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How would the child au boys react to yui if she was also a child? I love your blog^^

Admin Mawile: (・∀・)

Shuu: She’s cute and fun to play with! A little too “good” to really be fun, but nice enough to make up for it. 

Reiji: He’s constantly trying to get her to behave better and control her every move “for her own good.”

Ayato: Playing with Yui is pretty nice, but since she’s so sweet and shy, it’s all too easy to mess with her instead of playing nice. 

Kanato: Since she’s quiet and gentle, it’s easier to be with her than with his noisy, too rough brothers who don’t play nice. 

Laito: He’s not the most social child, usually, but sweet little Yui tends to bring out his more friendly nature. 

Subaru: Yui may be the only person who can reliably pull him out of self hatred. She can actually get him to talk to other people. 

Ruki: He tends to be a little too bossy with her, but together, they may be the most well behaved children you’ll ever see. 

Kou: Once he realizes how gentle and protective she is, he starts hiding behind her and sticking to her side like a little shadow. 

Yuuma: He’s as nice to her as he is to anyone else, but she’s too small and fragile for him to really get along with. 

Azusa: In his eyes, she’s practically an angel. She won’t hurt him, but she’s as kind as his brother have been, and so pretty. 

Carla: It’s a future king’s duty to treat all allies with politeness, but Yui is easier than most to want to be friendly with. 

Shin: He’s much too rough for her, and letting them play will likely end in a dirty, crying Yui who was pushed around a little too much. 

Buncha people asked me if I have a pokesona, I didn’t but decided to make one for fun. Let’s just call him Quaree the mawile!

My fav pokemon is bayleef but I wouldn’t wanna be a quadruped sorry

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Are xeno au vampires behavior/moods affected by the person they bond with? For example, if they made them upset, would the boys feel especially bad? Or if their s/o is happy, would that also reflect in the boys' mood? I love this au!

Admin Mawile: (´∀`) Thank you! 

-Yes, they do. It’s not exactly an automatic connection, though. The desire to keep the person they’re attached to happy is what causes it, an instinctive drive to keep the person who’s been kind enough to bond to. If that person isn’t happy, it could mean that they’ll leave,and thus the drive to fix that kicks in, spreading worry and doubt in the vampire’s mind until the person is happy again. If the attached person is, happy, the instincts are satisfied as well, content to know that they’ve done things right. It’s impossible for a vampire to be calm when they’re bonded to is upset, and in the strongest of attachments, that person’s happiness becomes the main cause of their own.