i love making this kind of edit tbh



i am
that if i
myself i will not
stop pouring. (why do i fear
becoming a river. what mountain
gave me such shame.)
— jamie oliveira | erosion

Without further ado, here’s the jeffmads song, written and recorded in just under an hour!

I actually don’t hate this one. That’s new. 

Anyway, I present: “Without You”! 


EDIT: Oh my god I’m definitely writing a counterpart to this song in James’ perspective tomorrow…

anonymous asked:

What do you use to make your ts4 sims look like ts2 sims??? It’s tripping me tf up and I kind of love it??

TBH IDK I THINK it’s all in the editing?? like my sims look decent in game but i edit the frick out of them to look like how i want them to


If I never laid eyes on him, then I wouldn’t have fallen in love and he wouldn’t have fallen in love. That may have made for two more lonely people in this world but also a lot less pain and heartache for many, many others. Senator Grant and the Grant Children. For the people I love, for this country that I love. A country that expects us in Washington to solve problems, not make them. Is the love of two people worth… all this destruction, all this attention? I mean if it were a choice, who would choose this kind of love? So I wish we never met. But we did. And I tried and failed, tried and failed.

Ok but like who wants to talk about Vicki Vantoch with me????

I love Vicki so much.
We only get to hear bits of information about her and if we’re lucky we get to see little snippets of her when Mr. Vantoch is doing something that involves the rest of the Vantoch clan, but everything we do see is always so great??? She’s so sweet and so funny and so beautiful and you can tell she’s behind a lot of the incredible ideas and schemes Misha pulls on us.
Like I was reading the GishiLeaks site and if you’ve read her writing or heard her speaking you can kind of tell a lot, if not all, are written with her distinct tone???

She’s honestly just so great.
If she wasn’t married to that illogical egg man I would want to marry her in his place tbh.

This seems to come up a lot so…

Things I am okay with people doing with my art:

  • Reblogging/ retweeting my art
  • Using it as phone/ laptop/ ipad/ other personal device backgrounds
  • Using it as icons or headers/sidebar images on online profiles
  • Drawing or writing things inspired by my art (please link back to the original post)
  • Using it as the cover for 8tracks mixes (this is the exception when it comes to reposting bc i love fanmixes. tbh please do this and send me links.) 
  • Copying my art for practice only as long as you do NOT post it online or claim it as your own.

Things I AM NOT okay with people doing with my art:

  • Deleting/ editing my captions
  • Reposting it to ANY site with or without credit. (for those who don’t know what this means, reposting is making a brand new post on a site and uploading content that was already posted by someone else. It is not the same thing as reblogging/retweeting from the source.) 
  • Using it in videos
  • Putting it on any kind of merch (t-shirts/ stickers/ prints/etc.)
  • Copying/ tracing/ recoloring and posting online with or without credit
  • Editing my art (the only exception is if you’re using it for one of the above okay uses and would like to put some text on it or if you need to crop it to make it fit)
  • Using it as a book/fanfic cover or illustration on any website
  • Any way of using it that you would make a profit off of or that would be used to promote yourself. 
  • Claiming it as your own in any way

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As someone with an (almost) canon url, who would you say was in the 'must be following' starter pack for iwwv? I'm new to the fandom and trying to make sure I haven't missed anyone ^^

ahh welcome!! <3 unfortunately im not sure my url makes me any kind of authority on the subject but i will do my best!
when i first read the book i then proceeded to just…stalk the shit outta the tag which was helpful, but i didn’t end up following that many ppl tbh? (tho of the ones i did, i love them all. so many gr9 ppl in this (tiny) fandom)

m.l rio’s blog is here ofc

and then some ppl im following who have posted/talked abt iwwv are: @edmunddcorcoran (super awesome) @richelieux (p sure they were the first iwwv poster i followed, v awesome) @east-of-novel (!!!! edits & did a beautiful meredith one for me yesterday) @alexander-vass (canon!url! im sobbing) @eliselaserre (amazing edits) @mattboyyd (yelled w me abt iwwv ily) @creganstarks @nadiea @rhythmandbooks (all post amazing creations)

i also know im missing some ppl who definitely have reblogged stuff about if we were villains im sorry!!! (it’s 5am im so tired, brain no work yet) this was just going thru my tag & ppl ive spoken to, so maybe reply to this for anon if u post about iwwv? 

also anon if u ever feel like yelling abt this wonderful book, pls hmu <3

Tbh since sewoon’s evil editing i cried for a fckng whole week because i was scared. It feels hopeless as an ifan to watch someone you love so much and is worth so much more be ignored and belittled by so many people.
I was worried he would drop, and i was right. Now tell me why did this happen? He composes, raps, plays the guitar, sings, dances, he’s kind, beautiful, hardworking, polite, strong, sweet, brave and smart. It just doesn’t make sense.

whatifellinlovewith  asked:

i actually started following you after staring at one of your gifsets for like a half hour trying to figure out how the heck you make your colourings so pretty and smooth and soft and nice and yeah still a mood tbh

wth callie you make the best gifs and edits ahh i’m always in awe when i see them like you’re so talented how do you do it!!

• tell me why you followed me •

I’ve finished writing my fanfic for the McHanzo Big Bang!

Pros: finishing stuff makes me feel like an Accomplished Adult; a nice happy and kind of badass ending.
Cons: EDITING and also EDITING with a side of more EDITING because it’s a 130k monster of fic and it’ll probably kill me in my sleep.


I made matching glams for Talia and her birb

I’ve tried making a glamour to go with the expanse partisan a couple times with no luck, but i think i’ve finally nailed it?? I really like how it turned tbh! After seeing a couple people with the expanse barding, it kind of rekindled my need to make one again (which im p glad, since they look on point).

             *:・゚✧  Results of my 4K Tumblr Awards ✧・゚:*

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who entered! These were some very tough decisions, and I love you all so very much. Thanks to everyone who follows me.

Ragdoll Award (Best DW):

indigotardis, oswaldandsmith​, thiswandcouldbealittlemoresonic

Siberian Award (Best SPN):

punksam​, charliesthrone, lucifersvessell

Persian Award (Best Sherlock):

skinnyscottish, hesdeadjohn, highfunctioningcheekbones

Tabby Award (Best New Girl):

jakesjohnson, newgirlcrazyfan, obnessive

Himalayan Award (Best Multifandom):

bwotie, fabulousfez, marthjones

Siamese Award (Best Theme):

angehlwho, fadedbowtie, resurrectingdean

Sphynx Award (Best URL):

tlmelordvictorious, jakesjohnson, doctortennantsbum

Russian Blue Award (Nicest Bloggers):

jakeschicken, alisonsbow, billiepipur

Tuxedo Award (Best Original Work):

jakesjohnson, badwolfrun, skinnyscottish

Cyprus Award (Best Overall):

jakesjohnson- Wow your blog is amazing. Your URL rocks, you make great GIFs, and you are super kind and awesome?!
jakeschicken- Alina bby, ilysm. You’ve been there for me countless times when I needed someone, and have endured some of my rants. And we can go from ranting to laughing within moments.
badwolfrun- I love your blog SO much. Your edits are amazingly beautiful and I enjoy seeing them on my dash. (tbh I fangirl a bit over the fact that you follow me)

           *:・゚✧click here to see what you've won ✧・゚:*

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Who your fave zayn stans (your one of my faves btw I need to follow more)

Thanks sugar! >.<

zaynsfreepalestinetweet one of the sweetest people you’ll meet here has found the impossible balance of stanning but remaining logical and steadfast. Love love love libby (friendly larrie)

pinkiezayn super cute edits and general bad ass calls people out on their shit but is also very sweet and funny and has the best memory and uses it to remind u of very painful moments ugh Chelsea is gold (friendly larrie)

temptrsent super sweet zayn Stan super chill blog stays out of the drama but is also very funny (friendly larrie)

zaynteam omg love Liza she’s so so sweet and pragmatic and stans her little heart out on the daily such a great blog

peggingzayn super chill blog Lauren minds her business makes cute edits and is super funny and nice love her we’ve been mutuals foreverrrr I can’t say enough about Lauren (friendly larrie)

twerk-it-larry lama is fucking smart and funny and she loves loves zayn she’s kind and thoughtful and stays out of the drama I wish she was my little sister tbh (friendly larrie)

champzagne Hannah is another smart one with amazing fucking text posts she stays out of the drama and runs a very chill blog (friendly larrie)

malikmagic Aida is so nice I love her she’s also a chill one and reblogs and stans and just has fun here (friendly larrie)

ldbigg we’ve also been mutuals for a long time LaMonica is wonderful and principled shes team stunt and believes in both ziam and Larry she’s smart and fun

stylinsonsinlove chill larrie and zayn stan, sweet and stays out of the drama love Anika

okay so I have to head out but these people below are also great but u gotta check if they’re Larry friendly I’ve talked to most of them before and they’re pretty cool people:

zayndoesnotoweyoushit stylinyum nokiaszayn zaynsmyaliendude zaynmalizk here4zayn abuzayn senatorzayn blackzaynstan hrhpatroclus zhobana zaynydays zlouds brownkhaleesi frenchmezayn yslhoe desigirlmeetsworld zutureisnear samosahoe

You can also check my blogroll bc this is deffo incomplete :/

So since I’ve hit 500 followers, I decided to make a follow forever because you’re all so sweet and I love you all and there’s a lot of blogs to whom I don’t talk to but you deserve to know I love you. 

Thank you to my followers, you’re the best (& you’re all goddamn pretty tbh wow) <3

(The photo is not mine, just my edit)


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