i love making birthday posts

Happy birthday Zen!
Here’s my April Fools’ prank. I promised something spicy but you get fluff instead. I hope you’re not making a sad face. I’m smiling (: 

//takes a deep breath


  • is so passionate about his job and supporting muggle rights that he doesn’t give two shits abt his reputation as a blood traitor even tho it’s apparently the reason he never got promoted at the ministry
  • wrote the book on why u should not enchant muggle objects and literally has a shed full of flying vehicles and shit that he hopes his wife doesn’t find out about??? lmao what a rebel?? i love this guy
  • was concerned about harry before he even met him because ron was worried that he wasn’t responding to letters and when harry came to stay he totally could have been like ‘shit another mouth to feed’ but was really really happy that harry was there and safe??? ‘pls sit next to me at dinner, child, i need to ask you ten thousand questions about muggles’
  • like he was actually the first adult ever besides maybe hagrid to sit there and ask for harry’s opinions and recognize that he had knowledge and thoughts to offer im crying
  • fixed harry’s glasses for him after they broke in the floo ;-;
  • gave zero fucks about what everyone else thought should be done and told harry about sirius black bc he wanted this kid to be aware and safe as possible??
  • dragged the dursleys for not treating their nephew like a human being (and destroyed their living room what a great moment tbh)
  • gives advice that harry remembers years later bc he respects this kind ginger man so much ‘don’t trust something that can think for itself if u can’t see where it keeps its brain’
  • (lol remember that one time molly was upset about death eaters at the quidditch world cup and he made her some tea and then was like ‘i think this needs some whiskey too trust me i’m a doctor’)
  • agreed that harry should be told certain things about the resistance because he knew harry was competent and intelligent enough to handle it but like also kept in mind that harry was a kid in the middle of a war
  • took harry to work with him and made sure he got to his hearing on time and distracted him and ‘smiled at him encouragingly’ when he knew he was nervous im dying this was so sweet
  • was part of the group who threatened the dursleys to keep their hands and shitty attitudes away from harry and he was so ‘light’ and ‘pleasant’ abt it omg this dude was throwing so much shade
  • was ready to fight scrimgeour with remus when the minister wanted to get harry alone and harry had to be like ‘omfg stand down pls’
  • ‘am i about to discover where you, ron, and hermione disappeared to while you were supposed to be in the back room of fred and george’s shop?’ … ‘how did you-?’ …  ‘harry, please. you’re talking to the man who raised fred and george’
  • never raised his voice except for that one time he told a fully trained auror to back the hell off and get out of his way so he could see his injured son and harry literally thought ‘holy shit’ it says so right there in the book u can check
  • fought in the battle of hogwarts and after fred and harry had been killed he went into full on rage mode and teamed up with percy to fuck up the minister for magic
  • owns chickens


‘madame delacour glided forward and stooped to kiss mrs. weasley too. “enchanteé,” she said. “your ‘usband ‘as been telling us such amusing stories!” mr. weasley gave a maniacal laugh; mrs. weasley threw him a look, upon which he became immediately silent and assumed an expression appropriate to the sickbed of a close friend.’


“… Together, we make the perfect main character.”

↳ for @vtsvro​!


When Sehun went from #saywhut to #nailedit in a matter of seconds


Their first and last mission together.

When did “I’d rather die than go anywhere with this guy” turn into “I’ll go anywhere with this guy even if it means I can die”?


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

all good things in life start with the letter b

- bacon
- birthday cake
- ben wyatt
- bouncy castles
- bo burnham
- blue raspberry flavored candy
- brendon urie
- boy, fall out
- bread served at restaurants before the food
- burnin’ up by the jonas brothers

Happy would be 86th Birthday Leonard Simon Nimoy!! "I have been and always shall be your friend."

(March 26, 1931 – February 27, 2015) Thank you for all the great memories and your performance as Spock, the best TOS character and Vulcan out there. You changed many lives for the better. You were a talented actor in numerous movies and shows, a loving father and husband, and you loved your photography. I’m so glad you were born today and your legacy keeps living on. 

Happy Birthday to iKON’s hard working hyung 💪 You’re making your parents proud! I hope you have an amazing day 🎈

Nothing sucks more than finding a cool Voltron blog, but then finding out the person is majorly an//ti Shaladin and think it’s disgusting and everyone who ships it is a horrible person.

Like…nvm I don’t need to follow your blog and have that negativity. I don’t need you judging me just because I ship something that really is NOT that problematic (the fandom blew it way out of proportion and made it a MUCH bigger deal than it ever needed to be).

When I started job hunting I was really inspired by @witchy-woman’s Prosperity Jar. I had made a Protection Jar when I was dealing with medical stuff a few moths ago and it served me well so wanted to adapt her jar a little — I wanted a jar that would double as aid in finding something and growing into it safely.

I used birch bark as a base (renewal/beginnings/growth), oregano (attracts money), a lemon grass and chamomile blend (changing luck to good luck + attract money), cloves (luck and protection), a penny, and glitter throughout the jar. Also sat it on the business cards of the people I spoke to try and channel it there.

After a few weeks passed and nothing, I dropped some personal effects into a jar, sealed it with yellow wax, decorated it with coffee washi tape and a gold sticker at the top, and sprinkled it with snow water I’ve been saving. A week or two later a job I had been eyeing called me back for an follow-up interview and hired me on my birthday!