i love matt lewis

If you're sick of the drama and thinking about leaving the fandom...


Here’s what you can do when drama goes down:

-watch edits on YouTube/Instagram

-see what the cast is up to

-watch some interviews that you haven’t seen

-or just rewatch some favorite interviews or panels

-read or write some fanfiction

-maybe draw some fan art

-rewatch favorite episodes

-make a music playlist for ships or the show

-make some edits of your own

-watch a bunch of SH Crack vids (those things are hilarious)

-watch some SH YouTubers
(I recommend Trin Lovell, abnormallyadam, and kalebreak )

-read the books (if you want to, that’s up to you)

-make a playlist with all your favorite clips from the show

-watch some behind the scenes stuff

Yeah drama sucks, but there’s so much you can do to show your support instead of getting into all the drama. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t defend the show or your ship. If someone comes after them in an off putting way then by all means you have the right to express your opinion as well. It’s when people take things to far and start to attack one another is where I draw the line. You don’t have to verbally abuse someone to get your point across. The cast and crew work so hard on the show and when people threaten to leave the fandom it’s really upsetting. I think doing everything listed above can help you realize why you love the show and why you joined the fandom in the first place.

I’ve been in love with Neville since I read the Philosopher’s Stone. Then the movies came out, and I was 11 Matt Lewis was 11/12, and I fell in love with him as Neville. That “I’ll fight you” scene still makes me smile goofily every day. I am Neville Longbottom: awkward, forgetful, clumsy, lacking in confidence; one day I will bloom just like him. Thank you Matt for being my Neville, and Neville for being the love of my life!

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this will always fuck me up

Let’s look at this picture for a second: we’ve got Em and Jon smoldering and looking hot af next to this zombie looking guy, and then there’s Matt the mega nerd, smiling his adorable grin and giving a thumbs up

The weirdest fandom feeling I’ve ever had is realizing that pre-Shadowhunters Magnus was my favorite character and Malec was my OTP and post-Shadowhunters I’m 99.99% sure that Raphael is my favorite character (it’s a tie between him and his bf tbh) and Saphael is my OTP