i love lysander and castiel so much

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:

Looks like could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:

Looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll:

Looks like could kill you and could actually kill you:

Sinnamon roll:

MCL Valentines Day 2017







Thank you so much for this event Chino and Beemov Stuff! ♥ I’m inlove with outfits  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ Especially Lysander’s and Cassy’s >u< And illustration…. I AM BLESSED. Look at Armin’s face ahhhhhhh So cuteeee  (≧◡≦) ♡ Also Castiel…*o* *nosebleed*

God, what happened to Kentin, what was those questions

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I'm planning to do replays for the other boys since the ep is so short, do you know the answers to get their illustrarions??

idk the exact dialogues

Armin : (Without saying anything, I took him in my arms)

Castiel : Would you have rather been in Kentin’s place ? + oh yeah ? (i led him to a corner)

Lysander : You don’t need to worry + (i grabbed his hand to bring him toward a corner)

Nathaniel : As you can see, it didn’t work + (i pulled him toward myself with a quick motion)

Kentin : it didn’t bother me that much…+ (i pulled him toward myself)

Today is my birthday! 🌿
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Today is also special cause of today’s my 1st year in fandom. I was lucky to meet you all precious people who beign with me, share their lovely friendship with me. Thank you so so much for every lovely support i get. I love y’all 💖

Valentine's Day 2017 Preparation
  • Lysander: I usually go with Rosa to pick out presents but this time I want to buy one for Candy just by myself.
  • Castiel: Ah, I get that man, I've been doing that for YEARS. Just feels so much better.
  • Lysander: So I want to get her something tasteful, something sweet. What did you get her?
  • Castiel: Ah, the usual - a pair of handcuffs and some kinky underwear, nothing special.
MCL Boys: Fluff Headcanons

gUESS WHO’S BACK!? well me, kinda. so i just thought about doing some fluff since i’m in one of those ‘kaha ur an idiot and u better write11!1’ kinda moods! so, enjoy.


  • Loves having to cuddle on the couch. Like honestly, he falls asleep so much during movie marathons.
  • Always kisses Candy awake,, every time she’s over he can’t help it.
  • Claps loudly if he’s right about solving a documentary case. Like “I knew it was him, there’s no way anyone else could’ve done it!” and just clAP
  • Will honestly cuddle while watching some crime investigation with Candy.
  • Tbh, this boy is so good at solving cases?? sometimes he’s mad at himself for figuring it out so quick
  • Makes the best popcorn for sleepovers or any movie occasion™
  • Long walks at night are really nice, especially in some light rain.
  • Gets flustered if Candy just straight up flirts with him. Yep, flirt - Nath can’t handle the heat.
  • Will sometimes ask Candy 'have a nice dance’ before she leaves. It could be deemed as weird but it’s just so nice to do?? let the boy dance
  • Will only spam Candy’s phone if she’s sick. 22 missed calls and 41 text messages. Which is rare.
  • Gets huffy if Candy won’t let him lay on her lap because of White.
  • Likes making out in his room, usually on his office chair.
  • Candy’s name on his phone is Candy’s nickname. If not, then ’princess’ is pretty good.
  • Really likes watching Marvel movies, all thanks to Armin, he’ll invite Candy to watch some.
  • Covered Candy’s eyes on some violent scenes in a documentary because he’s a mom like that.
  • Loves having to baby Candy. He’s such a mom, let him baby Candy!
  • Always gets Candy her favorite food while grocery shopping. Even sweets, he won’t leave it there.
  • Likes it when Candy rakes her hands through his hair, it’s the best feeling
  • Probably likes cuddling more than he does making out, it’s just so innocent and peaceful, it’s great.


  • Ponytail Castiel is the best, we all know it’s the best, free this boys hair.
  • Gets so damn flustered if Candy takes surprise pictures of him like,, “What the hell?! Give me that!” he will chase and then grab her into an attack hug
  • Could cuddle for days. This boy is just so laid-back he will just lay there and let Candy do her thing.
  • Surprise kisses. Always surprise kisses from him. Usually on the temple or kiss, or the whole face, all are good.
  • Sings to Candy while playing his guitar, he’s so good?? he should do another collab with Lysander.
  • Won’t let Candy feel like a third wheel if they’re out with friends. That is, unless she wants to.
  • Spoils Candy too much. Always buys that one gift that no one else thought of.
  • Candy’s name on his phone would be ’That little girl’ not even like 'little girl’. But it’s gotta be ‘that’ little girl.
  • Always makes fun of Candy if she’s modeling clothes, lmao she’s already pretty. “Honestly, you’re already cute enough. That dress looks like a tutu anyways-” probably got a plush thrown at him.
  • Smokes less around Candy. Plans on stopping,, but not all overly quick, he’s taking his time.
  • Will tease Candy 90 times a day. He will honestly sound like he’s initiating some hot session when he’s really not.
  • Took pictures of Candy trying on his clothes once. Never let her see the picture.
  • Let’s be real, Castiel has cried on some sad dog movies and never admitted to it.
  • Likes sweet talking Candy over the phone. Probably calls her a lot if he can’t come over.
  • Has a shitload of pictures of Candy on his phone, especially when she’s with Demon.
  • Takes candid pictures, most of them are actually really good. if you take out the embarrassing ones, of course.
  • Takes 10 years to wake up. Best to kiss him awake he’s such an ufking rock.


  • Such a smooth talker. This boy has a bold and very smooth talking side.
  • Always holds Candy when they sleep. Number one; he’s a skyscraper. Number two; he just likes it.
  • Likes talking about his childhood, especially the bunnies he’s met during the time, never forget the bunnies.
  • Flower crown making. Oml this boy can make DIY flower crowns.
  • Made Candy a flower crown or two, them being made of her favorite color(s).
  • Likes making cute origami swans. Probably taught Candy some things, it’s just super therapeutic.
  • May be forgetful, but he remembers the day the met, the time, and the day they kissed and the time. Will honestly text at the time they kissed like 'happy anniversary’.
  • Calls Candy 'love’ or 'dear’ a lot. It’s just a habit he has, he tries not to do it so much at school.
  • Surprise gifts. Always some little box somewhere Candy finds, he won’t tell her he bought something.
  • Doodles Candy when she’s not looking. He’s really good at it, usually some chibi’s or something realistic.
  • Likes it when Candy tries to do his hair. Though there’s not much to do, it’s still fun to try.
  • Gets super flustered with surprise kisses, especially on the mouth. he loves it but daMN
  • Falls asleep on Candy during sleepovers. Usually on her lap. It’d be hard to move him but he’s still cute.
  • Has a Polaroid camera and he’s taken pictures of Candy in his clothes. It’s just so cute?? Little Candy in his oversized jacket is his icon for her on his phone.
  • Candy’s name on his phone would be ’My Love’ or ’My Everything’. It’s always something romantic with Lysander.
  • Doesn’t want to be super clingy, he always overthinks he’s clingy with his romantic habits,, tries to take it down a notch.


  • Such a fun person to be around, it’s never a boring time with Armin.
  • May not look like it but he’s very committed to Candy. He would honestly send a messenger bird if he lost his phone.
  • Likes riling Candy up with bad puns. They will brutally murder the mood, guaranteed.
  • That kind of guy that laughs while making out like “I just thought of a great joke” he’s such a goof.
  • Likes bubble baths. If Candy won’t take one with him, that’s fine, but he plays like a little kid in the bubbles.
  • Has a whole damn folder dedicated to pictures he’s taken of Candy. He looks at them most of the time when he misses her.
  • The icon for Candy on his phone is a selfie of her wearing 'SEXY’ glasses with him.
  • If Candy wears a beanie, he’s gonna swap hers for his own. He’s got his own little collection of hats, usually winter hats.
  • Introduces Candy to a lot of good animes he watches. Danganronpa and Samurai Champloo being examples.
  • Won’t let Candy win at a game unless she’s super annoyed. Then he’ll have mercy, for a little bit.
  • Loves watching marvel or comedy movies. Sometimes Ju-on if Candy’s up for it.
  • Gets very flustered with random complements. There’s not much he can be flustered about but he just blushes a lot like “Oh, uh…well, thanks!” he’s so awkward when it comes to things like that.
  • It’s already expected but Candy’s name is ’Sweetness <3’ on his cellphone - he can’t help it.
  • Makes a lot of funny ass faces when she’s upset to bribe his way out of trouble.
  • Actually likes texting Candy than face to face conversation since he can use some shitty grammar without getting told on.
  • Though he likes cosplay, a lot, he probably just wants Candy to wear the hot stuff around him because he’s not *really* that kind of show off guy.
  • Oversized clothes is his weakness. He loves seeing Candy in some baggy shirt, or even his clothes, both are good.


  • Gave Candy a part of his dog tag to show others they’re in a relationship.
  • He attac and protecc. And proteccs again.
  • Likes giving her surprise kisses, but not too much, he wants for them to be a 'rare’ kind of thing.
  • Buys Candy too many things, his dad is actually proud of how much he spoils her ? But advises he doesn’t do it too much.
  • It’s so expected that Kentin would bake with Candy. If she’s not very good at it, he’ll guide her on how to decorate instead.
  • Gets so flustered with hugs from behind! He loves them so much but he probably choked the first time she hugged him like that.
  • Shows Candy some self-defense moves and how to use a weapon, usually some switchblade.
  • Accidentally jogs away from Candy and wonders where she went. He’s gotta go fAST
  • Loves taking pictures of Candy and Cookie! It’s like the cutest pair to see them get along.
  • If Candy’s allergic to dogs it’s very likely that Kentin would give her allergy medicine and worry a whole lot if she took it or not.
  • Takes a lot of pictures, sometimes candid ones, but he’d rather let Candy know he’s taking one.
  • Could honestly spend the whole day cuddling Candy. He’d probably lay on her chest and fall sleep though whoops.
  • Is pretty insecure about his freckles,, but he’d feel a lot better if Candy told him they were cute/she liked them.
  • Always likes talking about their weird memories in middle school.
  • Actually prefers hugs over kisses. Not like he doesn’t like them but he feels like hugs are more meaningful.
  • Candy’s name on his phone would be ’Princess’. Probably wouldn’t want to do much with nicknames, Candy’s already good.

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Hi from France ! ✨ So you want headcanons ? I have one for you ! What the guys of MCL will do when they will be adults ? ( Work precisely ) and if you find gifs, they would be welcome ! Thank you very much ! xx

Hi from Russia! 


Nathaniel: I think he will be teaching in any school. Don’t know, but it came out great tutor for Kim, then why not to continue this activity in the future? I also definitely like the idea to make him a writer. Seriously, he has so much love for the books…

Originally posted by wolfiestoday

Castiel: Corny, but let it be the guitarist in a band (even with Lysander). Somehow I associate his life with a guitar, music in general. He can also open his music store or repair and upgrade guitars…

Originally posted by calumswish

Lysander: Like Castiel, he will performances as a vocalist. He can also write songs to other artists or, perhaps, to teach vocal lessons at a music school… Sometimes I do see him as a scientist, lol.

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Kentin: At first I had ideas about sports, but then…. I waNT KENTIN HAD HIS OWN BAKERY. IT WILL MAKE MUFFINS AND CAKES EVERY DAY, OKAY??

Originally posted by ofallingstar

Armin: Definitely see him as a programmer because in the last episode he was soooo cool no ahaha. He can create his own games. And I think that he just draws well… Hell, I have to think….

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MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: Them realizing they’re in love with you


  • I feel like Nate wouldn’t realize it until a very private moment between you two. Maybe you guys were cuddling on the couch, with his arms draped over you, half asleep. He would look down at you and just stare, admiringly because you’re just so beautiful. And not just in the physical sense. He loves your personality and your heart and he feels safe around you, which is an important part to him because h was always so on edge around his family before.
  • When he realizes the specific emotion he has towards you is love, he blushes a lot, not out of embarrassment though. Just from the warmth of the feeling that you give him cause he’s just so happy around you.
  • Probably wouldn’t even tell you for a long time, he would keep this information to himself for a while because he doesn’t want you to feel like you HAVE to say it back. He would be way too afraid that you aren’t there with him yet, so he’ll more than likely wait a bit longer.
  • When he does tell you though, he’s very nervous but determined. He would hold you close to him and kiss your forehead, and just force himself to say it. “I love you, Candy. So much…” If you return the feeling, he’s going to hug you even tighter with a warm smile on his face.



  • When the realization hits him, it’s going to hit him so hard. Like a punch in the face. He’ll just be on his own somewhere, maybe in the courtyard or in in his room, thinking about you and then he’s just kinda like “Well shit…” He doesn’t know how to react to it at all, cause it really just takes him by surprise. He’s definitely happy about it, but he doesn’t know how to go about it.
  • The love he feels for you is definitely way stronger than anything he ever felt with Deborah. With Deborah, he felt more of an attachment than love. He cared for her yeah, but like compared to you it’s just…. Woah.
  • He’d probably be really scared tbh. He knows you’d never hurt him like Deborah did, but what if he does something to screw things up with you? What if you don’t love him back yet? Lots of ‘what if’ questions going through his head at the moment.
  • As cliché as it sounds, Cas would probably tell you during an argument. After you both calm down, he realizes that he dosnt even remember what it was about in the first place, and he feels horrible about it. He comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you so that you can’t go anywhere. “I’m sorry babe… I-I just love you a lot okay?”


  • It would hit Lysander at a really random moment. He’d be doing one of his everyday things, and would start thinking about you. He’d just kinda be like “Oh…” He’d definitely be happy, but he wouldn’t quit know how to react either because I feel like he hasn’t had a first love yet. He liked Rosa a lot but she was just a really big crush.
  • He would spend a lot of time thinking about it after that. He’d definitely write about it in his notebook, and try to get his feelings out into a song but that still wouldn’t even do it justice. He wants to tell you but he just has no idea how to get all of his emotions out.
  • He keeps it to himself, only because he doesn’t want to scare you away and he still isn’t even sure how he should tell you. He’ll become more affectionate towards you in the smallest but sweetest ways. A kiss on your hand or forehead, holding you closer than usual… Small gestures like that.
  • When he tells you, it will definitely be in private. He would just be staring at you and would pretty much just come out and say it. “I love you…” It would be kind of quiet and unexpected so you would be caught off guard for a second, but he would maintain eye contact with you until you responded. He doesn’t care if you don’t return the feeling, he just wants you to know how he feels. When you do though, he’ll just smile. Like an actual grin kind of smile. And then he’ll kiss you.


  • See, Armin is pretty bad with his emotions. Not a bad as Cas, just in the sense that he doesn’t give it much thought until the last minute. So like he honestly wouldn’t even realize he is in love with you until he blurts it out one day.
  • You two were probably playing video games, or maybe even play fighting each other. He lets you win, which pisses you off to no end and he finds it hilarious. After seeing your face look so determined to beat him he just explodes in laughter and hugs you. “This is why I love you, dork.”
  • It takes him a few seconds to process what he just said. And when he does process it he’s honestly just as shocked as you are because WHERE DID THESE FEELINGS COME FROM AND WHY ARE THE JUST NOW RELEASING???
  • Him: “Umm…”
  • You: “…”

  • Him: “…”

  • You: “You love me??”

  • Him: “I… Yeah, I do Candy.”

  • *queue really intense cuddling session*


  • Kentin fell in love hard kinda earlier on in the relationship. He always knew he was in love with you but he just never put a lot of thought into it. And now he IS putting a lot of thought into it. And now he’s mentally screaming because HOW is he supposed to tell you.
  • He’s like, head over heels for you at this point. There’s no turning back after this, you’ve basically entered a black hole and now you cant get out, you’re trapped in his heart forever.

  • He’ll start to act pretty nervous around you after that. You catch him blushing and staring at you like all the time now, and he starts to get very flustered around you. Stutters over his words sometimes too, poor baby. He tries telling you multiple times but he always chickens out, and ends up lecturing himself later because “Why the hell is it so hard??”

  • When he does finally tell you, it’s when he’s at your house getting ready to go back home. He honestly just can not take it anymore and at this point he could care less if you return the feeling or not. He’s willing to wait for you if you aren’t at the same page as him. He kisses and hugs you, but before he lets go he speaks into your ear in a gentle voice. “You know I love you, right?” When you return the feelings he pretty much just refuses to let go, and will probably stay for another few hours or so.

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Can I request a Lysander drabble? Closer by chainsmokers has been stuck in my head for a while now and I can't help imagining the characters in the song being Candy and Lys. ❤️ some angst with a happy/hopeful ending please :3

I happen to really love that song and I’m a sucker for going drabbles based off songs. Hope you like it!

There was a brief second that Lysander swore he forgot to breathe. It was like the air left his lungs and if he ever breathed again, it would be inhaling her breath or the scent of her perfume. Instead, he stood there simply staring just at the end of the bar, his eyes firmly planted on the girl sitting alone on one of the stools, absently stirring a drink.

Last time he saw her, her hair was shorter and a lighter color. She seemed to be a few inches taller, but he wasn’t sure if that was due to her heels or not. Her body was drastically different than the small, petite girl he remembered that could fit underneath him perfectly. Her eyes were the same – swirling so deep that he could drown in them. There was sting in his chest as old feelings rose to the surface.

“Candy,” he breathed her name like a whispered confession.

She turned her head sharply at her name. As their eyes met, time slowed to a still and he was acutely aware of the pounding in his chest. There was so much in her eyes that he knew that it was the same girl he fell in love with four years ago, but that also made her the same one that broke his heart without hesitation. He couldn’t seem to look away, but his feet moved on their own straight toward her.

“Hey,” Candy spoke first, softly as if she didn’t want to scare him off. Her eyes broke contact with his just brief enough to look him over, “You’re – uh – you’re looking pretty good.”

He swallowed thickly, “You too.”

She was. He told her years ago that she was the most beautiful person in the world.  He meant it then and despite knowing that it was dangerous to believe so now, he couldn’t help it. She was still Candy. The same Candy that whispered to him in the movie theater with her hand on his thigh. The one who loved being the small spoon, but halfway through the night would squirm away and steal the blankets. Who he told his secrets to and who confessed to him more than once about things that no one else knew.

He needed a drink if she was going to keep talking to him. He sat down beside her and waved down the bartender for a quick shot, well aware that she kept her eyes closely on him.

He couldn’t say exactly how it happened, but the next thing he knew they were in the back seat of her rover parked behind the bar with their lips pressed together that he couldn’t tell where his ended and hers began. His hands slipped under her shirt as Blink-182 played on the radio and a groan left her lips.

“Wait, Lys - “ Candy pulled away briefly, with her face flushed and her breathing a bit labored, “If we do this, I have to know that I’m not going to be stepping on anyone’s toes.”

He could see past the clouds of lust in her eyes to see the worry shining in them. He gave a sad smile, his hands politely backing away from her body to answer her.

“I’m not with anyone,” he answers honestly, “I… I haven’t really been with anyone seriously since you left so there’s no exes you need to look out for either.”

Candy’s gaze softened and her hand tenderly cupped his cheek. He leaned into the touch with a sigh.

“If we’re being honest,” she admitted, “I can’t remember why I left you in the first place -”

“- You wanted to explore and see the country,” he supplied the reason, remembering it so clearly. He wanted to go with her and create new memories, to go on adventures with her hand in his. “You said a relationship would slow you down.”

Candy let out a small laugh in disbelief, “I gave up the most perfect guy I’ve ever met because of that. God, how insane was I back then?”

“Fairly much so according to Castiel,” Lysander’s voice was dry and she couldn’t help but laugh once more before she put her hand on the back of his head to bring him in closer for another kiss.

“Then show me what I’ve been missing these past four years.”

stclipper requested:  Hi! :) How do the guys tell their bff about how was the kiss with Candy? Like Castiel to Lys or Nath with Armin (maybe not best friends but the get along in the game right?) or Ken to Alexy… 😁

A/N: Wow, Kentin’s turned out a little more angsty than I was originally planning! I hope this is what you were looking for :)


Nathaniel and Armin were sitting in Classroom A waiting for class to begin. Armin had gotten there early to finish a game he had been playing the night before, and Nathaniel had just decided to get to class early that day. Armin ignored Nathaniel when he first walked in, but when he saw the huge smile on his face, he couldn’t help but ask why he was so giddy. 

“Candy and I kissed yesterday,” he explained, his smile growing wider just thinking about it. “It was…well, amazing.”

“Oh, I’d bet,” Armin laughed, and Nathaniel gave him a harsh look. “Not like that. I don’t imagine kissing her or anything…congrats, man!”


When Castiel got to school and saw Lysander standing around the hallway, he sped up and tapped him on the shoulder. 

“Well, you look especially…not grumpy today,” Lysander commented, raising his eyebrows. “What happened last night?”

“Candy and I…” Castiel trailed off, smirking so that he couldn’t finish his statement. He rushed to continue, though, when he saw Lysander’s eyebrows raise. “Oh, no no no, we didn’t have sex,” he stated bluntly. “I just kissed her.”

Lysander nodded and said, “Well, congratulations.”

“Thanks,” Castiel smiled. “Man, she did this thing with her tongue where-”

“And this is where I leave,” Lysander interrupted, shaking his head and walking away.


Lysander sat on a bench in the courtyard, writing some lyrics in his notebook. He was concentrating so much that he didn’t notice Castiel coming up behind him. 

“This warmth, this affection, this love is unstoppable,” Castiel read from his journal, causing Lysander to snap the book closed. “Wow, man. What’s got you all sappy today?”

“It’s nothing,” Lysander blushed, remembering back to how Candy had kissed him the night before. “Just feeling a bit inspired.”

“Let me guess: it has something to do with Candy, right?” Castiel chuckled, sitting down next to his friend. “Did you guys kiss?”

“Maybe,” Lysander muttered, but the smile on his face gave the answer away. “Cas, it was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.”

Castiel laughed before making Lysander blush by saying, “Well, my friend, sex is even better, so you’ve got more to look forward to.”


“Alexy! I’ve got something to tell you!” Kentin exclaimed, nearly pouncing on the other boy. “Candy kissed me this morning!”

Alexy’s smile dropped a bit, but not noticeably enough for Kentin to see it. “Really?” he asked, faking an even larger smile. “Awesome! I’m so happy for you two.”

“Thanks!” Kentin smiled. “I’d been dreaming of that moment for so long, and when it finally came, I just froze!”

“That’s great!” Alexy enthused, continuing his charade for his friend. Inside, though, he was devastated. “If you’d excuse me, I have to go find Armin,” he said suddenly, leaving Kentin standing in the middle of the hallway with a confused look on his face.


Armin heard the front door open before seeing his brother walk through it, bags in his hands from a trip to the mall. 

“Alex, I kissed Candy!” he exclaimed, startling Alexy and making him drop what he was holding. 

“You what?” Alexy asked, making sure he heard right. “Seriously? That’s awesome!”

“Man, I didn’t even plan it or anything,” Armin explained, laughing a bit as he remembered how the kiss had gone. “I just leaned in and kissed her and - man, she actually kissed me back!”

Alexy laughed, happy to see his brother so excited over something. “Well, I’m happy for you.”

Request an edit, scenario, or headcanon!

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How about the boys with a homesick Candy? 💞 If you don't mind

I totally don’t mind, anon. I’m gonna write this as if the boys are out of town with Candy. Here are the headcanons, enjoy!


  • Wouldn’t try to distract Candy as much, he’d just ask her if she’d want to leave back
  • If they’re out together, he’d assure her it’s okay 
  • “Don’t worry, Candy…we can make great memories here, too.”
  • Goodness this boy would just spoil Candy, anything to cure her homesickness
  • Had read books about it, usually follows the steps
  • K i sses, everywhere - just kisses and hugs, make this girl feel better gdi
  • Would give Candy the full choice of going back home
  • He doesn’t care if he’s upset, it’s Candy’s feelings first.
  • Would share some funny memories of their adventures back in their town
  • Would be very comforting, like he’d just seriously listen to her feelings - no joke man.


  • Would actually joke but ask if “That’s a thing?”
  • Doesn’t understand her homesickness Phillip is strict as hec K, but does understand she misses home.
  • Would totally talk about their funny memories back in town, like when they met or back in her room.
  • Would encourage her to have a fun time while they can
  • If not, he’ll show her a good time ;^)
  • Always holds her hand with a slight swing.
  • Try to keep her as happy as possible; going to the movies, taking some embarrassing photos, or just talking in general.
  • He’d a little upset too, he’d talk about how he misses Lysander and Demon
  • He would take Candy somewhere fun - though he’d be annoyed with all of the noise, seeing her happy is one of the best of gifts.


  • Completely understands, he’s homesick too - his parents and Leigh,,
  • Listens to Candy’s feelings and evaluate a good stragety, this boy is v good
  • “If you’d like, we could talk about it.”
  • Encourages Candy to write back home, then she can talk and be with him at the same time
  • Gift giving is both for Candy and the home
  • Talks about his childhood with her and his funny memories back in the farm. Like how he had a chase a chicken and his other pet rabbit-
  • Stays close with Candy, he can’t let her be alone with that anxiety - it’s not right,,
  • Gives her surprise kisses and some sweets <3
  • vent vent vent all the way
  • If it goes a little overboard, he’ll offer to take her home
  • He does miss his little Wenka and the angsty tomato Castiel


  • Had no idea that homesickness was a thing-
  • “Well, uh…is there anything I could do to make you feel better?”
  • Offers to play video games with her to keep it off her mind
  • Is just so lost, how ? what can he do??
  • Often gives her cheek kisses and side hugs, he wants her to be happy so bad
  • Shows her some pictures he took of them on the trip
  • Doesn’t want to take her back home, he really wants to spend time with her tbh
  • Would talk about his memories back in Sweet Amoris with her
  • Tells her jokes, all he needs is a laugh from her
  • Is kinda upset himself that he doesn’t know what to do.
  • Hugs her tightly when she tells him.
  • Gives her some space,, he wouldn’t want anyone around him if he was missing Alexy 
  • Googled “how to not miss home”


  • Honestly, he’d try to take her home on the dot he’s not having his Candy being upset-
  • Would spoil Candy with gifts and sweets
  • “Oh…I didn’t know.“ 
  • So sorry for hurting his babu
  • He’d honestly want to be by her side, but gives her space. 
  • If Candy explains it’s not him, he still feels bad for not noticing
  • So many hugs,, he’d stay in the hotel and just cuddle her and hold her close
  • Very tempted to take her home, just so ready to take her home
  • Tells her how much he missed her when she moved
  • Gives her some advice on how to get better, 
  • Bakes so many sweets, it’s not even funny
  • She might be kinda sick returning home from those sweets.

anonymous asked:

Uhh 107 with Castiel and Lysander/Candy?

Hope you like it anon.

Send in a number + mcl character(s) or pairing

107 - Regardless of what they think, I know you’re an amazing person - Lysander + Candy

Lysander honestly believed that it wasn’t going to be this bad. He knew how much Deborah leaving had destroyed Castiel and over the course of time, firmly believed that Castiel knew better than to fall back into her arms with her obvious lies. He couldn’t fathom why Castiel couldn’t see what Deborah was capable of -what she was doing - to him, but understood that it was his choice to make. The past few weeks had been the most stressful in his life, knowing that the moment Castiel walked back into school with his past look that his closest friend was making the wrong choice. 

But nothing in the world could have prepared him for the stress it created for Candy. He never would have thought that the entire school could turn against her - her, selfless, caring Candy - so quickly. His heart ached for her. He wanted to help her, to shield her away from Deborah’s wrath and jealous. That witch of a woman had already took away someone he cared for, he refused to let her destroy another. 

The moment he saw her crying in the courtyard, under the tree where she often went for peace, he swore that his heart broke. He carefully approached her, slowly as to not startle her, and sat down beside her, putting his arm around her shoulders to bring her into a close, comforting embrace. She looked up at him with teary, confused eyes and a sniffle.

“Regardless of what they think,” Lysander spoke softly, “I know you’re an amazing person.”

A blush quickly spread across her cheeks, a soft smile appearing on the lips he desperately wished to kiss.

“Castiel will come to his senses,” Lysander didn’t quite believe it, but was desperate to say anything to ease some of her worries, “As will the rest of the school.”

Candy rested her head against his shoulder, curling into his side as he squeezed her shoulder.  

“I hope so Lys,” Her voice was so soft, he almost missed it, “I don’t know how much more I can take.”

Anon requested:  Head cannons for the MCL boys dealing with someone catcalling Candy?

A/N: I hope this is what you were looking for!


For the most part, Nathaniel would keep quiet if someone catcalled Candy. His grip on her hand would tighten and he would pull them a bit faster down the street. He would look back every few seconds to make sure the guy wasn’t following them (of course he wasn’t). When they got to Nathaniel’s apartment, though, he would express his anger. He wouldn’t want to scare Candy or anything, but he would start shouting about how repulsing it was that men did that. Candy would nod and agree, rubbing his back to try and calm him down. 


Kind of like Nathaniel, Castiel would keep quiet for the most part. He would try and ignore whoever it was catcalling Candy, just squeezing her hand tightly and continuing to walk. If the man, however, continued to make remarks, he would whirl around and give him a piece of his mind. “Do you have any idea how rude it is for someone to catcall at a girl? Any girl, not just my girlfriend. And she’s taken, so I would move on if I were you.” After saying this, he would shake his head disapprovingly and start walking down the street again as if nothing had just happened. 


Instead of feeling angry, Lysander would probably feel more disgust towards whoever catcalled Candy. He would of course be upset (and a bit jealous) that someone catcalled her, but he would wonder more why he felt the need to do that. He would approach the man and say, “I know my girlfriend is beautiful, but I would appreciate it if you refrained from letting her know in a derogatory way.” He would make sure to put extra emphasis on “girlfriend”, just so the guy got the hint that Candy wasn’t available.


Kentin would probably be the most likely to try and attack whoever catcalled Candy. They would be walking down the street and some guy would make a snide remark towards Candy, making Kentin freeze in his spot. Candy, realizing what he was thinking, would take his hand and rub circles around the back of it to try and calm him down. “It’s not that big of a deal,” she would try to tell him, but that would just make him more mad. He would rip his hand from Candy’s and approach the man, but he wouldn’t hit him (just because Candy was standing right there). “If I ever hear you catcall my girlfriend - or any other girl, for that matter - again, I’ll make damn sure you’ll regret the day you were born.”


If someone catcalled Candy, he wouldn’t want to show how angry he was. He would, of course, be mad, but he didn’t want the guy to see that. So he would make some joke about it. He would say something like, “I know, she’s hot, right? And guess what? She’s all mine, you jackass.” With that, he would put his arm around Candy and pull her along as she blushed. “I can’t believe people actually have the balls to do that,” Armin would note to her as soon as they were out of ear-shot of the man. 

*Bonus* Alexy:

Alexy would immediately realize what was going on and whisper to Candy that he had a plan. He would then turn around and face the man, saying, “Oh, how nice of you to recognize me! I usually don’t get much attention from men like yourself, so it’s great that someone finally noticed my appearance! I really appreciate it.” After taking in the man’s shocked face, he would turn back around and hurry away with Candy as they giggled about the situation.

Request an edit, scenario, or headcanon!

This is a quickie dedicated to homophobic people <3

And i would also like to answer to some of the mcl fandom who seems to be going crazy because Alexy likes Kentin. (as stated in the last artbook )
Well, yes ? And so, what’s wrong with that ?

I must say im much disapointed from some people.

Alexy is gay from the begining, you weren’t tricked, we always, always said that he is and will stay gay. (that’s stated in my FAQ )
As for who he likes, well he can like whatever character we choose him to.

Wel also always said that the boys that you can have relationships with in the game (castiel, nathaniel, lysander, kentin, armin, dake..) are “reserved” for your in-game character in the end. (that’s also stated in my FAQ )
So Alexy has a one sided love for Kentin.

Alexy is in this game for many reasons, he is a fun character, he invites us to some diversity and some reality (yeaaah gay people do exist everywhere actually =o )
Having in in the game, i wanted him to be a “normal” character, not to focus especially on his sexual orientation because that shoulnd be considered like something to focus on, (gay people don’t resume to their sexual orientation)  like what and who you like and heck, go on with your life, there’s nothing wrong there. 
I also hoped that maybe he would change some people’s mind, at least a bit.
On a more lightly note, people might now know that im not a big fan of yaoi/boyslove books and such but Mcl is not about what i like or not and i know there are peolpe who likes yaoi a lot and we also wanted to please them a bit with Alexy into Mcl.

Another note :
MCl is a game, yes there are moments that are not pleasant to play, when your relationship or character feels in danger or whatever, or you are uncomfortable with what will come next.
But that’s a game and a story !!! I don’t see the point in doing a story when nothing never happens. That would just be plain boring.

Un dibujito rapido dedicado para la gente homofobica <3

Tambien quiero responder a una parte del fandom cdm que parece, se esta volviendo loco porque a Alexy le gusta Kentin. (como dicho en el ultimo artbook)
Bueno si ? Y que ? No esta nada mal con eso.

Soy muy desilusionada por las reacciones de algunos.

Alexy es gay desde el principio, no os hemos hecho creer lo contrario, y siempre hemos dicho que siempre estara y quedaria gay. (eso esta en mi FAQ)
Y por quien le guste, pues le puede gustar quien lo decidimos.

Tambien siempre hemos dicho que los chicos que podeis ligar (castiel, nathaniel, lysander, kentin, armin, dake..) son “reservados” para vuestro personaje al final (eso tambien esta en mi FAQ )
Asi que Alexy tiene un amor sin doble sentido con Kentin.

Alexy esta en el juego por varia razones, es un personaje muy sympatico y vivio, nos invita a un poco de divesidad y realidad (si si, personas gay existen por todas partes, de veras =o )
Tenerlo en el juego, lo queria como un personaje “normal”, no queria concentrar la attencion en su orientacion sexual (porque la gente gay no se resume solo por sus preferencias sexuales ) 
Que te guste lo que te guste y nada, adelante, porque no hay nada anormal !
Tambien esperaba que a lo mejor podria cambiar algunas mentes, por lo menos un poco.
Por otra nota, seguramente ya sabran que a mi no me gusta el yaoi y boys loves historias etc.. pero cdm no es solo cosas que me gustan, y sabemos que hay muchas chicas a quien les gusta el yaoi, asi que queriamos agradecerlas un poco con Alexy.

Otra cosa para acabar :
Cdm es un juego, y si hay pasajes, y historias que no son agradables de jugar al principio, momentos dificles en que tienes miedo por tu personaje o tu lovometer con un chico.. O ser incomfortable de saber que va a suceder despues.
Pero es un juego y una historia !!! Y yo no veo nada interesante en hacer una historia donde nunca pasa nada. Solo seria aburrido.


Petit dessin rapide pour les homophobes <3

Et j'aimerai aussi répondre à une partie de la communauté d'AS qui apparemment pète un boulon parce que Alexy aime Kentin (comme dit dans le dernier artbook)
Et bien oui ? Et alors ? Il n'y a rien de mal à ça.

Je dois dire que certains m'ont vraiment déçue de par leurs réactions.

alex est gay et cela depuis le début, on ne vous a pas trompé sur ce point et on a toujours, toujours dit qu'il est gay et le restera (ceci est marqué dans ma FAQ )
Quand à qui lui plait, et bien on est libre de lui faire aimé le personnage que l'on décide.

On a aussi toujours dit que les garçons qui sont “draguables” sont “réservés” à votre personnage  au final (ça aussi c'est dans ma FAQ )
Donc Alexy a un amour à sens unique pour Kentin.

Alexy a été introduit dans le jeu Amour Sucré pour de nombreuses raisons. C'est un personnage très fun et sympathique, et il permet aussi d’insérer un peu de diversité et de réalisme (oui oui, des gens gays il y en existe de partout, je vous assure =o )
En l'ayant dans le jeu je voulais faire de lui un personnage “normal” c'est à dire que je ne voulais pas que l'on se concentre uniquement sur son orientation sexuelle (n'importe quelle personne, gay ou non d’ailleurs, ne se résume pas à ses préférences sexuelles ) Aimez qui et ce que vous voulez et continuez votre route parceque vous en avez le droit et qu'il n'y a rien d'anormal là dedans.
J'avais aussi l'espoir qu'Alexy puisse éventuellement changer quelques mentalités, au moins un peu.
Sur une note plus légère, certaines d'entre vous savent peut être que je ne suis pas une grande fan des histoires de yaoi/boys'love, mais amour sucré ne se résume pas à ce qui me plait ou non, je vois un peu au delà de ça, et sachant qu'une bonne partie de la communauté aime le yaoi on a voulu faire plaisir avec la présence Alexy.

Pour finir, une autre petite chose :
Amour Sucré est un jeu, alors oui il y a des moments pas drôles, des décisions difficiles, des moments ou vous stressez pour votre personnages et lovometer, ou des moments ou vous avez peur de ce qui se passera par la suite. Mais c'est un jeu et une histoire !! Je ne vois pas l’intérêt de faire une histoire où rien n'arrive jamais et où il n'y a pas de rebondissements. Se serait d'un ennui mortel.