i love mcr so much

22 activities for march 22nd

as an Official My Chemical Romance Fan™, your march 22nd activities are now restricted to the following:

1. wake up and remember it’s march 22nd
2. remember the meaning of march 22nd
3. cry
4. put on your mourning costume (preferably helena or black parade-inspired, mcr merch is also acceptable as long as the rest of your outfit is completely black)
5. ruin your eyeliner by crying and call it war paint
6. listen to the black parade while crying
7. listen to the light behind your eyes while sobbing
8. listen to every mcr song ever on shuffle while losing it
9. go online and read THE PARAGRAPH
10. stare blankly at your computer screen, numb of emotion
11. read a frerard fic (minimum of 22 chapters, must be smutty as well as heartfelt and well-written)
12. play one of the mcr pixel online games from like 2004 (helena is recommended)
13. go on tumblr and mourn with your fellow MCRmy
14. chant look alive, sunshine (and i mean the whole thing)
15. listen to the jetset life is gonna kill you (actually, just play the line “check into the hotel bella muerte” over and over again)
16. watch random videos of mcr doing stuff together as a band
17. listen to a hesitant alien song while screaming NO FUCK YOU repeatedly at the top of your lungs until it ends, at which point you cry and say “i didn’t mean it sorry gerard i love you”
18. remember that the last song they ever played live was helena, so the last line they ever played live was “SO LONG AND GOODNIGHT”
19. get emotional over #18
20. listen to fake your death
21. feel utterly numb and empty for awhile while you peruse mcr memes
22. respect that mcr as a physical band is over, but it’s not just a band, it’s an idea that will live on in our hearts as long as their music still exists. the members are all still alive (except for bob. bob didn’t leave the band. he just died, and he’s the skeleton in the na na na music video) and @official-gerardway
is fairly easy to track because of his activity on social media. we are lucky to have had them for twelve years and lucky that they are pursuing their own careers and joy.

People only think that Danger Days Gee is ‘So HoT aNd SeXy!!!1!!!!1!1!!11′. But how about basement Gee?

Like look at him

I would totally have dated him



I’m weird bye