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if i may ask, what version of photoshop do you use? where could i download it at for free? and if you don't mind could you maybe help me with making gifs with a mini tutorial? mine aren't very hq like yours, do you use torrents or direct downloads? it would mean a lot if you can maybe help me! i love your gifs so so much and they're so beautiful! i hope this isn't too much to ask! <3

I use cs5 and you can probably find a download on a torrent website check here !! i made a giffing tutorial under the cut on how to make clear crisp gifs <3 like this post if it was helpful(: 

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Christmas Shopping

Niall: He couldn’t believe he finally got to show you Mullingar at Christmas. He’d spent hours describing how the tiny town looked, but nothing did it justice. His hand was linked in yours as you looked at the tiny town dressed in snow, lights and wreaths. Each shop had a table outside with some merchandise on it. The street fair was a tradition each year and finally, Niall got to experience it with his best girl. He was content to lazily stroll alone with you, looking at all the knick knacks and items out for sale. Maura was a few feet ahead, talking to a friend of hers. “Oh! Mrs. Horan!” You looked to your right and saw a woman waving at you in earnest. You were about to call for Maura when the woman interrupted you. “You! Mrs Horan!” You looked over at Niall, who was kicking the snow at his feet, a grin on his face. “I’m not Mrs. Horan,” you said, cheeks hot enough to melt the snow beneath you. This was mortifying. Of course you and Niall had talked about marriage but to be mistaken as his wife…well. The woman tsked and waved her hand. “Are ye not our little Niall’s wife?” She asked, eyes flicking between the two of you. “No,” you squeaked out. Niall laughed and pulled you into his chest and kissed your temple. “She will be soon,” he assured her. She seemed satisfied but before she walked away, she drew you close. “I’d watch you. I think you’re getting a ring for Christmas!” You blushed again and walked off with Niall. To be called Mrs.Horan made your heart stop in your chest and Niall felt much the same way. He couldn’t wait to give you his last name, his life, his home and most of all, his heart.

Louis: “I can’t do it anymore,” he said pressing the heels of his hands into his eyes until he saw stars. “If I have to go into one more store I’m going to explode.” You felt exactly the same way. Somehow, you and Louis had lost track of time and had waited four days before Christmas to do your shopping. The malls were packed and everywhere you turned, someone was bumping into you. Louis had been wrapped around you like a shield, taking most of the bumps and shoves and he was in an awful mood because of it. “We need a break,” he looked around the mall and grinned. “C’mon,” you let him pull you through the throng of people, expertly navigating his way through the little holes that opened up. You saw Santa ahead of you, his loud laugh echoing off the walls. “What are we doing?” You asked as Louis paid the woman. He smiled and tugged you inside the ‘north pole’. “Getting a picture with Santa, what’s it look like?” Louis was spontaneous, so it shouldn’t have surprised you this would be what he wanted to do. “It can be our Christmas card.” You sat on Santas knee and smiled, picturing the image of your whole family opening the card and laughing. “Have you both been good this year?” Santa asked you. Louis snickered and said, “we’ve been utterly naughty haven’t we, love?” Your cheeks flushed as you remembered last night in bed and Santa just laughed. “And just think, we can do this every year. Make it our own tradition till we’re older and grayer than Santa himself!” He took your hand and collected the pictures, a happy smile on his face. “You want that many Christmases with me?” You asked, truly touched. “No baby, I want a whole life with you.”

Liam: Liam was having the time of his life. He had you on his arm, crisp winter air on his face and tons of bags in his hand. He loved Christmas, and to spend some of it in New York was wonderful. He was flying back to Wolverhampton in two days time, so he could be home for Christmas. But he couldn’t not spend some of this holiday with you. After all, you were the girl he loved, his best friend and his partner in crime. The love part though, well that was still a secret. He hadn’t gotten up the courage to tell you yet, no matter how hard he tried. “What about your mom?” You asked, reading over his checklist. You’d been such a trooper, shopping with him all day. It was close to five now, which meant you’d been walking since 11 am and he was feeling the exhaustion. But you, you never complained and that amazed him. He sighed and looked over your shoulder. “I think she wanted a sweater?” He said scratching the back of his neck. “Okay, let’s head to-Oh Liam, look!” You pointed to Tiffany’s, all lit up and adorned with white pictures. You pressed your nose to the showcase glass, the diamond heart necklace beaming out at you. “It’s so pretty,” he looked from the necklace and your face, the wheels in his brain turning. With a sigh you pushed off, leading him into a store for his mom. That necklace was more than five months of your salary and then some, you could never afford that. “Be right back, gunna use the bathroom.” You shrugged and kept searching as Liam dashed back to Tiffany’s and bought the necklace. Later, when your shopping was done and he handed you the box, you gasped. “I couldn’t leave for England,” he said slowly, his thumb on your cheek, “without giving you my heart.”

Zayn: “Li, are you sure?” He wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans and looked back into the jewelry case. “Mate, she’s gunna love it.” He promised, his hand on his back. The saleswoman had been so patient and so helpful as Zayn struggled to find the perfect ring. He didn’t think it would have been this difficult. But there were different sizes, different cuts, different bands. It made Zayn’s head spin. He just wanted something simple and flawless that would look perfect on your hand. “This is exhausting,” he muttered, his hand scrubbing over his face. He didn’t even know how he was going to do it yet. If it was up to him, he wouldn’t even get a ring. He just wanted to tell you the words in his heart and whisk you off to a justice of the peace and make it official. Zayn didn’t want all that extra stuff, he just wanted you. ”I’m telling ya, this is the ring!” Liam was adamant about his selection, saying it was the most perfect ring Zayn could get. He had to give it to Liam, it was beautiful. Silver band, two tiny diamonds flanking the enormous one in the center. It wasn’t gawdy by any means, it was perfect. He could see it resting on your hand and the look in your eye when you’d open the box. “I think- yeah, I think this is it.” Zayn said slowly, the diamonds catching and throwing the light. Liam and the saleswoman high-fived in excitement and Zayn finally smiled for the first time all day. She took the box back to get wrapped and the nerves sunk in. It was Christmas Eve and Zayn had a very special gift for you at midnight. He could only hope now that you would say yes, and that his mouth would do justice to all the things his heart felt.

Harry: Lux was going to scream her little baby head off this year, thanks to you and Harry. The toy store was like nothing you’d ever seen and Harry led the way confidently. “What does a little girl want?” He asked himself. “Dolls, play make-up, jewelry,” You shrugged and picked the Barbie up off the shelf giving it a once over. “Try to avoid small pieces. You don’t want her to choke.” Harry blinked, he hadn’t even thought of that. “You’re gunna be such a good mom,” he said softly, his hand giving yours a squeeze. “Why? Because I know not to give infants small toys?” You teased, tugging him up the isle. There was nothing but pink here and Harry wanted to cringe from the brightness. “Because you just understand, you’re patient, kind, you’re smart and you’re loving. I feel good knowing you’ll keep my head on straight when we have kids.” You froze in the middle of the isle, your eyes swinging to his. “Kids?” You asked, cheeks flushing. Harry grinned and backed you into the shelf, his hands on your hips. “Absolutely. I know everything’s crazy now with the tour and stuff, but I want a whole family with you.” You smiled a little, your hands tugging on his curls. “You’ll be a good dad, Harry,” you said softly. He gave you a quick peck on the lips and let you go. “We’ll be good parents. We make a good team,” he winked at you and continued on in his search. “Look! Baking Barbie!” He said in excitement, pulling the doll to his chest. You could see him on the floor with Lux, that Barbie in his hand as he played with her, his voice high and squeaky to make her laugh. “What do you think?” He asked, his green eyes bright. “I think I can’t wait to have a family with you.” He smiled and took your hand, his future right next to him.