i love mac in the gym

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hey! do you have any examples of early eps of iasip (like pre season 4) that have gay mac moments?



  • in the gang gets racist, you can interpret mac being so against the gay bar as internalized homophobia. the scene where he gets dennis drunk is also weirdly tense
  • underage drinking: a national concern- there’s that little bit where mac is cuddled up next to charlie while they’re asleep on the floor
  • charlie got molested- again, you can interpret mac trying to seduce the gym coach in a number of different ways.


  • hundred dollar baby- mac is eating a banana in the fight club while he and dennis watch the guys fight
  • this is all i could really think of? i guess he hangs out with dennis a lot in charlie goes america all over everyone’s ass


  • dennis and dee’s mom is dead- this is the party mansion/dick flyer episode so really need i say more
  • the gang gets held hostage. “dennis? i love you”
  • the gang sells out- this is where that bigass conversation about the gay food chain came from
  • sweet dee’s dating a person with autism- the torn-up shirt mac wears at one point in the episode has a design of two cowboys touching each other’s dicks on it
  • the gang gets whacked- it’s not super hard to interpret the weird idolization mac has for the mob as some kind of gay thing imo?
  • the gang dances their asses off- during his dance-off with dennis, at one point mac gets on his knees and starts acting like he’s sucking dennis’ dick
the gang downloads snapchat

dennis 200-second stories on a daily basis. trying really hard to get all the trophies. trying to get on the local philadelphia story. they haven’t posted any of his snaps.

mac typical mirror selfie of him at the gym. then he leaves the gym. rarely posts on his story. uses the philadelphia geotag a lot. trying to beat dennis at getting on the local philadelphia story. 

dee really cute selfies on her story. complains about everyone elses stories. snapchats u when ur song is playing on the radio. 

charlie is obsessed with the face filters. uses the rainbow-puke one too much. has a lot of famous internet dogs as snapchat friends. snapchats u pics of stray dogs he sees on his way to/home from work.

frank wont stop sending u pics of his dong at a bad angle. occasional selfies of just his forehead.


I have been officially hit by a mac truck and I’m too.sore to be awake now. Haha

I feel like yoga is going to have to come back into my life.

If my muscles are crying everyday they gonna need some love too.

Things to ponder ..

Well. Bout a 8 hour nap then back to the gym at 9am!!

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1. Where is your cell phone? Don’t have one
2. Your hair? Brunett-ish? Like, when I was younger people said it was dirty-blonde but it looks brunett to me.
3. Your mom? Weird, stressful, loving
4. Your other half? Nonexistent
5. Your favorite food? Pasta, mac n’ cheese, shrimp, pizza, Chinese food, food from the Japanese restaurant around here, mashed potatoes.
6. Your dream last night? Ugh, okay, so I dreamed I was walking through the gym of my high school and some of my old classmates were there. And then I was in the gym of my elementary school helping out clear the place of…stuff? Idk what it was exactly but they were heavy. Anyway, I was going to carrying a thing to the storage place inside the gym (there is one, but the one in my dream wasn’t correct) but the stairs leading down to it were dark and narrow so I was like “NOPE” and just left it by the stairs for someone with stronger arms and who isn’t clumsy to do it. Then I was looking outside at some rain before leaving the gym and then waking up. 
7. Your favorite drink? Uhh…idk, there’s a melon drink I like.
8. Fear? Heights, answering the phone, scary looking places?
9. Your home away from home? No-where atm
10. Where were you last night? Home
11. Something that you aren’t? Stupid
12. Muffins? Chocolate
13. Wish list items? Tickets to Cats on Broadway, more manga, a couch, a new bed that doesn’t make my neck hurt, uhh…idk what else atm 
14. Where you grew up? New Hampshire, United States
15. Last thing you did? Ate breakfast
16. What are you wearing right now? T-shirt that says “Careful or you’ll end up in my novel”, jeans, flip-flops.
17. Your TV? Flip-or-Flop >:|
18. Your pets? Currently? I have a cat named Kisa
19. Friends? Online
20. Your life? What life? XD Idk, I’m stuck in “waiting” mode… 
21. Missing someone? Yup

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“I’m super excited to have you join me on grumpcade.” Danny says with a big smile. He had been dying to get Mac to join in on the grumping he did. And what better way to have him join than playing a game that would get him all types of flustered. It would make for one hell of an episode or two. “And you can’t weasel your way out of this cause I’ve already agreed to go to the gym more than I already have been.” He enjoyed knowing what to promise the other to get what he wanted from him.