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siffieleafy submitted: Lady Suzanne as she prepares herself to conquer the Thicket of Doubt and Uncertainty with her trusty blade “Willpower”. May her rule be long and just, and her blade never dull.

((I’ve noticed stuff and things have been tough for you these last days, and in a effort to pull myself out of the inky abyss of disparity​ I’m going to grapple you along.
Sorry for the wonky inking, I was in a rush to get this to you. Lofe you muchly, bunny. Keep on trooping!!!))

(You’ve always been an inspiration to me, and as I grapple myself out of my own dispair I will take you with me, come ell or high water))

*looks into inbox, sees what you’ve done, slowly crumples to the floor*

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This is actually what my face is doing, no lie. But for God’s sake, how on earth am I supposed to react when you…!

Y-you made into a Warrior Girl! You made me into a Lady Knight. 

Siffie, I can’t even get into how much this means to me. I am so beyond enormously touched and will have set up a new life upon the floor because you knocked me down so hard with this. 

Thank you. Thank you, darling, for having so much faith in me and so much love. Words can’t even hope to capture how I feel right now. 

{You actually submitted this two times, I hope you don’t mind that I adapted and added some of the text}

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Hi hi hi 👋🏼 I was just wondering considering you're such a good writer, would it be possible for you to write an angsty feysand fic like if Rhys says something upsetting( like feyre can't get pregnant or something ) I dunno or like unreasonable arguments:))) thanks so much this will make my day xx

Hey love! I’m not taking requests right now, but thank you so much for asking. I’m tickled that you’d trust me with your prompt! And I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help for you.

If anyone reading this feels like taking on a prompt, have at it! :)

So, um, yeah this is my first time doing this. But I would love to make new friends. Right now I only want Email buddies but maybe later on once I know the person better we could write snail mail. 

Name: Haili (Pronounced Hailey, some people have a hard time with that)

Age: 16 (junior in High School)

Gender: Female

Location: Colorado, US

Languages: English

I just want to talk to people so age is the only thing that really matters. 15-18 please. However I will be slightly lenient. I would love to learn about different cultures and learn different Languages.The two I am most interested in are Japanese and French. 


Books: Authors: Cassie Clare, Rainbow Rowell, Lauren Oliver

TV Shows: Supernatural, Friends, Kitchen Nightmares

Anime: (I LOVE anime) some of my favorite (I’ll try to keep it short) Black Butler, CLANNAD, Free!, Cheer Boys!! Magi, No.6, Tsuritama, Ghost Hunt, Deadman Wonderland, Brothers Conflict and SerVamp (Sorry that was a lot)

Youtube: Dan and Phil, AlishaMarie, Ingrid Nelson, JesseTheReader, Benjaminoftomes, and Zoe Sugg

I also am head over heels in love with writing. 

To give you a better idea of who I am: I want to study a lot in college but I’ve mostly narrowed it down to Business, Writing, Religion and Heath Science (Tied in with Communications and Psychology.) 

I really want to make it big in entertainment either being a voice actor or an actress but at the same time I want to be a family/anxiety/depression counselor. 

Also I’m a minor theater nerd

I currently have anxiety and am a little annoying. And SOMETIMES, not all the time, suck at replying but I really want to make this work

Tumblr Blog: Batwoman133

Twitter: Batwomen133

I’ll give out my email if you contact me on one of these social medias

p.s. I hope the picture works

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NCT 127 + Ten (Hansol and Kun instead of Mark and Heachan) reaction to hearing you and Taeil making love XD

Lol i will work on it now!
~Adm Rabbit~

“I still remember your first haircut…” 


Small gems like her are as easy to lose as a cell phone, but instead of just getting a new one from the store you have to snatch it out of the air, lock it in your bathroom, and re-indoctrinate its entire system of beliefs


           To the sweetest, most caring and loving puppy person i’ve had the luxury to know,
           Happy Anniversary!


casual Johnny sketches


He gotta give him that air you know