i love makign these


👑  my actual Kings & Queens  👑

These are the people who I’ve been inspired lately! maybe for years, people who I relate either with their personalities, their music, any way any how. I feel some kinda connection when I listen to their music, I get goosebumps and I feel “that” thing you know you feel but you can’t describe the feel.

Voltron Hogwarts AU

-Hufflepuff, let’s be honest guys he cares so much about his friends and he is just so nice, i can totes see him being a hufflepuff
-Very good at DADA, sometimes helps teach the younger students
-A perfect
-Has a pet cat
-Plays quiditch


-Slytherin, that boy is very smart but he is far too reckless to be a ravenclaw
-Good at DADA , Shiro used to tutor him
-Plays quiditch


-Likes quiditch but not very good at it
-Gryffindor, he is very brave and he is very friendly, c’mon guys he woke up from a coma jsut to save Pidge
-Believes himself to be Keith’s rival 


-That boy is a hufflepuff 
-He’s so kind, he is always willing to help the house-elves
-He is very good a transfiguration
-He is a Muggleborn just like Lance and the bonded over that


-Slytherin, she is very clever and willing to bend a few rules to get what she wants
-Very good at potions
-Sneaked into the forbidden area of the library and only got caught twice
-Pureblood (because in canon her family is well known all over the world, after all her father and brother were astronauts who went to kerberos)


-Ravenclaw, c’mon guys Allura is so clever (and perfect <3, i love her) and she’s so greta at makign plans
-She’s good at everythign people wonder if she even has a life besides studying
-She kicks ass at quiditch and DADA
-Great friends with the potion teacher, Coran
-A perfect
-Pureblood from a well known family with a tragic past


-Potion teacher
-Claims all his potions are great and are perfect but every single one of them tastes terrible, even the nes that aren’t suppossed to taste terrible
-Once a potion went wrong and burned off his mustache, no one reconized him until he grew it back.
-Everybody’s uncle
-He’s such a good teacher, like Gordon Ramnsey when teaching kids
-Very patient and willing to help his students


-Gryffindor,she’s so brave, she helped the paladins because she thought it was right even if she knew she’d get in trouble
-She loves Care For Magical Creatures, she’s very good at it because she respects them
-Muggleborn, her bother wasn’t very supportive of her becoming a wizard but he gave in and now is proud of her

andyourbirdisgreen  asked:

1/2/40/88/91/92/98/100/111/128/129 >:3

1. 3 Fears
spiders, bees, not being able to turn something off (i.e. garage disposal or a Sink)
2. 3 things I love
gore, medical things, the bubonic plague
40. What was the last lie I told?
uhhh some emo shit like “im fine”
88. What do I like about myself
i love makign people happy and im super sentimental and loyal
91. Are you outgoing or shy?
like??? both?????????????
92. What kind of people are you attracted to?
ppl that i can talk to for AGES adn ppl who wanna do things for me and make things for me T_T
98. Do you like it when people play with your hair?
100. Do you like bubble baths?
kind of ?! but also cleaning up is a bitch
111. What are your favorite stores to shop in?
h&m and hot topic XD
128. Name a person you love?
129. Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?


(//・_・//) *:・☆

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Playlist: monday, 3:17 am

u know that feeling when it’s so late-early that the streets are almost empty and it’s like that moment can stretch on forever

  1. heartbeats - royal teeth
  2. falling - haim 
  3. leave a trace - chvrches
  4. casual party - band of horses
  5. back 2 u - steve aoki and boehm
  6. badlands - bruce springsteen
  7. tokyo sunrise - lp 
  8. come under the covers - walk the moon 

message me a made up title of a mixtape/playlist and i have to pick 5 to 10 songs i think would go on it