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Losing Every Breath

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The new addition to the True Fluff series!  (Click here for mobile master list link, which has everything from the previous parts linked up.)

This installment was inspired by the song Latch by Natalie Taylor. Hopefully I did it justice! 

Words: 1655

Warnings: None. 

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One month ago, you’d forced yourself to go on a blind date with Dean Winchester, and it was one of the best decisions you’d ever made in your life.

While the two of you hadn’t made it official until Christmas, you’d still agreed that from that first date, you were it for each other, and that was the timeline you’d go off of for your relationship.

Despite a brief argument when you confronted Dean about not telling you about bringing the receptionist – whose name turned out to be Caitlin – home before the two of you started dating, things had been going really well. Dean’s explanation of why he did it matched up with Jess’s suspicions. You apologized for being upset, but Dean didn’t seem to be bothered at all by it.

Today you brought him burgers for lunch, even though you’d be at his house later for him to make you supper. After sleeping just a couple of hours after your shift ended, you showered and got ready to meet your boyfriend for lunch.

Caitlin didn’t seem thrilled to see you, but you couldn’t blame her. If the roles were reversed, you’d probably not be a big fan of you either. She paged back to the garage to tell Dean that he had a visitor, and after just a couple minutes, he was greeting you with a quick kiss.

“Glad you made it,” Dean said, leading you to the break room. “Wasn’t sure you’d wake up to your alarm or not.”

You chuckled, unwrapping your burger. “Come on, that was one time, and it was after a really long shift!”

“Sure, sure,” Dean teased, chomping down on a French fry. “How was it last night?”

You told him about a couple of the more minor patients. In truth, one patient had coded on you and nearly died, but you were able to keep her alive long enough to get to the hospital. What happened after that you were still left to wonder. It would stay on your mind for a while, you knew, but it was part of the job.

“So, I was thinking,” he started. “My birthday is coming up –”

“I’m not telling you what I got for you, Sparky, so don’t even ask.”

“That’s not what I was going to ask you, Sassy Pants.” Dean rolled his eyes. “Sam and I usually go on this guy’s weekend thing for my birthday, but I was thinking this year, maybe we could do a couples thing. Sam and Jess, you and me. We can find a cabin that’s nicer than what Sam and I usually book, go up on Friday and come back Monday morning. If you can get off work. I asked Sam, he’s cool with it. If you want to go. And if you can get off work. Oh, I said that, didn’t I?”

“You did,” you smiled. His nervousness was absolutely adorable. “But I would love to spend that weekend with you, Dean. That would be amazing.”

He grinned. “Great. Can’t wait.”

You talked about a few details of the trip before Benny and Tyler came in to eat their own lunches, greeting you with high fives and asking how work was going. Benny mentioned that Jo wanted your number so the two of you could get together soon.

“We should do a triple date thing soon,” you suggested. “If Tyler’s serious enough about the pin-up girl.”

Tyler groaned. “You guys are ridiculous.”

You raised your brow, looking at him intently. He finally caved.

“But, yes, since she’s my girlfriend now, I could probably do the triple date thing with you guys.”

There were whoops and hollers from Benny and Dean while you high-fived Tyler again.

As it neared the end of Dean’s lunch shift, he walked you around to the back of the building where you had parked, not too far from his truck.

“So, my house tonight? Seven?”

You gave a definitive nod as he laced his fingers with yours. “I’ll be there.”

Dean’s eyes searched over your face before he leaned down to kiss you. “This has been the best month of my life, Y/N. I know you could be sleeping right now, but you’re here with me. You have no idea how good that feels.”

You shrugged. “I think I do.”

He kissed you again, and your breath caught in your throat. You wondered if it would ever stop feeling like the first time Dean had kissed you; if your heartrate would ever not pick up, if your face would ever not flush, if your breath would ever not catch when his lips met yours.

“Have I ever told you, Sparky, how handsome you look in this garage get-up?”

Dean laughed, tightening his hold on you. “Oh, really?”

You nodded. “Really. I mean, I do love freshly-showered Dean, but greasy, garage-smelling Dean is also one of my favorites.” Dean smiled down at you, searching your eyes and waiting for you to realize what you’d said. “I mean, not like love – not that way, I just meant … Wow. I don’t even know how backtrack on that one without making it worse.”

“Hey,” Dean said, his voice low and his hand cupping your face to bring your attention to him. “I know what you mean. You’re just incredibly adorable when you’re worked up.”

You made to shove him away, but he caught you by the wrist and distracted you with another kiss.


“Okay, calm down, Y/N. Last time you called me this worked up, you were freaking out about the blind date. Did something happen with Dean?” Mandy asked.

You let out a deep sigh and fell back on your bed. “I’m in deep trouble here. I said something about loving freshly-showered Dean and – ugh. I think I do love him, though. Mandy. It’s been a month. I’m out of my mind, right? I don’t want to say anything to him yet – okay, maybe I don’t love him yet, but I’m so close, and it’s – I’m panicking.”

There was a pause and you imagined your friend was trying to figure out the right thing to say to you. “Listen, sweetie. I’ve told you from the beginning that Dean is good for you. Maybe I didn’t even realize how good, but you guys are like a fairytale. I think you’re right, I don’t think you’re in love with him just yet, but I think you’re getting there quick. And that’s okay. He makes you happy, you make him happy.”

You threw your arm over your face and admitted your big fear. “What if it turns out like Shane?”

“Oh, Y/N. Dean is not him. He’s already shown you that enough in the last month. Would Shane have gone on twelve dates with you and made each and every one perfect? Would Shane have had that snow globe made for you? Really think about everything Dean’s done for you. He is not Shane, and he never will be Shane. If for some weird reason it doesn’t work out, then you’ll get past it, just like you did with Shane. All right?”

“Yeah, you’re right. Thanks, Mandy. I should get some sleep before I head over there tonight.”

“You should, so you don’t have this same panic in front of Dean,” Mandy teased. “I really think you should trust this, Y/N.”

“Thanks, I’ll try. Talk to you soon.”

You disconnected the call and changed into some sleep clothes. Setting your alarm so you’d have plenty of time to freshen up before going to Dean’s, you were off to sleep in no time.


Door’s open babe. C’mon in.

You got the text message just as you pulled up to Dean’s house. You’d had a good nap and felt much more calm about how you were feeling. So you were falling in love with a guy who you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with; was that really so bad?

You let yourself into the house, announcing that you were there. Dean came from the kitchen, plain t-shirt over his broad chest and dark jeans low on his hips. He had a towel over his shoulder and smiled as he came to kiss you and lead you into the kitchen.

“Breakfast for dinner?” he asked.

“That sounds great,” you nodded. “You know I really love your banana chocolate pancakes.”

“That’s why I’m makin’ ‘em,” Dean grinned, going back to the griddle. “How was your nap?”

“It was good.” You pushed yourself up on the counter to watch him cook while he told you about this afternoon. Caitlin had struck up conversation with Dean several times throughout the afternoon. He was pretty sure that it had everything to do with your visit that afternoon. Benny and Tyler thought the same, and after Tyler made a comment about her obvious jealousy, she stopped coming back to Dean’s station. “I guess I can’t blame her. I do get to call the most handsome mechanic in town mine.”

Dean scooped the last pancake off the griddle and came to stand between your legs, nipping lightly at your bottom lip. “And I have got the prettiest paramedic as my girl. I know I told you some of this earlier, but I wish you knew how happy I’ve been the last month, Y/N. You’ve changed my life for the better. The thought of you being with someone else, or me being with someone else – the thought of us not being together kills me.”

“Me too,” you whispered, leaning forward to kiss him. “So I guess we should probably stay together for a while.”

“Hey, pretty girl,” Dean smiled against you mouth. “You’re stuck with me for the long haul.”

Dean deepened the kiss, leading you into one of the hotter make-out sessions you two had engaged in thus far.

Your breath left your chest once again, and you fell even more for Dean Winchester.

Birthday Boy

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these guys

they’ve done so much for me and have been through a shit ton with me

haven’t let me down once and have always helped me when i needed it and i try to be there as much as i can for them in return

they’re good people

genuine, caring, honest, understanding, open-minded

i love em

fucking assholes makin me having feelings and shit

thanks yall




ok so surprise! silk flowers are hella expensive! I want to make flower crowns (and I love makin’ ‘em!) but I want to be sure that other people want them.

I’m planning on selling them at conventions but will also do custom ones on commission basis! I am working on one right now, in fact. Commissions can work on a sliding scale of “I want you to make a crown with these specific flowers” to “I want you to make a ____-themed flower crown” to “Make me a flower crown for this character.”

If you leave a lot of the flower-picking to me, I will go hardcore and color-coordinate and research the character and flower language and choose some fitting blooms. For example, I’m making a crown that I’m calling “SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP WILL GRAHAM”, and it will have:

  • Thistles - promise of pain
  • Dahlia - instability, dignity
  • Dahlia (cont.) - My gratitude exceeds your care.
  • Rose Leaves - You may hope.
  • Juniper - assistance in times of hardship and distress
  • Cypress - death

Price will range from $15-$40 depending on the kinds of flowers and how complicated the crown is!

So I guess like or reblog this post for boost-y purposes, and especially if you yourself would like one of these! THANKS SO MUCH.