i love making these big gifs

its time for a small party because I hit 3K this weekend! Thank you all so much, i know i’m multifandom trash but i’d like to think you all still like me around anyway! I’ve never really celebrated hitting a milestone but its super wonderful so i’m gonna do it ♥
so I decided to my follow forever in order of fandoms rather than a-z so everyone can maybe find blogs they wanna follow easier :)

(mutuals are bolded) 

True Multifandom
@iamyouknowyours, @penguinsinpjs, @fcrbiddenfcrest, @wellsjahasghost, @alwaysbellamyblake, @rebelwithacrown, @shhadowhunter, @malialydia, @cherchersketch, @bellslarkes, @nooraswill, @riverrspond, @bellameblake, @inabroomcloset, @alexdanxers, @bellaamyblakee, @riverdalezombie, @dasyjohnson

The 100
@bellarkesfirstkiss, @bisexualbellamyblake, @bellarkestories, @obe-sessed, @leaderblake, @mythicalbellamy, @bell-clarke, @spacexualkids, @griffinslaw, @grumpybell, @bellamybb, @butterflyblake, @bellarkeforlifelove, @bellamys-hope, @morleybell, @bel-ami-blake, @zoemonroe

@zombieravi, @felicityollies, @superkaramels, @karadavers, @felicitys, @feilcityqueen, @rocktheholygrail, @itthrivesinlowlight, @ham4arrow 

✘ The X-Files ✘
@the-pink-posse, @mulderscully, @i-heart-scully, @thetruthisoutwhere, @mulderscullyfiles​, @foxwiliammulder

@shewhohangsoutincemeteries, @marshmallow-the-vampire-slayer, @buffys-boss, @bvffytheslayer

ϟ Harry Potter ϟ
@teddylupni, @queenie-goldstein, @expecto-patronox 

☆ Merlin Doctor WhoVeronica Mars
@alwaysarthursmerlin@billspotts, @echollshmecholls, @addicted2love2015

Sooo, I hit 600 followers not too long ago

600 may not seem much, but it’s such a accomplishment for me so :)))

I really want to make a follow forever, but i have no time for that sadly :(

So I made this small followers appreciation, because I want to thank all of you for following me, especially since I make no original content and I barely talk to anybody. There are some blogs here where from which I can’t believe they follow me 💜

Some favourite Mutuals in no particular order (I follow y’all with my main @kardemommetoast)

@skam-addiction @rosyevak @nnooorraa @hemrikholm @koninginnen @isakvalty @softestisak @dagfordag @evensbestbuddymikael @lovedisak @evenbechnaeshiem @ttarjei @evenbakkas @imansmeskinis @cuddlyevak @snugglyevak @eksild @henrikholmz @izakeven @ikkesjalu @sanaandthesun @metaphoricallocker @tarjeitrash @tarjeiandhenrik @softnorwegians @ainaevak @eternallyevak @tarjeisandvikmoe 

I still love you if you aren’t on here 💜

Special Mentions 

@tessalabessa Tessaaaa!! My deaaaaaar! We’ve only been talking for about a month now, but you’re the absolute best andd sooooooo lovely to talk to and i love youuu

@isaksredscarf Gael!! We haven’t talk much lately, but i still like you a lot so it’s fine!

@happily-found-strong Elizabeth! damn timezones ruin our conversations, but i still love talking to you! sending you all the love

I am going to make a big follow forever with all my mutuals and the lot soon

A Hopeful Hardy for Tennant Tuesday

(or whatever day this post may find you)