i love making silly captions on pictures

@westbranchmobil Thanks for the lovely prompt! Sorry the story is so short. Here’s a latte for ya:

And also here is a photo of me trying to avoid social interaction whilst on tumblr:

“So…what do kids like these days?” Paul queries, not looking up from his navy blue notebook. “I know you have one of those ‘tumblr’ pages. So you ought to know.”

John looks up from his laptop, where he had been reblogging some Mclennon fanart. “Yes, Love. I do.”  

“So, what do kids like?”

John hums lightly, his nimble fingers tapping on the keyboard. “They like memes.”

Paul looks at him curiously. “Memes?”

“Yes, memes. They’re funny pictures with funny captions. For example, remember ‘Grumpy Cat’?”

Paul giggles lightly. “Yea. Those were silly.”

“Exactly. So let’s make a song about memes!” John declares excitedly, jumping up and hugging his husband.

“Brilliant!” Paul cheers. “Let’s do this!”

I want boyfriend who’s a jerk but somewhat a gentleman, acts so tough but knows how treat his lady. I want a boyfriend who’d love me, cuddle with me all night and make me feel like he’s my home. I want a boyfriend who’d take thousands of selfies with me doing silly faces and then kiss me on my nose and tell me I’m beautiful, I want him to take a picture of me and post it on instagram with a really cheesy caption but I’d love it anyways. I want a boyfriend whom I could call in the middle of the night and tell him that I’m hungry then find him half an hour later tapping on my window with a mcdonald’s pack in his hand. I want to wake up in the morning and find him laying beside me and watching me and when I ask what happened he’d just respond “Nothing, you looked beautiful while you were asleep so I didn’t want to wake you up.” and smile. I just want.