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do those SS antis realise that every single shinobi in the world was able to peacefully sleep in their beds because of the sacrifices Sakura and Sasuke made for the sake of everyone else? Honestly, people shit on sasuke so much while he did THE MOST selfless thing in the entire series. He was an asshole for the majority of manga but in the end he showed how much he developed. And now he lives with his wife and daugther and he is HAPPY. sakura's happy, sarada's happy. this is all i care about

Many people choose not to acknowledge just how much Sasuke did for the shinobi world by undertaking that mission. Instead they’d rather believe that Sasuke chooses to be away from his family because he doesn’t love them etc.

It really is quite childish.


did a recording… my accent in swedish/japanese is really bad…. they can clearly understand me and people (apparently) can’t automatically guess where i come from but it’s painful to my own ears. the problem is, learning how to say new sounds / purposefully train every day to perfect my pronunciation seems like such a chore

avoiding schoolwork, trying to find info from students from my uni who’ve studied abroad in japan (i only found 1 article - a guy younger than me who was dual-majoring in japanese and programming was in osaka for 4 months on exchange, while there applied to work at 3 app-programming companies and one hired him full-time), i looked up info about my japanese teachers & the head of the department (a swede); turns out department head has loved japan since he was a young chlid just like me, except he’s super into 1700′s haiku and stuff whereas i’m into…….. gay manga and other questionable things…….

i kinda wondered how long ago department head started learning japanese but it seems like it was in the 70′s.

I think that what u all have to know about me is I am almost 30 years old and NOT a properly functioning adult with no aspiration or I do, and it’s just not realistic because I can barely function, I’ve been hospitalized more times than I remember and i welcome death, eat pills and smoke w**d all day, I love new wave, shoegaze, dream pop, rap, r&b, post-punk, jazz and nu-metal

I really love talking to people, IF I was able to achieve anything in life, I’d love to be a Social worker? Especially helping abused children and counseling addicts and people with mental illness as I am myself, I was to provide help to those like myself because I get it, I didn’t get it from a text book, I got it from life experience and I would love to major in psychology, despite my hilarious apathy I am actually deeply empathetic.

But here I am drawing disembowled manga characters and writing Kin Thesis on fictional characters, and drawing them fucking

Ay dios mio ma why did u have to be an alcoholic and fu k me up

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Do u think Mamo and Usa's relationship in the 90's anime is unhealthy? Its like that 90's anime abridged post you once made they couldn't stand each other for 30+ episodes then in the span of an episode after finding out about their past lives they're suddenly in "tru wuv?" Not only that but they don't even get a chance to explore those feelings cause Mamo is then brainwashed, loses his memories and THEN breaks up with Usa due to dreams for the next 20 episodes so they were together 1 episode.

Compared to the manga, crystal, and most def PGSM,it can be considered as unhealthy thanks to the writers.

I don’t know how many times I and others talked about this but let’s condense this. .

1.The fact the majority of the first season they were constantly bickering and them not turning from enemies to friends before the truth came out. It’s kind of felt like  whiplash cause they go from throwing insults at each other to being in love with each other with little to no middle ground in between. ( Yes You have the painting episode but they still were throwing insults at each other. )

2. The break -up arc which consist of lying,mixed signals, and acting like a pure ass towards her.. 


4. The fact he become a perfect boyfriend cut out which every girl wants after season two because character development don’t exist for him.( Although did one time talk about her weight.) 

5. The fact she slap him in the face forgetting her birthday which she never told him.

6. The fact she doesn’t even trust him to just say “ Hi” to a girl passing the street.

7. Her constantly feeling like she’s not good enough for him and people telling her that she have to do better for him. ( cough rei and chibiusa) 

8.  The fact he felt embarrassed to be around her with her childish antics and bickering with Chibiusa in public.

9. Her never addressing that she’s jealous of Chibiusa which was never resolved. ( cough like it was in crystal/manga)

10. When in SuperS movie she asked him did he love Chibiusa more than her and instead of ensuring her that he love her both,he reflected. ( Unlike in the manga and crystal when she brought it up in black moon are ensure her that  it wasn’t the case) 

11. The imbalance of power never being resolved. 

12. The fact she honestly felt that he forgot about her when he supposed to went to harvard. 


I’m not going to include this one in the list because it only peeves me but the episode where they was at that dinner party with the older guy who knew Mamo and Har/Mic  (aka theory of pudding episode) He could have just easy translated for her just for that night cause he knew that english wasn’t her strong point. Instead of her struggling with the english and drinking wine instead of juice yet again to calm her nerves. It just felt like he threw her to the wolves since it was a guy who he respected and couple of his college mates there. It’s goes to her feeling like she have to prove that she can be mature in front of him and his peers. 


               Pop art icon Takashi Murakami is returning to Paris France with his latest exhibit “Learning the Magic of Painting” which is opening this week and will remain on display until December 23rd 2016

                 On February 1st, 1962 Takashi Murakami was born. Murakami grew up in a household that placed a high value on art inspiring both Takashi and his younger brother Yuri to become an artist. Murakami developed an early love and passion for animé and manga due to the stylized art and color palettes. Aside from animation and manga Murakami credits western movies as an impact on his career “Only recently did I realize how much I’ve been influenced by Steven Spielberg.” Later Murakami would find himself at T.U.A Tokyo University of the Arts, seeking the drafting skills necessary to become an animator, but eventually majored in Nihonga, the ‘traditional’ style of Japanese painting incorporating traditional Japanese artistic conventions, techniques and subjects. With the knowledge of a Ph.D. in Nihonga and the influence of manga, he gradually chose to explore more contemporary art styles, media, and strategies.

               Murakami grew to become unsatisfied with the state of contemporary art in Japan, believing it to be “a deep appropriation of Western trends.” In response to the stale art scene Murakami began developing his own pop icon motifs such as “Mr. DOB,” whose name plays on the slang expression “dobojite,” meaning “why?“—was originally created as a statement that Japanese art doesn’t need to imitate American art, and should find its own means of expression. This later developed into a form of self-portraiture, the first of several endlessly morphing and recurring emblems shown throughout his archives. Though he garnered attention, many of his early pieces were not initially well received in Japan. With the attention gained, Murakami continued to embrace unconventional works of art embracing the now well received kawaii movement. ”I set out to investigate the secret of market survivability—the universality of characters such as Mickey Mouse, Sonic the Hedgehog, Doraemon, Miffy, and Hello Kitty.“

               While Murakami became well known (to say the least) in both Japan and the United States; it was his handbag designs for Louis Vuitton in 2003 that propelled him into worldwide celebrity status. Murakami’s designs reinvigorated and revamped the fashion empire’s products and status, making Louis Vuitton bags the hot new must-have item for any and every one that could make the purchase. Murakami applied his trademark use of vivid, bright colors to the traditional “LV” logo, incorporating his signature emblems, such as wide-open cartoon eyes and smiling blossoms. In conjunction with the Louis Vuitton handbag release, the release of Kanye West’s 2007 album release Graduation skyrocketed Murakami’s success and position in the art world due to his design gracing the cover of the album. The collaborations lead to another partnership in 2008; “The Simple Things” an art show collaboration with close friend Pharrell Williams showcasing the beauty in everyday items.

               Murakami returned to the art world with “The 500 Arhats” in 2012 as a token of gratitude to the nation of Qatar, one of the first countries to offer support after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011.  “The 500 Arhats” is considered to be the largest painting in history standing at 10-feet in height and stretching at a 300-feet length. The story behind the works of art came from the legend of the 500 Arhats; followers of Buddha that spent their lives spreading the knowledge of his teachings. It is said that the story was introduced to Japan during the Heian period, presenting itself to the public through works on canvas and wood and stone sculptures. Murakami engaged with more than 200 students from national colleges in order to complete this monumental artwork. After “The 500 Arhats” Murakami released his debut film “Jellyfish eyes” a child’s tale of poignant memories and wondrous dreams. When asked why embark on a children’s film Murakami responded with “Looking back at my own life, what forms me now is almost entirely my experience in childhood, the stories I heard in childhood. So I wanted to make a story addressed to children as well.” Since the release of “Jellyfish Eyes” Murakami has directed “It Girl” (a Pharrell Williams music video), and has promised a “Jellyfish Eyes” film trilogy.

                Takashi Murakami’s latest exhibit held at the famous Galerie Perrotin “Learning the Magic of Painting,” is opening this week in Paris. The 12th solo exhibition will span across the three spaces in Paris at 76 rue de Turenne and 10 impasse Saint-Claude featuring more than 40 recent and never before seen artworks. The exhibit will feature “The 500 Arhats”, 15 painted handbags with accompanying paintings, monumental multi-panel painting “A Picture of Lives Wriggling in the Forest at the Deep End of the Universe” which reaches around three walls and represents a large scale anthology of Murakami’s mind-melting world and Zen influenced sculptures alike. Throughout the exhibition, the artist’s trademark style is instantly recognizable due to the always monstrous yet “kawaii” characters, the indigenous flower and skull motifs and the tone of impermanence in our lives that Takashi Murakami so effortlessly creates.

                “Learning the Magic of Painting” will be on display until December 23rd 2016.

Recently Viewed: The Handmaiden

In the process of searching for My Life as a Zucchini, I discovered an arthouse theater called Sunshine Cinema, and while it doesn’t start showing the animated film until February 24th, it was screening The Handmaiden, a South Korean production that caught my eye during its festival run a while back. An interesting foreign movie playing at a venue I’d never heard of? You know I bought a ticket!

The Handmaiden is the latest effort from director Park Chan-wook, best known in the West for his sick, twisted, and absolutely beautiful adaptation of the manga Oldboy, and like the vast majority of his work, it’s almost impossible to classify. It’s a dark comedy, a multi-layered caper, a love story—some might even call it softcore pornography, though I wouldn’t go that far—rolled into one magnificently-photographed, immaculately-paced package.

Unfortunately, beyond even its fine puree of genres, The Handmaiden’s narrative structure makes it difficult to discuss in specific terms. Remember Oldboy’s infamous twist ending? Well, here, nearly every scene contains some shocking revelation or another, and each scrap of new information completely changes the context of the events preceding it.

Despite The Handmaiden’s infuriating refusal to allow me to describe it, I will reveal this much: it is extremely funny, constantly surprising, packed with wonderfully bizarre imagery (from an old man reclining in a chair borne on the back of a house servant to a monstrous octopus writhing around in its tiny aquarium)—and, yes, even kind of sexy—and I won’t soon forget it.

It’s funny how NaruSaku now is trashing Studio Pierrot.
“ SP is the one who forced Kishimoto to make SS and NH canon”

NS should thanks Pierrot more than anything.

Some NS are still treating this  NS fanservice in OVA 2011 as oficial

Naruto “dies”. Sakura cries.
Naruto woke up. Sakura hugs Him. .

This Scene was a simply copy from  Canon SS scene from Land of waves Arc.
Sasuke “dies”. Sakura cries.
Sasuke woke up. Sakura hugs Him.

The difference is the SS scene is canon and official .
This NS scene is Non Canon without any Kishimoto involvement

Pierrot are the responsible for the major NS Fillers and fanservices like this OVA. Road To Ninja and filler anime episodes like 235 when Naruto declared his love for Sakura.

I’m certain if Kishimoto choose  an open ending for couples in manga Pierrot would do a different ending in the anime with NS canon

It’s impossible for Pierrot ignore SS in Part 1
 At this Time SasuSaku is the most obvious and developed couple.
But in part 2 Pierrot favors NS  over SS and NH.

NH  still  get some filler hints, and Naruto’s paired with a new girl in most of the filler arcs and movies.

Every SS moment in shippuuden was downplayed or misinterpretation
by Pierrot like the infamous Sasuke’s smirk and Sakura’s blush in episode 373.

Unfortunately for SS  fans, Pierrot is highly pro-Naruto;
I think it’s that they like making up romance involving Naruto, the character with every Girl falling for him including obviously  the main heroine Sakura.

 SS isn’t a Naruto pairing, so it doesn’t get the anime team’s focus.

Unfortunately for pierrot SS is more popular than any Naruto Hetero pairing.

Don’t confuse Sakura’s version from anime   a stupid girl who pierrot wants to force to love Naruto ignoring her feelings for Sasuke with Official Sakura’s version from manga.

I’m honestly so heated at the possibility of Takizawa kicking the bucket in one of the upcoming chapters. If he dies, I feel like it could definitely qualify as one of the most tragic Tokyo Ghoul deaths yet. In the original manga we have this fairly harmless, multi-faceted character with major feelings of inferiority, who meets a seemingly bloody (and brutal) end by the hand of Aogiri. But surprise surprise, we learn in :re that he isn’t actually dead, and that something possibly worse has happened to him. He’s been given the now infamous half-ghoul surgery, and almost definitely has been tortured extensively by Eto and whoever else is into that kind of thing over at Aogiri HQ (like, c'mon, it’s Ishida, it’s definitely happened). And so sure, he’s killed CCG investigators– as would be expected of a member of Aogiri, not the coolest move, but some of our main cast has done worse and lives to tell the tale. But here during the island battle, all we’ve seen him do is take down Aogiri ghouls, one of them being Tatara, probably the strongest full ghoul on the island and the one who had been actively trying to kill Houji, Akira, and their subordinates. So he kills Tatara and is thinking, albeit in a warped sort of way, “Awesome. Great. My pals are here and I’ve saved the day just like I’ve always wanted. I’ve proven myself and can finally have my life back!” And it’s just like nahh. Houji gives the order to kill “SS Rate Ghoul Owl” and after Takizawa defeats all the CCG trying to kill him, Akira explains how Houji’s intention of killing him was kind? Like, she basically compares killing Takizawa to putting down a rabid dog or something. I’m so frustrated. And now here comes Amon to save the day while Takizawa is painted like some crazed villain. It all reeks of tragedy.

Doosychologist on...Why it makes sense.

After a zillion years of manga reading and at least a billion years of shipping whilst spending the 11 years I did in college to be a psychologist, I think I have formed the ability to take the shipping glasses off to try to see things differently to analyze objectively. As a result, I have concluded that while I AM irritated with Juvia being “left out”, I can see why it was done.

From an Erza perspective, sense of duty is a major driving force. Erza, as awkward and strawberry cake loving as she is, has always been a big follower of rules, regulations, and tactics. In other words, she truly follows a knight’s code. She’s softened up a bit, but she is generally more duty over feelings which gives a “mission now, deal with the emotions later” outlook on life. Given her past, structure and armor to bring her protection from the unknown and being vulnerable, even when it makes her out to be the bad guy. She is the kind of person who will choose the path which leads to the most success and least risk. More mature Erza has started to reconcile duty and emotion, but it can still come out seemingly cold on the surface. I can easily see how she rationalized leaving Juvia out of it as a protective factor to the mission, which leads me to Gray’s part in all of this.

Gray knows Erza. Erza knows Gray. They grew up together and both had immensely traumatic paths which lead them to be protective of each other. They also implicitly trust each other. I think it’s safe to say that Erza is acutely aware of the current status of Gray’s feelings towards Juvia. If she didn’t think they existed, she wouldn’t have tried encouraging and nurturing Gruvia in the first place. She’s also acutely aware of exactly how much fear he has of losing people and that others have sacrificed for him. Plus, I’m pretty sure she gets that Gray can turn himself into a sacrificial pawn to save others when under enough pressure. Much like Erza, Gray is starting to let people in, but still has times where he can seem cold as ice (pun intended).

So, what exactly am I getting at here? Why did Erza ask Gray to leave Juvia out and why did Gray agree? Is it really a slight to Juvia? I think in actuality, it isn’t as much a slight as we think it is. Perhaps, yes, Juvia would follow after Gray and try to protect him or try to dissuade him from this task altogether. But, truly, I think the real reason Erza had Gray “leave her behind” was not so much the difficulty of infiltration or a question of Juvia being able to control herself.

The REAL reason COULD be that both Gray and Juvia in a difficult situation together may very well be that they would be a liability to each other. BOTH of them already HAVE nearly died to protect the other. Instinctually, impulsively, and intrinsically, the two of them were already rather protective of each other before they started LIVING together. No matter how strong Gray and Juvia are, both together and apart, the “unspoken bond” has continued to grow before Erza’s (and our) eyes. I’m pretty sure that, at this point, Gray would completely break if he lost another important person in front of his eyes, and now Gray “breaking” could have catastrophic consequences. Gray started LIVING with Juvia, they had a life together, and I think Erza knows the implications of that very fact. In Erza’s mind and with her past experiences, any indication that Juvia was connected to Gray at all could put her at a huge risk.

Knowing Erza, thinking it would be quick, and wanting to protect someone he cares about, Gray agreed. All of those headcanons and fanfics about Gray keeping people at arms length to protect them (and himself) are probably not far stretches. He let Juvia in already, do you think he’s going to do a single thing that could remotely put her in danger? Not a chance. Once things got deeper in Avatar and he realized how impending they were, I’d imagine he had to decide to protect her (and 30,000 people) at the risk of her hating him. Yup, seems Gray-like to me.

Would it have been nice for either one of them to give her an indication? That he was at least ok and would be back? Yes, of course, but did either one think it was worth the risk? No. Did they anticipate her illness? No, but hindsight is 20/20.

Did Mashima drag Juvia into the plot and put her on the shelf to shit on her character? I don’t think he did. Much like her sidelining in Tartaros where it eventually came to light that she was shelved to bring tension for the reunion (and make room for other characters to have their moments), I think this is what he is meaning to do again….angst and tension. It might not be how we, as shippers want it or would do it, but I certainly think it is being done for a bigger purpose. Why was it shown that they were living together, why have we flashed back over to Juvia and Wendy, and WHY is it being made a big deal that Gray left her alone, why did Erza step in deflect blame from Natsu, and why aren’t we getting Gray’s reactions to the situation if there wasn’t something to come?

It is a subplot to the main point of resurrecting Fairy Tail in this arc without going shoujo and alienating the target demographic. It as a commentary on how sometimes heroes don’t always make the easy or right choices. It is a consequence of Juvia being a side character. Most of all, it IS the recipe for the mother of all Gruvia moments.