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casual shoutout to everyone in the gt fandom who’s mentally ill

i’ve been in the fandom for about five years, active for about one. i’ve seen a lot of people come and go, some in worse shape than others. one thing i’ve noticed is that a lot of us tend to put on a front, since gt is our happy place we feel like we have to be happy all the time. and that does wind up hurting when depression hits or mental illnesses flares up or you’re just not feeling your best. 

theres nothing wrong with that. theres nothing wrong with not being chipper all the time, when you joined the fandom you didn’t sign a paper saying that you always had to be the bouncy tiny or the cheerful giant. 

you just gotta be you.

and if you’re depressed? or have an eating disorder? or an anxiety disorder? have ptsd? have something else? have no mental illnesses but still have your bad days? thats okay. you’re okay here.

gt is a more intense fandom, because for a lot of us its so much more than fandom, its practically a way of living. and since its such a huge thing in all of our lives, its reasonable to have ups and downs. and honestly i find so many of you brave.

being a mentally ill tiny is hard, being a mentally ill giant is hard, being anything in between is hard. but that doesn’t stop this fandom. and when i see any of you pull through a tough time, come out alive, or even take time to take care of yourself, i get so proud. 

i’m rambling at this point, but i just really wanted to say that even though this fandom is mostly geared towards being positive, its perfectly okay to have your bad times and be open about it. 

going through mental illness doesn’t make you weak. it makes you brave. in the end, it’ll make you strong. 

and i am so proud of all of you. <3

If my limited knowledge on dating is correct, lovers sometimes make themselves look real nice for one another.

The prey of a vore couple, talented with baking and decorating does something similar. Though, they do themselves up with frosting, candy coatings and pastries. Including all of their pred’s favorite flavors.

The pred takes time to appreciate all that work, before slowly licking it off, and eating all that is provided for them. Their favorite part of course being their lover.

(Works for both same sized and size difference vore~)

Commission for @meddwynn and continuation of THIS

One more little gulp and down you’ll go, but she really seems to be taking her time.

Also nepeta is definitely the type to do that cute sticking-her-tongue-out thing while eating <3

My favourite angsty trope in G/t is when a giant accidentally scares their tiny friend in an argument or something (maybe they yelled too loud or threw something in their anger) and their tiny friend suddenly sees them as a giant monster again- they get afraid and the giant realises they’ve really scared their friend and they feel terrible.

The giant then desperately tries to apologise and coax their friend back to trusting them, but nothing works so the two merely avoid each other completely.

Of course I only like this trope if it gets sorted out in the end! Maybe the tiny finally approaches the giant as the giants crying and they try and make it up to each other- the giant relieved that they haven’t lost their friend.

Why the G/t community and the upcoming Sizecon ‘17 is important to me.

I’ve told my story of discovering g/t a lot of times with y’all that when I was younger I would watch movies like Fern Gully, The Borrowers, and Thumbelina and just watch it over and over again fascinated. I’ve always wanted to be like a fairy and then eventually I discovered that I have size dysphoria, where I feel like I’m in the wrong body and I’m supposed to be smaller. Then growing up/puberty, I discovered the internet and different size communities. However, I was a lurker and would draw things in secret with no one to show. It was hard because I had no one to talk to about it, that maybe people would think I was weird (well weirder than I already was), and it was also disheartening that a lot of the content I found were for a male audience, not appealing to me as I identify as a female. After years of lurking, I ended up finding the g/t community (where it was starting out) and I would see amazing work by jitenshasw @jits-gt-trash-blog and @bonkalore. I was so moved, especially from Jitensha. She became like the heart and voice for the G/t (also SW) community, her story of how she discovered her macrophilia AND that she had a lot of similar problems that I’ve gone through; it made me wanted to be noticed. So I contacted her on my personal tumblr blog and told her how much I loved her art, her story relates to mine, and that she’s a huge inspiration to me as a person and artist–she then messaged me back and was the biggest sweetheart. She gave me encouragement and that’s when I decided to do my side blog @tinysupervicki. I told her I made it and she quickly followed, becoming my first follower ever. It was so meaningful to me, I was in shock. I then got the courage to post my artwork (my G/t artwork to be exact) and even some of my stories, and it just went on from there. How many years has it been? Has it been about 2 years since I made this blog? Or three…it’s been so long. It’s still mind blowing that now people know my name.

I’ve never been part of a community before. I’ve never fit in anywhere. I was the blacksheep of the family (the introvert in the loud Mexican family) and I had a lot of friends that would come and go. Growing up, I tried to fit in communities that I would try to get in like anime fandoms or even my favorite band fandom, but to no avail. When I discovered I have Celiac Disease and have to be gluten-free, I tried being more active in that community annnnnd to no avail as well. Then when I decided to make this blog from the encouragement of Jitensha, it was literally the best decision I’ve made. I’ve met so many wonderful people, people who understood what I went through AND literally have similar stories of how we discovered this, it was so eye-opening. I felt like I belonged. By then, the g/t community was growing (hehe pun) and more people have joined. I now have long-lasting friendships with so many wonderful people and literally everyone I met has been so supportive of my artwork. I could finally share my art that I kept secret in a sketchbook under my bed! I worked hard to improve and share more art over the years, this community has been so helpful with that. So much encouragement. So much support. I tried to do my best to do something for the community all the time, welcoming each one that would join. 

Then last year was when my mom had that major surgery and almost died. We stayed in the hospital for three months. Once she was released, I was her caregiver 24/7. It was so hard the past year. Very hard. But throughout that time, the community had been there for me. So very supportive and sent well wishes to me and my mom. I knew I was where I belonged.

Once I heard about the first sizecon, I was so mad because of how much I wanted to go! I live in Texas, it’s in NY; financial status was a no go either; i couldn’t leave my mom for so long; and the day of the con I had a wedding to go to. But throughout the time and until the day of con, I helped spread the word and advertise it. I mean, big names of the size community were gonna be there! People like me were gonna be there. I could meet people from my community and thank them in person, even hug them! Once I heard the con was a success and there were plans for another, I knew I had to go and help in the volunteer group, do whatever I can to help. I was so close to my mom that I could tell her anything but I was nervous to tell her. I worked up the courage to tell her what I like and what I’m in and she was like, “Oh mija, I knew. That’s okay.” So much weight off my shoulders and from then, she was so supportive of my art and she was okay for me to travel to the con (as long as someone goes with me lol she was a worrysome mom). I was so happy. So very happy.

September 14th. The unexpected day…where my mom passed away at the hospital… the memory is still fresh in my mind. I have no ptsd of how she passed because of how…terrible it was to see so suddenly. The day where my heart broke and a part of me is gone.

I’m still mourning, I’ll still be mourning. Grieving. She was my best friend. I still feel so lost. But what I’m still at awe, is that this community’s love and support multiplied when my mom passed. They have been there for me and I just feel so selfish sometimes because what else can I say is thank you? I want to do more for them but all I can say is thank you. Thank you. Thank you. God, thank you.

Why am I excited to go to Sizecon ‘17? I will meet all the lovely people that are like me. Some I’ve met online. I will be able to show my appreciation for them in person. I can hug them and just cry; that I’m so so very thankful. I will be able to sell my artwork, artwork that I couldn’t even imagine myself showing and selling to people that like it. I will be able to be myself. Be happy. 

My mom would be proud. And she would be there for me when I go, guiding me as my guardian angel. She would be so incredibly glad that I’ll be happy and be myself.

So, thank you to my lovely followers; my friends; my family. I love you all.

I hope to see some of you at Sizecon ‘17 so I can express my gratitude to you.

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Dickeyville Grotto! I have been wanting to go here for years. I am glad I finally made it a point to stop during my fall trip. It was a fun place to take pictures. Specially because I love macro, color, textures, and stones of all sorts.