i love me a good cultural movie

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i love-
  • everyone i know: you love the wonder woman movie. you think it's one of the most culturally relevant cinema and that belongs in a museum. you've watched three times and you think about it 24/7 and can't get over how amazing and inspiring diana prince's character is. you want the theme to play at your funeral. you really enjoyed the reflection of how inherent good and evil exists within humanity and how relevant the message is to today. you love that the movie endorses love and positivity instead of darkness and evil. you want the no man's land scene projected onto your gravestone. the movie is your new sun and stars. we get it

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Hey, you're German, right? I've got a huge favour to ask of you. I've been studying German for a few years, and I plan on studying there for a year. Before that, I wanna improve my language skills, so I've been wondering if you could tell me about some good original German movies? I don't want to watch dubbed ones, I've heard they're horrible. Thank you so much! Love your blog, by the way.

Dubbed movies aren’t actually half bad - at least to movies dubbed in other languages. Trust me, I’ve watched both Spanish and French dubbed movies, they were way worse. This is what we like to call “Jammern auf hohem Niveau” - complaining even though everything is pretty good. You’ll find that Germans are a people of complainers; we like to complain about everything. We are never content :) 

Still, I’m really really excited that you’re interested in my culture and HELL YES THERE ARE A BUNCH OF AWESOME GERMAN MOVIES. Here are some highly acclaimed ones and some of my favourites, I hope all links work. 

  • 12 Meter ohne Kopf (a movie about a German pirate, who allegedly walked 12 meters after being beheaded in order to save his crew)
  • Auf der anderen Seite (a really bautiful sort of episodic movie connecting the lives of three families, both German and Turkish)
  • Barfuss (a movie about a girl suffering from PTSD, who is saved mostly accidentally from committing suicide by a dude cleaning the clinic she is in, and then follows him around everywhere, and they fall in love. Seriously, onely one of two movies by Til Schweiger worth watching)
  • Buddenbrooks (the story of a very rich merchant family and their downfall…a really famour book adaptation)
  • Das Boot (a movie about a German submarine and its crew during World War II. 100& must-see)
  • Das Experiment (A movie about a psychology experiment in prison, and how people react when given free reign over others. This should come with a huge trigger warning. It’s awesome, but also really super disturbing)
  • Das Leben der Anderen (You might’ve heard of that one, since it received an Oscar. It deals with surveillance in East Germany, and is, also, a must-see).
  • Das weiße Band (A movie about the oppressive and rigid society pre-World War I children grew up in.)
  • Das Wunder von Bern (This movie mixes the football world championships of 1954 (soccer for heathens who call other stuff football) and the story of a family that has to re-learn to live with each other when the father comes home after being a war captive for like…12 years MUST SEE)
  • Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (movie about famous German left extremists, the RAF and their terrorist attacks)
  • Der Schuh des Manitu (THE single best German comedy to ever exist. It makes fun of Cowboy movies/books that are super popular in Germany. You’ll cry of laughter seeing Native Americans with a Bavarian accent - which also means your language level should be really high, or you won’t understand a thing. Uh, obviously don’t watch if you think white comedians playing Native Americans is racist even when it’s satire)
  • Der Untergang (the last days in thr life of Adolf Hitler. You’ll probably have heard of that one, too. MUST SEE)
  • Die Blechtrommel (God, I don’t know how to describe this one. Basically, a movie about a child who decides he doesn’t want to grow anymore and observes the world of the adults around him?)
  • Die Fälscher (again, dealing with World War II, and people in concentration camps who were tasked with copying money of other countries)
  • Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei (a movie about three rebels who break into rich people’s houses only to rearrange their furniture and tell them to revise their morals - until one of them catches them in the act and they abduct him for a weekend. MUST SEE)
  • Die Feuerzangenbowle (THE classic movie. about the German school system. An older guy pretending to be a student at an elite high school. Also gave the name to a drink you will find a lot on Christmas markets)
  • Effie Briest (another novel adaptation about a young woman whose marriage is arranged and who loses everything when she cheats on her husband)
  • Ein Freund von mir (two guys who are completely different building a very strange friendship)
  • Elementarteilchen (about the lives of two brothers who were separated after birth, and the completely different lives they lead)
  • Fack Ju Göhte (no links yet, it only came out last year, a new comedy about the German school system, and absolute must-see, if you happen to find a link one day)
  • Gegen die Wand (a Turkish girl fake-marrying a German addict in an attempt to escae her family. MUST SEE)
  • Goodbye Lenin (a beautiful movie/comedy about a family and the German reunification. MUST SEE)
  • Im Winter ein Jahr (a family dealing with the loss of their son/brother)
  • Kabale und Liebe (a superb adaptation of Schiller’s play. bsjdhkdjk)
  • Kebab Connection (…I don’t even know how to describe this movie. Just watch it. Very multi/transcultural and hilarious)
  • Keinohrhasen (a douche has to do community service at a kindergarten - and finds that the girl he used to bully as a kid is now his superior. uh-oh. It’s super funny)
  • Kirschblüten - Hanami  (a dude travelling to Japan to understand and be close to his late wife) 
  • Lola rennt ( a movie about a couple in a dangerous situation - and three possible outcomes)
  • Schiller (ah boy, this was a TV production, so I couldn’t find a link. A brilliant movie about the life of Germany’s best playwright, if you ask me)
  • Soul Kitchen (a comedy about a guy trying to keep his restaurant afloat and keeping his brother out of a life of petty crime)
  • Sophie Scholl - die letzten Tage (a movie about the last days in the life of Sophie Scholl and her brother, who were part of the resistance against the Nazis)
  • Vincent will Meer (a guy with tourette syndrom, a girl with an eating disorder and a guy with OCD break out of their psychiatric clinic to go to the sea. MUST SEE)
  • Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken? ( a movie based on a real story, about a group of teenagers vowing to commit suicide once they do not feel any love anymore)
  • Wer früher stirbt ist länger tot (a comedy about a kid who does a lot of nonsense and when told that he is the reason his mother dies, blames himself, feares that he has to go to hell, and tries to make up for his sins by finding his dad a new wife. Hilarious. Again, tho, super strong Bavarian accent, beware!)

And if you want to watch a few good German TV-shows:

  • Türkisch für Anfänger (ABSOLUTE MUST SEE TV SERIES OMG WATCH IT!!! It deals with a German-Turkish patchwork family and it is hilarious)
  • Tatort Münster (basically a procedural crime show. There are a lot of Tatorts, but this is the only one that is always good. you’ll find a lot of the episodes on youtube)
  • Der letzte Zeuge (a show about a coroner solving crimes)

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How many unreleased songs are there from beyonce?!?

Lotssss. I’ll give you a list of her unreleased songs along with some other interesting songs that may have been forgotton over the years just click the titles of the songs to listen.

(Unreleased Dangerously In Love Songs)

Baby You’re The Only Man / I’m Glad There’s You / Ice Cream 
Settle 4 U / I Can’t Take No More (Appeared on the “Speak My Mind” mixtape) / Sexuality (Appeared on the “Speak My Mind” mixtape)

(He’s) My Man
(Appeared on a later edition of Destiny Fulfilled also has the full conversation at the start) / What’s It Gonna Be (Japanese Edition, also on Live At Wembley)

(Unreleased B’Day Songs)

Blind Trust / Inevitably/Forever To Bleed / Kick Him Out (Next Ex) / New Shoes / Back Up (Circuit City Bonus) / Lost Yo Mind (Itunes Bonus)

(Unreleased I Am… Sasha Fierce Songs)

Black Culture / Control / Now I Know/Forever To Bleed / Roc
Slow Love / Stop Sign / Waiting

(Unreleased 4 Songs)

Dreaming (Japanese Bonus)

(Unreleased Destiny Fulfilled Songs)

Body Rock / Heart / Twirk


After All Is Said And Done (The Best Man) / Woman Like Me (Pink Panther Movie) / God Made You Beautiful (Life Is But A Dream)
I’m Leaving (Appeared on the “Speak My Mind” mixtape)
Keep Giving Your Love To Me (Bad Boys II) / My First Time (Live At Wembley) / Rise Up (Epic) / Sexy Lil Thug aka In Da Club (Appeared on the “Speak My Mind” mixtape)
I’m Alone Now / What’s Good With You?

(Forgotton Features)

Usher - Love In This Club Part II Feat. Beyoncé & Lil Wayne

Solange - Naive Feat. Beyoncé & Da Brat

Alicia Keys - Put It In A Love Song Feat. Beyoncé

Kanye West - See Me Now Feat. Beyoncé, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson

The Dream - Turnt Feat. Beyoncé & 2 Chainz

Justin Timberlake - Until The End Of Time Feat. Beyoncé

Kelly Rowland - You Changed Feat. Beyoncé & Michelle


Believe it or not, this is what my local movie theater looks like!!!!!

This looks amazing and my jaw fell to the floor when I saw this!!!!!!

This is not the only movie theater I go to, but the whole design of the theater is gorgeous!!!!

The designs on the walls that show famous characters from movies, cartoons, television, are so inspiring to look at! I love those characters and they made me who I am today! And I still love them! 😘😊😍😁

I saw the sci-fi movie, “Life”, in this theater. And it was really good! 👍🏻

And uh… yeah! That’s pretty much it!

That’s my take! (TRADEMARK)

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ENTJ Love Life
  • Person: I am patient enough to deal with your workoholism, brutal honesty, dark humour, forced empathy and the excessive need to try to solve my problems when I am just trying to vent. I also have a good job, read a lot and I know many cultural events so I can show you. Also our taste in TV shows and movies is awesomely identical, and I am willing to watch them with you in English even though I cannot comprehend the language as well as you do.
  • Me: Last Sunday you said one sentence that made me think our future compatibility is at stake. I'll pass.

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Any headcanons for Joseph, including nsfw if you want ;))) I know he's a cult leader and a murderer and all that but if you just forget about that he's a really good guy

ho r u kidding me I love the local cult leader

☆ He cannot dance for shit, when he tries to dance it’s like the Soldier 76 dance emote.
★ But this bitch can S I N G hOly fUck, if you’re having a bad day ask him to sing for you, his voice is like a choir of angels
☆ He unironically likes the Bee Movie and you can’t tell me otherwise
★ He also tries to educate himself on internet culture like memes for his kids
☆ “Chris what is a… Pepe? You know, the frog” And pronounces it pee pee
★ He’s the Candy Land king, but one time you beat him and you could see his heart physically shatter. Not really he was just over dramatic af but still

☆ Yeeaahh, you know that knot tying book he has for his yacht that is mechanical and doesn’t use knots or whatKNOT (ehehehe get it)? Yeah that’s for kinky sex
★ Literally how can someone be so kinky?¿? (I ask whilst being the kinkiest person I know)
☆ He’s a dom, but if his partner reeaally wants to top then he’ll switch
★ Major kinks include shibari, bondage in general, choking, spanking, mild use of whips, and degradation.
☆ He’s really loud in bed he’s not afraid to let his voice be heard, and wants to hear your voice too

Honestly I’m so grateful for Carlos Valdes and also the writers of The Flash. Because on paper, Cisco Ramon had the potential to be one of the most tiresome and unoriginal characters on the show. Given how “nerds” in media today are often portrayed all the same: the jokes about never getting the girl “cause guys like me, blah blah blah”, name drops a bunch of niche sci-fi bullshit without any context to make it seem like they have depth, salivating over every “hot” chick that walks into the room.

 But Cisco was never like that. You’re actually able to laugh at his movie references because it is delivered in a way that doesn’t seem forced or like he just wants you to know that he watches a lot of movies. He treats all of the women he knows with respect and he doesn’t drool over them or do the “woe is me, I’m a nerd and I can’t get a girl because of it, spiel”. He doesn’t explicitly state it but it is implied that he was bullied in high school because not only was he a nerd, but he was a brown kid in S.T.E.M. and that’s fucking hard, but he’s still one of the most genuine, loving and good people on the show. He’s also not a pretentious piece of shit about whatever nerd culture stuff he likes.

Like we could have really been looking at a Big Bang Theory situation where the writers just have him name drop things for the sake of showing that he knows them but they don’t. And there is actual humor and depth to his character and his comedic timing is spectacular. He’s probably one of the most genuine examples of what it’s like to just be a regular person who is enthusiastic about science fiction in a way where they include other people in their excitement and it’s contagious. Cisco Ramon is not and never will be a Howard Wollowitz character and fuck if I’m not grateful to Carlos and the writers for that. 

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Name: Rebecca (most call me Becca)
Age: 16
Country: USA

I’m Kinda nervous about doing this, but since I’m about to be a senior I might as well do some new things, right? My name is Rebecca and I’m currently 16 (I’m going to be 17 in October though). I live in Arkansas, but I have lived most of my life in California. As for as any other basic information, I’m bisexual, female, now a senior, my favorite color is midnight blue, and my favorite holiday is Halloween.
One of my biggest passions in life is music. I plan on attending college for Flute Performance, and absolutely love music of all kinds(except country). I listen to pretty much anything, and love performing music for people to hear and enjoy. Oh, and I also do Color Guard.
I love art of all kind, but I don’t really do anything beside music and sometimes writing. I love films and tv shows. I couldn’t tell you my favorite film,it’s constantly changing, but at the moment I’m in love with Atomic Blonde and love anything with good cinematography . As for tv shows, I’m currently loving Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, OITNB, Dear White People(The movie is great too), Voltron, Lost Girl, etc.
I would love to talk to people from anywhere, and love learning about life and culture from all over the world. I speak English, and I know enough Spanish to get by, though I’m no where near fluent, and would love to learn more if I had the opportunity. I can do skype, tumblr, instagram, and snapchat, but I would love to do snail mail as it gives me a nostalgia feeling.

Preferences: 15-20, No homophobic, sexist, racist, etc. Don’t care about gender or country.










i should be doing my fucking geo essay buT HERE I FUCKING AM


Why I hate hetalia so much

So the people in question are Elli and Zoey. Neither are their real names. Elli is my best friend since I moved to the states for School, Zoey is pretty much a ticking time bomb.

The three of us WERE all roommates (Elli and I finally moved out!) and we were all into cosplaying. Zoey did a lot of anime and manga cosplay (Elli and I were in Love Live Hell for the last couple weeks) while Elli and I did mostly video game and Movie cosplays. Our next con was AnimeNEXT and Elli and I would room together while Zoey roomed with her friends.

Zoey thought it would be a good idea to make a “Historically accurate FemKorea” cosplay from the series Hetalia a few weeks before con. Did absolutely no research, thought any asian culture would be okay to throw onto the costume, completely shut down my thoughts and ideas for it and shouted at me “well its not like YOU’RE gonna wear this!”. Which was true, but as a first generation Korean American who is seeing her culture ripped to shreds all for the sake of a convention, yeah I would say it is my business.

Zoey finally caved and had me help her, I even showed her MY hanboks (traditional Korean Dresses) to get some sort of idea on what could be done. Then about  couple days before we all left for AnimeNEXT, I noticed the 3 garment bags that held my hanboks were missing. I asked my roommates and they both said no. I should have gone with my gut feeling but I was so panicked that I couldn’t think straight because those hanboks had a LOT of sentimental value to them and they were one of a kind! Elli convinced me we would look for them after the con.

Saturday of Con, we found them.

At the Hetalia shoot we saw Zoey wearing my cream and fuchsia hanbok incorrectly and disrespectfully with red dots on her cheeks and Chun Li styled hair buns and chopsticks in her hair and flapping around a Japanese style fan acting as if she was the greatest cosplayer here.

Now im furious. I pulled her aside from the shoot and demanded them back. Other Hetalia cosplayers were yelling at me to leave her alone but FUCK THEM.

I fucking had her take us to her hotel room to get the hanbok off her greasy ass and thats when I see them. Two very familiar garment bags. Zoey kept freaking out that those were hers even though the bags have my initials on them IN KOREAN. And there they were!

One Navy blue and gold hanbok with a Star and Moon motif and one Lavender and Lilac purple hanbok with a butterfly motif to it. The very same ones that went missing from my closet.

Remember how I said that the hanboks had a lot of sentimental value to them and how they were one of a kind?

Both my late grandparents made a living by sewing hanboks for both men and women. They were also the ones who raised me since I was a baby. They MADE the three hanboks for me as gifts: the Butterfly one was a High School Graduation Gift, the Stars and Moon one was a farewell gift, and the Cream and Fuchsia one was for my up and coming Coming of Age gift (I’m currently 19). It really hit me hard to see the dresses go missing because they passed away about 4 months ago but I couldn’t be there because of school.

She stole my possessions just to play dress up for a day and did it so poorly that I’m 100% sure my grandparents are rolling in their graves! Pretty damn sure they’re STILL rolling in their graves!

At this point I go off on her! Spit is flying, She’s crying as if she’s the victim, You could hear me scream down the fucking hall, her roommates are trying to make it seem as if it was my fault, etc etc. She ONLY gave them back after I threatened to call the cops and have her charged with theft. and that really freaked her out because I guess she “Can’t go back to jail”. So for the rest of the con, I was hobbled up in our bathroom TRYING to clean the makeup, grease, sweat, general filth off my hanboks. What a way to spend a convention weekend!

Not Jewish Great Cause This Addressed To You

i’ve done a lot of posts about Judaism or like character viewpoints from a jewish perspective or like just diff stuff related to jewishness in my time and a lot of them are with a humor or from a logic that other jews will very easily understand and get and enjoy 

and a lot of these are not posts that intra-community related so i don’t tag it or mention in the post goyim don’t reblog cause it is not something that you have no place in 

and as jews tend to do discussions tend to happen on the post and it is lovely for me and other jews to have this

and when its gets rebloged by goyim i think it is good because it helps i think to dispel many of the myths surrounding jews, how we think, our culture, how we approach stuff, etc 

thing is odds are with jews being only .2% of the world pop. most ppl will never meet or interact with a jewish person and sadly most info ppl have on jews is from movies, books, tv, and such

which really is so narrow and antisemitic so to me there is something wonderful about knowing that people can see aspects of us beyond that

but more and more what has been happening is that additions are being added onto my posts, additions that have no place.

additions that bring in christianity, which seriously always a super fucking bad idea, or start taking what i have written and applying to characters that are not jewish or start like trying to make a discussion where it is totally not needed and is really out of place

these additions that i’m talking about are ones that are written by you people who are not jewish.

discussions are awesome i love them, but when you have no fucking clue what you are talking about and then start talking about things you don’t know or understand all while acting like you have an equal say and understanding on the topic it foolish and arrogant as well as not wanted

it is also exhausting honestly

like there has been way too many fucking times where there will be a post where myself and other jewish bloggers will be having a really awesome debate discussion thing about something in Jewish culture or what not and suddenly like a whole bunch will start like talking about whatever the fuck and seriously you wanna reblog it cause you think the conversation is inserting cool with me

but seriously why are you adding your two cents it is not needed but also you don’t know what you are talking about

like i have reblogged posts where black american where talking and explaining certain aspects of black american culture that i found really fascinating (posts that was clear that it was ok to reblog if not black) like one was talking about certain hair styles and the history of it and it was really cool and educational 

thing is i’m not black so i didn’t say anything because not my culture so not my place

and there are i’m sure other examples within my reblogs you can find bc i enjoy learning about other cultures and i like to learn new things but i don’t add my thoughts or opinions because a. it is not my place because that is not my culture and b. don’t know the fuck i am talking about  

like there is nothing wrong with wanting to learn new things but you don’t always need to add to it just sit back and learn

i’m not saying you can’t have questions either bc questions are great but be humble enough to recognize that you don’t know things and that it is not necessary for you to shove your way into conversations where you have no place to share what you want to say bc you are either to arrogant to see or just don’t care enough to see the harm that you are doing

questions cool come to my inbox or another jewish blogger’s inbox and ask trust me we will take it seriously and answer to best that we can unless you are being an asshole about it or being antisemitic which if are genuine and do want to learn then it will come through in how you ask.

so like just try thinking twice before adding your thoughts onto certain posts

and pro-tip if you are thinking about brining in jesus or christianity to compare to Judaism or something like just don’t 

Seriously stop it

Angsty Black Girl Essay #2: FUCK JOHN HUGHES.

Yes, I said it. Fuck John Hughes. Fuck him and his old, narrow-minded white ass, racist ass ass. Fuck that guy.

I am so sick of white art being revered and called “classic” and “cult status” when it really ain’t shit. Everybody loves the Beatles when they really weren’t even that good until they started doing drugs. White mediocrity is always rewarded. I am so sick of white directors not being held responsible for their fucked up views of society just because a bunch of people think their movie fits a certain aesthetic or widely has its dick sucked for being an embodiment of the culture and society of the time. But this was before social media, so everything was fine.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club and the Home Alone movies. I grew up watching Macaulay Culkin slap his cheeks with both hands and scream in the mirror. When I was a teenager and going through my 80s phase, I watched a lot of John Hughes movies and paired it with a helping of Joy Division and Kate Bush. I fell in love with the romanticized, almost shoegaze-y, pastel glow of these 80s teen movie classics. But I didn’t realize that the director of some of these movies seemed to have a pretty homogenous take on what his view of teen life is.

In Sixteen Candles, a really whiny girl named Samantha is pissed because her oh-so-cruel parents forgot her birthday, although they literally had a million things going on. They even apologize about it, wholeheartedly after they realize they fucked up. It wasn’t like her parents were evil people who just didn’t like Sam. They just made an honest mistake. Her dad even consoles her after Sam cries about not being able to date the guy she barely knows, has never spoken to and only likes because he’s hot. But that’s a major component of the movie. I get that Sam was basically feeling unimportant even though she was going through a major life change, but I mean, nothing really happens in this movie except a bunch of sexist, racist bullshit.

Besides Jake basically allowing someone to potentially date rape his ex girlfriend–who was, might I add was not even an asshole to the protagonist and was, if anything, just cocky and a bit conceited but her whole existence was to show how she’s the “wrong” type of girl and Sam is the “right” type of girl–what the fuck were they really gonna do? Jake is all of 18 or 19 and Sam is 16. Not only is this illegal but…you don’t even know each other? And to top it all off, they insert a wacky Asian stereotype into the mix, gleefully poking fun at the fact that he is not white.

Then there’s the cute little scene beforehand where Sam and her stupid friend discuss birthday gifts. When she thinks Sam wants a black guy and a pink Trans Am, she steps back in horror at the thought of her bestie letting an ugly black dick enter her sweet, pink domain. When Sam reassures that no, you got the colors wrong, she rolls her eyes in relief. 

Then you have Hughes’ white entitlement series called National Lampoon’s, in which one white guy from the all-white city known as Chicago with a family decides to make their vacation the best as it possibly can be, and when it starts to unravel due to his own dumb ass decisions, he turns into a psychopath and resorts to illegal measures. But he doesn’t get into trouble. Ever! No jail, no community service, no nothing. This man has held up an amusement park hostage with a fake gun, basically been an accessory to a kidnapping, had a SWAT team called on him, stole money from a hotel, accidentally killed a dog, etc. But does he ever get punished? Of course not! He’s a white guy, just a well-meaning type o’ guy who just wants to do right by his unappreciative family. Oh, and I love the bit in the first of these movies where he points his gun at the black cop and makes him get down on the ground, humiliating him. I also loved the scene where they were driving through the “hood” and a guy comes over to his station wagon bouncing a fucking basketball. At night. Sometimes I wonder if John Hughes had even seen a black person in real life.

I get really fucking irritated thinking of all the angsty little white teens who collectively worship movies like The Breakfast Club who can see themselves on television displaying all the emotions they feel, but someone like me can’t even see a black woman as an extra. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black woman in a John Hughes movie in any capacity unless in a service position. And I’ve seen very few black men. But then again, what could I really have expected from the era that gave us the Reagan administration?

ID #99022

Name: Sol
Age: 15 (16 in November)
Country: Sweden

I am Sol and I have fallen love with the idea of having a pen pal.
I live in the northern part of Sweden, where it only takes two hours to drive to Finland. I take Spanish in school and know the basics but I can’t really say I am good at it.
The thing with having a pen pal seems fun to me because you will learn about new cultures and just talk about anything that is on our minds.
I love to travel and I love talking to new people even though my verbal skills fail me a bit there, maybe it will be easier here? I am pretty openminded and can talk about pretty much anything. I mostly watch youtube but also some tv-shows and movies. I wouldn’t mind having long conversations because i like those types. I love to learn details about people and ask questions. Even though I am a little shy I love to talk to people.
And for those who may not know, my name means “sun” in english so feel free to tell me your best weather jokes!

Preferences: I would prefer to talk to people by email or online because I honestly don’t have a good memory.

Hi! My name is Louise and I’m 23 from Scotland!

I have a couple of amazing pen pals who I write to constantly but would love more! I wasn’t able to write for a while but now back on track 

I love any and all animals, especially rats (I have two girls!) and love my movies. My faves are LOTR/Hobbit, Star Wars and pretty much all Disney!
I’m a fond reader and love doing art, crafts and making stuff like jewellery!
Also one of my biggest interests is gaming! Currently I’m all about Final Fantasy XV because it emotionally crushed me over how good it was!!

I would love to have a snail mail pen pal, preferably female above the age of 20. Anywhere in the world as fine as I love speaking to different cultures and backgrounds! Hopefully I can chat to some of you soon!

If you’re interested you can contact me on my tumblr, louisecantdance.tumblr.com/

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What do you think the girls favorite movies are? I can imagine Yang being a HUGE Bruce Lee fan so anything with him, or fighting movies in general.

A really good fanfic called Something Borrowed gave me the idea that Ruby just loves shit movies. Like crappy horror/action movies with stuff like “Zombies vs Aliens” and she drags Weiss to all of them.

Yang is thankful because Weiss took her spot.

I could see Yang liking fighting movies but she also likes big budget super hero movies and has a TON of fan art she’s done of her favorites that she’s never shown anyone.

Blake loves documentaries and movies from other cultures. If it has subtitles, she is there. Also anything animated.

Weiss loves romance, but it has to have a good female lead. If they’re written poorly or just a prop for the male lead, she’s out and on her scroll leaving a scathing review.

I’m back again with another music masterpost! It’s exam time for a lot of us and I’ve been using Spotify every day to help keep me motivated while I study. This is a list of some of my fave, mostly classical & instrumental, artists and albums to listen to!


  • Bach 
  • Emile Pandolfi- everything from classical piano to disney covers and Broadway medleys (listen to the Beauty and the Beast theme)
  • Tchaikovsky- esp. Swan Lake!
  • Bruno Coulais- otherwise known as the guy who did the Coraline soundtrack- check out Les Saisons
  • Camille Saint-Saëns- esp. the Carnival of the Animals
  • Mediaeval Baebes- medieval choral/ folk music- not instrumental but it’s mainly all in Old English so you won’t be able to get distracted by the lyrics anyway! 
  • Rachmaninoff 
  • Chopin
  • John Williams (so many iconic soundtracks!!! some below)
  • Gazelle Twin- dark electronica, quiet vocals which aren’t too distracting
  • Mogwai- more electronica type music- no vocals (if any of u have watched The Returned, they did the theme tune!)
  • Julianna Barwick- v dreamy and ethereal
  • Alexandre Desplat (again, so many soundtracks!! my faves are below)



+ my study playlist- over 1,500 songs (mainly instrumental, some choral).

hope u enjoy!

ID #26925

Name: Lucas
Age: 17
Country: Spain

Hi! I have too much free time, so here I am.
I speak Spanish and English, and I can help people who want to learn Spanish. But be warned, I’m not that good at it myself even if it is my first language.

I like drawing, history, politics and reading (especially sci-fi). I don’t like TV and I usually don’t watch movies but sometimes I watch some cartoons (I really like SU) and I’ll always make an exception if someone recommends me something.
I love disscussing about social issues, books, music… and love learning about other countries and cultural differences.

My dream is to travel the world and meet nice people while on it.

Like I said, I have lots of free time, so I don’t mind if someone asks me for help or support if they’re having a bad time. Or talk me about whatever.

I love making and writing letters so snail mail would be really nice, but not right away.

Preferences: I want to study in the UK next year, so it would be cool to know someone there that could explain somethings beforehand, but any other place in the world is fine too.

Other than that, no preferences.
I’m LGBTQ though, so some people may not be comfortable with that.
If people are not okay with it, they can still message me to talk about other things, just don’t be too rude.


One thing that bugs me about “[X movie about non-white people] isn’t for white people” is that good media representation could potentially affect perceptions held by people not in those groups.

One example is The Big Sick. I haven’t seen it (I want to), and since I’m white I’m not the best judge of good Pakistani representation, but since it’s written by and starring a Pakistani man about his own experiences, I’m guessing he couldn’t have done that bad of a job writing about his own culture. I can’t remember ever seeing a Pakistani person as the love interest, and very few South Asian people in general. While I don’t need to be told that a Pakistani person could be romantic (because A, they’re people, and B, my own IRL love interest is half-Pakistani, actually), if someone who doesn’t know any Pakistani people sees that movie and sees a Pakistani man as a love interest and good dude and learns anything about the culture, it could give them a positive perspective.

Another example is Jazz Jennings. I learned about her as a teenager, and I’m pretty sure she’s the first transgender person I’d ever heard of. Her story gave me a working knowledge of what being trans is, so when a friend of mine came out as trans (the first trans person I’ve ever actually known), it wasn’t a completely foreign concept to me. And because I could put a face to the concept (in Jazz’s case, a smart little girl trying to live as her authentic self), trans people didn’t seem like The Other to me, but rather people who just have a different circumstance than me. Having a friend come out as trans cemented that, but Jazz laid the groundwork.

So while it may be special for people in the groups represented, it may actually be beneficial for people to see media representing groups they’re not in. (submission)