i love mac in the gym

Gym Dates Aren’t Real Dates

Regina Mills doesn’t work out… until she decides she wants to get to know her neighbor, Robin Locksley a little better.

Set in my Miracle on 34th Street AU. While it’s not imperative that you read the original story (or the epilogue or their first meeting), it may help to give you a bit of background.

For @loveatfirstsight-atlastsight who requested a gym date for OQ.

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Pairing : Mac x Reader

Summary : Imagine taking Mac to your high school reunion and bumping into your ex who reminiscences about your relationship which angers Mac.

It was fantastic, for you. While you had hated high school, you wanted to show off your sexy, clever husband to your old classmates. To see the shock on their faces when you told them you were married, made it worth the long drive to get here.

For Mac it was a different experience. Whilst you chatted to some of your high school friends, Mac left to get you a drink and when he returned a man - who was clearly drunk - had his arm over your shoulder while he laughed loudly. This man was your ex-boyfriend who you had left for this exact reason - he was a drunken fool. 

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anonymous asked:

um teacher dennis au w/ gym teacher mac tbh. obvs charlie would be the janitor and dee would teach theater. its the worst school in the county, the teacher turnover rate is ridiculous bc no one wants to work with them.

I already love this


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“I’m super excited to have you join me on grumpcade.” Danny says with a big smile. He had been dying to get Mac to join in on the grumping he did. And what better way to have him join than playing a game that would get him all types of flustered. It would make for one hell of an episode or two. “And you can’t weasel your way out of this cause I’ve already agreed to go to the gym more than I already have been.” He enjoyed knowing what to promise the other to get what he wanted from him.


Today was Jess’s first day skiing. She and E killed it!

While they were getting their lesson from Ski Instructor Danny (and what a doll he was!), I was fully initiated into That Tree Life. My friends took me down a tree’d black run that was OMGSOSCARY (“Don’t make me cry, guys. Please be gentle. All the lube.”), and we eventually popped into this little clearing with a 2DOLLA license plate, and my Better Off Dead-loving heart leapt. (“Two doooooollars!” + “HE’S SKIING ON ONE SKI!”) Anyway, I am so smitten with the soft snow of the understory, the obstacles, the mini jumps, and the sharp turns. There’s no going back now.

After skiing for 4 hours, I ran home, changed, and went right back out to celebrate The Mormon’s dad’s birthday. Huge salad + mac & cheese + cornbread. Yes, please.

Then more gym (60 minutes of incline walking + 2k row), because lolol, WHY NOT? This week I worked out 10.5 hours (any non-active ski time, like lift rides, was omitted). We’re halfway through my 6 week fitness challenge, and I will be damned if, as team captain, I do not lead by example.

Also: enjoy a ton of photos of me, because I was stupid happy all day, and couldn’t stop smiling even when sitting in my car alone and driving up and down canyons and across valleys.

Life is too good not to smile, man.


“(BLESS THIS DAY!!) 1. Maks meets Meryl’s friends for the first time (sometime during DWTS) and he’s super nervous about meeting them and they have reservations about him based on his whole bad boy rep but in the end it all turns out happy” -Anon

Lalalala, I ran with this again. Ha. Of course. Welp I hope that you enjoy it! It’s been such a good day. Love you! Always- J.

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