i love massachusettes


I went to see Game Grumps live yesterday in Boston for my birthday! It was such a memorable experience. The best part? The Pant-less Q&A.

Thank you so much for making my night unforgettable! Sorry for the bad quality. I was way up on the balcony.

anonymous asked:

What do you like the most and the least about Massachusetts? Do you wanna live there your whole life or if you could move anywhere else where would it be?

I love everything about Massachusetts honestly lol. I live/go to school in the only part of Mass that sucks but I still like it in small doses. What do I like the most omgggg lord..everything. I love that we have mountains and the ocean and islands and cities and cute little historic towns. I love that we have great sports teams. I just absolutely love the culture of Massachusetts like the New England prep school douche bag aesthetic & the wicked thick Boston accent southie vibe & how much everyone loves being from Massachusetts lol. Like people from Massachusetts are such a cult lol if you meet someone outside of mass and they say they’re from mass it’s like !!!!!!! I love the history of Massachusetts and how cool and historic the cities and towns are. Love Martha’s Vineyard, love the cape, love the Berkshires. There’s nothing I don’t love about Massachusetts honestly besides long winters lol could use a break from that. I’m not sure where else I’d want to live! I think I want to stay put here in the long run. I’d be open to moving to New York or somewhere warm for a little when I’m young but I always want my roots to be in mass.


I don’t know why I’m just now seeing this, but the fact that Chris Evans is the kind of guy who likes and appreciates museums makes me love him even more!

Blue Dog Shelter in Brockton, Massachusetts has been very good to Ruby here.

In fact, they’ve raised her to be the perfect little 3 year old lady. She can sit, stay, and come when you call her. Plus, she uses her crate!

Ruby LOVES to play. Her favorite game is fetch, and she’ll entertain herself by carrying her toys in her mouth all day!

But what Ruby really wants is someone to play with! If you have some time to toss a ball around with Ruby, email jenimather@bluedogshelter.com or call 508.588.5661!