i love luz


Diary entry #27

Dear diary: today I saw the most handsome man I’ve ever seen staring at me. Turns out the dude’s also a dork.

Cr. White Rose.

Mafumafu: The year 2017′s ‘People with something weird going on in their heads’ Ratings    Provisional    (as of 02/09)

luz > Aho no Sakata >> Soraru >> The wall that can’t be crossed > Mafumafu ≧ Amatsuki > Uratanuki

Thanks to thorough discussion, the above results were achieved.

It seems like this is the era of the 3S (Ru [Su]*, [So] Ra Ru, [Sa] Ka Ta)

*luz’s name is written in japanese as rusu


Te amaré incondicionalmente. Así que, abre tu corazón de par en par y deja que empiece.

@hinatashouyosbae babe, I wrote this a while back and realized how much I really do love you. I don’t think I will ever stop to be completely honest. So this is for you only my love, and my heart is yours.

For a goddess, you have fallen in love with a mortal, weakened by this feeling of affection
Your divine beauty illuminates this world, reminding everyone you are a blessing
Your eyes show your soul, pure and full of bright light that leads me through the dark corridors of life
Though a sea apart, we have a relationship others envy
For a long while I doubted the feeling of love, doubting I would come across anyone who could make me feel so much brighter
Once you came along, I felt as if I had discovered diamond
You are worth more than any currency could buy
Yet we stand a sea apart, unable to hold each other and say face to face, “I love you”
I have dreamed of that day many times and it brings me an indescribable feeling of joy
To know that we are thousands of miles away and that you would do anything for me is a greater gift than anyone could give
Even when times got rough for you and I, we felt as if we were written in the stars
When things become darker and life has its times of uncertainty, you lead me through
My love, things would be very different if I had not met you
Even though we are a sea apart, my love for you will never change


Joe Toye had been at the aid station for three days and everybody was glad to have him back. Especially Bill Guarnere.