furniture
  • Jaehee made a mental note to make you buy her some new, expensive coffee beans for all of her cat-sitting


  • Jumin could not have been more excited when you told him that you had you own pet cat
  • The two of you would dote over your cat and Elizabeth together, annoying all of the RFA members
  • Because he was so excited, Jumin set up a cat play date for your cat and Elizabeth and this boy went all out
  • Jumin rented out a huge banquet hall to create a cat’s paradise filled with cat toys, cat treats, and all kinds of climbing posts
  • You and your cat looked around in awe at Jumin’s impressive car decorating abilities
  • Everything was going well with the cat play date until Jumin noticed you sneezing every couple of minutes along with your teary eyes
  • When asked if you were alright, you told Jumin that you were fine, although your cat allergy was acting up more than usual today
  • Jumin placed one hand over yours and one over his heart, talking with so much sincerity that you couldn’t believe it
  • “You are the true hero here MC. Adopting a cat for your pet even though you’re allergic, that’s something only a true cat lover would do. You are an inspiration to cat lovers everywhere.”
  • “And you Jumin, for setting up this haven for cats, you’re a true cat hero in my eyes. I’m honored to be in the presence of another cat lover like you Jumin!”
  • “We shall carve the path for cat lovers everywhere, making a place for cats to live long and happy lives, MC.”
  • Jumin helped develop a medication for your cat allergy and the two of you developed cat paradises for cats and cat lovers all around the world


  • When Seven scrolled through your social media sites when doing his background check on you, he gasped when he saw pictures of your kitten
  • Once the two of you dated for a while, he was excited to finally meet your kitten
  • You knew from Jumin’s warnings that you should keep your kitten away from Seven but you always thought that he just exaggerated
  • Before you even entered his home, Seven took you and kitten down with huge hug then quickly grabbed your kitten
  • He cuddled your kitten into his chest as you coughed and started sneezing
  • But Seven didn’t even pay attention to you and started twirling your kitten around the room
  • Once you regained your composure, you snatched your kitten from Seven and scolded him for not helping you
  • Seven kindly asked if you were okay and you told him that you were allergic to cats but you love cats too much not to adopt one
  • “Wait MC, this means that I can take care of your kitten while you’re sick! I can play and cuddle with them all day long!”
  • “Give me my kitten back you cat abuser! You better take care of me when I feel sick Seven. And get me some medication while you’re at it.”
  • “I’ll get you your medicine if you let me cuddle your kitten. Deal my dear?”
  • You and Seven did compromise when it came to your kitten but you gave Seven his own kitten for his birthday which he almost passed out from excitement


  • V was excited to hear about your kitten when you told him about it
  • He loves animals and is completely up for you bringing your kitten in to live with him whenever you move in with him
  • When you brought your kitten to V’s home, he immediately fell in love with your kitten
  • He loved petting your kitten’s soft fur and hold them close to his chest
  • But V becomes concerned when he hears you violently cough and sneeze, asking if you are okay
  • “Oh yeah, I’m just allergic to my kitten, V. Well, I’m allergic to cats in general but I just love cats so much so I had to adopt one!“
  • “Wait MC… you’re allergic to your own kitten? I understand your reasoning, you kitten is very cute and lovable. But please, allow me to take care of you when your allergies act up.”
  • “And this is exactly why I love you V!”
  • So when your allergies were acting up, V would make you rest up in bed and took care of your kitten
  • Sometimes, you would walk by V to see him snuggling and softly singing to your kitten, making your heart absolutely melt
  • V became the best caretaker to you and the best pet sitter to your kitten, basically making him the greatest boyfriend ever

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For the prompts: 52) things you said with my lips on your neck - Fitzsimmons +fluffy, please!

Hi, there! Remember how I had all this free time and still can’t manage to fulfill prompts in a timely manner? Sorry about that. :/

Also, I wrote half of this before I realized I’d written it as “things you said with your lips on my neck” but I got this prompt twice so maybe I’ll get it right next time.

100% pure, tooth-rotting fluff for you! 


“Hey,” Fitz says, looking up from the sauce he’s stirring when she walks in the door. She’s so exhausted—somehow, hours-long administrative meetings wear her out more than field work ever did—but the way his eyes light up as if he hasn’t just seen her 11 hours ago makes her heart flutter.

“Hey, yourself,” she answers, kicking off her shoes and padding into the kitchen, discarding her bag and jacket as she goes. She wraps her arms around him from behind, resting her head against his shoulder blades and breathing in deeply. “Dinner smells good,” she says, closing her eyes and feeling all the residual tension drain out of her.

He stills beneath her and then turns suddenly, capturing her lips in a kiss. He kisses her, even now, thousands of kisses later, as if each one is precious and meant to be savored. As if she deserves to be loved in a way no one has ever been loved before.

She doesn’t feel she deserves it but melts into him all the same.

“Spagbol,” he whispers as he dots kisses along her face, trailing a familiar path down her forehead, cheek, jawline. “It’s a bribe,” he mouths against her neck.

She blinks slowly, coming out of a trance she’s not ready to leave. His scent—something indefinably Fitz—mingles with the sauce bubbling on the stovetop and leaves her breathless.

“A bribe?” she asks, scrunching up her nose in confusion.

Fitz shifts back on his heels but keeps hold of her hands, clasping them to his chest. “I might have done something a bit…er, rash.”

Jemma frowns, remembering that Fitz’s plans for the day had included finishing up his part in their latest joint article and doing some grocery shopping. She couldn’t possibly fathom what rash action had resulted from that schedule.

“Okay, Jemma, but first listen. There’s this dog—”

Her mouth drops open as her eyes search around their flat for any signs of a new inhabitant. Not finding anything, she turns her gaze back to her sheepish-looking husband. “Fitz!” she starts, but he holds up a pleading hand.

“It’s not what it sounds like!” he claims, and she bites her lower lip to stop the retort that immediately threatens to form.

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  • Me: Where are my brownies
  • Me: Oh, there right here.\
  • Me: The fuck do you want
  • Me: theres not enough food here
  • Me: I want pizza
  • Me: nobody fucking touch me
  • Me: Maybe if I order pizza the pizza guy will hangout with me
  • Me: Ouch my uterus
  • Me: OW
  • Me: Lets watch some Doctor Who
  • Me: *cries at the intro*
  • Me: *cries at funny parts*
  • Me: *cries in general*
  • Me: Can I be done now
  • Me: I'm cold
  • Me: Someone should come hangout with me
  • Me: Fuck I'm so alone
  • Me: *sobs into my cat*
  • Me: Fuck this shit

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My mind is trapped in a spiral of paranoia and despair. I need Rosebird and Bumbleby fluff/humor to cope.

So has mine for fourteen years along with a shit loud of thing that I should be locked up for in an asylum but I learned to fake being sane.

So here you go.

Raven: Summer. Stop. Please.

Summer: Nope.~<3

Raven: Summer honey, Please. 

Summer: ~But it’s sooo FLUFFY!~<3<3 

Raven: Siiiiiigh. I hate the dry heat. *Raven mutter as Summer continues to hug her afro.*


Blake: Hey Yang.

Yang: Yes Blakey my love. *Yang smiled and she kissed Blake’s forehead.*

Blake: I think you need a bath.

Yang: Wha? Do I smell or some- *Before Yang could finished Blake pulls her down and licks her.* o////o… Blakey?

Blake: What? *Blake licks her again.*

Yang: Why are you licking me? *Yang asked, shivering with the next lick on her neck.*

Blake: I’m giving you a bath. A cat bath. ;3

Yang: … I love you so much. *Yang smiled, Cuddling the hell out of Blake before licking Blake as Blake licked her, both laughing.*

Blake: I love you too Yang-Bang. *Blake winked, laughing harder when Yang Blushed at her pet name.*

Otayuri sickfic prompt

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Prompt: Otayuri sickfic  
Warnings: none besides Yuri’s language but what’s new, sfw
Word count: 1,610

Otabek is the one to tell Yuri that he has the eyes of a soldier but over the years as they get to know each other, Yuri thinks that the same could be said about Otabek too.

Otabek is strong, in every sense that Yuri can think of. He doesn’t break under the pressure of being put on a pedestal by his home country. He deals with the responsibilities of being the oldest son, taking care of his younger siblings whenever he needs to. He’s confident enough in his own masculinity that that no one gives him shit over being a figure skater or spending most of his time with the Russian fairy. And he deals with the raging hurricane that is Yuri Plisetsky, even if it gets so bad that everyone else ducks their head and leaves the room.

Otabek is strong because unlike Yuri, he knows that showing emotions and love isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s the opposite. Yuri admires him for that long before he comes to understands this.

Over the years of their friendship, they grow closer together than Yuri could have ever imagined him being with another person. Maybe it was meant to be, maybe it happened because they go through so much together.
Victories and losses. Physical as emotional pain. Dealing with both, hate and ignorance form strangers that can’t respect their privates lives. Family issues, self doubts and injuries. Discovering blossoming feelings for each other and being brave enough to act on them. Long distance, heartache and fights caused by misunderstandings and insecurities.
They make it through all of that because Otabek is strong and Yuri stands always right behind him, ready to catch him if he does end up falling.

Then Otabek changes his home-rink, comes to Russia to be with Yuri and to train under Victor, something that makes both of them breathe a little easier. They no longer struggle with missing each other and fearing about loosing what they have. They can focus on their training during the day and at the end of it, they don’t have to part but go home with each other, just the two of them in their own little world.

Of cause they discover new struggles because that’s how life works and Yuri has to learn that a relationship is hard work, even if they are madly in love. They argue over Yuri eating in bed, get annoyed when the other forgets to tidy the dishwasher or go grocery shopping. They fight over Yuri getting jealous and Otabek bottling up his emotions until he snaps. They’re shocked to discover that just because they skate at the same rink now, that they absolutely shouldn’t intervene with the other ones routines before they’re finished because it leads to both of them screaming at each other from across the ice while their rink-mates stop to watch and Viktor starts being anxious about ending up as bald as Yakov is by now.
Otabek is also strong because he’s willing to forgive even when he’s still angry, Yuri always needs to calm down first.

Yuri admires Otabek for his strength that shows in more than one way.

He’s there when Otabek leaves Almaty again and misses his family when he’s in Russia with Yuri but Otabek finds compromises and ways to spend time with both of them, to keep all his loved ones in his life. Yuri is by his side when Otabek has to pull out of a important competition he’s worked so hard for and despite his disappointment that his certainly hard to swallow, he doesn’t break down like Yuri would’ve done. Yuri watches how his boyfriend falls hard on the ice during practice, twisting his knee in a way that makes him nauseous from just seeing it. When Yuri skates over to him, there are tears of pain in his brown eyes but not one whine of complain leave his lips. Yuri watches his disbelief, shaking himself, how the paramedics work on his injured leg and Otabek only grits his teeth.

Yuri knows that despite all the emotions, weaknesses and flaws Otabek isn’t afraid to show, he’s still the strongest person he’s ever met.

So imagine Yuri’s absolute shock and disbelief when his stoic boyfriend, the hero of Kazakstan and multiple GPF medalist, turns into the biggest man-child after catching something as simply ridiculous as a common cold.

He watches with big eyes how Otabek turns pouty and whiny, clinging onto him and complaining more than he usually talks within a whole week.

„But it hurts, Yura.“ Otabek cries, pulling his blanket up over his red, stuffed nose.

„That’s why I bought you medicine.“ Yuri sings and shakes the little bag, hoping to make it look alluring.

Otabek furrows his eyebrows. „That stuff’s disgusting. I don’t wanna take it.“

„Oh don’t be such a baby. You’ll feel better once you take it.“

„I don’t wanna.“ Otabek huffs and actually pouts. Yuri rolls his eyes.

„I saw that, Yura. I’m suffering over here and you’re annoyed. Don’t you love me anymore?“

„Oh god, now you sound like Viktor.“ Yuri says and puts the medicine down on Otabek’s nightstand, hoping that he can somehow convince him to take it later.

„You’re so mean, Yuri. You always complain about Viktor.“

Yuri ignores him and opens the window, letting some fresh air and sunlight in. Then he searches for his cat and drops her on Otabek’s stomach where she curls up, adding warmth to his body.

„I’d rather cuddle with you, Yura.“ Otabek mumbles while he watches Yuri collecting dirty cloths from the floor and dropping them in the hamper.
Sick Otabek apparently isn’t as tidy as healthy Otabek.

„I do love you but there is no way I’m coming near you. You’ll get me sick too and then I’ll won’t be able to train. I won’t let you steal my gold away from me again this year. Forget it.“

„You make it sound like me getting sick was one big, evil plan to throw you off your schedule by getting you sick.“ Otabek sounds actually hurt and under normal circumstances, Yuri would kiss him how until he isn’t mad any longer.

„All is fair in love and war.“ Yuri replies and sends Otabek a flying kiss from across the room. Otabek is so moody that he doesn’t even pretend to catch it.

Yuri leaves him alone for a while, cleans their apartment and goes grocery shopping, putting a lot of Otabek’s favorite food in his basket. He checks on Otabek once he’s back home but his boyfriend is asleep, the cat still keeping him company. Tip-toeing back to the kitchen, Yuri starts chopping vegetables and cooks the biggest pot of soup their kitchen has ever seen. He makes fruit salad as well and some tea, hoping that Otabek will finally feel hungry enough to eat when he wakes up.
While the food cools down, Yuri sneaks back into their bedroom and grabs the bag from the pharmacy. He can’t say that he feels bad when he spikes Otabek’s bowl with the medicine he carefully crushed into fine dust.

„Hey baby,“ he coos as he walks back into their bedroom, a big tray of food balancing on his hip. „How’s my big, whiny baby feeling now? Feeling better?“ He asks while Otabek wakes up and he smiles at him as if he’d not rather laugh at his childish boyfriend.

„I’m feeling horrible,Yura.“ Otabek pouts and sniffs his nose. A stoic hero, truly.

„Oh no, poor bear. See I made you some soup, will you do me the favor and eat some? For me?“ Yuri murmurs and flutters his eyelashes. He know’s he’s playing dirty but Otabek is slowly driving him crazy.

„Will you feed me?“

Is he taking the piss? „Of cause.“ Yuri has to bite this tongue to neither laugh or snap at this picture of misery.

He sits down on the bed next to Otabek and feeds him one spoon after another, making him swallow his medicine with a satisfied grin. „Should I chew it for you too and drop it in your mouth like a mama bird or can you handle digesting it on your own?“ Yuri can’t stop himself from asking, little shit that he is.

„Love is the best medicine.“ Otabek fires back, still pissed that Yuri refuses to cuddle him.

„Oh I wouldn’t dare taking advantage of you while you’re so weak but don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you once you’re feeling better again.“ Yuri says and wiggles is eyebrows to empathise what he means.

He eventually manages to stuff a bowl of soup, some tea and even a bit of fruit into Otabek before his luck ends. His boyfriend complains about a stuffy nose and a headache, so Yuri runs and gets him more tissues and a cold cloth for his head. It is when he leans down to place it on his forehead, that Otabek leans up and kisses him right on the mouth.

Yuri is too shocked to pull away in an instant but as soon as he does, he wonders if he would miss Otabek a lot if he strangled him with a pillow right this second.

„I love you, Yura.“ Otabek purrs happily before sinking into another nap, leaving it to Yuri to clean the dishes away.

When Yuri wakes up the next day, his head is throbbing and he can’t breath trough is nose.

„Son of a … Otabek Altin! You’re a dead man.“ He screams, intending on making his boyfriends life living hell for the next few days.

here’s some pictures of lissy!!!! sadly we had to put her down last august, but she was genuinely one of the sweetest cats in the entire world

here she is just chillin on the couch, as cats do ya know

here she is calling me bc she missed me obv

here she is behind my mom’s vase thingie. my mom took a picture to send to us and then probably got her away from there QUICK

idk really, but i feel like this one really captures what her personality was like

this is one of the last pictures i took of her. she was beautiful and sweet and i loved her lots

It had started as a normal Saturday evening; Jack, Signe, Anti, Robbie, Marvin, Chase, Schneep, and Jackaboy Man were all gathered in the living room, hanging out together and eating pizza. Naturally, the pizzas were pineapple. The show they were just watching had ended, and everyone was full. So Jack and Signe went into the kitchen to put away the leftovers, and Marvin decided to entertain everyone else by showing off his newest tricks.

“Robbie,” Marvin asked, “would you get an apple from the fridge? I need it for one of the tricks. Besides, you’ve seen this trick anyways.”

Robbie grunted a little, not wanting to be the errand boy, but did it anyways. Marvin continued to do the trick he had practiced earlier with Robbie (since it was important to have someone to help in case something went wrong). He had practiced it so much, in fact, that he was able to do it without saying anything, which he found great pride in. All he had to do were proper hand motions and…

From the kitchen, Jack heard the loud “POOF!” and started towards the living room. “C'mon, Marvin, why couldn’t you wait for me and Si-” He stopped.

Before him were five very confused-looking cats where the Egos had just been. Sitting before them was an orange tabby cat with a white-furred face, looking just like Marvin’s cat mask, complete with all four symbols for the card suits and even the little red marks under the eyes. The little cat even had a little black cape to go with the look.

“I don’t know what went wrong!” Marvin immediately began, equally defensive and panicked. “I practiced a million times over, this has never happened!”

Signe heard Marvin’s defensive tone and hurried to the living room. “Is everything all ri-” She stopped next to Jack. “Oh.” She hesitated a moment. “I’ll get the allergy medicine - and some milk I guess!” She chuckled lightly at her own joke as she returned to the kitchen. “Robbie, go look at all the pretty kitties!”

Jack shook his head, brought back to reality by Signe’s sudden interruption. “Okay, so, who’s who now? I mean, I can guess, but just to be sure.”

One of the cats immediately spoke up, very excited by this predicament. The cat seemed much more dog-like in its build, easily being twice the size of little Marv. The fluff ball was strawberry red, with a brown stripe down its back and brown paws. Similar to Marvin’s, its face was partially blue, like a mask, aside from a green tuft of hair on the top of its head. “I’m Jackaboy Man! Or, or, or Jackaboy CAT!!! Or Jackie-Cat! Aha, this is cool!” He hyperactively kneaded his paws on the couch cushion he was sitting on, unable to sit still. By this time Rob had come into the room, so Jackaboy decided to amuse himself by swatting at a thread hanging from his pants. Robbie absolutely loved this, since he was now able to pet the biggest, fluffiest cat in the room.

The next cat to speak was a stark white cat with a light blue stripe starting at its nose and continuing down its stomach. It also wore a little blue doctor’s hat, with a tuft of green hair beneath it. “Schneeplestein.” the cat said bluntly, not amused at all by the situation. He aggravatedly swatted his hat off immediately after talking, not being able to deal with it any longer. The doctor then curled up into a little ball, hoping to sleep out the whole ordeal.

Signe sat down next to him to stroke him, but he immediately hopped up and moved to a blanket on the floor, not wanting to be bothered. Signe shrugged and moved on to the next cat, a gray tabby cat wearing an adorable little flip back cap, making it obvious that this was Chase. This cat was almost as small as Marvin, and if its hat didn’t shrink, he would have easily been able to fit into it like a bed. Chase had already found a rubber band to play with, so Signe gently took it from him and shot it across the room. Chase didn’t even bother to start to run at it, he just immediately jumped five feet across the room, disproving the fact that cats always land on their feet.

Jack then kneeled down to the last cat nearest to him, which was a long black cat with a dark green tuft of hair on top of its head. Its body had a kind of glitch pattern to it, with dark green and red lines and squares, but the cat was a solid entity, and didn’t actually glitch. Jack pet the smooth black cat, which purred deeply for a few seconds before it realized what was going on and swatted away Jack’s hand, hissing, “It’s me, Anti! Don’t touch me, you daft moron!” Anti then walked across the room and sat down to examine his new toe beans (which he secretly loved; he had never been so cute and cuddly his entire existence).

Marvin hopped to Jack. “Well,” he started, before getting cut off by Robbie snatching him up, relatively quickly for a zombie. “Pthb-ROBBIE! IM BUSY PUT ME DOWN!!!” Obviously Robbie didn’t listen, himself purring as he hugged and stroked and cuddled Marvin’s newly fluffy form affectionately. God, Robbie loves cats.

Jack laughed a moment before sneezing. Signe quickly gestured to the coffee table, and said “I brought some of the stronger medicine, and some water to take it with - just make sure there’s no fur in it before you drink it!”

Jack shook his head as he reached for the box of pills. “We can’t kee-CHOO-eep them like this too long, we need t-CHOO-to turn them ba-CHOO!” He took the pills as quickly as possible before he left the room while saying, “I’m gonna call Robin while the meds kick in - keep them entertai-ACHOO!”


Sorry I had to repost this, but the text was pretty screwed up since all the quotation marks and whatever this ’ is called and all the indents turned into their coding equivalents!!!

I haven’t written for fun in a very long time, aside from poetry here and there (which sucks ass), so sorry if my writing style is too informative. I’m used to writing thesis papers and psychological analyses and stuff like that!

I saw you needed some cheering up? And some other people sent you their cats so here’s my cat because he’s sweet and cheers everyone up. His name is Schrödinger but we call him Rodie. He’s very friendly and loves to cuddle.

he’s!! so!! cute!!! relaxed kitty face, fluffy tail, and a nice view of toe beans!!! thank you so much!! i love lil Schrödinger!!!

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# 98 of the dialoge thingy

98. “I wish I could hate you.”

During his drive from New York to Rhode Island to see his girlfriend. The last news Jughead Jones expected to receive from Betty was for her to tell him that she got a new roommate. A roommate that she couldn’t stop gushing about throughout the entirety of his three hour drive. And it was slowly driving him insane.

“Oh Juggie, you’ll love him. He’s just the sweetest thing.”

“Oh Juggie, I’m sure you guys will get along great.”

“Oh Juggie, Karl does the funniest things.”

Pulling up in front of the Betty’s, and stupid Karl’s, brownstone apartment, Jughead jumped out of his car and ran to Betty’s room ready to confront Karl and show him that there was no way in hell he stood a chance with Betty.

Jughead knocked on the door and within a few seconds, it flew open and there was a blonde mass jumping into his arms and assaulting him with kisses. Ha, take that Karl. “Juggie, I missed you so much.” Betty finally got back on her feet and led him to the couch.

“I missed you too Betts.” Jughead cupped her face and leaned in for another kiss. Before he got any closer, however, Betty pulled away and stood from the couch.

“I almost forgot, you have to meet Karl.”

“Betts, can’t it wait? We were in the middle of–.”

“Karl! Come here and meet Jughead.” The door to Betty’s room swung open and out came an orange furball, strutting like he owned the place. Betty quickly picked him up and settled back on the couch beside Jughead.

“Wait, Karl’s a cat. Your new roommate is a cat?”

“Well, I wasn’t gonna invite another man to live with me if he wasn’t you Jug.” 

Huh, a cat. I guess he could live with that

Turns out, Jughead couldn’t live with that. Karl was monopolizing every bit of Betty’s time and space that he figured having Karl be an actual person might’ve been better. That way, Betty wouldn’t be coddling the damn thing so much.

It was during a moment when Betty was asleep and cuddled on the couch with Karl and Jughead was relegated to the floor that he could finally speak to the invader, man to cat. Jughead looked at the orange little devil while the tabby stared back.

“I think my girlfriend loves you more than she loves me.” Jughead reached up to scratch the cat’s head. “I wish I could hate you.” he sighed, “I haven’t seen Betty in a while and you’re kinda getting in the way of some valuable alone time. But… I’m glad she has someone to keep her company while I’ll be a hundred miles away.”

“Just don’t expect that I’ll take a backseat again once she moves to New York in a few months.” Karl licked Jughead’s hand and gave a soft meow.